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"I was kind of hoping to do something alone tonight," Bob lamented to his wife Denise as she was pulling cupcakes out of the oven of their spacious kitchen on a Saturday night.

"I know, honey, but it is Mary's birthday next Monday and we won't be able to celebrate it then so I decided to have her and Lee over tonight to enjoy dinner and cupcakes for dessert. You know I could never forgive myself if I let her birthday pass by without at least a minor celebration."

"Oh, I understand," Bob conceded. "I was just thinking out loud. You and I haven't gone skinny dipping in the pool in a couple of weeks. I was hoping to watch your sweet naked ass in the pool lights tonight."

Denise couldn't help but smile. She knew that Bob and Lee had both been busy lately. They had been insurance agents together for over 20 years for a large national casualty company and had been considerably successful.

Not only were they work partners, they were the best of friends.

They had talked about taking Fridays off and leaving the office in the hands of their secretary. Both Bob and Lee were 54 years old and had known each other since they were baseball teammates at the local junior college many years ago. The long hours and time away from their families had taken its toll and now they were considering 3 day weekends and possibly taking on a new and younger partner that could keep the business growing while allowing them to ease their ways into retirement in a few years.

Bob and Denise Hamilton had been married for 32 years while Lee and Mary Barris had been married for 31 years. Bob and Denise had twin sons that had both married and moved out while Lee and Mary's only son had just married last year and moved out of state.

They were proud of those kids. All graduated from college and married nice young ladies. Bob and Denise's two sons lived within an hour drive from their Southern California home while Lee and Mary's son relocated to Idaho due to his job. Neither had grandchildren yet but they knew that would be a just a matter of time since their careers had taken off.

Denise and Mary passed their time by volunteering twice a week at a large hospital and each put in a few hours a week doing some online marketing. The money wasn't great but it was ridiculously easy work and didn't require a lot of time plus they set their own hours. More importantly, this money was all savings for what was planned as an early retirement for the two couples.

They were best of friends as well and the two couples often vacationed together. The insurance company provided many of the wonderful vacations over the years including a 9 day Mexican Riviera cruise, 2 trips to Hawaii, and a week's vacation in Costa Rica. There was a Caribbean cruise on the horizon next year.

The friendship crossed gender barriers. The guys were good friends with the other's spouse. Often when together for dinner or other social events, Bob could be seen in friendly conversation with Mary as well as Lee enjoying the company of Denise.

Although with these close friendships, there had never been any kind of overt flirting or suggestive behavior between them. There had always been a silent understanding that no behavior would take place to make any of the others uncomfortable. All four of them had done well for over 30 years in keeping the relationships within those boundaries.

Denise had been going around the house wearing a simple pink flowery sundress she always wore when she didn't have company. On a summer day she would wear nothing but the dress; meaning that no bra or panties were worn underneath. This kept her cool plus she enjoyed the freedom of wearing nothing underneath.

It was 6:45 in the evening and their guests would be there by 7:00. Mary went to her room at the end of the long hallway to put on something more appropriate. She put on her undies and a pair of modest tan short pants that covered her legs half the way to her knees.

She picked out a checkered pink and blue button up shirt that she tucked into her short pants. The dark brown belt accentuated her still impressive waistline and brought attention down to her larger but toned butt. Denise was always critical of her butt however it was very nicely shaped and always got looks of approval and appreciation from other men.

She looked at herself in the full length mirror on their bedroom door and examined her 52 year old body. She was 5 foot 6 inches tall and still had a fine figure. Not petite but she still could turn heads. She was a size 10 when she married and over the years had only moved up to a size 12. She only had a slight bit of a soft tummy and still had impressive 38C breasts that sagged only slightly.

Bob always complimented her on her appearance. They started going out when Bob was a sophomore in college and Denise was a high school senior. They had been inseparable ever since. Bob was Denise's first lover and the only lover she had ever known since. Bob had one steady girlfriend for nearly a year before meeting Denise and had sex with her a few times. That relationship ended abruptly when he caught her stealing money from him.

