tagGroup SexBusiness Trip Encounters Ch. 06

Business Trip Encounters Ch. 06


Chapter 6 (Sleep Over)

I was sent to Manila to prepare for our new office setup and have been here longer then I have expected. What was supposed to be a one week trip has now being extended to a 3 week stay.

Not that I am complaining though.

In the middle of fighting my way through the Manila traffic and settling all the business matters, I managed to get a welcome blowjob from the hotel Customer Service Officer, got a hand job from the hotel's masseuse which was out of this world. I also got to sample my new PA's pussy and also fucked the Real Estate Agent's ass a couple of times. I even managed to score a hole in one with my business associate's personal assistant, Rachel, over the weekend.

I finally managed to clear all my agenda and after speaking with my boss yesterday, we both agreed it was about time for me to go home.

I managed to book a flight home tomorrow and have for myself, a couple of days to put my trip report together, although I will be leaving some of my personal details out.

I took the opportunity to laze around the pool during the day, something I have not being able to do as I was doing all my laying in bed.

By the end of the afternoon, I was able to complete my report and breathed a sigh of relief that I could finally pack and get ready to go home tomorrow.

I had a quiet dinner in the hotel and got back to the room at about 8 pm. I thought about all the fucks I had over the last 3 weeks and remembered I did not really got around fucking Clara, the hotel Customer Service Officer, the one who really got my stay here to a flying start.

I also remembered the masseuse, Joanne, and her magical hand job and was wondering if she was up to anything beyond a hand job. It has been almost a week since my last screw with Rachel and I found myself rubbing my half hard cock just thinking about it.

I was really tossed between Clara and Joanne and thought to myself," It's not like I could just call the reception and asks Clara for a fuck, but I could certainly call up the fitness centre and arrange something with Joanne."

With a silly smile across my face, I reached for the phone. Just when I was about to pick the phone up, it started ringing.

"Oh, come on, I hope it's not the boss calling me to extend my trip again," I said to myself, half seriously.

I reluctantly picked the phone up and was surprised to hear Bianca, my sexy PA-to-be, on the other side.

"Hello Sir, how have you been?" she said enthusiastically.

"Oh, I am fine Bianca, what a surprise to hear from you," I said, already spotting a hard on just by the thoughts of her pussy.

"Well sir, I have a favor to ask of you," she said.

"What is it, Bianca?" I asked.

It turned out that Bianca's cousin has just finished her college and was going back to Cebu Island for the summer. Her flight was delayed and would not resume until the next day. She would not want to go back to her hostel as it was a good 4 hours from the airport and Bianca was wondering if she could stay with me for the night and leave for the airport tomorrow morning. Bianca was in my room for the interview and she knows the room I was staying was big enough to have one more person sleep over.

"Well, Bianca, I am fine with that.....but.....she being a girl, would it be ok with her?" I hesitated for a while, but at the same time hoping that she would look half as gorgeous as Bianca and probably, have the same skill set as her cousin.

"Oh, don't worry sir, Beggars no chooser remember? I think you will find her more then up for it. With a little luck, she might even pay you rent," Bianca said, although I did not really know what her last statement meant.

"Oh by the way sir, she is with another lady friend, will that be alright for you?" Bianca said, almost giving me no choice.

"Well, I guess....anything for my pretty PA," I said, already rubbing my cock to full hardness.

"Yesss!, thanks a lot sir, I will...ive...u .....od...uck....time," Bianca's line broke off but I am sure I heard her said something like "she will give me a good fuck next time."

As we were not able to finish our conversation, I was not able to know what time Bianca's cousin and her friend will be here.

I hanged up the phone and remembered why I wanted to pick up the phone originally, but gave up the thought thinking, "I can't have 2 young ladies walking into my room and see me getting jerked off by the hotel masseuse!!"

One hour gone by and I have managed to take care of my packing, although the package that really needed to be taken care of at the moment was in my pants.

It was already 9 o'clock and I was wondering if Bianca's cousin and her friend would make it to the hotel. I changed to my comfort wear; shorts and t-shirt and waited for another half an hour when the reception called me to inform me that there are 2 young ladies wanting to see me.

