tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBusiness and Pleasure

Business and Pleasure

byadam applebiter©

13 -- Business and pleasure

"You're staring." She couldn't help but notice.

"I prefer to think of it as admiring." I glanced up, making eye contact long enough to smile at her, and then my attention was firmly back where it had been.

"It's embarrassing."

"You're not blushing and your nipples have hardened. You like being looked at." And she didn't move away from me. I'd watched her approach the beach bar from at least a hundred yards out. She moved with such assured grace I couldn't keep my eyes off her. When she came right into the bar, I realized that she wasn't just graceful, but beautiful too. Mostly, I noticed her breasts, full, round and barely covered by that top.

"Just because I don't blush when some guy stares down the front of my bikini?" She sounded a little peeved, but not actually angry. I suppose she was used to brushing off unwanted men.

"You could just turn away. You haven't." Oh please! Please turn away. I really wanted to see what that hip-swinging walk did to her bottom.

"Because then you'd stare at my ass." Not stupid then. Another plus point.

"Would that bother you more or less than me looking at your tits?" And they were such lovely tits.

"About the same."

"You might as well stay where you are then. Can I buy you a drink?" I had no intention of being brushed off but I've never minded paying for my pleasures.

"I don't accept drinks from strangers. It's not safe."

"Not safe?"

"Rohypnol is very popular here. My best friend's been date raped twice."

"Well if the barman serves you directly, that can hardly happen." And Rohypnol really isn't my style. Who the fuck wants to fuck an unconscious girl?

"Or we could introduce ourselves. Then you wouldn't be a stranger." She finally figured out she wasn't going to shame me into leaving her alone and she capitulated. Persistence pays off, occasionally.



"A pleasure to meet you, Katharina. Are you staying here long?" I made polite chitchat, because that's how this dance is supposed to go, but I kept my eyes resolutely on those lovely tits, not wanting to lose the ground I've gained.

"I live here."

"You don't sound local. Your accent is North American." And 'here' was a particularly picturesque Costa Rican beach.

"I lived in the States for a lot of my childhood, but San Jose is my home."

"So about that drink?"

"A Mai Tai. So where are you from, Parry?"

"New York, but I'm staying right over there." I pointed along the beach to Eric's bungalow. Katharina's gaze followed my finger and her eyes widened when she saw which bungalow I was pointing to.

It was one of many properties Eric had inherited along with his father's business interests. In this case, the bungalow was an asset of a coffee producer that Kruppa Holdings Inc. had a significant share of. The bungalow had rarely been used by Mr Kruppa Senior but Eric was going to love the Polaroids I'd found of the few occasions his father was here. Helen would be interested too, professionally so, in the innovative use of prostitutes.

"So how long are you here for?" Katharina sounded a little bit more... interested. I didn't think it was just the money implied by having the biggest bungalow on the beachfront, but a rich older man gets more than a poor older man and that's just the way of the world. Wealth is just another way to measure alpha-male potential.

"A week or so. I'm inspecting my employer's holdings here."

"Your employer?" She sounded cooler again.

"Kruppa Holdings Inc. I'm Mr Kruppa's proxy."

"Proxy?" She looked puzzled. It was a very cute expression on such a perfect face: Cute enough to distract me from her tits for a moment. That cute!

"I hold power of attorney for Mr Kruppa and exercise de facto control over 55.4% of the voting stock. Basically, I'm the boss but he's the owner."

"And you have time to sit in a beach bar and ogle girls?" She sounded a little incredulous. There was a definite pull-the-other-one vibe.

"Lasers in the jungle."

"Do what?"

"It's from a Paul Simon album. Graceland... I guess I'm showing my age. Lasers in the jungle? Staccato signals of constant information. A loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires."

"You lost me at 'lasers'."

"I can do my job from anywhere. Satellite links, cell phones and the internet keep me in the loop, even here.

"And is there a Mrs Proxy?"

"Yes. She's back in New York."

"Well I didn't think you'd be trying to pick up girls in a bar while your wife was in the bathroom." She got all ironic.

"Oh, I would. Meg wouldn't have a problem with me wanting to take you to bed."

"Well that's direct."

"Not really. And it's nothing you haven't figured out for yourself already."

"It's academic anyway. I'm not going to go to bed with you." She finished her drink.

