This story was written without the knowledge or consent of the members of Da Kine Bail Bonds. No harm or offense is meant to anyone portrayed in its content.


The music coming from the DJ booth was throbbing through the room as I sat in a far corner of the bar nursing a beer. My roommate was supposed to meet me here about 20 minutes earlier. As of yet she hadn't arrived or called. So I figured I'd finish my beer, call a cab and head home.

I heard some excited screaming coming from the front of the bar, and looked up briefly to see what was going on. There were too many people crowded around the front, but I heard shouts of 'Oh my God it's Leland.'and 'Ooh Leland' So it was quite easy to figure out that Hawaii's hottest bounty hunter had come into the club. I wondered briefly if he was working or here on pleasure.

I love the show and am actually a member of a few fan sites for him, but I had no intention of being just another screaming fan. So I sat there and took a few more sips of my drink.

"Is this seat taken?" A deep voice questioned from my right. I looked up and realized that none other than Leland himself was looking for a seat!

"Nope, it's yours if you want it. I'm Deana." I replied flashing him a smile.

"Hi I'm. . . ." He paused mid-sentence as he was sitting down beside me.

"Hi, did you forget your name?" I said with a laugh.

"Sorry I'm Leland . . . " he said blushing a really cute pink color.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't be a wench. I knew who you were. You probably don't get a chance to actually introduce yourself without people telling you who you are!" I chuckled

"Yeah it doesn't happen very often. So if you don't mind me asking, why are you hiding back here in the dark?"

"Oh, same as you, I'm hiding from my adoring public" Lord, I was in a mood tonight, I thought to myself. Leland laughed a deep chuckle and flashed me his famous brilliant smile. It was even sexier in real life than on TV.

"Good then we can hide out together!" He said as he scooted his chair a little closer to mine.

"To hiding!" I said as I raised my beer and he raised his cola. We sat and talked about nothing in particular for a while.

"So do you want to dance?" He asked as we set our drinks down.

"Absolutely! Do I need my purse?"


"You know, do I need any singles?" I said as I lifted an eyebrow teasingly!

"I'm never gonna live down the whole 'Masked Stripper' thing, am I?" He answered hanging his head in mock shame after giving me a sexy wink.

"Oh no you're gonna carry that one forever! Do you realize that with that one comment, you had millions of women around the world running to change their panties!"

"Really? You included?" He said as he took my hand and held my chair for me.

"I'll never tell!" I said giving him a saucy wink! " So let's go see what you can do with that sexy ass of yours!" Good lord. I was really laying it on tonight! I don't know what was with me. I hadn't even finished one beer. But Leland didn't seem to mind so I figured I'd just roll with it!

We headed out onto the dance floor and began to move. Geez maybe he really was a stripper because the man moved his body in ways that I think are illegal in several states! The bar was warm but the temperature in our personal space seemed to soar.

It's been a while since I enjoyed getting down on the dance floor but we moved together like a well-oiled machine. In and out, back and forth with a few twists and grinds thrown in to fuel the fire. Within minutes we went from safe no contact dancing to all up on each other.

My hands roamed across the taut expanse of his hard chest as his ran down across my butt. I could feel him pressed against me, the heat of his shaft hot and hard against my softness. I leaned into him as he began to nibble my neck. God I love when a man does that. It sent shivers of ecstasy from the spot on my neck directly to my moistening slit. The song ended but we remained close, our bodies touching most intimately.

"So do you want to get out of here?" He asked breathing hard in my ear.

"Yeah. Let's get out of here!" I said taking his hand in mine. Seeing the crowd of girls at the front of the bar, we ducked out the back exit.

"I live a few blocks from here, if you want?"

"Great, let's go."

We reached Leland's truck and quickly headed toward his apt. I sat next to him with my hand on his thigh. I could feel the heat coming off his body as we pulled into the parking lot. Coming around to open my door, he grabbed my hand and we ran to his place.

Once inside we were on each other once more before the door was completely closed. Kissing me deeply he kicked the door shut behind him. My hands went to the buttons on his black button-down shirt, greedily tearing them open. His own hands made quick work of the denim mini skirt I was wearing before grabbing the hem of my lavender tee shirt and pulling upwards.

Breaking the kiss, he looked at me as he pulled my shirt off. "You know I don't usually bring girls home from the bar!"

