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Business Becomes Pleasure


There is no doubt about it. Business travel SUCKS. There is nothing worse than being across the country from your house and friends, and not being able to talk to them because by the time you get out of work, they are all asleep. The only bonus is expensing drinks.

As I sip my third martini, I sink lower into the outdoor hot tub. It's a beautiful night, not too cool, and the drinks have relaxed me slightly. I close my eyes and lean my head against the edge of the tub, thinking about you. That Tim McGraw song in the car, talking to you an hour ago ... the effect you have on me, even from 3000 miles away, always astounds me.

It's been a few weeks since I've seen you. As the memories fill my mind again, I sip the martini and my free hand slides between my legs, rubbing my clit through my bikini bottom. You had on jeans, not tight ones, but tighter than your usual khakis, and they made your ass look great. Your blue T-shirt was fitted enough to show off your muscular chest and arms. Damn you looked hot. My desire to see you naked burned even more that day. It was so hard to keep my hands off you when I was in your office later, especially once you started touching me. You slid a finger inside me, commenting again on how wet I was. You kept teasing me, pumping your finger in and out of me, sliding a second finger inside me, rubbing my clit between your thumb and finger, giving me that look, winking occasionally. It was so difficult not to crawl on your lap and kiss you and touch you.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but you're not supposed to have alcohol in the hot tub." My eyes fly open and I nearly drop my martini. You stand there, grinning down at me, wearing swim trunks and carrying a towel and a beer. I stare up at you, my mouth open. A million thoughts again run through my mind. I try to speak but nothing comes out. I down the rest of my martini in one gulp and shakily put the glass on the side of the hot tub.

"Hi," I croak. So much for my razor-sharp wit.

You grin. "Mind if I join you?" I nod, still not trusting myself to talk. You step into the hot tub and sit next to me. You put the beer on the side of the hot tub and slide your arm around me. I turn to you. I open my mouth to say something again, and you cover my mouth with yours, slipping your tongue between my lips. I wrap my arms around you, kissing you deeply, pulling you closer, running my hands through your hair. You run your hands up and down my back, pulling me closer to you too. Our tongues intertwine, and you draw my tongue into your mouth, sucking deeply.

Several minutes later, when we break the kiss, I look up at you and smile. "Hey good looking," I breathe. You laugh and pull me into your lap. "What are you doing here?"

"You know my boss. Random trips at the last minute. Have a meeting tomorrow. And since this is really the only nice hotel in the area ..." you grin. "Did you miss me?"

"About as much as you missed me," I respond.

You grin. "Good," you say and guide my hand into your lap to feel your hard cock. I turn and straddle you, kissing you again, kissing your neck, your jaw, your ear, pressing myself down on your lap. You growl, sliding your hands down my back, down the back of my bathing suit bottom, cupping my ass. I groan in your ear as you slide a finger inside me from behind.

"You are so wet," you tell me.

I grin wickedly. "Well, I *am* in a hot tub, you know." I close my eyes and groan again as you thrust your finger further inside of me and add a second.

Your mouth covers my ear. "That's not what I meant, woman." You catch my earlobe in your teeth and pull.

"Mmmm. I know. I've just ... been thinking about you, remembering, and imagining," I tell you as I slide my hand down the front of your swim suit and stroke your cock. Now it's your turn to groan. I kiss you again, my tongue exploring your mouth. You thrust your fingers further inside me, rubbing your thumb against my clit, and bring your other hand up to pinch my nipple through the thin wet fabric of my bikini. I slide my other hand inside your suit, both hands stroking the sides of your cock. You push the strip of fabric out of the way, momentarily exposing my nipple to the cool night air before your lips cover it, sucking hard. I moan, my tongue teasing your ear, and thrust my pussy further down on your fingers.

My hands on your face pull you up to me. "Wait." You look at me questioningly, a flicker of fear in your wide green eyes, breathing heavily. "Not out here." You look around and nod. We ARE in a courtyard, after all, and who knows if anyone else from our office is staying here.

