tagInterracial LoveBusiness & Pleasure Ch. 02

Business & Pleasure Ch. 02


As Jason walked through the lobby and toward his room, Julie watched him for a moment as she let her eyes drink in his handsome body. Everything about it was perfect she thought, and on top of that he was a really nice and gentle guy. As she saw him disappear around a corner, her mind replayed for her how wonderful his incredibly rigid, thick, 12 inch long black penis felt as it entered her drenched pussy only an hour or so earlier. She remembered how incredibly excited she was as she felt Jason’s muscular ebony body cover her as he gently pushed into her hungry vagina, and then gave her the fuck of a lifetime.

She caught herself daydreaming in the lobby and started toward her room where she knew her husband Matt must be waiting for her. As she walked she realized that her vagina felt very different after having had sex with Jason. It felt a little sore, very warm, and it was still leaking his cum and her own as well. She had never had sex with a guy who was as well endowed as Jason was, and the parts of her vagina that had never been entered before were now alive within her and sending her brain sweet messages of how hot the experience had been.

But as Julie walked toward her room, a wave of guilt washed over her, giving her a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. While she knew that she had loved having sex with Jason, she was almost nauseous now over the thought of what she had just done with a man other than her Matt. She loved Matt very much, and she knew he loved her. How had she let this happen? Her husband was incredibly handsome, and he was a terrific guy as well. What was she thinking when she allowed her initial infatuation with Jason’s physical beauty to get carried to the point that she was unfaithful to Matt. And, at this very moment the thought occurred to her that while Jason seemed to love the sex with her, he must be thinking that she’s an incredible slut to have started up with him last night in the spa and then again today on the boat and at the island. Her head was pounding, her heart was racing. She was near tears at the thought of what she had just done. And now a feeling of fear overwhelmed her mind and settled in her stomach. She was afraid to face Matt, thinking that he would be able to somehow see into her mind and know that she had been unfaithful. She truly felt sick.

Slipping her plastic key into the slot, Julie opened the door to their room. Matt was lounging on the couch watching the sports channel and drinking a beer. He was wearing only boxer shots, looking as though he had just taken a shower. He jumped up and smiled broadly at her as she came through the door. She took in his beautifully sculpted body and she quickly thought how stupid she was to want anyone other than this incredibly handsome guy who was her husband.

“Julie, where were you? Did you get to do something with Jason today? I got in about an hour ago and looked for you, but I figured you might have gone somewhere with Jay. I can’t tell you how sorry I am about today. I promise it won’t happen again, ever.”

Julie had all but forgotten about why Matt was away, and how pissed she had been with him this morning. And now, it seemed insignificant to her compared with the guilt she felt. Matt approached her and encircled her with his muscular arms and she hugged him back hard. They then kissed long and deep, and Julie felt Matt’s cock starting to come alive inside his boxers. She felt like a cheating slut as she slipped her hands into the back of his boxers and used his ass cheeks to pull him into her body. She felt herself getting excited and thought she must be oversexed or something.

“Forget this morning Matt; I know you had no choice. I’m sorry I was such a bitch.” She managed to say as their lips separated for a moment. Matt’s hands scooped under the terrycloth cover she was wearing, and first he touched her neatly trimmed pubes and then he fingered her drenched pussy, not knowing that he was fingering some of Jason’s cum.

“Nice and primed, I see. Perfect.” Matt said with his handsome smile.

Terror swept over Julie as she wondered if Matt would be able to tell that she had Jason’s sperm coating every point of her vagina. She pulled away saying: “I’ll be right back, have to use the girl’s room. Had a great day with Jason, went out on the lake nearby. It was beautiful.”

In the bathroom, Julie tried to dry out her cunt as best as she could. This was a hopeless task as she was getting hornier by the moment for he husband. She hoped Matt would not notice that she was lubed much more than usual, this time with another man’s juices. Oddly, she thought, she wanted Matt to fuck her now. She determined that she loved him and would not be unfaithful again. Somehow what had happened today was just a freak occurrence in her life.

When Julie cam out of the bathroom, Matt had slid off his boxers and was waiting naked for his wife as she exited the bathroom. Julie’s eyes showed her surprised delight as she took in beautifully sculpted husband with his granite hard cock waiting to service her. Her immediate thought was how much shorter and thinner it was compared with her memory of the black monster that had fucked her earlier in the afternoon.