Still, Denise would look at her figure in the mirror and wonder if her husband was just being sweet and supportive. Their sex life had been a little less active lately but that was a result of his work and not his lack of interest in her. He had always treated her well and he was always affectionate. Like most women, she wondered if other men saw her as attractive, sexy, and desirable.

She even wondered if Lee felt that way about her. She could never cheat on Bob or even betray her friendship with Mary, but she always wondered if Lee found her sexy and what kind of lover he would be. These sorts of thoughts would consume her to the point where she found her panties wet from the fantasy.

She had never seen another man's naked body before, except in a few porn flicks that they had bought in the past. That wasn't the same to her as the real thing yet she felt there was never any way she could ever find out without living with painful guilt the rest of her life. She had chosen the road of monogamy rather than ruin her marriage and her friendships. Every time she drifted into these thoughts, it would bring down her spirits. It wasn't a desire to cheat on her loving husband, it was simply the curiosity of having another man take her. If only Bob would agree to it.

The best she could do was close her eyes and fantasize about Lee while making love to her husband. She never shared these thoughts with Bob. He wasn't the possessive or jealous type and he certainly wasn't violent, but she didn't want to arouse suspicions in him when he saw her talking in a friendly manner with Lee.

What Denise didn't realize was that most men found her very pretty and desirable. Most men would be shocked to realize that she didn't see her own self as attractive or desirable. Bob could never understand why she seemed so unappreciative of her natural charms.

She had short dishwater blonde hair that she kept in a loose perm most of the time. She had one of the most beautiful smiles and large, light blue eyes that often got her what she wanted. When her husband looked into those large, baby blue eyes he was putty in her hands.

What she also didn't know was that Bob had the same thoughts about Mary. The four of them had seen each other in modest swimwear before but there had never been any kind of questionable behavior during those times.

Bob was only 5 foot 9 with a stocky build. He had broad shoulders , a thick chest, as well as some very large, muscular arms and legs. His hair had gone prematurely gray but he still had a full head of hair. He never really considered himself to be much of a catch as far as looks or sex appeal. Any thoughts of stepping out on Denise were thwarted not only by his love for Denise but his lack of self confidence in his appeal to the opposite sex.

Based on his visits to the gym and the subsequent showers, he knew he wasn't the most blessed as far as his manhood was concerned. He did notice that he was thicker than most but certainly not that long.

While Denise was still studying her figure in the mirror, she heard the doorbell ring. She shrugged her shoulders, grimaced, and made her way down the hall to see Bob letting Lee and Mary inside their home.

She saw Lee's 6 foot frame and those thoughts that she just had while staring at the mirror emerged again. Instinctively, she tried to suck in her stomach while making sure her chest stuck out as she gave him her customary hug as a greeting.

Lee was quite different than Bob. Well, physically he was. Lee had a very thin frame that had hardly changed over the years. Lee was the kind of guy that people envied because he was able to eat what he wanted without paying the consequences of added weight gain. He did work out at the gym with Bob but he never seemed concerned about his diet. Fats, cholesterol, and carbohydrates didn't seem to be enemies with him.

Lee's blonde hairline had begun to recede in recent years but he had the kind of self -deprecating humor that allowed others to joke with him about it. He also saw humor in the most trivial things and was quick with a pun.

The men had many similar personality qualities. Both were kind and considerate of others. They were men of integrity and were universally respected in the business community. Bob was more introverted but was easy to get to know once a conversation was started. Lee seemed to never meet a stranger. They both knew that Bob was more of the brains in the relationship while Lee was a great salesman and PR guy.

Both men adored their wives and went out of their way to show them how much they were appreciated. Although they were rewarded with nice homes and a comfortable, although not lavish lifestyle, the ladies had sacrificed many hours away from their men as they pursued career goals that afforded that comfortable existence.

Bob checked out Mary. She was much shorter and thinner. She was a 5 foot tall petite brunette with wavy shoulder length hair. She was also considerably smaller up top. Bob always guessed that she was either a small B cup or large A cup. She had a small, pretty face with one of the cutest grins that seemed almost devilish at times.

