tagInterracial LoveBush Bashing

Bush Bashing


Note: This was originally released in three parts.

Part 1: Kim

Jerry could see his wife's cheeks turning red with anger. 'Oh no,' he thought. 'Here we go again. And in a crowded restaurant too.'

"This, this, this is why no one should have voted for Bush." Kim's voice grew louder with each word until half the restaurant was turning to stare at her. "That dumb bastard gets to name a supreme court justice."

"Shush, honey," Jerry whispered.

"Don't shush me, Jerry."

"Kim's right," interrupted Melissa. "Say bye bye to a woman's right to choose."

"We should organize a march," yelled Kim, practically rising up out of her seat.

Jerry slid back in his chair. He found his wife very trying at times. They were high school sweethearts and had only dated each other. Kim was a spoiled rich girl who had looked for causes to make her life meaningful. She hadn't become overly radical until she went to college. There she fell in with an activist crowd. He mostly agreed with her views, but didn't think one should get too excited about it or make a scene, especially in a children's restaurant.

There were three couples at the table. Kim and Jerry Anderson were both twenty-five. He worked in a large accounting firm. He had his own office and made good money at least enough that Kim didn't work yet. She'd come out of college with a liberal arts degree that got her nowhere. They were trying to have a baby and if she got pregnant soon, she'd probably become a stay at home mother. Jerry was a typical accountant, skinny, mousy, and nerdy. He was a 98 pound weakling in high school and now seven years later he was a 112 pound weakling

Kim was a pleasant surprise in the looks department. Kim and Jerry were evenly matched in high school, two nerds who found each other. However, after school, contacts had replaced Kim's thick rimmed glasses and her braces came off revealing a dazzling white smile. Kim had nearly shaved her head in college, but let her raven black hair grow long afterwards. She'd also gained the freshman fifteen which had filled out her skinny body, swelling her breasts and putting a sexy curve to her hips. She was so hot now, she rivaled her friend Melissa.

Melissa and Mike were the opposites of Kim and Jerry in high school. Melissa was the buxom blonde, green eyed cheerleader that all male students loved. Mike was the quarterback that always ended with girls like Melissa. They were also in their mid-twenties.

The last couple was Evie and Eddie. Eddie was older, chubby, and balding. He was a successful businessman and local Republican chairman. Evie was Kim and Melissa's age, but had married her older husband because she admired his values. They were both active in church and the sole reason the group was at a children's restaurant. Their two kids, ages 5 and 4, were playing in the plastic ball pool. Evie could have been the hottest woman of the group, but kept her hair up and dressed to cover her body. Everyone knew the incredible figure she covered up because the three couples worked out together (Jerry and Eddie not often). That was how they met and became friends. Both Kim and Melissa were trying to get pregnant and looked to Evie as a role model.

"How about you Evie?" asked Kim loudly. "Ready to march on Washington?"

"Oh no," said Evie calmly. She was used to Kim's diatribes especially when Kim had been drinking. "I'm not marching against my president."

"You're not pro life are you?" asked Melissa.

"Of course I am. I'm a Christian."

Kim appeared like she was about to pull out her own hair. "A woman has the right to do with her body whatever she chooses."

"But we don't, Kimberly. If that were true, prostitution, drugs, and suicide would be legal."

Jerry watched his beautiful wife's cheeks get even redder. Kim wasn't the best debater. Her debate tactic was to point, yell, and call people names. "Fascist!" yelled Kim, pointing her finger at Evie. "If I didn't believe in gun control, I'd shoot that idiot Bush myself."

"Here we go again," groaned Mike, as the manager headed their way.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave," said the manager.

"I got this one," said Eddie, pulling out a credit card.

Evie stood. She was as calm as ever, but looked smug a having beaten Kim once again. "I'll gather up the children. We've got to cash in their tickets."

"I'm serious," said Melissa to Kim. "We should march."

As the group left, they passed Evie with Eddie junior exchanging their tickets. Eddie Jr. pointed at what he wanted. "We'll take the police badge and the handcuffs," said Evie.

"Great! Start the little fascist off early," said Kim passing her.

Jerry hustled his wife out the door when Evie spun around. Evie could take being insulted personally, but she was overprotective when it came to her children. Evie looked like she was ready to slap Kim. "Sorry," he apologized for his wife. Jerry led his drunk wife over to her car. It was easily spotted by the "Arms are for Hugging" and the Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker with the iberman of Gore/Leiberman still sticking out from under it. "I guess I'm driving."