"Well then I guess we are ok, since I don't usually go home with guys I just met!" I laughed as I reached down to unbutton his khakis. Leland's sensuous mouth was once more on mine like a condemned man devouring his last meal.

Within minutes we were both as naked as the day we were born. Scooping me up in his beautifully muscled arms, he headed down the hall toward his bedroom. Setting me down gently in the middle of his big brass bed, he reached into his bedside table to grab a condom.

"You don't mind do you?" He asked holding the tiny foil pouch before me.

"Hell no!" I said taking it out of his hand. With my other hand I pushed gently on his chest, indicating I wanted him to lie back. Holding the pouch in one hand, I used my teeth to gently tear it open. Setting the opened pack on his firm belly I leaned down between his solid and lightly haired thighs and took his semi-hard shaft into my mouth. I began the slow up and down movement of a first-class blow job. The low groans coming from Leland told me I was doing a good job. Once his cock was hard, I pulled the condom out of the pouch and set it on the tip of his cock.

Looking up at him with a wicked gleam in my blues eyes, I took the tip back into my mouth rolling the condom down with my lips.

"Oh god that was so hot!" Leland said as I sat up sliding forward, ready to impale myself on his hard ready shaft.


Beep, beep beep!!!

Our phones began to ring simultaneously.

"Damn" He said with a groan.

"What the . . . " I said realizing the beep of my phone. "I'm not gonna get that!"

"I'm sorry I gotta get mine, that's my work phone!" He said with a curse.

We both ran into the living room to find our phones amongst the heap of clothes.

"Bail Bonds!" Leland said as he answered his phone.

"Hello! This had better be important!" I griped into my phone, realizing it was my roommate, Nadia.

"Dee, I don't know what to do . . . they are gonna get him, and I'm gonna go to jail!" she blubbered in my ear.

"Nad, what are you talking about, slow down, take a deep breath and talk to me!" I asked her trying to get her to calm down. Leland had gone into the kitchen to take his call, so I sat down on the couch after grabbing our clothes off the floor. Nadia took a few deep breaths and began to explain, as I sorted our clothes and folded them neatly.

"Dog came here looking for Frankie! I didn't even know he was wanted! Hell I never knew he had a record!!! We weren't home when they were here earlier, but they told the manager they were looking for him. Well I came home from work to change so I could come meet you. Frankie is passed out in the bedroom, like a typical Saturday night, but the manager told me she called Dog and they are coming to get him."

"So let them pick his sorry ass up and take him to jail!"

"But Dee I'm harboring a fugitive! I don't want to go to jail!" Nadia started crying again so I held the phone away from my ear. When I did, I heard Leland say 'I'll be there in half an hour.' I heard him curse after hanging up the phone as he pulled the unused condom off and threw it away.

"All right Nadia, I'll be right there. Don't wake him up! Do you hear me?" I told her. After getting her promise I hung up and began to dress again.

"I'm really sorry Dee, but . . . " Leland said as he pulled a pair of camouflage pants and a black UnderArmour tee shirt out of the dryer and began to dress as well.

" Somehow I think our calls were about the same thing!" I said as I buttoned my skirt after tucking my tee in.

"You do?"

"Yeah my roommate is dating Frankie Cotton. She didn't know he was wanted. She's freaking out, because she thinks she is harboring a fugitive and is gonna go to jail!"

"Well as long as she doesn't prevent us from taking him, she's fine." He said as he tossed his belt around his waist adding his mace, handcuffs and radio.

"So shall we go get him and you can claim the capture all on your own?" I said as I grabbed my purse off the floor and Leland grabbed his keys.

"I can't grab a fugitive by myself. Especially Frankie, he's known for carrying a knife."

"But see I happen to know that he is passed out at the apt, right now. It'll be an easy capture!" I said with a wink.

" I still can't get him alone. For one thing I have to have the paperwork on me, and for another thing, I wasn't supposed to be out tonight, so how would I explain how I found out that he was home passed out?" He said as we got in the truck and headed to my place.

Pulling into my parking lot, Leland leaned in to kiss me goodnight. Without really thinking, I reached down with my right hand and gave his shaft a few gentle rubs, distracting him, while quickly slipping his handcuffs off his belt. I dropped them into my purse and said goodnight.

"Maybe we can try again another night?" I said as I kissed him once more, turned and hopped out of the truck. He waved as he turned the truck around and headed down the highway.