5 minutes later, there was a knock on the door and I opened it to the sight of 2 lovely young ladies. One look and you could tell that both of them were good buddies. One was spotted with shoulder length hair while the other had her hair cropped really short. The one with shoulder length hair was almost a Bianca look alike, so it was not difficult to assume that she was the cousin, the one with the short hair has really big eyes and her skin was fair as compare to the other one, her hair has a wet look to it which made her looked really wild. They were both wearing tight fit white t-shirts and blue denim mini skirts and had sports shoes on, which made them look like the typical college girls looking for a good time. But more importantly, their tight t-shirts accentuated their C cup boobs, which looked like 2 pairs of coconuts hanging on their petite 5 foot bodies. Their lacy bras were visible through the thin cotton fabrics of their T-shirts and I started to wonder what they had on under those little skirts.

"Hello Sir, eh..... I believe my cousin called you earlier regarding us coming over?" The one with the long hair said.

"Yes, of course, Bianca told me over the phone. Please come in," I said, tearing my eyes reluctantly away from the 2 pairs of young boobs.

Both of them half hopped into my room, placed their back packs next to the wall and turned to me and introduced themselves, "Hello sir, my name is Nina and this is Hazel."

Looking really chirpy, Nina then said, "Sir, thank you so much for accommodating us."

She then gave a naughty look towards Hazel and said, "We will try to earn our stay here."

I can't help but feel that this last night in Manila might just be one to be remembered.

For the next hour, Nina and Hazel were busy unpacking their range of beauty products into the bath room and getting ready to shower. I was sitting on the couch watching TV, but was consistently getting distracted by the two pretty young things walking around in the room. The scene in front of me was a blur of 4 boobs bouncing around, and when they kneeled down to sort out their bags, more then a few glimpses of their white cotton panties were offered to me. I could not help but rubbed my hard cock a little, wishing Joanne, the masseur was here.

After about an hour and an almost over deliberate attempt to unpack for a night's stay, the ladies were finally ready for their shower.

Hazel was the first to shower and Nina took the opportunity to sit down by my side while waiting for her turn.

"Sir, it's really nice of you to allow us to stay here tonight, if not we will have to spend some money to put up in a hotel," Nina said in her nice sweet voice.

"Don't mention it Nina, it's probably not safe for you two pretty ladies to be staying in some cheap hotels. I would feel guilty if something happened to any of you," I said.

We then chit chat for a while, talked about her college life and also what she wanted to do now that she had graduated.

"Well, sir, as you know, it's really difficult for graduates to find work in our country. Some of us graduates might even end up as an operator in some factory," Nina said.

"What do you major in?" I asked.

"Both Hazel and myself major in Physiotherapy, and we hope to work in some up market spa in Makati, where the pay is better," Nina said.

I thought for a while, and then said," Well, as you might already know, your cousin will be working for me and since the office is a new setup, we needed a bit more help. If you don't mind, both of you could come over and work in the office as clerks while you look for a job in the spa. What do you think?"

Nina jumped out of the couch, clasping her hands together and jumped around screaming with joy. I was mesmerized by the sight of her boobs bouncing up and down in front of me. She then jumped towards me and gave me a big hug, crushing her soft boobs into my body. My semi hard cock immediately twitched into life and was rock hard within seconds. Luckily, Nina released her hug quickly enough not to have felt my cock banging against her crotch. She immediately rushed towards the bathroom and bang on the door, trying as hard as she could to tell Hazel that I have offered both of them a job. I heard Hazel screamed and the bath room door immediately opened and she came running out with her hair all wet and with only a towel wrapped around her petite body. In almost the speed of light, Nina told her all about my offer and they hugged each other, screaming at the top of their voice. Hazel then ran towards me and gave me another big hug. Once again, I felt another pair of soft and young boobs crushing against my chest. Overwhelmed by her excitement, Hazel did not have time to wrap her body with the towel properly and it was threatening to drop off her body. With one hand holding her towel together, she was trying her best to wrap the other hand around my neck. This time, I did not let the opportunity went by and wrapped my hands around her waist. With my luck so far, I was almost trying to let her know deliberately the effect she had on my cock. I pulled her towards me and could almost feel her pussy hair rubbing against my crotch. I dropped my hands down and was met with the cold and wet skin of her round butt. Hazel, still caught in the moment of joy, did not seem to notice my hands on her butt. Whatever it is, I pull her butt against me to make sure that she felt my throbbing cock.