Julie and Matt retired to their bed and made love for over an hour. During that time, Julie marveled that Matt did not notice how wet she was. And, she knew that as her husband sucked and tongued her pussy, he was also tasting Jason’s love juices along with Julie’s. And, when Matt finally fucked her, Julie immediately noticed the difference between his cock and Jason’s. With Jason’s she was filled, while Matt’s did not nearly fill her pleasure pit. But, she reasoned, he still felt wonderful, and she loved him. Yet, she somehow yearned for Jason’s cock, it just felt so much bigger and stronger, and she knew she would never forget that feeling now that she had experienced it.

After their love making session, Matt told Julie he was going to ask Jason to join them for dinner. She immediately told him that Jason couldn’t make it, he had plans. Julie knew that Jason said he would not be able to stand eating dinner with her and Matt after the afternoon she and he had had together. And now, she did not want to tempt herself by having him so close to her. “Well, I want to thank him for what he did for you today. And I want to thank him for helping me, cuz I know how pissed you were when I left.”

As Julie digested this, she thought of how different things might be had Matt not asked Jason to help out. “Maybe we’ll see him later in the lounge or at the spa.” She offered.

At dinner, Matt surprised Julie with the news that his bosses had wanted him to be in court again the next day, but he had told them he would not be. He said they insisted and that is when he decided that his wife was more important than his job. So, he said, he told them he would have to quit. He said they were stunned, but Matt told Julie that she meant more to him than anything, and he remembered how upset she had been in the morning.

Julie burst into tears, feeling her guilt intensify knowing that her husband had quit a job he loved on account of her happiness. “Matt, you shouldn’t have done that. I don’t deserve you.” She said through her tears. People in the restaurant were sneaking peeks as the beautiful Julie cried. Matt comforted her and assured her it was time for a change anyway. After several minutes, Matt had calmed Julie, but she still was feeling enormous guilt.

The beautiful couple left the restaurant for the lounge where they had one drink followed by several others. Julie decided that she loved this man so much and that she would never cheat on him again. Live entertainment started at 10 and Julie and Matt danced and drank and danced and drank. Matt was drinking much faster than Julie and he was tired from driving back and forth to Boston. Thus, the effects of his scotches rendered him well on his way by about eleven or so. At that time, Matt suggested with that they go to the spa and finish the night. Julie was afraid that they would meet Jason, but she knew that Matt wanted to speak to him, so she agreed.

After changing in their room, Matt and Julie went to the spa and to Julie’s relief, Jason was not there. Matt had mixed margaritas and poured one for each of them as they first shed their bathing suits and then climbed into the spa.

“I thought Jason might be here, but he’s probably with some hottie as we speak.” Suggested Matt. At this, a sudden pang of jealously invaded Julie’s mind. She didn’t want to think of Jason with another girl, and particularly not so soon after the two of them had had sex together. Then, she thought how absurd her whole line of thinking was and told herself that she had no right to feel jealous about what he did. But, nevertheless, she did feel some jealousy that she could not deny.

Julie sipped her drink slowly, but Matt continued drinking at a faster pace. Thinking that he might have a hard time walking back to the room, Julie suggested that they leave now and that Matt could thank Jason tomorrow, and maybe buy him a bottle of Jack Daniels. But Matt wanted to stay a little longer. As they talked, Matt was finger fucking Julie and she was getting hornier by the minute. She had her free hand sliding up and down his stiff rod and they were both providing a wonderful scene for the night attendant at the inn’s lobby desk.

Both Matt and Julie were moaning intermittently with pleasure as Jason strolled into the pool area which was adjacent to the spa. At first he did not see them as he stripped, walked to the deep end of the pool with his enormous black cock swaying back and forth. He jumped in, unaware that Julie had seen him enter, disrobe, and dive into the pool. Immediately upon seeing Jason naked, Julie became instantly horny for him. She watched excitedly as his enormous cock swayed freely, and she took in his broad shoulders, his very tightly muscled abs and his thin waist which flowed into beautifully proportioned thighs and calves. At that moment, she wished his cock were deeply planted in her hot pussy. But, she knew she had to control herself. She had made a vow to herself that today was her one and only stray from fidelity to Matt.

“Jason just came in honey,” Julie whispered to Matt.

“Shit, I guess we have to stop this, don’t we?” Matt responded with a smile at his beautiful wife. She smiled back and kissed Matt long and hard as she kept stroking him.

“Not until he comes our way,” she said. And she continued to stroke.