'Oh geez, I just stole his handcuffs!' I thought to myself as I stood there waiting for him to turn around and freak. But after three or four minutes I realized he was most likely not coming back, so I turned and ran up to my apt. Unlocking the door, I saw Nadia sitting on the couch, curled up with a pillow looking like hell. "It's cool Nad, I've got everything under control."

Walking into my friends' bedroom, I thanked god that Frankie was lying on his back with his arms stretched above his head.

"Frankie . . . Frankie." I whispered as I got closer. Frankie only smiled in his sleep. When I stood next to the bed I gently shook his shoulder to see if he'd wake up. When he only groaned a little I quickly snapped the cuffs around his wrists securing him there.

"Okay Nadia, now we just wait for Dog to get here!"

"Dee what did you do?" She asked looking at me with panic in her green eyes.

"I handcuffed him!"

"You did what!" She said raising her voice.

"Shhh, we don't want him to wake up before they get here." I walked to the door and noticed a pair of SUV's that I'm sure belonged to the Dog and his crew. "I'll be right back!" I told Nadia as I headed out the door and down the stairs.

I walked right up to the SUV that Dog was standing beside.

"Excuse me sir . . . " I said tapping him on the shoulder.


"I understand you are looking for Frankie Cotton."

"Yeah we are and you are?" He asked with interest. I could feel Leland's eyes burning into me, but I refused to meet his glance.

"My roommate is dating him and he's passed out in her bedroom. She's kinda freaked out thinking you are going to arrest her for him being there." I said trying to sound as sweet and innocent as possible.

"Thanks. We appreciate the help. Do you think it'll take a lot to wake him up or do you think he's out cold?"

"Well considering he didn't wake up when I put the cuffs on him . . . " As I said this, I chanced a glance at Leland as his eyes darkened with a flash of anger. I quickly turned my gaze back to Dog.

"You cuffed him! Are you a cop?" He questioned me with disbelief in his voice.

"No, I'm not, but I, uhh, went out with one once and he left them at my place." I stammered, blushing a deep red.

"That's funny, hey Leland didn't you say yours were missing? Maybe this pretty lady will let you have hers!" Dog just laughed mistaking the reason for my blush. He must have thought I was into some kinky stuff because he just chuckled deeply. Leland on the other hand knew exactly why I was blushing. And did not appear too happy about it.

"All right, Regulators, mount up!" Dog said as they followed me up to the apartment. I stood in the doorway and pointed toward Nadia's bedroom. Tim and Dog went in to get Frankie as Leland hung back.

"I can't believe you stole my cuffs!" Leland whispered menacingly in my ear. "That took balls! I just can't believe you did it!"

"I'm really sorry . . . I wasn't thinking. I knew he stays out for about an hour and I didn't want to run the risk of him waking up and getting away from you." I whispered trying to plead my case of insanity to him.

"You could have been hurt!"

"Hey baby what's with the cuffs? Feeling like having a little fun?" We heard Frankie call from the bedroom.

"No fun for you Frankie, Freeze!" Tim hollered as he and Dog rushed into the bedroom. Leland ran in to see if he could help.

"Oh shit man!" Frankie called as the men grabbed him and pulled him from the bedroom. "Nadia, how could you do this to me baby!"

"She didn't you piece of shit! Leave my best friend alone!" I said as they brought him toward the door.

"You bitch! I never liked you." He said as he spit in my face.

"Son of a bitch!" Dog said as he slammed Frankie against the railing. "That is not how you treat a lady! Sorry about that sista. Thanks for the help! We'll make sure you get your cuffs back tomorrow." He said with a wink.

"That's ok just let Leland have them, you said he needed a pair." I said not even looking at Leland.

After they left, I closed the door and went to wash my face.

"Oh Nad, I screwed up big time!" I said as I came back into our living room and flopped onto the couch with my head on her shoulder.

"What are you talking about? I'm the one who was dating a felon! By the way, I heard you say something about dating a cop? When? Are you holding out on me!!!" She said tossing her arm around my shoulder.

"Well kinda . . . they were Leland's cuffs."

"That Leland?" When I shook my head, she continued to question me. "How on earth did you end up with Leland's cuffs?"

"I met him at the bar while I was waiting for you. We went back to his place and that's where I was when you called. Dog called Leland at the same time. So when Leland dropped me off here before meeting the crew, I took them. Now he's never gonna want to talk to me again!" I said with a bit of a whine.