After what seems like eternity, Hazel released her hand from me, adjusted her towel, looked me in the eyes and said, "Sir, thank you so much for the job, we really appreciate it........really." After the last word, I felt her wet hand felt for my cock from outside my shorts and gave it a light squeeze.

Hazel then turned around and returned to the bathroom, apparently to finish her shower.

Nina took a glance at my crotch and gave me a smirk. Apparently my shorts were white in color and it made the wet patch made by Hazel's hand more obvious. I returned a naughty smile, determined to milk as much from this opportunity as possible.

The evening went on with an electrifying and anticipating mood in the air. Both Hazel and Nina finished their beauty showers and changed to what seems to be their bed time clothing, consisting of a thin tank top and very short shorts. Apparently, they did not even bother to put on their bras and the cool air conditioning made their nipples hard and they were pushing hard against the thin fabric of their tops. Their shorts were so tiny; they might as well just put on their panties. Their young butts were finding it hard to hide underneath the shorts and I could see part of them flowing out from the hem.

Both girls spent another half an hour trying to unpack their stuff and my raging cock was straining beyond comfort while watching them bent over and over again in several compromising position, treating me to an eyeful of cleavages and butts.

Finally, they settled down and joined me at the couch. They were sitting so close to me, one on each side, and our skin touched. I could feel their cool arms against mine, and the smell of their young perfume gave life to the otherwise still air in the room. We watched some local entertainment show for a while and the girls were giggling away. I took a couple of glances at them and was treated to several shows of their cleavages.

Finally, Nina broke the silence," Sir, it's really kind of you to offer us the job. This was such a huge surprise to us. We were still wondering when we could come back to Manila after we go back to our hometown."

"Don't mention it Nina, this is how opportunity strikes sometimes," I said, while taking another glance at her boobs.

Both of them then gave each other a knowing glance and Hazel said," Sir, we would really like to thank you for what you have done, is there anything you would like us to do in return?"

I looked at her sweet face and she returned a smile while giving her lips a lick with her tongue.

"Well, you really don't have to do anything. I am just happy to be of some help," I said, and of course I lied.

Hazel then placed her elbow on my shoulder and said, "Sir, both of us graduated from Physiotherapy, how about if we both gave you a special massage to thank you for all this?"

My heart almost skipped a beat and managed to utter some meaningless sound from my throat.

Nina, sensing my excitement, placed her hand on my cock and said, "Moreover, it does look like you have a very tense muscle down here, why don't you let us rub it down for you?"

At that moment, I gave up trying to pretend that I don't care, wrapped both my arms over each of them and then said," Well, let's see what you have learnt in school then."

With that said, Nina started to rub my cock from outside my shorts. I turned around to face Hazel and straight away, she pushed her face towards me and locked her lips with mine. I placed my right hand on the back of Hazel's head and held her tight against me. Our lips were still locked and I found her tongue wriggling itself into my mouth. I started sucking at her tongue and we were locked in a wet kiss like a couple of lovers.

While tasting Hazel's lips, I was still aware of Nina playing with my cock. I raised my left hand to the back of Nina's head and she immediately understood what I wanted. She pulled at my shorts, and I raised my hips a bit, letting her pulled it off completely. With a slight push of my hand, Nina dropped her head to my cock and started licking it from tip to base. Then I felt her engulfing my cock with her warm mouth, and immediately felt her wet tongue licking the underside of my raging cock.

I gave a moan but was muffled by Hazel's hungry lips. We were sucking at each other's lips and tongues and were making a mess. As Hazel was a petite girl, I was able to wrap my hand around her body and started to squeeze at her right breast. Not satisfied at feeling her breast from outside her thin tank top, I reached my hand underneath her tank top and tried to reach her boobs from below. As the top was skin tight, I had some trouble reaching her boobs, and as a good employee should be, Hazel broke away from my lips and pull off her tank top herself, reviewing a pair of magnificent C cup boobs with nice pink nipples. As young as they are, her boobs were holding up without a sign of sag. They were pointing at me, inviting me to suck them. I gave her boobs a good squeeze and then turned my attention to Nina, who was already bobbling her head up and down, sucking at my cock.