Sitting back in the spa, Julie rested her head as Matt massaged her sweet spot. She imagined that it was Jason doing it, and she came immediately with moans of pleasure.

At this point, Jason walked naked toward the spa with a broad smile on his face. He startled Julie as she was cumming, and Jason said, “Sorry guys, I didn’t realize I was interrupting. He started to turn but Matt called him back right away. Julie was mortified that Jason had probably just seen Matt make her cum.

Matt was starting to slur a few words, and Julie was sure Jason had to have noticed. She tried to compose herself and look as though nothing had just happened. “Hop in Jay. I was hoping to see you so I could thank you for taking care of Julie today. You saved me, dude.”

“My pleasure Matt. I was hoping to get out onto the lake, and having Julie along made it perfect. But seriously Matt, you’ve got to get her to get another bikini….she is almost not legal in what she had on today.” Jason said as he looked with a big smile at Julie who had to smile in return. Jason was standing naked by the side of the spa as he said this and Julie’s eyes washed up and down his perfectly smooth and muscled body, looking for a long time at his huge black cock. This was not lost on Jason and he stayed there longer to tease her.

“Margarita?” Matt asked as he held up his container and an extra plastic cup to Jason.

“Sure, why not?” Jason got into the spa slowly and Julie could see that his black monster was starting to swell a bit. She couldn’t believe how horny she was becoming for him again, even with her husband right next to her, and even with the vow she had made to herself earlier that night.

Jason told Matt about the lake and how he had come to know it while growing up. Matt poured another Margarita for himself and was clearly on the fade. Jason could see this and started doing small talk with Julie, when it was clear that Matt was on his way out. Julie was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to get him back to the room so she nudged him and said: “Matt we should get going before you spend the night in the spa.” He sprang to life for a moment and answered: “Jules, I’m fine, we’ll go in a few.” Then he rested his head against the back of the spa and pretty much passed out.

“Matt! Matt!” Jason said loudly, but got no response from the sleeping white hunk as he sat naked next to his beautiful wife in the spa. “Julie, I think we better get him outta here, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I think so. He’s tired and drunk. He wanted to thank you for today.” She said with a smile at Jason.

“Yeah. If he only knew!” Jason smiled back. “Look, let me get decent, you do the same, and we can get his suit on and get him back to your room……….unless you have something else in mind.” He said we a wide grin.

Julie looked Jason in the eyes and wanted more than anything to suck him off right then and there, but she held onto her last thread of self control and said: “I do, but I can’t. I really wish I could.”

“Cool Julie, I understand. Let’s do him then before he turns to a prune.”

Jason stood up in the spa with his thick black cock now mostly hard. He stood there for a moment and looked at Julie. She stared back at his beautiful black body glistening as the water ran off of it. She seemed mesmerized by his cock, deciding what she should do. Jason reached his hand out to her to help her up and out of the spa. She took it and lingered for a moment looking him straight into his beautiful dark eyes. As she stood, his cock was positioned near her waist, Jason drank in her beautiful breasts and the rest of her incredible body. It was tough for Julie not to throw her arms around him, but she turned quickly and reached for her thong and terrycloth top.

“Jason, I can’t. I want to so much, but I can’t.”

Jason turned quietly and put on his suit and then grabbed Matt’s off the floor. Together, they were able to lift Matt out of the spa, with just a little help from Matt himself. He was hammered and was apologizing all over the place. Julie and Jason walked him back to his room and once there, they were able to dry him off and lay him onto the bed where he began snoring almost instantly.

“Jason, thanks again. You’re a real special guy. Do you want to stay for a drink? We can have in on the deck, so the snoring won’t bother us. He’s down for the count and then some.”

“Sure baby. I’d love to have a drink with you. Do you have any Jack?”

“Actually, Matt brought some along with the scotch. How do you want it?”

“Just ice, thanks.” Julie poured a Jack for Jason and a scotch for herself. And, then they went out on the deck. She told him again about how special the day was for her and about her fear afterwards that he must think she’s a cheap slut. Jason told her this was not at all the case. Not in the slightest. He said he broke his own rule about touching married women because he was so taken with her. And he said he only went to the spa tonight because he wanted to see her again naked.

“How do you think I felt when I saw that beautiful penis of yours? I wanted to suck it right away, and I wanted it deep inside of me. This will be my punishment for having sex with you, it was so good, so hot, that I will always remember that and wish I could have your cock in me. But, I know that I can’t, because I love Matt. And I can’t hurt him. But, Jas, today was very special to me, and it will always be.”

