My heart skipped a beat when I looked up in the rear view mirror and caught the flashing lights coming up behind me.

I had been just cruising along in my new z06 Corvette, the gravelly sounds of Bob Seger flowing out of the Bose speakers.

I slipped through the little town, obeying the speed limit nicely, but as I hit the open four lane I felt my "oats" a little, and leaned on the hammer.

One thing about these cars, they move! I was enjoying the feeling of being completely planted into the seat, the windshield display ticked up to 140 MPH and I rolled off the throttle reluctantly.

There was lots more left, the one problem with these machines is there really is no place to use them fully.

Within seconds, I spotted the lights in the distance, coming fast. I settled in at a steady 60 MPH, doing my best to pretend innocence.

It was obvious he was coming after me. The last ticket I had was for doing 45 in a 30 MPH zone, that one had cost me $20, that gives you an idea of how long it had been.

The lights rolled up close behind me, I flipped on the blinkers and pulled over. "Damn!" I thought, already thinking of the grin I would get from the insurance agent when he found out.

I turned down the Segar tune, hit the button for the window, and waited.

"Get out of the car!!" I heard the voice shout, angry. I glanced in the mirror, he was standing back from the rear of the car, hand on his revolver.

"He better not point that damned thing at me!" Popped in my mind as I complied. I am the kind of guy that Cop or no Cop, point a gun at me, he better stay out of range or I am likely to try and take it away from him, it would just piss me off!

I looked him up and down, as he said, "What the hell! I got you on radar at 155 MPH!" He was almost shouting.

"Oh, Bullshit!" I retorted, "I wasn't even up to 140 yet!"

No goddamn sense of humor at all, he ordered me to place my hands on the car.

"Nervous SOB," I thought, but did as he asked. My driver's license was in my hand, he took it like it was a weapon or something, and stepped several feet back. I checked him out from the corner of my eye, big guy, bigger than me by a shade and I ain't little. I was starting to get irritated at having my hands on the paint job, it flashed stupidly into my head that I would have to go get the Chamois cloth and rub it out as soon as I got home.

Just then, I heard the radio crackle, a bunch of gibberish to me. But whatever they said made him visibly relax. He clipped my license to his clipboard, and told me to relax. It seems someone had knocked over the little convenience store a few minutes ago, and they were described as driving a red sports car. With my good luck, I had blasted by the cop at over 140, driving a red sports car!

So I turned and put my hands down, glancing at the spots my hands had left on the finish.

"Just a Massage therapist here!" I told him. "No armed robberies on my agenda"..It hit me then that he was African.

"So, feeling frisky, huh?" he said with a smile, looking the machine over in admiration. He handed me back my license, told me to "Cool it!" and started for his car. Just as he got there, he called out and asked me, "Say, are you the guy that works over at the College?" I told him yes, I worked there as a teacher.

"Got a card?" he asked.

"Now what the fuck?" I thought, as I fished one of my cards out of my pocket. "Read the card!" I thought. It says Ladies only in bold type, I wasn't much in the mood to have some huge black guy on my table, probably he would get a big boner and expect me to take care of it, and there is no way in hell!

I got in the car, and headed on to the house, holding a steady speed limit all the way as cars poured by me on the left.

I was grateful for not getting a ticket, but then there had been no one near me, I was up to speed and back to the limit in literally seconds, so no harm had been done.

I was back in a happy mood by the time I got home, I knew Lee was coming in from her week at the hospital this evening. I planned a nice dinner, had my bootleg copy of Harry Potter in my sack. I was looking forwards to snuggling up with my wife for a change. Lee is still the most exciting creature on the planet to me, even at 50, something about her just gets me going. Even thinking about letting my hands roam over her soft breasts gets my tool to rising right off the bat!

Lee showed up just as I was finishing the mashed potatoes, the sweet fried liver gravy was bubbling nicely. "MMMM, smells good!" she said as she gave me a huge hug and a kiss. My hands dropped to her snug fanny, and I was enjoying the embrace when the damned phone rang.

I picked up as Lee turned to take care of setting up the table.

"This is officer Jackson" the voice on the line said. I hesitated, a vision of a huge naked black guy on my table flashed in my mind. "Yes, Officer, how can I help you?" I answered.

"Well, I have heard of you" he said, "And I would like to set up an appointment." "Well, I don't..." was all I got out, when he said, "It's not for me, it's for the wife!....and I was thinking you owed me one"...he added, pointedly.

It popped in my mind that not getting the ticket saved me at least $500.00, and a few years of an extra grand a year in insurance, so probably he was right. Hell, I could have run into a Judge with no sense of humor and got a couple days unpaid vacation out of the deal, so yep!...Grateful...

"Well, yes, I work here at home" I told him.

"I was thinking maybe you could come here?" he asked.

I groaned under my breath, thinking that there goes my evening with Lee, when he said, "How about Sunday, it's my day off..."

