tagSci-Fi & FantasyBustyland Ch. 02

Bustyland Ch. 02


Jessica was bored out of her skull. She stared round at the men she was with and rolled her eyes. They were giggling like school children, squirting water guns at targets. Where the fuck was Sally? Her friend had begged her to come out tonight and then had deserted her with these men whilst she went off and fucked her boyfriend. Even now she was off with Paul.

Urgh, Paul. Jessica did not know what Sally saw in him. He was an oaf. Sure, he was good-looking within reason, though he did nothing for her, but the number of times he had come onto her when they were alone was beyond counting. She had never said anything to Sally; the girl was so protective of him. Jessica had seen her friend punch another woman square in the face simply because she'd had the nerve to be unwillingly groped by Paul on the dance floor.

The other men were no better. The engineer, Mark, was a white knight, and she could do without that. People often underestimated her because of her looks and he was doing the same, even if he was doing it politely. Jack, the blonde medicine student, tried too hard to be funny, and Drew was a disgusting little creep who freaked her out. The number of times she had seen him staring at her tits was beyond disturbing.

She had to admit, before tonight she'd had a small soft spot for Kevin. He was actually quite good-looking, in a nerdy way, and his nervousness around women was a little endearing. She liked her men shy, which was a problem when she looked like she did - shy men stayed away; it was the boorish lumps who approached her - and Kevin had been cute. Then she had caught him staring at her changing and, well, that was that. The little perv.

So she was bored. Very bored. It was with huge relief that she saw Sally emerge from behind one of the stalls, though with three women in tow.

Her friend approached, giving the whole group a warm smile, and Jessica rolled her eyes as the men slowly lowered their water guns, distracted by her buxom friend and the equally busty newcomers.

"Hey guys," Sally beamed. "These are visitors, too. Laurie, Amber and Julia." The three women giggled and said hello, before Sally turned to the woman running the stall. That was another thing about this place that pissed Jessica off; all the women were gorgeous. It's not that she was jealous - no, she was definitely not even remotely jealous at no longer being the hottest woman around, not at all - but that this entire fairground seemed to objectify women. There was clearly only one reason they had been hired. Well, two.

"Do you think Mary would mind some more guests here?" Sally was asking the women behind the stall. She got a shrug in response. "Good enough," her blonde friend answered with a grin.

The women dispersed amongst the group immediately, latching on to a man and smiling. Laurie, the tall brunette with a massive rack, had gravitated towards Jack, Amber towards Kevin, and Julia towards Mark.

She watched as Kevin grinned at the short blonde now talking to him, his eyes drawn eagerly to her magnificent pillows. A flare of anger ran through her, and she forced it back down. What the fuck, Jess? You don't like him, the little perv. Let him stare at someone else's tits. The heck was wrong with her? It's as if some part of her was jealous he was no longer staring at her chest.

They chatted for a while, the stall forgotten, until she noticed Sally looking around, concerned. She stepped towards her. "What's up, Sally? Looking for Paul?" It wouldn't have surprised her to learn that Paul was off fucking one of the women here in the fairground; hell, Mary - the woman who had first approached them - had been flirting outrageously with him at the previous stall. Jessica was amazed Sally had been able to hold herself in check.

"Yeh, I don't know where he is."

Jessica placed her arm on her friend's shoulder. "Were you with him?"

The blonde looked back at her and bit her lower lip. "I was... but then these women arrived and I... I hit him."

Jessica gasped. "You hit him? Why? What did he do?"

"He didn't do anything! Why do you have to be so accusatory?" Sally snapped, glaring at her. Jessica sighed. Clearly, he had done something - Sally didn't slap people for no reason, at least not Paul - but she wouldn't admit it now. The woman had a mental block when it came to that asshole.

"Do you want to find him?"

Sally nodded. "Yes."

"Then we'll go look."

It seemed that the rest of the group had decided to move on, too, and Jessica announced that she and Sally were going to look for Paul. She cast another annoyed glance at Kevin and Amber before catching herself. The group actually had the nerve to seem surprised that she spoke.

"Well, I'm going to the circus tent to see what's there," Drew said loudly, stepping away from the group. "Anyone coming with me?"

Jessica was delighted that he was going in a separate direction. She'd feared he would try and insinuate himself with their group, and she smirked when she thought no one in their right mind would go with him. Her eyes opened wide as Laurie stepped forwards.