I slide off your lap and rearrange my suit. You climb out of the hot tub and grab your beer. You turn to help me out. I grab my empty martini glass and grasp your hand. We wrap towels around ourselves and head into the hotel. We step into the elevator, which is empty, and you back me against the wall, kissing me again. You lift me up and I wrap my legs around you. "I want to fuck you," you growl, one hand groping under my towel.

"I hope so," I breathe. The bell dings to announce the floor. You toss me over your shoulder. I giggle and pound on your shoulder. "What are you doing, silly?" You don't answer. You fumble slightly to get the key card in the door. The door slams shut behind us and I flick the hotel lock shut.

You stand me on the bed. I throw the towel on the floor. Your eyes and hands hungrily roam my body, taking in the red string bikini. The top barely covers my breasts, as you have already noticed. You untie the strap around my back and slide your hands up the bottom of the top, cupping my breasts, running your thumbs across my hard nipples. You trail your fingers along my neck and untie the second string. My top falls to the bed. You cup both breasts in your hands, pushing them together. "I love your tits." You flick your tongue across both nipples, back and forth. I cry out in pleasure and pull your head closer to my chest. You continue to tease both nipples, and then finally catch one in your teeth, pulling lightly. Your mouth covers the nipple, sucking deeply.

"That feels so good," I gasp, holding your head to me. I slide your swim suit off your hips and stroke your hard cock with both my hands. It takes both of my hands to completely encircle your large shaft. You suck harder on my nipple as I stroke your cock. I lower my lips to your ear. "I want to feel your lips on more of my body. Please."

I wrap my arms around you. Your hands on the back of my knees lift my legs as you lower me to the bed. You run your tongue back and forth over my nipples as you slide to your knees. You trail your tongue down my stomach to the top of my bikini bottom. With one quick motion, you yank the bottom off my body and drop it to floor. You trace a path over my hipbone and down my thigh with your lips. You run your tongue up my inner thigh, toward my pussy. I am so wet now and my body is aching for your touch. My hands on the back of your head urge you closer to my lips. "Please. I want to feel your lips on me ..." Before I even finish the sentence, you run your tongue up my lips to my clit. "Oh damn," I groan. My hands grip the back of your head, pulling you closer. You lightly flick your tongue over my clit, making my body shudder. A jolt runs through my body and I groan again. You plunge your tongue deep inside my pussy. I wrap my legs around your shoulders, my whole body writhing in pleasure. I raise my hips, trying to get your tongue deeper inside me. You thrust a finger inside me as well. "Oh," I cry out. "That feels so fucking good." You continue to tease me, adding a second finger. "I'm gonna cum soon." Your rake your teeth down my clit. I cry out "Ahhh," as the orgasm rips through my body. You lap the juices flowing from my body and then your lips cover my clit, sucking lightly until I am squirming and on the point of giggles.

I move my legs off your shoulders and pull you down to kiss me. I really like kissing you when I can taste myself on your lips. Hell, I like kissing you all the time. I pull you on top of me, enjoying the feel of your body pressed to mine. You prop yourself up on your hands and look down at me. "Do I get to fuck you now?" you ask, eyes blazing.

I shake my head no. "I want to return the favor first." You grin ... I know you won't turn that down. I slide my body down a little further underneath you. I move my hips so just your head slides between my wet lips. You groan. Dropping your body back on mine, you wrap your arms around my neck and roll us over so I am on top of you. I slide down your body so I am kneeling between your legs. I kiss you again, then slide my lips down your neck and your chest. I lightly rake my teeth on your chest and trail my tongue down your body.

I blow lightly on your head, watching your body shiver. You rest your arms behind your head, looking down at me, your eyes full of lust and longing for what you know is about to happen. I swirl my tongue around your head, tasting my juices mixed with your pre-cum. I run my tongue down your shaft, your body reacting to my touch. Very gently, I rake my fingernails against the underside of your balls. You groan. One of your hands reaches out and grabs the back of my head. I take your head in my mouth and suck, lightly at first, then harder. Opening my mouth as wide as I can, I slide my lips further down, taking in as much of your shaft as I can. You entwine your hand in my hair. "Damn your lips feel good on me. I've been thinking about this since the last time you did it."