"Another Mai Tai?" I gestured at the barman without waiting for her reply.

"Ok. But the answer will still be no."

"Duly noted. Plan B then." What I actually noted was that her nipples were more prominent than they had been. Talking about sleeping with me had woken them. Should I take that as a positive sign?

"Plan B?" She looked wary.

"I'll just have to settle for imagining fucking you while I jerk off in the shower, later." Now that was direct.

"That's not nice. In fact, Parry, that's not only not nice, it's... its incredibly disrespectful too. I'm not just an object for you to drool over. I'm a person; I have feelings, desires, opinions of my own. I... I..." Her hand hovered in the air while she decided whether or not to slap me.

"Do you own a vibrator?" I risked making the slap-or-no-slap decision for her.

"What?" She raised her voice. Now she was really angry. The only reason she was still in front of me was that she wanted to retort before walking out.

"One of my girlfriends has this theory about objectification. She says women complain about how men objectify them but two out of three women in America own a plastic penis and don't realize that that toy is objectifying men far more completely than pictures of naked girls in magazines. She says that at least the porn models are still whole people, not just a disembodied vagina." I gave Katherina a synopsis of B's thesis.

"That's... rubbish." Her hand dropped though.

"Is it? So phallic objectification is ok but fantasizing about all of you is wrong?"


"So? Do you own a toy penis?" I wasn't about to let the subject drop.

"Yes... I can't believe I'm telling you that." It was the first hint of embarrassment I'd seen from her. It was another cute look for her.

"And you've never imagined it was some guy you couldn't have?"

"...Ok... yes."

"So? Is it so wrong of me to think about you that way?"

"It's just... You're not supposed to tell people shit like that. It's... perverse."

"And if I hadn't admitted it, the thought would never have crossed your mind?" I knew damned well it would. Girls who look like her and dress like her know exactly how they make men think.

"Ok, I'd probably have figured it out for myself, but..."

"So I didn't tell you anything you didn't already know. All I did was eliminate any doubt. And Katharina?"


"If you're so grossed out by my honesty, how come your nipples are still erect?" I played my trump card.

"Oh my god!" She glanced down, saw the truth of it and her hands flew to cover them.

"And I'll bet you anything you like that your pussy is moist too."

"Do you always talk to women like this?" Katharina's hands dropped from her breasts. It was too late to cover up anyway and holding her breasts was just drawing more attention to them.

"Only when I'm sure I'm right." I reached out to touch her belly, just above her sarong.

"Hey!" She slapped my hand away.

"Ok." I stopped trying to touch her. "I have to go anyway. If you change your mind, you know where to find me." I stood up, well aware that my erection was noticeable inside my linen trousers. I was pleased that Katharina took the opportunity to notice it.

"I won't." She sounded adamant.

"Goodbye then." I offered her my hand.

"Goodbye." She ignored my hand.

I gave up, settled my bar tab and left, heading back up the beach to the bungalow and that Plan B.

A few years ago, Plan B would have been Plan A. Back in the day, I was a faithful husband, a doting father and a conscientious accountant. My daughter changed all that when she seduced me and dragged me into a hedonistic underworld of her own devising. I say 'dragged', but I freely confess I went willingly wherever Helen led me.

Back in the day, I'd have noticed Katharina the way you notice the sun: a quick glance then look away. Helen taught me to be much more honest about my desires. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but either way, life in Helen's world is much more entertaining.

* * * * *

The buzzer on the front door sounded. I got out of the shower soaking wet and seriously tumescent and walked through to the lobby to answer it. A glance at the CCTV showed that it was Katharina so I discarded the towel I'd wrapped around my waist and answered the door butt naked.

"Ten minutes." I made a point of looking at the clock on the wall. I'd been home just under ten minutes. I stepped back, holding the door wide open for her to enter.

"Did I interrupt something?" Katharina stepped inside, looking me up and down, mainly down.

"Only Plan B." I smiled but she didn't notice. Her attention was elsewhere. "I wasn't expecting you."

"Good. You shouldn't take me for granted."

"I didn't. I won't." I closed the door and reached out to touch her belly again. This time she didn't slap my hand.

"You were right." She said, looking up right into my eyes.