"Sure, I'll come," the brunette smiled broadly. The two of them began to wander off towards the main tent.

Shaking the surprise from her head, Jessica turned back to the group. Jack and Kevin laughed as they set off towards the dodgems, both clearly doing their best to impress Amber, who was going with them. The little blonde bitch seemed delighted to have two men competing for her attention. Stop it, Jess...

Finally, Mark and Julia approached them. "We can come if you like?"

Sally nodded. "I'm sure he's just round the corner..." There was a definite note of worry in her voice. What had happened between them?

Wondering what the hell they would find, Jessica followed the rest of the group.


Drew couldn't believe his luck. The night had taken a turn for the worse when the fairground had turned out to be occupied, but here he was in the company of a gorgeous, busty brunette. Never before had he been so close to such a buxom beauty who wasn't actively ignoring him. This was heaven!

Of course, he'd had no idea they'd bump into these women when they got to the fairground. If he'd known, he'd have campaigned for their coming here much sooner. He just knew that the amusement park was supposed to be haunted, and he'd planned to play some cruel pranks on his housemates when he got here. Heck, he might even have had a surreptitious grobe of Sally or Jessica in the dark.

As it was, he barely thought about those two, too preoccupied with thoughts of lust regarding Laurie. The brunette held his arm as they walked, her mammoth tits pressed against him, and he struggled to think.

The circus tent was ahead of them, a light bright inside it. It was where Mary and the other staff had come out and so he guessed it was their base of operations. He wasn't quite sure why he was so keen to see it; he supposed it might have been to do with always wanting to see a clown. Even though it was unlikely one would be there, he might still get to pretend.

Reaching the flap, he pulled it open and stepped inside. Laurie followed behind him and he grinned at the broad space. It was huge, seeming to be even larger on the inside than the outside, and he trotted towards the large open area in the middle with a giggle. This is great!

Laurie followed up behind, and Drew turned to her with a small smile. They were alone... perhaps he should make his move. He'd never really understood women, but this one clearly loved him - why else would she be so determined to follow him? - and he knew that meant he could have his way with her. All those nights listening to Sally and Paul go at it in Paul's bedroom had given him a decent understanding of how relationships worked, and he was pretty sure he was in one with Laurie now.

He stepped towards her, wrapping one arm around her waist, and she did not pull away. Instead, she reached up to run her fingers through his hair. He leaned in to kiss her.

The sudden pain in his gut as her knee connected knocked the wind out of him, and he doubled over. Another blow against his head sent him sprawling over the floor. She stood over him, glaring down in sudden anger at his prone form, and he felt tears prickling in the corners of his eyes.

An ethereal cackle filled the air, and Drew rolled over. The world was spinning, turning upside down, rotating. The laugh seemed close, then far away, then close again. There would be one Laurie standing menacingly above him one moment; two the next. He closed his eyes. He didn't want to be here. He wished he wasn't. Why had things turned out this way? He thought she loved him!

"Wake up, sonny," said a gruff man's voice, seeming on the verge of manic laughter.

Drew pried open one eye, and shrieked. A man stood above him, next to Laurie, white makeup splashed across his face, red on his eyes and lips. He wore a bright yellow jumpsuit dotted with red spots, some large and intentional, others looking suspiciously like dried blood. His blue wig sat neatly on his head. A clown.

"I said wake up!" The man roared with laughter, kicking Drew, who groaned and sobbed. "Wakey wakey! Wakey wakey!"

Then man stood perfectly still, staring down at him. "Wake up." The noise was like a hiss.

Drew pushed himself upright, desperate to avoid another beating, and raised his hands. "I don't know what you want. I have money. Let me go and I'll get you money."

The man grinned, disturbingly widely. "Money? I don't need money!" He roared with laughter again. "No, there's nothing you have that I need." The expression dropped off his face in an instant. "What is your name, sonny?"

"D... Drew. Please... please don't hurt me," Drew sobbed. "I'll do anything to help you."

The clown cocked his head. "Anything? Hmm... little Drewy-wewy-wewy, I think I can come up with a plan for you. Those two..." the man paused, rolling his eyes and letting a shiver run through his body. "Those two busty beauties you came with. Do you know them well?"

Drew nodded furiously. Did he want to rape them? Whatever he wanted, Drew would help him get it if he only let him live!

"Gooood, little Drewy-woo-woo. This is my park. Mine. These women are mine. Mine, mine, mine." He cackled again, and did a little dance. "All mine."