Kim spun around in the mirror. She pinched her belly, thighs, and ass. "I'll be damned," she said. For the first time in her life, she was completely satisfied with everything she saw.

"No one should look this good," she said staring at the mirror. "Glad my sisters can't see me." Kim was a bit ashamed of her body and the skimpy bikini barely covering it. Her college sisters would have called her a traitor for wearing something this sexy and small. It was her body though, and she should have the right to wear whatever she wanted. Hey, if men can go topless on the beach, women should be allowed to also, but Kim wouldn't go that far. She only wore this particular bikini in her backyard.

Kim planned on making herself a drink, working on her tan all day, and reading a book. There was something to be said for not working. She was on her way downstairs when the phone rang. "Hello," she answered picking it up.

"Kim, it's Evie."

"Evie! I'm so glad you called. I'm sorry about the other night. I just drank too much and..."

"Shut up Kim. I know how you get when you drink. No hard feelings. You got bigger problems. Listen. A secret service agent just left my house. He was asking questions about you."


"Yeah. It seems someone at the restaurant reported you as having threatened the President."

"Oh shit!"

"Oh shit is right. This is serious Kim. You might be in big trouble. He's on his way to talk to you right now. I just wanted to warn you first."

The doorbell rang.

"Shit! I think he's here. Ah thanks for the warning, Evie." Kim hung up the phone and went to answer the door. She opened it a crack. "Yes?" she asked.

"Mrs. Anderson, I'm agent Johnson with the Treasury Department, secret service division." Agent Johnson flashed his badge and identification at her. The agent was a giant black man, bigger and more muscular then Melissa's husband Mike. He was probably twice Kim's age, had a short afro with gray temples, and very dark skin. He wore a dark suit and reflective sunglasses. "May I come in?"

"Of course, Mr. Johnson."

"Agent Johnson, please." Leroy stepped into the house as she opened the door. He was instantly thankful for the glasses when he saw Kim Anderson in the skimpy bikini. His eyes went huge at the sight of her killer body. How he kept his face expressionless, he never knew. Kim was wearing a pure black bikini which stood out against her pale white skin. The top seemed stretched too thin by her D-cup bosom. Round, quarter sized nipples pushed through the material with the actual nipple a hard pointy eraser. The cups probably covered only 25% of her breasts. Bare tit flesh spilled out the sides, underneath, and above the bikini top. Her bottoms were strings too, riding high and tied on the sides of her hips. The patch coverring her crotch was thin and flat indicating a shaved pussy. She turned slightly displaying a firm well-rounded bare ass with the bikini string slipping between her cheeks.

"What can I do for you, Agent Johnson?"

"We've had a complaint about you threatening the President of the United States. I'm here to see if the threat is real or not." Leroy removed his shades and ran his eyes up and down Kim's body.

Kim was immediately uncomfortable. Like many liberal minded people, she was completely condescending towards minorities. She supported equal treatment and affirmative action, but looked down on minorities as incapable of achievement without the aid of caring white people such as herself. Her closeted bigotry rarely cropped up except when she saw interracial couples. She hated the fact that it bothered her, but it always did. "Let me go change," she said. Kim didn't even wear this particular bikini in front of Jerry.

"I'm afraid I can't allow that, Mrs. Anderson."


"I'd prefer you remain as you are. It's difficult to conceal a weapon dressed like that and I don't know what kind of weapons you might be hiding upstairs. If I allowed you to change, I would need to watch you dress."

"I'll stay like this then." There was no way Kim was going to allow a black man to see her nude. "Look Agent Johnson, I don't like Bush. I didn't vote for him and he's not my President. That being said, I'm not a terrorist."

"That remains to be determined, Mrs. Anderson. If I deem that you are a serious threat to the safety of the president, I will arrest you and you could spend the next twenty years in prison. If I determine that it was not a serious threat, you could still go to prison for five years. Were you, Kim Anderson, at a local establishment called the Clowning Around Pizzeria and Arcade three nights ago?"

"I was."

"And did you state- keeping in mind I've interviewed several witnesses- that and I quote. "I'm going to buy a gun and shoot President Bush?"

"I did not. I said that if I didn't believe that guns should be banned, I'd buy one and shoot Bush. It was a joke."

"So you admit it. Threatening the President is no joke." Johnson turned to the door and opened it wide.