I placed my left hand at her chin, giving her what seems like a universal blowjob signal to stop, which she did. She pulled her mouth away from my cock and it popped out of her mouth. I then turned to Hazel, gave her lips a light kiss, and then placed my right hand at the back of her head. In what seems like another universally recognized signal, Hazel drop her head to my cock and took over from Nina.

Leaving Hazel to perform her therapy on my cock, I turned towards Nina, and pulled her towards me. I then started kissing her like I did with Hazel, and without any resistance from her, we were locked in our own tongue war. Without locking our lips, Nina and I were teasing each other with our tongues, a scene straight out of a porno movie. With my hands free, I was able to pull Nina's top off to review her pair of C cup boobs. I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her towards me, locking my lips into one of her fresh pink nipple.

Nina seems to have very sensitive nipples and she started to moan,"Mmmmmm.....huhh.......ermmmmmmm."

I twist and turn my tongue around her nipple and continued sucking until Nina started to arch her back and pushed her boobs further into my face.

Ever since both of them walked into my room 2 hrs ago, my cock has been kept at a fully aroused state. And after having 2 young mouths taking turns to give my cock an oral therapy, I could feel my balls over flowing with sperm.

Desperate to have some relief, I broke away from Nina's milk bag and focus my enjoyment on Hazel's blow job. I held Hazel's head lightly with both my hands and started to push my cock up into her mouth, literally fucking her face.

As young as they were, both Hazel and Nina seem to be experienced in this stuff. Probably it was obvious that my face was been flushed with blood, Nina took this as a signal that I was about to cum, and dropped her head to my crotch and join Hazel is giving my cock a double orifice therapy.

While Hazel's mouth was being fucked by me, Nina took my balls, one at a time, into her mouth and started rolling them inside. I had never been served by 2 girls before and the feeling was just fantastic. As difficult as it is, I held each of their head in place with each of my hand and watched them sucked and licked at my cock and balls. In demonstrating how close they were to each other, Nina and Hazel showed great coordination and exchanged places with a swift. Before I knew it, Nina was sucking at my cock and Hazel was now savoring my balls.

I held both their heads in their places, closed my eyes and said a little prayer, "God...what have I done to deserve this?"

I then felt cool air blowing at my balls and cock head. I opened my eyes and saw both the ladies licking my shaft at the same time. They were both looking up at me, probably waiting for a signal. I could sense my balls tightening up but would really like to cum in one of this 2 young mouths. I then felt one hand fondling at my balls, which probably did it for me. In a flash, I felt my body tightening up and in a frantic moment, I grabbed Hazel's head and shoved my cock up into her mouth, at the same time, sending gushes of sperm down her throat.

I was holding Hazel's head down for dear life, while jerking my hips up uncontrollably. I could feel my face heated up by my own rushing blood and when I opened my eyes, I was met with Nina's wet lips again. We had our little tongue war again while my right hand fondled Hazel's head, which stayed in its position way after I have emptied my fuck seed into her mouth. I felt Hazel's throat muscle moving and could tell that she was swallowing all that I offered to her.

After resting for a while, I unlocked myself from Nina's lips and said to the girls, "Ladies, that was fantastic, I will show you some of the company's perks and benefits."

With that said, I pulled at Hazel's shorts, and realizing what I wanted to do, Hazel lifted her hips and helped herself out of her tiny shorts. I also turned to Nina and tucked at her shorts, and with a sweet smile, she too pulled herself out of her tiny shorts. As suspected, both were not wearing any panties and immediately, 2 tiny bushes were flashing at me.

As I came in Hazel's mouth, I wanted to return a favor. I signaled for Hazel to stand up and tried to move her right leg over so that she was standing in front of me with her pussy facing me. Although a bit confused at the beginning, she soon realized what I wanted her to do and happily position herself in front of me.

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