It hit me then, I have seen the scenario before. "Would you like to be there?" I asked.

"Yes, I would like that," he answered.

I booked for Sunday, thanked him and went back to my evening.

It wasn't long after dinner before Lee and I were naked and rubbing up against each other like two puppies trying to get warm. This would make a nice story all by itself, but perhaps another time. Until you have been with a mate who is always like the first time, exploring and becoming one person, it is tough to describe.

Sunday rolled around, I was out rubbing out the paint on my car, when Lee reminded me of the appointment. Good thing, too, since it had gone right over my head, I almost never do outcalls any more.

I washed up, dressed and loaded up the van. I took a long last look at the z06 Corvette, sitting there in the garage. Nice day, cool but sunny, I could be out driving around, dang!

I pulled out on the highway for the 90 mile drive down to Salem, knowing Lee would be gone back to the hospital for a week by the time I got back.

I tried to relax as the miles clicked off. I had to hold the wheel slightly to keep the thing going straight, it had pulled a little ever since I had piled it up the year before.

"Need to have this looked at" popped in my head as I rolled along at 70 mph.

I found the house with no problem, the police cruiser parked in the driveway was sort of a giveaway.

It hit me that this guy drove the cruiser all the way from Salem to highway 30 for his route? "No wonder the damn taxes are so high!" I thought.

I nervously knocked on the door, expecting him to answer. The way my luck runs, his wife would be black with a fanny on her the size of a barrel, I almost giggled to myself at the thought.

The door opened, and here stood an absolute vision!

Blonde hair, highlights, blue eyes that looked like they were 2 feet deep, the white terrycloth robe she had pulled around her did nothing to hide the swell of her bosom.

She smiled, I swear the sun came out! "You must be Ted", she said. "Come on in, Terry is in the den!...I am Beth", she added.

I lugged my table and carry case into the room. Glancing around, I realized that I was looking at an easy $200,000 home. We went into the den, well furnished, everything matching and in place.

"We can set up in here", Beth told me. I was just flipping out the table legs, when Terry walked in, he came over and shook my hand. His hand easily covered mine, firm.

He was wearing a tan T-shirt, it looked to be about one size too small, I noticed the muscles bulging. "Big guy!" I thought.

Well, I am no slouch in the size department either, but this guy had 40 pounds on me!

I told Beth to make herself comfortable, handing her one of my flannel drapes to use as a cover. Then I stepped into the washroom to freshen up, taking my time.

When I came out, Beth was lying face down on the table, the flannel drape was sideways across the swell of her behind. Terry was sitting in a chair about 10 feet away, sipping a cup of coffee.

I glanced at Beth, her bare back showed not a blemish, her pixie cut hair curled softly to the nape of her neck. I looked down at the swell of her calves, almost perfectly formed for her size, the muscle lines showed signs of either running or bike riding.

I just started in at her feet, working all the lines and up between her toes. I swear, in just a few seconds the muscle lines across her back started to flatten. Terry just sat there, watching, as my hands went up her calves, then to her thighs. Unsure, I tucked the drape between her legs and worked to a few inches of her behind. Then I repeated on the other side. As I got to her fanny, I rolled the drape aside, leaving it tucked into the cleft. I turned to get some oil, when I turned back I noticed her hand had came down and trapped the drape. This caused it to slip out of her cleft slightly.

"Was this deliberate?" I thought. She moved again as my hands worked up and over her glutes on the left side, so I rolled her left cheek outwards slightly. This gave me a glimpse of a tuft of pubic hair, same blonde color as her head.

Terry didn't react at all, so I did the same thing on the other side. Beth let out a little moan, then rolled her hips first left, then right. Her legs parted slightly, the obvious signal to continue.

Stepping to the foot of the table, I ran both hands up her legs and over her behind, letting my thumbs slide into her cleft and open her cheeks. As I repeated the motion, Terry got up and walked around behind me, it hit me he wanted to know how much I could see.

"Well, let's find out?" I thought, the worst that can happen is I get clocked. But I was feeling pretty sure of myself. As he watched, I pressed my thumbs inwards, then up along both sides of her pussy, with a gentle sideways pull, I opened her up!

I heard Terry take a quick gasp of breath, I knew this was turning him on!

I must have repeated the motion 20 to 30 times, each time getting slightly closer, until my oily thumbs were lightly tracing her pussy lips on both sides.

Tucking the drape, I worked for a good half hour on her back and sides, finally it was time to turn over.

I asked her the usual question, "Are you bashful about your breasts?" She just giggled and turned over, stupid question.

I felt a sharp intake of breath, realized it was me. This lady had the most perfect pair I have ever seen, heavy with nipples that turned up. I looked for some sign of implants, there was none. If this was a fake pair, it had to be the best job I ever saw, there was no scars or marks, not a single blemish!

