tagInterracial LoveBusiness Trip Ch. 02

Business Trip Ch. 02


Susan awoke around 9 a.m. and, feeling the stickiness between her legs that comes from getting a great fuck, smiled and stretched. Ho had slipped out of bed at about 6, giving her a quick kiss and whispering about needing to get home so he could go to class on time. She grinned wickedly as she remembered reaching out and grabbing his cock as he stood up, giving it three or four good strokes until he was rock hard again.

"Be sure you come and see me again tonight," she had said, and he eagerly agreed. Today was a conference day, and while she wasn't going to be good for much, she did need to make an appearance. She stepped into the shower and turned the water on full blast and as hot as she could manage. When she soaped herself up, her hand immediately went between her legs and stayed there longer than was absolutely necessary for cleanliness. As she rubbed herself, she thought about her two encounters with Ho. She had never done anything quite so lascivious in her life, nor had any sexual experiences ever turned her on as much. There was something about acting like a slut that totally turned her on. And the great thing about it was that she was out of town – no one here knew her and it would be virtually impossible for her little fling with Ho to become known to her friends at work.

The phone was ringing as she stepped out of the shower, so she ran naked into the room to answer it.

"Ms. DiStephano? This is the bell stand downstairs. You have a package here from FedEx that was just delivered. It's marked 'Urgent.'"

She was distracted for a moment, as his mention of the bell stand made her think for just a moment that this was Ho calling her on some ruse. But then she realized that this wasn't Ho. He was in class, but anyway, this guy sounded black. By the time her mind had worked through all of that, she had missed the message.

At the bell desk, Willie Brown was at the end of his shift and dog tired. After a moment with no response, he said, "Ms. DeStephano?"

"I'm sorry," she said. "Can you repeat the message?"

"Sure. I said you have a FedEx package here marked 'extremely urgent.'"

Susan thought for a moment and then realized it must be drafts of the contract she had been working on in Chicago. Her mind was being dragged back into work, albeit reluctantly.

"Can someone bring them up to my room," she asked.

"Happy to, Ma'am."

Willie sighed. The last thing he wanted to do was trudge upstairs with a package, when he was dog-tired at the end of his shift. But there was no choice. A big party was checking in and they had the other two guys, who had come one duty at 8 a.m., hopping with a dozen bags and all sorts of requests. So Willie went over to the elevators and pushed the button for 12.

Susan dried herself and was putting on lotion when the knock on the door came. Shit, she thought, never imagining the bellman would get here this soon.

"Just a minute," she shouted, and took another few seconds to run the lotion into her nipples, which were getting hard and giving her just the slightest tingle in her pussy at the same time.

"I wonder if this bell hop is as cute as Ho," she thought as she wrapped a towel around herself. "I am becoming such a slut." She smiled at that, and just the thought of her slutty behavior from yesterday was enough to make her start to get wet.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the bathroom mirror as she went to the door, and realized that the little hotel towel barely covered her nipples on top and just kept her pussy out of view at the bottom. She could see the back, but she imagined that she probably had a little cheek showing. Again, she thought she was turning into a slut – and the thought turned her on some more.

Willie stood at the door to Ms. DiStephano's room for probably 30 seconds waiting for her to open the door. He almost knocked again when the door opened and he found himself looking at a beautiful woman who was just barely covered by a towel. His jaw dropped a little, then he recovered quickly and handed her the big FedEx box.

Susan took the box and started to close the door when Willie stammered, "Uh, I need a signature."

"Of course, come on in," Susan said as she tried to manage the box while keeping the towel from falling away from her breasts. She also knew that if she turned her back to him, he'd get a great look at the bottom of her ass, and even more if she bent over at all. Even as she processed all this, the new-found slut in her was getting a charge out of showing off a little for this really cute young black guy. So with a half smile on her face, she turned, walked slowly over to the bed and, bending over, gently placed the box on the bed. She straightened up and turned back to face a slightly flustered Willie who, Susan could see, was developing a nice bulge in the front of his pants.

Susan walked back to Willie and this time deliberately got too close, maintaining eye contact. Smiling, she said, "You need me to sign something?"

Willie was by now utterly flustered. He was pretty sure this woman knew what she was doing, but no matter, Willie was becoming immensely turned on and his rapidly growing cock was becoming uncomfortable in his pants.

"I, uh, yeah. I mean, sign this please," Willie said as he handed her the delivery receipt.

Susan felt a little bad about teasing the kid, but she couldn't resist. She turned her barely covered ass back to Willie and sauntered slowly back into the room to the credenza, where she bent over again, spread her legs just a little and this time took her time signing her name on the delivery receipt. She knew that this bellhop could see not only her ass, but since she spread her legs, had a great view of her pussy as well. A charge of excitement ran through her and her pussy was glistening with her juices, so much so, that she knew she just couldn't let this kid and his big hardon just walk out the door.

For his part, Willie's fluster was turning into something else, something more primitive that he was struggling to control. Every other time in his life that he had seen a woman's wet pussy right there in front of him, he was getting ready to fuck her; and his cock was having trouble figuring out why this time should be any different. For as they say, Willie was thinking with his dick now – his little head instead of his big head – and while he knew nothing good could come from that, he was running on autopilot now.