Bob never thought she was as pretty or sexy as Denise but over the years they had become such good friends that he secretly wished he could take her into his bed and make love to her.

Both women were the care free types. Although they had the financial means to spend a lot of money on clothes, they both enjoyed bargain shopping and kept very modest wardrobes. They took pride in their thriftiness. Rather than boast about how much they spent, they would brag about how cheap they bought something. They weren't the type to flaunt their wealth.

Mary was dressed in a pink tank top and dark blue shorts. Her short pants were shorter than Denise's although it did the job of adequately covering her small ass.

Bob always noticed the ass. In the secret crevices of his mind, he wondered how she looked without her clothes. He always enjoyed an opportunity to see her in her one piece swimsuits but he never got much of a peek of her bare ass or tits.

Mary seemed to know that men enjoyed looking at her. She would pat herself on the ass if she knew Lee or Bob were looking. Although she had a sweet disposition most of the time, she could be playfully sassy at times or have an off-color sense of humor. That was one of her personality characteristics that helped make her seem more desirable and sexy.

Denise had ordered Chinese food to be delivered by 7:30. They sat at the table while Bob poured some chilled white wine for the group.

"Happy Birthday to a sweet lady," Bob offered as a toast, alluding to Mary's birthday in two days. Bob's baritone voice broke out into an off-key rendition of the "Happy Birthday" tune.

"Happy Birthday to a hot babe," Lee added to Bob's song and toast.

"Here!Here!" the guys yelled in unison. The ladies just looked at each other and shook their heads, amused by Lee's toast.

"Here's to two hot babes," Bob added, wanting Denise to know he thought she was hot as well.

"Gotta admit it Bob, we married some real hotties, huh?" Lee chimed in. "The years have been kind to both of them."

"Damn right," Bob agreed. "Who needs trophy wives when we have Denise and Mary?"

In all their years together, neither of the ladies had ever heard their husbands compliment the other man's wife in such a way. There had been compliments on a well cooked meal or a gracious thank you for a favor but never had they heard their men talk like this about the other wife.

There was the usual small talk when the doorbell rang again. Denise knew it was time for the Chinese food to arrive so she retrieved the cash she had set on the bar and strolled quickly to the door. Lee had to take a restroom break so he got up at the same time and headed to the hallway as Denise went to the front door.

As Denise was going straight to the front door, Lee was turning left for the hallway. Denise didn't realize that Lee was going to the bathroom, instead assuming that he was going to the front door with her. As Lee turned left, his left arm and the back of his wrist brushed up against Denise's chest.

Lee quickly retreated and apologized profusely for the honest mistake. Denise didn't think it was that big of a deal and just continued to the door. When she saw that Lee was turning right inside the hallway to the guest bathroom, she realized what and why it had happened.

Once Lee returned, Denise smiled at him. She wasn't flirting with him but rather trying to reassure him that everything was fine. Lee wasn't sure how to read her smile. Certainly she wouldn't be flirting, would she?

Privately, he hoped she was. Although he had no plans to go further, it would be nice to know that a beauty like Denise would enjoy brushing her chest against him.

There was enough fried rice, chow mein, orange chicken, and broccoli with beef to feed at least eight people, let alone the four of them. Bob refilled all of the wine glasses as the couples enjoyed the evening's meal and fellowship.

Denise was ready for a third glass of wine soon after dinner. Bob was reluctant to pour too much because she didn't handle her liquor that well. Any more than three glasses and she would start acting silly and slutty. She would flirt and make everything said into some sexual innuendo. Bob didn't mind it if they were home alone, in fact he enjoyed her sexy and slutty behavior, but with Lee and Mary there he wanted to be careful.

Bob had never felt the need to monitor how much she drink. Even on the vacations they took together Denise was prudent in her alcohol intake. For whatever reason this evening, she kept wanting more and not concerned about its consequences.

To the best of his knowledge, the only times she had been drunk was when they were home alone or occasionally out to dinner. By then he could take her home before she embarrassed herself.