"Who... who are you?"

"Who am I? I am the circus-master, the chief clown, president of silly!" Another raucous burst of disturbing laughter. "I bring these women here, and I make them mine."

"You rape them?"

The clown leaned forwards, anger on his face. "I free them, Drew-poo-poo. I release them from their lives so that they may live forever in fun!"

Drew looked up at Laurie, who was smiling serenely. "Are you... are you going to kill her?"

"Kill her?" The clown burst out laughing again, dancing towards Laurie. She gazed lovingly at him as he arrived, and he took hold of her breasts in both hands and squeezed them roughly. "Honk honk!" He turned back to Drew. "I cannot kill her Drew-oo-oo, because she's already dead."

Drew whimpered.

"Don't be scared. She had a tickle a few years ago, but now look," the clown gestured towards her gleefully. "She's in the prime of her life."

"H... How?"

"Oh, it is simple Drewy-lewy-lewy. They come to my park, and I kill them. Then they stay forever!" He laughed maniacally again. "Your two women. I want them in my... collection. I want them here with me until the end of time."

"What about my other friends?"

The clown waggled his hips. "The men? Yuck! Yuck, yuck, yuck. No need for them. They have one good use, of course - my beautiful girls can suck their life force right out of their little pricks."

"Suck their life force?"

"Hee hee! Of course! It makes us all feel more alive. It is nice, welcome, but not necessary. We try to get as many as possible that way. I think they enjoy it too, really. Who wouldn't, seeing such wonderful boobies. Letting yourself go down their delightful little throats. Every man's dream, no?"

"So you kill them with blowjobs?"

"Yes!" The clown clapped his hands together. "My girls enjoy it too. No sex. Sex is bad. Sex is just for us. But dicks in mouth; they like that. They get the energy, then they give the energy to us. But now it is too late. Now we just kill the men. A shame, but necessary. Those women must be mine."

Drew couldn't believe what he was hearing. This clown wanted to claim Jessica and Sally? Then again, if he was telling the truth, if he really had 'collected' the women here, then Jessica and Sally would fit right in. Beautiful and busty, just like all the other girls. Despite his fear, Drew had to ask. "Did you... bring all these women here?"

"Over the years, I collected them. Most were my staff. Some, like your friend here-" he waved at Laurie "-were customers." He paused, his face darkening. "It was her fault. It was all her fault!" The last sentence was said with a snap of annoyance, and Laurie briefly looked scared.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Drew said quietly.

"Oh, don't be, Drewy-gooey-gooey. She's more than made up for it over the years. She was here with her friends, you see, on the rollercoaster. I needed more, I wanted more. I couldn't resist. So tempting. Their bosoms... so heaving. I had to have them."

"You caused the rollercoaster collapse? These girls are the cheerleaders?"

The clown clapped his hands together and shimmied. "Of course! I killed them all! But that was too many. Too many. Too many. It shut my park. I didn't care. Not at the time. I was too giddy. But now. Now I am too weak to leave this tent. Now I want more and there are none to be had. Not in an empty park. No customers. No women. No busty bounteous boobies bouncing bodaciously! Not until now!"

He leant forwards, his face inches from Drew's. "I want them. I want them in my park. Forever. So you will bring them to me." He stood, and with a flourish produced a knife as long as Drew's forearm. "You will bring them to me or I will kill you, yes?"

Drew cried out, tears streaking down his face. He was frozen in place with fear. "Yes! Yes, I will bring them to you!"

"Goood, Drewy-lewy-lewy. Let's make you like newy-newy-newy."

Drew screamed as the knife was plunged into his chest.


Mark led the way behind the stalls with Sally, Jessica and Julia, his eyes scanning for Paul. He called out a few times, but got no answer. Every so often they would come across one of the gorgeous women working here as staff, yet none ever knew where Paul was.

He worried, but not overly so. It was not uncommon for Paul to disappear, especially not when chances were it was with a beautiful woman. But to do it with Sally around? That was new. He'd never been that bold before.

They came to the rear of the coconut shy, and saw no sign of him. Mark crouched, and glanced around. "I can't see him here."

"Me neither," said Sally, her voice tinged with fear. "I hope he's alright. I hope I didn't drive him off!"

Jessica laid a hand on her friend's arm, and Julia came to crouch by him. "I don't think you should be here," the beautiful brunette said.