When Susan came back to him with the receipt and that little smirk on her face, it pushed him over the edge. He took the receipt in his left hand and with his right, reached around her and grabbed one cheek of her naked ass.

At the same moment, Susan, herself on something like autopilot, reached out and grabbed the bulge in Willie's pants and squeezed. In the next instant, their lips locked in a passionate kiss and Willie picked her up and put her, none too gently, on the bathroom vanity that was outside the bathroom door, just to his left. Susan immediately started undoing the cumbersome buttons on Willie's uniform coat while Willie stripped the towel away and found a nipple with his mouth. Susan eventually got the coat undone and got Willie to stand while she pushed it back and off his shoulders. Willie dropped his pants in one motion, and Susan grabbed his cock in two hands.

"My God, it's huge," she said.

Usually polite, Willie's autopilot was now talking for him, too. "Damn right, bitch. Now suck it." He had an urge to control this woman – this slut who had come on to him.

No one had ever called Susan a bitch before, at least not to her face. She was accustomed to being in charge, but the idea of this young black man telling her what to do appealed to the slut in her. She slipped off the countertop and slid to her knees in front of his massive cock and wondered how she was going to get it all into her mouth.

She opened wide and tentatively slid the head into her mouth, thinking she would take a while to get accustomed to the size, when Willie grabbed her head with both hands and jammed his cock into her throat.

"I said suck it, slut."

Susan struggled for a minute with her gag reflex, but then moved her tongue forward and allowed his cock to slide down her throat. Willie was powerfully fucking her face while holding her head by a handful of hair on each side. It hurt a little, but just being under his control was making Susan squirm. Suddenly, Willie pulled out of her mouth, and put one foot up on Susan's big suitcase.

"Lick my balls, bitch," Willie commanded, and Susan buried her face in his crotch and started licking. Willie hadn't showered since the night before when he got ready for work. Now, nearly 12 hours later, his balls and ass were sweaty and pungent, but Susan loved it. She took each testicle in her mouth and licked every inch of his sack as well as the patch of skin between his legs and his sack. Then, without any more prodding or direction from Willie, she licked her tongue under his ball sack and up toward his asshole. Meanwhile, her right hand found its way to her clit, and she began massaging it vigorously. As she licked, Willie kept up his verbal abuse, sensing that in some kinky way, this white woman loved being called names.

"That's is bitch, lick my crotch. Jesus, what a whore you are. You suck every black cock you see?"

Susan could only mumble since her mouth was full.

"Shit, only the skankiest bitch gets into a sweaty mans crotch, but I think you love it, don't you bitch?"

Unable to answer, Susan decided to prove he was right and at that moment rammed her tongue into Willie's asshole. He right hand furiously worked at her clit while left grabbed his ass cheek and pulled it away to give her better access to his asshole.

"Damn, tongue fuck me bitch. Yeah!" When Willie couldn't take it any more, he grabbed Susan by the arm and pulled her to her feet. Then he pushed on her back, between her shoulders, to bend her over. Then Willie buried his face in Susan's fresh, sweet ass and started to eat her out. She spread her legs wide to give him better access and, still working her clit, she began to have one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. Her pussy was still spasming when Willie shoved his giant tool home, all the way until his balls slapped against her in one, powerful motion. Susan gasped. She had never been filled so completely. Willie started in with long powerful strokes, which made Susan whimper. She couldn't quite describe the feeling, with its combination of discomfort from his big cock stretching her out, a twinge of pain as the head of his cock bottomed out inside her, all mixed up with the most intense sexual high she had ever felt. The fast his strokes the higher she got. She was working her way to another powerful orgasm, but in a way she was already in one continuous orgasm from the moment he entered her. The fact that he was fucking her absolutely without regard to her feelings or her pleasure, and taking her at this moment for his own satisfaction intensified her feelings. Never in her life had she been submissive in any way. But now, with the black man – little more than a boy, really – she was his willing slut.

Willie kept up his powerful strokes for maybe five minutes before he could feel his own orgasm coming. The only thing he could think of was how he could totally own this bitch. So, just before he exploded in her, he pulled his cock out, grabbed her by the hair with his left hand and forced her roughly to her knees again as he took his cock in his right hand and with a couple of strokes started shooting his cum all over her face, into her eyes, up her nose, in her hair. The last two or three jets he put in her mouth.

Both of them collapsed where they were, Susan leaning against the bathroom door and Willie against her big suitcase. Both of them were sweating profusely and gasping for air. As he came down from his high, Willie began to think again, and what he had just done appalled him.

"God, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean... I didn't hurt you did I? Jesus, I've never done anything like that...

Susan just laughed, realizing for the first time that Willie's animalistic tendencies had taken over during their fuck, and now he was feeling remorse.

"Don't be ridiculous," she said. "That was the best fuck I can remember. You were an animal. And I mean that in a good way," she said as she slid over to him and kissed him, in the process smearing his own cum on his face as well as hers. "."

"Oh, we can't have that," she said, and started quite deliberately to lick his cum off his face. Then, seeing a large drop on the top of his cock and oozing down the side, she bent down and took his semi-hard cock in her mouth, licking it clean and sucking any remaining cum out of it.

"I love your cock," she said. "By the way, my name is Susan."

"I'm Willie."

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