I ran my fingertips in circles around the softness of her bosom, watched the nipples respond and stiffen. No implants, this was a real, all natural woman. Only God could create something like this!

I know I spent another 15 minutes working her chest and abdomen, I almost forgot Terry for awhile. When I did glance over at him, he was simply sitting and watching, the expression on his face gave him away.

Then I was working on her legs, I felt them soften and relax. I ran my hands up to just short of her opening, teasing, letting my fingers first press, then almost tickle. The drape was well above the top of her wisp of blonde pubic hair, I looked at her, the tuft just above her clit turned upwards. Her legs were open, relaxed. The outer lips were completely swollen and pinkish. Her clit had enlarged, protruding outwards and down. She had the type of womanhood that is clearly visible, no secrets hidden inside a tight cleft. Her lips were prominant, obvious, and she was now completely worked up.

I had the urge to taste her, so I leaned forwards and let my mouth rest against her. She groaned in satisfaction, I slipped my tongue as deeply inside as I could, she literally mashed herself against my face. So sweet, I traced her outer lips with the tip of my tongue, first tickling, then probing as her hips thrashed up and down. I felt the satisfaction of watching her abdomen ripple as she climaxed in several short bursts, each one in time to my flicking upwards on her button with my tongue.

Her breath was coming in little bursts, finally, I ran the palm of my hand up, up, then sideways. I let my hand cover her pussy completely, just held it there as she squirmed. Then I swung my thumb of my right hand down, probed her lightly. Her legs came right open, I began to insert. As I did so, I opened the fingers of my hand and let them trap her clit, then pressed my thumb inside.

She felt tight, but soft, I stroked upwards with my thumb, found her spot. I gently stroked the inner flesh, feeling it swollen, ready to flow around and hold whatever entered her. I let my thumb stroke upwards towards her navel, she simply exploded! I softened the stroke as I felt her insides clamp down in orgasm, then I began again. If this lady had a G-spot, I was on it, no doubt at all!

15, then 20 seconds went by, she shuddered over and over and over, each seemed stronger than the last. Then suddenly she was still.

I glanced at her, realized she had simply passed out!

Quickly, I stepped up and lifted her head, bringing my fingers up and around her ears. Her eyes opened, she moaned, "Oh, God!"..

I looked over at Terry, he had his pants open and was stroking himself. I glanced down almost in shock, that thing was at least a foot long! He caught my glance, grinned and reached in the drawer beside him. Pulling out a condom, he flipped it to me. "Go ahead!" He said.

I didn't need to be asked twice, I had been hard as a rock for some 30 solid minutes now. I quickly stripped, suddenly feeling a bit inadequate as my 8" erection came into view. Beth's eyes dropped to me, her smile showed me she wasn't disappointed.

I rolled the condom on, slid up on the table, and took her in my arms. "let me on top!" She said.

I turned to allow her to get on me, she spread her legs to straddle me, then was sliding down on me.

I realized that from Terry's vantage point, he could see right up between our legs as she slid up and down on me.

Usually I have some kind of self control, that was all out the window with this woman!

She was pounding up and down me, there was some kind of gushing background sound, it hit me it was us!

Her back arched as she orgasmed again, quieter than before, and I was right behind her. She shuddered and collapsed against my chest, held me for a few seconds.

Then she pulled off, slipped off the table, and went to Terry. She climbed in his lap, I saw the end of his huge penis slip partly inside her. "No way will that go in there!" I thought, but it did.

She went down, down, more and more of him went inside, then she was sitting fully on him.

I sat up to watch, her pussy was stretched out beyond belief as she began to pound away at him.

He didn't last long, they seemed to come together in just a couple of minutes. The sight was completely erotic, so much so that I was starting to erect again!

Then she was done, she hugged him and slid off. Sitting there for a few seconds, she looked over at me with that smile, then down at my fast growing erection.

She hopped up, came over to the table, and leaned down and sucked me into her mouth!

In short order, she had me ready to explode. Pulling off, she used her hands to take me over the top. As I came, she spread it all over her chest and upper body, making her breast shine with my juices.

At last we were done, Beth grabbed some warm wet towels and passed them around. We dressed, and I prepared to head out for home.

Terry came up and shook my hand, grinned and said, "Better than a ticket, huh?"

I laughed, took a last longing look at Beth, standing there in her robe again, open down the front this time.

She made no attempt to cover her breasts, I looked her up and down in pleasure.

"Yep, sure beats a ticket!"....and I was gone.

As I drove along to the sounds of Jewell on the CD player, I thought about the sight of Terry's monster sliding up and inside of his rather tiny little wife. Then the fantasy of my wife, Lee, trying to get that thing inside her popped in my head. I visualized Lee lying naked, nipples erect, waiting for the first feelings of something like that going in.

I felt myself start to get another hardon at the idea...."Perhaps!", I thought, as a drove along...

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