"Are you leaving?"

"Negative Ma'am. I need to retrieve something from my car. You're to stand in the doorway, put your hands on the back of your head, and don't move." Kim complied while Johnson stepped outside. "And arch your back Mrs. Anderson." Leroy thought her big breasts might make her bikini top burst and fly off when she arched her back. He entered the beat up Buick and retrieved what he wanted. Kim was eyeing the Buick. "Lousy airport rental," he complained. "You may enter your house, ma'am."

"What's that?" she asked, pointing at the item he had retrieved.

"Keep your hands on your head. Now!" Kim leaped to obey the huge black man. "This is a digital video camera. Since I'm operating without a partner, I'll need to video tape our interview so that you can't say I tried to force a confession or anything along those lines. It's to protect you too."

"I understand," Kim said through gritted teeth. She felt color rising to her cheeks. It wasn't from embarrassment at standing half naked before a black man. It was her temper starting to flare up.

Leroy grabbed her elbow and led her into the living room. "It doesn't look like there's a bomb factory here."

"Of course there isn't, idiot. I'm a housewife not a terrorist."

"Please remain calm, Mrs. Anderson." Leroy set the camera up, aimed it at the couch, and hit record. "Now Kim Anderson, state exactly the terroristic threat you made against the President three days ago."

"It was not a threat. It was a fucking joke. I said, that if I didn't believe in gun control, I'd buy one and shoot Bush."

"Sounds like a threat to me." Leroy had never seen someone so white, turn so red before. It wasn't just her cheeks either. Her whole torso seemed to flush.

"I was upset he was naming a supreme court justice. I know my rights. I have freedom of speech in this country, you fascist jerk. I want my god damned lawyer."

"That's it. I've had all I can take. I'm placing you under arrest. You will be held at the maximum security prison in the state capitol until trial. Spin around and grab your ankles. You have the right to remain silent."

"Fuck this," growled Kim, humiliated. Grabbing her ankles forced her to spread her legs. Her skimpy bikini bottom was so tight, it hugged her labia. Agent Johnson was getting a good shot of her beaver. "We're turning into a police state. No wonder the secret service has the initials SS. God damned, Gestapo!"

"Mrs. Anderson, please exercise your right to remain silent."


"Shut the fuck up. Now!"

Kim felt herself quiver as she closed her mouth. Johnson could go from polite to dominating instantly. Curse her temper. "Ah, I'm sorry, sir."

"That's better, Mrs. Anderson. Behave and you might still keep out of prison. I'll need to search your person."

"I believe it's quite obvious I'm not hiding anything."

"You'd be surprised, Mrs. Anderson. There could be remote triggering devices sewn into your clothing." He untied her bikini top."

"I can't believe this," she groaned. Her bikini top fell to the floor. Johnson's hands came around in an attempt to catch it. They missed and ended up cupping her breasts. "Oh god." Kim's breasts were huge D-cups, but Johnson's hands still nearly covered them completely. He was a very big man. "Is this necessary?"

"I'm afraid it is. Remember I'm taping this. You have a right to subpoena the tape if you think I act inappropriately." Johnson picked up her bikini top and kneeled beside her dangling breasts. He stared at her tits as he worked his finger around the material of her top. "Initial inspection of terrorist's bikini top reveal no hidden devices," he stated for the camera.

"Oh please, that's enough," groaned Kim, objecting to being called a terrorist. She was about to ask for her top back when he tossed it across the room.

"My apologies, Mrs. Anderson. You are correct. We will now remove the SUSPECTED terrorist's bikini bottoms." Leroy untied the sides of her panty. He caught them before they could fall. His hand cupped Kim's vagina until he pulled the bikini bottoms away. Johnson placed her panty over his mouth and face, inhaling deeply. "I detect no scent of any bomb making materials on subject's bikini bottom. Also note, the panties are wet. The suspected terrorist appears aroused."

"Fuck you."

"Are you soliciting me for sex, Mrs. Anderson?"

"No sir. I was insulting you. I'd never let a bla... that is, I'm a married woman. I'm not a whore." The black man was right though, she was aroused. Her nipples were rock hard from where he had touched them. Her pussy was juicing up so fast, a drop was forming on her clit. Jerry had never gotten her close to being this aroused. Of course, Jerry was rather meek. He never was forceful with her or ordered her around like Agent Johnson. Nobody had ever treated her like Agent Johnson was.

