tagErotic CouplingsBusy Life Ch. 1

Busy Life Ch. 1


This actually happened. I wasn't there at the time, but it was told to me. Names changed, of course.

* * *

Sophie's background is quite interesting, or at least I think so. And - relevant to this story - her friends were interesting too.

Sophie has had these two friends forever, Lisa and Jeanie.

They seem to have always dressed provocatively, used to wear such sexy outfits, especially at the beach, it's a wonder they didn't get raped every time they went there, or at least arrested. I've seen a couple of the old photos.

Her friend Lisa still dresses too revealingly, or to my eye anyway - not that I'm complaining, but you know what I mean, I look at her when she's at our pool and I think to myself that's not just sexy, it's sexually ostentatious.

It was Lisa who was first propositioned by this photographer. He wasn't really a photographer he was just an old perv with a camera. He wasn't the first person to point a camera at one or other of them on the beach either, but he actually approached Lisa and asked her if she would pose for him, be a model for him. A paid model.

He had chosen well. Lisa always fancied herself as a model - to this day she still 'poses' if you point a camera at her - and she was the more adventurous of the three of them too. So where Sophie or Jeanie would probably have tittered and edged away from him, Lisa asked him how much. Twenty dollars. (This was a while ago.)

So she pulled her things on over her bikini, told the other two she'd be back in a couple of hours, and jumped in his car and went off to his house, which turned out to be pretty impressive. Or Lisa was impressed with it anyway.

* * *

In that first session she just fixed her make-up, shrugged out of her shirt and shorts and started posing. She was a pretty girl and she was wearing a bikini that would have gotten her stoned to death in some parts of the world, and the session went well. Her knowledge of modeling was nil but she always had a bit of the exhibitionist in her - lots of girls do, but Lisa perhaps a bit more than most - and she knew to drop a bra strap down off her shoulder, to hook a thumb into the bottoms and drag them down a few inches. And the session went well.

Mr Dellashapiro gave her twenty dollars and drove her back to the beach. She was only gone for an hour. My bet is that he didn't try to get her to pose in the nude in that first session because he'd run out of film. This was before digital cameras. But, whatever the case, he did ask her to come back for another session and Lisa agreed. I'm sure he couldn't believe his luck.

So she did another session with him. She wore a different bikini, but it didn't matter because he got her to take it off. Not right away, first he got her to pose topless.

She had been looking forward to the session, she'd been curiously aroused the first time, and she had expected him to ask her to take her clothes off, and the anticipation of that had been exciting too. But when push came to shove she was hesitant.

He told her, go on, take it off, he'd just shoot from behind so he wouldn't see her tits, but once she actually had her top off, once the ice was broken, she relaxed, and he didn't have any trouble talking her out of the bikini altogether. And she posed for him in the nude.

Mr Della, that was what she called him, snapped away, suggesting poses and telling her how fantastic she looked. Lisa found it even more arousing to be in the nude in front of him, all the more so because she could see that he had an erection. Under his direction, over the course of just a few minutes, she went from posing demurely lying on a couch to kneeling on all fours with her legs spread, looking back at the camera over her shoulder while he photographed her from behind. She said she was practically panting.

When Mr Della stopped to put in a new roll of film he complimented her on her poise, and said she must have posed in the nude before. He had to explain to her what 'poise' meant. Vocabulary wasn't one of Lisa's strengths.

Lisa was a bit embarrassed that she seemed to have given away what she thought was a secret - that she had indeed been in the nude for someone before. She'd had several boyfriends and she'd been groped and stripped in parked cars and empty houses, and she'd been coaxed and wheedled and coerced into performing fellatio for a few of them. Well, almost all of them actually.

One in particular used to get her in the back of his parents' minivan and strip all her clothes off her, and then make her kneel on the floor in front of him, completely nude, and suck him off like that. Which she tremendously enjoyed, in fact she wished they would all make her do that.

So when Mr Della remarked that she seemed to have posed in the nude before, she went bright red, and he smiled.

"For photographs?" he asked.

"No, just ..." she didn't quite know what to say.

"Who is it for?"

"My boyfriend."

"Ah. So it is to make love?"

"Not ... exactly," Lisa said, not really wanting to avoid the conversation, she found it arousing, but she didn't know how to put it.

"So ... you please him then."


"With ... your hands?"

"Yes, a bit, sometimes ..."

"With ... your mouth?"

Lisa nodded shyly. "Yes, with my mouth."

"Delightful. What do you call that?"

Lisa shook her head, she knew but was embarrassed to say it.

"Well, what does your boyfriend say when he wants you to do it?"

"He tells me to suck him off."

"Oh, to suck him off. ... to suck him off. Do you like it?"

She smiled and nodded.

"He is very lucky! And ... you take your clothes off first?"

"Yes, he likes me to take all my clothes right off."

"I'm not surprised! And how, how do you pose for him when you ..."

" ... suck him off?"


Lisa started to speak but Mr Della said "No, show me," so she took a cushion and put it on the floor in front of the couch and knelt on it, facing the seat.

"Like this."

Mr Della took a photo of her like that and said "You've had just one boyfriend?"

"Oh no!" Lisa laughed. "I've had lots."

"Yes, I was going to say - you must be very popular, a pretty girl like you. And do you suck the others off too?"

"Um, most of them. All except one."

"How many is that?"

She thought for a minute. "Um. Ten. No - eleven. Some of them just once though. Three of them just once."

Mr Della smiled again and came round her and sat on the couch in front of her. He had one leg on either side of her and she could plainly see the outline of his stiff penis through his shorts, right in front of her face. She was almost panting again, she found it so exciting to be kneeling in the nude in front of him, and that he was so blatantly setting her up.

"And the boys - are they in the nude too?"