"Well this was certainly one of the dumber things you've ever done on a first date!" Nadia said laughing and patting my shoulder

"Hey, whose side are you on, here!" I said as I sat up pouting like I was mad at her.

"Well I'm just saying it's certainly one way to get attention! I'm sure it's a date he'll never forget!" Nadia said laughing.

I got up and headed into my bedroom to change into my PJ's. The phone began to ring just as I pulled my satin shorts up over my hips. Nadia picked it up and hollered that it was for me. I tossed the matching tank top on and jogged out into the living room.

Nadia winked as she handed me the phone. I raised an eyebrow questioningly as I said 'Hello . . . '

"Hey, Deana, it's Leland."

"Look if you're calling about the handcuffs I'm really, really sorry. It was a stupid thing to do. I'll understand if you don't want to talk to me again." I said sounding as defeated as I felt.

"Well actually I was calling about the handcuffs, but also because I didn't get a chance to get your cell number or give you mine."

"Oh . . . " I said stunned. "Then how are you calling?"

"Umm this is your house number, we got it from Frankie's family, they knew he stayed there."

"Duh, feeling kinda dumb. You really still want my number?" I asked in utter disbelief, I mean I stole the man's handcuffs and he still wanted my number? The dating gods must be smiling on me today after all.

"Yeah, I thought we had some pretty good, uhh, chemistry going earlier!" Clearing his throat, he continued. "And to be honest with you I'm usually the one pulling jokes and stunts, so the fact that you managed to get my cuffs has me intrigued." He said with a chuckle.

"Well I did kinda distract you when I grabbed them." I said with a sexy giggle.

"Yeah I guess you did. So do you want to go on a real date, say, tomorrow?"

"That sounds wonderful."

"Great then I'll pick you up around 7ish. Wear something comfortable, okay?"

"Great I'll see you tomorrow then." I hung up the phone and started dancing around the room! "Nadia he still wants to see me!!!" I said as she looked at me from the couch.

"So I guess you didn't screw up as badly as you thought!" She said before turning back to the TV show she was watching.

"Well hun I'm heading to bed, I'll see you in the morning." I said as I waved goodnight and headed to my room.

"Night you goof!"


Morning dawned bright and beautiful as it usually did in here in paradise. I had slept wonderfully with dreams of continuing what Leland and I started last night. Nothing like waking up feeling all warm and fuzzy, if not a little sticky! This thought made me chuckle as I padded barefoot into the shower. Nothing was going to too much trouble for tonight.

I guess it was a good thing that I was off today so I could spend the day pampering myself and making sure that every nook and cranny was fresh, clean and yummy. I decided to take a nice hot bubble bath rather than a shower. I grabbed some coconut bubble bath and poured a healthy amount under the running water. It's funny I love the smell and flavor of coconut, but can't stand to eat it! Hmm go figure!

When my bath was full, I slipped slowly under the tropical smelling foam. I moaned softly as the warm water caressed my skin ever so gently.

I never realized just how sensual bathing could be until that moment. Every casual touch to my own body only seemed to heighten the pleasure I was already feeling. Just shaving my legs was a near orgasmic experience. Sliding my hands up my legs felt much like the caress of a lover. Lord if I kept this up I'd never make it to our date this evening.

I quickly finished my bath and tried to think about anything that might take my mind off the mounting arousal. But unfortunately everything seemed to make its way back to sex. I almost took a cold shower just to cool off. But oh well, hopefully by 7pm I'd cool off some.

Ok so maybe the dating gods weren't smiling on me after all. I walked out of the bathroom to find Nadia watching my Best of . . . Dog the Bounty Hunter DVD. Doomed, I was so doomed.

"Hey Dee I can so understand why you were so worked up about snagging Leland's cuffs! He's so hot it's not even funny! Hey are you all right, you look kinda pale?" She asked when she turned from the TV to talk to me.

"Oh lord Nad, please turn it off! I can't take it!!!" I walked over to the DVD player and quickly hit stop.

"Hey what's the deal!" She said turning the DVD back on with the remote.

"Girl I had the hottest dream last night and just can't seem to cool off!" I said as I turned the player off again.

"Wow, so if just meeting him has you all in a frenzy, I can't imagine what you'll be like tomorrow!" She said laughing and tossing a pillow at me as she once more turned it back on.

"But Nad, you don't understand . . . "

"So enlighten me . . . "

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