"About this?" I pushed my fingers down the front of her sarong and inside her bikini bottoms. When my hand resurfaced, my fingers were slick with moisture. I sucked them. "Mmm. I love being right." I'd also been pleased to encounter just the thinnest strip of pubic hair in the course of my exploration.

"Do you have anything to drink?" Katharina's fingers were curling around my hard-on now. I got the distinct impression she wasn't disappointed by what she was holding.

"Sure. C'mon through." I eased her hand away and held onto it, leading her through to the lounge. "Wine or beer? I don't mix cocktails I'm afraid."

"Wine will be fine." She wandered around, looking at the pictures on the wall while I opened a bottle of something dark red and almost certainly very expensive. The wine cellar had been stocked by Mr Kruppa Senior, who fancied himself as something of a connoisseur.

"They're my employer's work." I explained the presence of the pictures. I'd brought a crateful of Eric's private collection with me and hung them the first night here. The more conventional art that his father had decorated the place with had already been packed for shipment back to the States, where it would be appraised, valued and either auctioned off or put in storage.

"Who's this? Thanks." Katharina asked about one of the prints as I handed her a glass.

"My wife, Meg." I'd only brought 'family' pictures with me. The one we were looking at was Meg impaled on Moby, Eric's prodigious penis."

"Your wife? But that's not you." She did a double take of my erection, comparing it to the gargantuan phallus Meg was stretched around.

"Oh that." I tried to sound casual. "That's Eric, my boss. He likes to fuck my wife occasionally. That's why she won't mind what we get up to." I took the opportunity to pull open the knots at the nape of her neck and just below her shoulder blades, freeing those delightfully full breasts at last. She shrugged off the now redundant bikini top without comment. I admired her tits again, feeling my hard-on twitch with renewed interest.

"And this one?" Katharina turned her attention to the next picture. I turned my attention to the over tightened knot at the side of her sarong.

"That one is me." I didn't need to look at it. It was one of my favourite pictures, which is why I'd given it pride of place over the mantelpiece. The knot succumbed to my strong fingers and Katharina's sarong dropped to the floor. I got my first decent view of her ass, perfectly tanned and delightfully rounded. Her thong was a distraction for only a few seconds because two bows didn't take long to pull apart. The scrap of fabric slid easily enough from between her legs, leaving her as naked as me.

"And your wife?" Katharina ignored the removal of her clothes.

"No. That's one of Eric's girlfriends." It was actually Helen, but I wasn't about to admit that it was my own daughter's ass I was halfway up in the picture. Like I said, these prints were 'family' pictures.

"And she lets you do that?" Katharina sounded a little surprised but my hand was easing its way between her buttocks in search of her own ass and she wasn't trying to stop it.

"They all do." I boasted. "Eric has three girlfriends at the moment."

"I was right about you being perverse." Katharina turned to face me at last. I pulled her to me, trapping my hard-on between us.

"Yes, you were. That makes us both right. Now can I please fuck you?" without waiting for an answer, I bent to kiss her, feeling her mouth open against mine. It was a great first kiss.

Her tongue danced around mine and she pressed herself harder against me, the heat of her body producing a sheen of sweat between us that only made us slippery. Her nipples rubbed against the hair on my chest and made her moan with lust. My fingers finally reached her ass, massaging the tight knot of muscle there.

Katharina moved her arms so they were around my neck then she lifted her legs to circle my hips. "Do you have any condoms?" She pulled her mouth off mine and looked serious for a moment.

"Lots." I carried her through to the master bedroom. "Lubricant too, If you need it."

"Just a condom will do." She kissed me again as I lowered her onto the edge of the bed. "You're not getting in there." She meant her ass. At least I assumed that's what she meant.

"Will you do the honours?" I opened the bedside cabinet drawer and fished out a condom, handing it to her. If I have to wear a rubber -- and I do, whenever I'm fucking away from home -- I always prefer to have it put on for me.

Katharina had deft fingers. I was skinned up in seconds, then she lowered herself backwards until she was horizontal, caressing her tits and spreading her thighs wide.