I slide my lips off your shaft and grin up at you. "Me too." Then I take you back in my mouth. I cup your balls with my hand. This is a lot better than last time ... it's not easy to suck your cock when you're wearing clothes. I look up at you and catch your eyes. My hand closes around the base of your cock. I slide my mouth down, trying to make it meet my hand. My tongue probes the underside of your head, applying pressure.

Your grip in my hair tightens. "That's ... Oh, I'm cumming," you cry. I slide back off your shaft as you explode in my mouth. I swallow your warm cum, sucking every drop out of your shaft. I continue to tease you until your hands in my hair pull me off your shaft. I crawl back up your body. Your strong arms pull me to your chest, holding me tightly.

I breathe deeply, inhaling the scent of your skin. I trail my fingertips down your side, feeling your body jump slightly at my touch. Your hands cup my ass, squeezing. Your grip loosens and I kiss your chest. I prop myself up on my hands and knees, sliding up your body. You purse your lips at me, and I lower my head to kiss you again. I slip my tongue between your lips, exploring your mouth. You twine your hands through my hair again, pulling me closer in for the kiss. You slip your tongue in my mouth. I feel a slight stirring of your cock against my pussy and I feel myself getting wet again. Damn, you are a great lover.

I slide my wet lips up and down the side of your shaft, wetting your cock with my juices. You deepen the kiss as your body responds even more to my touch. Your hands come up to cup my breasts, pinching my nipples. You break the kiss and lower your head to catch a nipple in your teeth. I get even wetter at the feel of your teeth on my nipple. God I love it when you do that. You switch your mouth to the other nipple, teasing and biting. Your free hand slides down between my legs. You rub my clit and then slip a finger inside of me. I groan in pleasure. It is taking all my strength to hold myself up on my arms. You look up at me and kiss me again, your tongue probing my mouth. You move your mouth to my ear, running your tongue along the edge of my earlobe before plunging it in my ear. I gasp and grind my pussy further onto your fingers.

You hiss my name in my ear. "Are you going to cum for me again?" I murmur my ascent. "I want to feel you cum on my fingers and drip on my cock. And then I'm going to slide my cock in your tight wet pussy and fuck you."

"Damn," I cry out. You thrust a second finger inside me and pump them in and out. You move your other hand down between my legs as well and rub your thumb across my clit.

"Cum for me, baby." Your thumb presses hard on my clit as you thrust a third finger inside me. I groan as every muscle in my pussy clenches around your fingers and my body explodes. You continue to tease my body until I have stopped cumming, drenching your fingers. My arms are shaking from holding my body above yours, and I am breathing heavily, my eyes closed. You slip one of your fingers into my mouth so I can suck off my juices. I open my eyes to watch you suck the other two. After you remove your fingers from your mouth, I lean down and kiss you again. I catch your bottom lip in my teeth and pull slightly. You groan.

I move my lips up to your ear, nibbling your earlobe, and run my tongue around the edge of your ear. "I want you to fuck me. Now." I kiss you again, my tongue probing your mouth.

You roll us over so you can get up and grab a condom from your bag. You sheath yourself in the condom and crawl back into the bed with me. "Are you ready?" I nod. You kneel over me and lower your body to me, but I stop you.

"Lie back," I tell you. Your eyebrows raised in surprise, you do. I kneel over you and slowly lower my pussy to your hard cock. The head of your cock rubs my soaking lips and we both moan at the contact. I grasp your cock with one hand, guiding you into me; my other hand holds my lips apart. I lock eyes with you. "Help me." Your hands fly to my hips, guiding me further down on you. Your head slides easily inside me. "Oh damn. You feel so good inside me."