“Thanks Jule, but now that you have me hard as granite, what am I going to do?” He asked with a big smile. “Julie, sex with you today was fantastic. And I will remember that always as well. I am glad you were so taken with my cock. Maybe I still have a chance with you. If you ever have a weak moment, knock on my door.” Julie smiled at the shirtless stud sitting across from her. She felt a stirring in her loins and knew she wanted to fuck him so badly.

“If I have a weak moment, I will. And remember, you’re the only one I have ever done this with, and you’ll remain the only one.”

“I better go, Jule, before I can’t control the urges going on in my mind and in my crotch.” He finished his drink and stood, tall and muscular, and incredibly handsome.

He bent down to kiss her and she returned the kiss passionately. The two of them almost lost it as their hands started to roam. Julie was rubbing her hands all over Jason’s torso, pinching his nipples and then moving her hands down to his bathing suit where she slipped her hands under the waist band and cupped his ass with both hands. Slowly, she maneuvered her right hand to his throbbing penis which she squeezed and jacked just a little. For his part, Jason had his hands all over her ass, and moved his fingers to her crotch where he finger fucked her for just a moment. Julie breathed deeply as he did this.

“We better stop Jas. I’m afraid to say it, but I think I could fall in love with you and your hot body.” With that Julie pulled away gently.

“I know we have to, and I think I could fall in love with you as well. Night.”

Jason went back to his room carrying his shirt and sporting a huge woodie pushing through his bathing suit. Two older women passed him and nearly had their eyes pop out as they realized what they were seeing.

Julie lay next to a snoring Matt, but she thought only of Jason. She wanted to fuck him so badly. She wanted to feel him deep inside of her, fucking her hard. She fingered herself to orgasm several times as she thought of her newly found lover.

Jason lay naked on his bed and sleep came in fits. His thoughts were only of Julie’s beautifully shaped body, the fantastic breasts, the beautiful face, the hair, and the incredibly tight pussy. He wanted her so badly. He was half in a dream and half awake and wasn’t sure what that tapping noise was.

Then he realized. It was Julie, knocking at his door.

He jumped from the bed, turned on a light, and looked through the peep, and there she was, knocking gently on his door at 1:30 in the morning.

“I’m having a weak moment and I’m knocking at your door as you told me to do.”

Jason’s heart raced at the sight of her beautiful presence. “Are you sure, baby?” Julie only nodded, and she entered his room. She turned to him and kissed him deeply as he returned the kiss and felt his cock pumping and throbbing. Julie slipped off the long shirt of Matt’s that she was wearing, and Jason wrapped his arms around her nakedness.

Their hands searched all over one another’s bodies. And Julie’s right hand clasped around Jason’s hardened cock with its veins pulsing in excitement. Jason was fingering her cunt again. “Fuck me Jason, do it now.” She said. They moved to the bed where Julie lay and looked up at her black lover.

“Julie, I have condoms here, do you want me to use one?”

“No, I want you as you are.”

With that, Jason lay atop his sandy haired beauty and positioned his black monster at the lips of Julie’s hungry pussy. He leaned onto her to kiss her and cupped one of her breasts with his hand. Then, he slowly pushed his massive onyx shaft into Julie’s pulsing pleasure pit. She gasped as she felt him again deep in her love chasm. She came instantly and Jason felt the juices surge from the walls of her vagina as she clamped onto his manhood. Her entire body shuddered and twitched with pleasure This time, he slid all the way in as Julie pulled on his ass cheeks, wanting all of him, right away. AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Julie sighed as she felt his thickness touch her cervix. She felt his ball sack resting between her ass cheeks and she held him tightly as he began to pump in and out of her at a frenzied pace. She moaned and screamed in pleasure as his pulsing piston pumped into her vagina and she felt herself cum again with the pleasure he was giving her. He was marvelous because he kept up the pummeling for what seemed like minutes without cumming himself. She couldn’t believe his stamina. But finally, all his muscles seemed to tense up and she felt his warm liquid, carrying little Jason’s deep into her womb. Jason held still and deep inside of her as his thick shaft pumped his white beauty. Julie squeezed his manhood as hard as she could with her pussy. They were both sweating when he collapsed, still hard onto her. They lay that way for twenty minutes, he never softened within her. They kissed and touched one another, but did not separate. They both thought about the possibility that she might very well get pregnant from today’s activities, but both of them figured they would address that later if they had to.

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