"Oh, no. And usually I'm not in the nude either, usually they just feel me up, you know, we're in a car or something, and then I open his pants and he sort of presses my head down."

"Show me."

She blinked at him for a moment, and then reached forward and handled his penis through his shorts. It felt big, bigger than her boyfriends. She had been a bit hesitant in the conversation but now she felt confident, she knew what her role was. She used both hands to pull down his swim shorts and pulled them right off.

His penis waved around in front of her face and she took the knob in one fist and squeezed him while she handled his balls with her other hands, gently, then expertly brought up spunk and used her fist to smear it all over his knob so it made a wet noise when she frigged him.

Then she knelt up and bowed down over his penis, kissing the knob lightly and then taking it right in her mouth. She carefully moved her head down and let him come all the way into her mouth, keeping her hand around the shaft., sliding it down with her mouth.

She felt the familiar pressure of a hand on her head, and she followed its signals as it guided her up and down. At the same time she put her other hand under his balls and used a finger to probe all the way under to his anus. He gave a long sigh and said "who taught you to do that?"

One of her boyfriends who had been with a prostitute in Peru a few times had taught her to do that. She took her mouth off Mr Della's penis for a moment and told him so, then went back down on him as his hand resumed its pressure on her head.

As she fingered his anus she felt the sphincter begin to clench on her finger and she knew what that meant and she squeezed her other hand around his knob and slid it firmly up and down on the slippery mix of spunk and saliva, bringing him to a hard, squirting orgasm on her face.

When she was getting out of his car back at the beach he gave her thirty dollars and asked her to come again the next week. Lisa agreed.

* * *

It wasn't a lot of money, even then, but it was enough to make a difference to what she could do, go to clubs, buy clothes, and Lisa liked getting it.

She very much enjoyed her sessions with Mr Della too, she had always had fantasies of being in the nude for an older man, being made to do things for him, and she found it incredibly arousing to serve him. But she had almost no emotional feelings for him - she liked him and he was unfailingly nice to her, but she never at any point had the giddy longing she had felt for one or two of her boyfriends.

At the end of the summer Mr Della started picking up Lisa from outside a shop rather than at the beach. One day as they were driving to his house he asked her if she would be interested in posing for another man too, a friend of his.

"Same arrangement," he said, and Lisa understood him to mean that she would have to pose in the nude for him, and suck him off, and that she'd be paid for it.

She agreed to it, and instead of driving to his own house, Mr Della drove to one a few blocks away. It had it's own driveway and he stopped in front of the house and turned off the engine.

"I'm not going to stay," he said. "But if you want, I'll come to the front door with you."

Lisa was a little nervous, but she stifled it and went to the front door on her own. Mr Della waited until the door was answered and she heard his engine start as a large, much older man greeted her at the door.

"Lisa? I'm Mr North. Very pleased you came, please come in."

Mr North didn't even have a camera, but nevertheless, ten minutes later Lisa was kneeling in the nude in his basement.

* * *

For a couple of months she visited Mr Della and Mr North on alternate weeks, not every single week, but most of them.

One afternoon Mr Della asked Lisa if any of her friends would be interested in 'posing'. "Same arrangement."

They would have to be pretty, like Lisa, he explained, and he went on to say that a girl he'd seen her on the beach with would be ideal. The one who wears a black bikini and is very petite. Lisa said it must be Sophie.

* * *

So far as Sophie knew, Lisa was just modeling in a bikini every now and then. Lisa hadn't told her of the full extent of what she'd been doing, not even that she had posed in the nude, let alone that she was sucking him off. Nor that there were two of them, nor that it was every week.

But Lisa knew that Sophie also regularly sucked off boys, they discussed it incessantly, in fact there was quite a lot of overlap between which boyfriends they were seeing. And also, when Lisa had first come back from posing for Mr Della, Sophie had told her how jealous she was, what fun it must be to model, especially in bikinis.

So Lisa laid out the proposition for Sophie, and the following week, Lisa served Mr North while a couple of blocks away Sophie was in her little black bikini in front of Mr Della's camera, then in the nude, and finally, she showed him what her boyfriends had taught her about sucking a cock.

She said she remembers it very well, not because it was all that unusual for her to suck someone off, in fact for both her and Lisa, sucking someone off was like shaking hands. But, she had never done it in the nude before, and it was curiously exciting. And also, although with the benefit of hindsight, Mr Della's penis wasn't all that nig, at the time it was the biggest she had ever had in her mouth, and she remembers being surprised at how wide she had to open for it.

* * *

One of the things Mr Della liked Sophie to do was to sit with him in the nude and tell him things she'd done, and that her friends had done, while he masturbated. He enjoyed Sophie's articulate descriptions of being groped and fondled and stripped and probed and pressured and cajoled and bowed down and smeared with spunk. One time Sophie mentioned in passing that one of her boyfriends, Terry, liked to tie her up.

"You mean, with ropes? That sort of tied up?"

"Yes, like that. He likes it."

"Do you like it?"

Sophie said she did, she really enjoyed it, there was something exciting about it.

Mr Della asked what they did when she was tied up, and Sophie explained that he 'interrogated' her - that she was a prisoner, and he tried to make her give up 'the secrets'.

And Mr Della got up from the couch and came back a minute later with some rope and tied Sophie to a chair, hands behind back, ankles tied to the legs. He alternated between interrogating her while he felt her, masturbating, and taking photos of her.

The next time she went there he had a tripod, and he took photos of her sucking him off while she was tied up.

After that session he gave her forty dollars, and when she told Lisa about it, Lisa started getting tied up too.

A few months later a third man was introduced to the girls, and he became a regular too.

* * *

So that is how it came to be that when I first met my wife, Sophie, she was a part-time prostitute and bondage model.

* * *

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