I think she was expecting me to get on top of her but I had other ideas. I dropped to my knees to get my first proper look at her pussy. It was, as those delightful flowers go, a very pretty example. Smooth and brown, except for the finger wide stripe of black hair that adorned her mons veneris, she had neat little lips that glistened with moisture already. Parting them gently with my thumbs made her moan softly and drew her inner labia into a perfect upside-down V, surmounted by the tiny button of her clitoris, darker than her already dark flesh. Looking at pussy is good: tasting pussy is generally better and I hadn't come this far just to look. I stuck my tongue right into her tight hole, probing at least an inch into her body and being rewarded with a mouthful of her pungent, aromatic juices. There was an unfamiliar spiciness to her that I found distinctly to my liking. I lapped at her hungrily, clamping my mouth against her sensitive flesh and pressing my tongue as far as I could into her. She writhed, pushing her hips against my face, trying to get me further inside her body.

Her clit came under fire next, making her buck and lift her hips off the bed as my lips closed around the sensitive nub as it peeked out of it's hood, swelling with her arousal. I flicked at it with the tip of my tongue, enjoying the way it acted on her like an electric shock, making her jerk and gasp. It swelled even more under my caresses and was soon big enough to actually suck on like a nipple. That was all it took. Katharina trembled and sighed as her first orgasm washed through her.

"Ayyyy..." She wailed as she strove to push her entire crotch into my mouth and I struggled to keep my tongue against her clit, scouring it with my taste buds to our mutual delight. When she finally stopped shaking and settled her ass back on the bed, I freed her clit from it's incarceration between my lips and returned my attention to the dark, musky hole of her vagina, finding a whole fresh supply of her juices to gorge myself on. I could feel the aftershocks of her orgasm making her pussy throb as I probed and lapped up her secretions. I didn't stop licking her until all those tremors had subsided and she lay motionless and breathing heavily with the exhaustion and satiation of a truly satisfying orgasm.

Only then did I mount her, guiding my sheathed hard-on into her swollen, quivering flesh. She was tight and I had to go slowly, but I've never minded that. Her knees shifted and lifted until she could cross her ankles over my butt. That got me even deeper inside her, or so it felt. I eased back then thrust forward, making her gasp.

I silenced her with my mouth over hers. Her tongue dove past mine as she returned my passionate kiss with interest, savouring the faint aftertaste of her orgasm.

My hands mauled her soft tits, trapping her hard nipples between my fingers and making her moan into my mouth. If it hurt her, it only made her kiss me harder and jiggle her ass under me. I took that as an invitation to more of the same, twisting those sensitive teats harder. Her hips bucked under mine; setting a pace I had to work to keep up. So work I did: fucking her as hard and as fast as I could manage, our bodies sliding easily against each other, lubricated by our sweat.

When her pulsing pussy clenched like a hand around my hard-on and she started to tremble, clinging to me, it was the final straw. With one final, might thrust into the depths of her vagina I came, pumping hot jism into the tip of the condom. God! It felt good to share an orgasm.

* * * * *

"Incredible!" Katharina lay back on the bed, letting our sweat dry on her skin.

"Thank you." I felt pretty good hearing that. "You were pretty incredible yourself." I remembered my manners just in time.

"Not you.... Ok, you, but not the sex... It's incredible that I'm lying here at all. We only met -- what? -- less than two hours ago and you really made a bad first impression."

"It couldn't have been so bad. You are here, after all."

"And that's what's incredible." She turned onto her side, propping herself up on one elbow to look at me. Middle aged, mainly grey and wheezing enough to make paramedics seem like a possibility. I'd put a lot of effort into trying to impress Katharina.

"You don't usually do this sort of thing?" I prompted her.

"Never. I don't go for older guys at all and like I told you, you made a really bad first impression."

"You just thought that at the time but I saw how your nipples responded back in the bar. The lady in you was affronted but the woman in you was aroused. You liked being desired and you came here because I so obviously desired you."

"Actually, I came here to return your panama hat. You left it on the bar."

"Oh." What could I say to that? My bubble was burst.

"Yeah." She lay back down, staring at the ceiling. "Like I said...incredible."

"What can I say? Thank you... for returning my hat." I laughed at the incongruity.

"You're welcome." Katharina had to laugh too.

"I still think you were pretty incredible." I was just being nice. With B, Helen and Kelsey to play with as well as my lovely wife, I have rather high expectations and straight sex with a rubber isn't exactly anything to write home to the family about: Not to my family anyway.

"You did all the work." Katharina rolled on top of me, pressing me back against the pillows and kissing me passionately. I took that as a good review. "And you know how good you were without me bolstering your ego, don't you?"

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