tagErotic CouplingsBusiness Begins: The Agreement

Business Begins: The Agreement


She was standing there at the counter quietly checking out the rings that were on display, as well as their matching pendants, bracelets, and earrings. Her fingers ran smoothly over the cut and polished stones and it took all she had in her to finally give in and pluck one up. She slipped it into her pocket and then turned to walk away. She never saw the man in the corner watching her.

When the jeweler turned back to ask the woman if she'd found something she liked, it was the gasp escaping her lips that signaled to the man that the young beauty had indeed lifted one of the gemmed bands of gold. Katie heard the surprising noise and closed her eyes. The deep breath she took was as far as she got to signal her escape; the firm grip on her arm was the realization that she wasn't going far.

She was brought up short and spun around. Katie's lungs were crushed against the beefy security guard and she stared at the silver buttons of his shirt. She swallowed her fear and slowly looked him in the eyes. Immediately she cringed. Her lip trembled and she gave him her puppy-dog stare, willing him to take pity on her. He didn't.

Adam Dixon had been a security officer for the jewelry store for a number of years. He had retired from the force after an injury that left him with a slight limp. There wasn't a lot of action and he actually found his job relaxing after spending twenty-three years on the force. Now, at the age of fifty he got his occasional thrill when he nabbed a shoplifter, the thrill of stalking them and then nailing them just as they were about to walk out the door. He love it. He had to wait till they took one step out, passing the cash register and concealing the property. It was the anticipation of each process that he enjoyed. Nine times out of ten he had the perp picked out before they had the jewel picked out.

"She's got a $15,000.00 rock on her somewhere," the voice of the clerk interrupted Adam's thrill of the hunt and Katie's fear of the capture. "Damn bitch," the voice muttered as she came around the corner and jerked Katie's other arm, spinning her away from Adam.

Jill St. James would have ripped the clothes off the shoplifter's back if it wasn't for the fact that Adam was glaring at her. She released her and stepped back, her palm raised up as if waiting for a bird to shit and drop a glistening pellet of gems into it.

Katie glared at the woman, but said nothing; she felt safer with the armed guard. "Here," she whispered and pulled the rock from her pocket, placing it in the raised palm of the clerk.

"Good, now take her back to the office and call the cops," Jill said turning on her heel and walking away.

"What the fuck!" Katie yelled. "I gave it back. Fuck you don't need to turn me in too!"

Jill said nothing only looked over her shoulder and nodded her head toward the office. The subject was closed as far as she was concerned. She went back to the counter and returned the expensive stone back into its slot and watched as Adam walked the young girl back to her office. She then waited to see if Adam would release yet another shoplifter or do as she had ordered him to do.

An hour passed and no cops came. She growled and walked to her office. "Where is she?" she asked him.

"She got away," he said. Adam nodded toward the back entrance, which was slightly ajar.

"She got away?" she repeated her question. "How the fuck did that short wimp of a girl get away from you? Jesus Christ she was a foot and a half shorter than you and your God damn arm is thicker than her waist!" Jill pulled the cigarette from his mouth and crushed it into the crystal ashtray. "You're an ass, you know that?" she hissed.

Adam grabbed her neck and pushed her to the desk. He had his cock out within a few minutes and Jill's skirt up and around her waist. "Yeah, and you love it." He said when he slammed his cock into her slick pussy, knowing full well she hadn't worn panties.

Jill growled low as she felt Adam's cock slam into her cunt over and over again. "Oh fuck Adam. Harder." Jill gripped the edge of her desk as she welcomed every hard thrust and begged for more.

Adam had been fucking Jill since he let the first of several shoplifters go. She had gotten so pissed at him that she told him he was a pussy and he had to show her exactly who the pussy was in this business relationship. It wasn't long before she was purposely leaving jewels out to be "palmed" so he could fuck her senseless.

When he showered her pussy with his fluids he pulled out and spun her around. She immediately fell to her knees and began to clean his shaft. She devoured him, sucking and tasting the fluids that had coated his dick and left her begging for more. The final lick was long and firm, but it did the job and left her lover clean and sedated.

"I did scare the shit out of her, though," Adam said as he pulled up his pants and watched the come flow down her soft thighs. She stood up and pulled her skirt back the way it was supposed to be.

"You always do." Jill chuckled then stopped when he gave her a raised brow. "What else did you do?" she asked.

Adam pulled her onto his lap and pinched her nipple. "I told her we'd press charges if she didn't meet us later tonight." He nuzzled her neck and bit on the soft skin. "Actually, I told her if she didn't meet me later, but I'll toss you a bone if you so desire." He ran his palm over her firm globe and kneaded the succulent flesh.

Jill whimpered. "You know I won't turn down an offer like that baby. Did she put up much of a fight?" she asked as she once again felt her arousal growing.

"No. Fuck, once I offered she jumped at the chance." He reached up and tore the buttons from her blouse. Her breasts now only hidden from his fingers by a flimsy piece of silk and lace.

"She did?" She opened her legs and felt her pussy grow slick with fresh nectar. "Ohh...what did she say exactly?"

He eased his other hand up her leg and toyed with her clit. "She said, if we make her fuck then she gets the ring."

"Fuck that shit!" Jill said and started to get up. She was immediately forced back down and held there as Adam rammed two fingers into her opening.

"Shut up and listen," he told her. He plunged deep and scrapped her inner walls until she was bucking and riding his thick digits. "She's willing to be our toy for that ring. She's worth it baby," he said. He growled into her ear and shoved a third finger in with the other two. His thumb reached up and pushed against her swollen clit.

"Worth it?" Jill asked, her words as thick as the come she knew was going to flow from her pussy. "Did you already fuck her?" she asked. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her breath was caught in her throat.

He bit her neck and then answered, "No, she sucked my cock."

Jill groaned and climaxed all over her lover's hand. She rode his fingers as she felt the throbbing sensations of her pussy wrap around her and travel through her legs. She wasn't finished with the exquisite torture when the sound of a customer coming into the shop was heard. "Oh fuck," she moaned.

Adam chuckled and pulled his fingers out of her pussy. "Duty calls," he said. He grabbed her hips and set him off his lap. He released her after she gained her composure and watched her tight ass walk to the closet, where she pulled out another blouse.

He picked up a new cigarette, lit it, and readjusted his hard dick. They'd take care of it for him later, there wasn't a doubt in his mind.

To be continued. . .

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