Johnson retrieved his camera. Kim was still grabbing her ankles. He zoomed in on her dangling breasts. The angle she was in had her breasts dangling in Kim's face. He carried the camera behind her and filmed the inverted V her legs were forming and her breasts between her legs as well as her angry red face. He zoomed in on her pussy.

"Agent Johnson?"

"Yes, Mrs. Anderson."

"May I move please? My back is hurting."

"You can grab the back of the couch. Keep your arms and legs spread wide and your head down."

"That's better," she sighed when she moved.

"I'm now resuming my search of the suspected terrorist, Kim Anderson." Leroy zoomed back in on her pussy. She was wet all right. "Subject's obvious arousal makes it difficult to see into her vagina. I've determined that a physical search will be necessary."

"Oh no," moaned Kim.

"I'll get this over as quickly as possible, Mrs. Anderson." Leroy sucked his index finger between his lips to wet it. He then placed his finger against Kim's labia. She quivered when he touched her. Leroy could actually see her clit growing engorged. He held the camera up as he pushed his finger into her pussy.

"Ohmygawd! Animal? Get your dick away from me, pig." Kim tried to lean forward to get away from his finger.

"Relax Mrs. Anderson. I have to do this."

"I don't understand." Kim looked over her shoulder. Agent Johnson was kneeling behind her with one finger sticking out from a clenched fist. "I thought it was your penis."

"Why would you think that?"

"It felt like it was my husband's penis."

"I can assure you, that my penis is much larger then this finger, Mrs. Anderson."

Kim sucked her lower lip into her mouth as Johnson pushed his finger back inside. She tried to fight it, but an involuntary moan escaped her lips. It really did feel like a penis pushing inside her. Worse, he was pushing his finger in and out like he was fucking her. He was just lubricating it and his finger pushed deeper with each thrust. Kim pushed against the couch just as the finger was probing deeper into her. Jesus! Did she just push back into his thrusts? She fought the urge to do it again, but her hips kept flexing in time to his finger thrusts. His finger was just like her husband's penis. It couldn't quite reach deep enough to satisfy an itch she got every time she had sex "Have located alleged terrorist's gadget spot. I've detected no gadgets or hidden items. I'm now making circular motions around Mrs. Anderson's G-spot to confirm."

"Ohmygod!" Kim couldn't believe the pleasure coming out of her pussy. This wasn't right. Agent Johnson was merely making circular motions inside her with his finger and it felt better then sex with Jerry ever had.

Leroy lowered the camera between his legs, trying to point it at her pussy. "Note subjects clitoris has become engorged and is impeding progress." Leroy used the index finger of his free hand to push Kim's clit down. He gently massaged it.

Kim with a scream pushed back into his finger. The waves of pleasure had her falling into the couch. Her pussy quivered as it soaked Agent Johnson's hand.

"Subject has had a large orgasm. No materials other then fluids were disgorged from her vagina during orgasm. Mrs. Anderson's crotch is clean."

"Filthy fucking animal," screamed Kim. "How dare you. You fucking nig...


Leroy brought his hand down hard on Kim's ass. "I've had enough of your attitude, Mrs. Anderson." Leroy smacked her again. Her butt cheek turned red.

"You... you have no right," Kim gasped. It was more humiliating then painful.

"But I do, Mrs. Anderson. The United States Patriot Act allows me to do what I deem necessary to subdue a belligerent." Leroy spanked her other ass cheek twice. Kim had a nice round firm ass, but it quivered as he smacked it.

"No one has ever treated me like this before," she gasped.

"Maybe they should have. Now, why did you call me those names?"


"Because what?"

"Don't make me say it." Kim gasped as he spanked her once more. "You made me orgasm."


"It was my first."


"Yes," Kim sobbed guiltily.

"Your husband isn't doing his job properly. Did you like it?"


"I can give you more, Mrs. Anderson. If you let me fuck you, I'll promise you lots more. Bigger ones even."

"But my husband?"

"Doesn't need to know." Leroy already had his jacket off and was unbuttoning his suit. "Do this and I'll tell my supervisor that you're just a loud mouthed housewife and not a terrorist."


"Ok what?" asked Leroy, for the benefit of the video camera.

"You can fuck me."

"You won't be disappointed, Mrs. Anderson. This is what we in the government call a win-win situation. You stay out of jail and get the true fucking a slut like you needs and my black cock gets some relief."

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