Soon afterward, Mary helped herself to another glass of wine. In over 30 years of friendship, Bob had never seen Mary drink more than two glasses of wine or drink more than one beer. He had never seen her even a little tipsy, let alone stinking drunk.

"Careful, Mary. You know how goofy and silly you get when you've had too much," Lee warned her as she began to sip her third glass.

"Shit," Bob thought to himself. "Looks like Mary has trouble handling a few drinks as well. I don't want the ladies acting too dumb and causing troubles. If Denise acts around Lee like she does me, then Mary's going to be very pissed."

Bob pulled Lee over to the side for a brief conversation.

"Look Lee, I know how Denise gets when she's had too much wine. She gets very horny and acts slutty. I don't want her to do something to piss off you guys."

"Bob, Mary is kind of the same way. Her clothes come off too easily. Can you make some iced tea or make some coffee? I usually trust the ladies but we know the alcohol could cause a bad scene."

"Well, Denise's problem is that she takes anything that's said and turns it into a sexual innuendo. If she does that to you, don't think anything about it, ok?

"No problem pal," Lee agreed. "However, alcohol can be something of a truth serum and if either of the ladies acts up in front of us does that mean they secretly would like to act like this if they could get away with it while sober?"

Lee had a point. Bob always felt a few glasses of wine brought out the true sexual beast in Denise. Whenever he would ask Denise about it she would justify it by saying it was more fun to act like that when tipsy or drunk. Bob never believed it. He always believed there was a suppressed vixen inside that conservative façade. Using the alcohol as an excuse, she tried convincing her husband that it took some liquid courage for her to act up.

Still, in over 30 years of socializing with Lee and Mary, Denise had never been drunk in their presence. She usually knew when to stop and never had to be reminded. This was completely out of character with her. It also caused Bob to be concerned about why she seemed hell bent on drinking so much more than normal.

Lee had concerns about Mary. She had approached him last year about the possibility of swinging. When Lee voiced such strong opposition to the idea, she dropped the possibility and promised that it would never be brought up again unless Lee initiated the conversation.

Lee had been the only man she'd ever known sexually and she confessed to being attracted to their friend Steven (who was married to her friend Beth) and also Bob.

"Bob?" Lee snapped. "You're fucking kidding me right?"

"I said he was attractive and sexy. I didn't say I was going to fuck him. You'd love to do Denise as well but I'm not accusing you of trying to get into her pants."

Lee knew she was right. They both had secret desires for their best friend's spouses. He knew he might have been agreeable to swapping with Bob and Denise just so he could see Denise in her naked beauty, but there was too much to risk.

They agreed to drop the idea and in nearly a year since then it had never been brought up again.

Then, there was the accidental brush against Denise's chest tonight and Denise's calm reaction to it...and that smile at the table. All those thoughts from last year came back.

"Bob, I think we may need to leave soon. Can we talk in private?"

"Sure buddy," Bob answered while seeing a worried look in Lee's face.

While they stood to the side, Lee told Bob about the conversation about swapping that he and Mary had last year. While Lee was going into detail, including admitting that he was attracted to Denise and Mary was attracted to Bob, Denise was opening up another bottle of wine and pouring a fourth glass for her and Mary.

What he didn't realize was that Mary could hear Bob's part of the conversation.

"Shit Lee, they're on their fourth glass now. Do you think you can get her to go home now?" Bob asked, noticing that look in Denise's eyes that told him she was already enjoying herself too much.

'Is that a no, then?" Lee queried.

"No to what?" Bob replied, completely puzzled.

"Mary's offer to swap. If you two don't want to then there's no hard feelings and we should leave before something goes down."

Bob couldn't believe Lee was giving permission to screw his wife. Of course he wanted Mary but would Denise agree to it and could he handle the possibility of knowing his wife was banging his best friend and business partner?

Bob admitted to himself that he had grown to love Mary as a dear friend over the years. He didn't want to just have sex with her but he would want to take time and treat her with the same love and respect he did his own wife.

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