Mark turned to her quizzically, trying to stop his eyes from being drawn to the wonderful cleavage her low-cut green cardigan exposed. "How do you mean?"

"I think we aren't supposed to be here."

A voice made him jump to his feet. "You're not."

Mark narrowed his eyes into the darkness, relief flooding through him as he saw Mary emerge. The woman looked as gorgeous as ever, her black golf shirt pulled taut over her massive chest. He struggled to look at her face.

"I'm sorry, we're just looking for a friend of mine. Have you seen him?"

Mary smiled. "Paul? No. I saw him come back here with your blonde companion. But after that, I don't know where he went. I think maybe they had a little argument, no?" She smiled sweetly at Sally.

"What have you done with him?" Sally roared, stepping towards Mary and slapping her round the face. "Did you fuck him? Steal him? I'll beat you, you fucking whore!"

"Jesus, Sally!" Mark shouted, stepping forwards and hauling his friend off the shocked form of Mary. He knew Sally could be batshit crazy when it came to Paul sometimes, but to outright attack another woman, even if she had been flirting with Paul...

"She's done something!" Sally screamed, struggling in his grip.

Mary stared daggers at the two of them, clutching the side of her face. "I suggest you take your friend away. I believe I heard him say, after this little bitch had punched him in the balls, that he was going to the main circus tent."

"Punched him... in the balls?" Mark raised an eyebrow.

Mary stepped forward. "Oh yes, he tried to fuck her face, didn't he, honey?" She reached up to stroke a finger down Sally's face. "And you didn't like that. You hit him. You drove him away."

Sally sobbed, going limp in Mark's hands. He struggled to hold her upright.

"I suggest you go to the main circus tent," Mary shrugged. "I imagine that he's there."

A squeal from Jessica caught Mark's attention. She had pulled back the flap at the rear of the stall whilst Mary had been berating them, and her face was deathly pale. "He's... he's not in the circus tent. Oh, God."

"Get away from there!" Mary shrieked, lunging towards her. Jessica stepped aside, pulling the flap with her. It fell to the ground with a rustle.

Mark gasped, his head feeling fuzzy as he saw what lay at Jessica's feet. Paul. He was lying on his back, dessicated and pale, his pants undone and his flaccid cock exposed. He was clearly dead.

Sally shrieked, diving towards the body, scooping it up in her arms and sobbing loudly. Mary, meanwhile, had picked herself up from her desperate lunge and was glaring around like a wild animal cornered. She growled at Jessica.

Mark glanced over his shoulder and cold fear ran through him. They were being slowly surrounded, the women that had emerged from the main tent with Mary approaching them from all sides. None were armed, but there was a menacing set to their stride.

"Run!" he shouted, diving towards Mary and punching her square in the face. The woman stumbled backwards, and he took the opportunity to haul Sally to her feet. The blonde was reluctant, and he spun her round, swiping a stinging slap across her cheek.

"Run!" he screamed again, and she seemed to take the message, scrambling to her feet and running away from the stalls. Jessica followed, close on her friend's heels, and Mark and Julia followed up the rear. Julia had been surprisingly quiet throughout the episode, but he did not blame her for being stunned.

They raced through a gap in between stalls, back out into the main parade ground. He was not sure why Sally had run in this direction, but he was at least grateful it was light. Everywhere else lay in pitch blackness.

The women were behind them again now, and this time he did see metal glinting in their hand. "They've got knives!" he bellowed, turning to push them into motion once more. Sally and Jessica darted on ahead, towards the dodgems in the distance, and he set off after them.

The rollercoaster loomed large to their right, and the two women ahead of him ran past it, still heading towards Kevin and Jack at the dodgems. But as Mark reached the base, another woman emerged from behind an advertisement hoarding. She swiped at Mark with the knife in her hand, and he barely moved out of the way in time. He backed off, trying to avoid her but ever-mindful of the other women approaching. They were close now.

Suddenly, Julia flew at the woman, her mouth twisted in rage. "This is where it was. You bitch! This is where it was!"

The knife was cast out of the woman's hand, and Mark scrambled to pick it up. Julia was kneeling on top of the woman now, her fists pounding against their attacker's face, and Mark hauled her to her feet. He glanced over at the dodgems. Too far to run now; they'd be exposed in the open again. Hidden as they were in the shadow of the rollercoaster, he didn't think his hunters had seen him.

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