Your breathing gets shallower. "You feel so good wrapped around me too." I grin at you. In one quick motion, I thrust myself down on you so your shaft is buried to the hilt. You growl. "Ahh, baby. You are so fucking tight. You feel so fucking good." Your hands on my hips still guide me as I slide myself up and down your shaft. You shift one hand to rub my clit. My hands cup my breasts, squeezing them together as I bounce slightly on your cock. After a minute or two, I lean forward, bracing my hands on ether side of you, and kiss you again. You move your hands so they are underneath mine and lace your fingers with mine. Suddenly you pull your hands, and mine, up above your head, and I drop flat on your chest.

"Ohhh." Both of us moan at the difference in contact from the position change. My thighs grip your hips tightly, thrusting you further inside me. You run your hands down my back, grabbing my ass and pulling me even closer. "Damn, you are still so wet."

I grin. "Well, you do have that effect on me, you know."

You laugh. "I know." You brush your lips across my forehead. Holding my hands tightly, you roll us over so you are on top of me. I wrap my legs around you, pulling you deeper inside me. You kiss me, my neck, my jawline, my ear and then the other side. You slide back on your knees, your lips on my ear. "Get on your knees."

You slide your cock out of me and help me turn over and get on my knees facing away from you. You put your hands on my hips to steady me and I reach back to guide your cock back inside me. "Oh wow. That feels so damn good." Your hands hold my hips as you slam into me, your balls hitting my ass. You lean forward, your chest pressing into my back, one hand cupping my breasts, the other rubbing my clit. A small orgasm rips through me.

"Oh God. I've wanted to do this for a long time," you grunt.

I grin, even though I know you can't see me. "I know." I turn back to look at you. That fire is back in your eyes and I catch your glance. "But not for too long." You raise your eyebrows. I grin. "I want to see your face when you cum." You grin widely and your eyes blaze even more.

"OK." And you lean forward to kiss me. After a few more strokes, I can feel another orgasm building in me. You can tell too. I hear your voice in my ear. "Cum again for me. Cum again while I'm fucking you from behind, like I've been telling you I want to do." You thrust even deeper into me and you pinch my clit between your fingers. I thrust back as far as I can onto your cock and squeeze my muscles. My pussy clenches around your cock as I cum again, and I hear you groan. "Oh God."

I am still gripping you tightly when you pull out of me and turn me over. You spread my legs and drive your cock into me in one hard thrust. "Oh damn." I wrap my arms and legs tightly around you.

I capture your face in my hands. "Cum for me, lover. I want you to cum for me." Once again I contract every muscle I can around your cock. You groan loudly and slam into me one last time. Despite the coolness of the room, our bodies are covered in sweat, sliding against each other.

"Ahhhh," you cry as you explode. I keep my legs wrapped around you tightly, holding you deep inside me. You collapse on my chest, your face buried in my neck. I can feel your heart racing as fast as mine, feel your breath on my neck. My breath is coming out in short gasps as well. I kiss your ear and run my fingers through your hair. After a few moments, both our heart rates have slowed. My legs drop to your sides, aching slightly from having been wrapped around you for so long.

You prop yourself up on your hands and kiss me. "Mmmm. I'll be right back." In a minute, you are back in the room. I am sitting up on the bed, looking around for my bathing suit and my towel. You turn off the main light in the room, leaving only the small bedside light on. You lower the AC a little more.

"Have you seen --" I start to ask.

"No." You cut me off. "You're not going anywhere." Now I raise my eyebrows in surprise. You gently push me back onto the bed and pull the covers up over me. You set the alarm and turn off the bedside light. You get into bed and pull the covers up over yourself too. Pulling me closely to you, my back fitting snugly against your chest, you wrap your arms around me. "You're staying here with me tonight." You kiss my ear, your tongue teasing the edge. "And if I have to stay tomorrow night, you're staying with me again."

"Hmmm. Well I guess I can handle that." I giggle as you clench your teeth on my earlobe. You cup my breasts in one of your long-fingered hands and slide the other hand down between my legs. I wrap my arms around your arm on my chest and drift off to sleep, your breath in my ear.

Maybe business travel doesn't suck as badly as I had thought ...

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