tagErotic CouplingsButch Black Women Ch. 05

Butch Black Women Ch. 05


Melody Adewale is the name. I'm a six-foot-one, pleasantly voluptuous, friendly and keen-minded young Black woman of Nigerian descent living in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. I'm openly bisexual, and quite Butch. I was born in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. Way down in Canada. I've always wanted to live in the United States of America. And I finally got my chance. The University of Montreal in Quebec has a student exchange program with some American schools. Each year, twenty to thirty students from select American schools get to study at University of Montreal while some Canadian students from U of M get to study in America.

I am currently attending Boston College as part of the International Collegiate Student Exchange Program or I.C.S.E.P. I like Boston College. There are lots of African-American, Asian and Hispanic students around. They make up close to thirty percent of the vast student body in fact. I like the City of Boston. It's so big and diverse. I met the Mayor, a nice old Italian dude, and he's a really cool guy. I have met many affluent Black folks in the City of Boston, including many State Legislators. The Governor of Massachusetts is a Black man and I am so proud to live in such a progressive and open-minded State.

I am starting to really like the United States of America. Birthplace of my personal heroes Michael Jordan, Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant, President Barack Obama, Spike Lee and Martin Luther King. The first big country in the deeply imperialistic Western World to elect a Black man as its President. A diverse nation full of Irish folks, Italians, Africans, Asians, Indians, Arabs and Native folks who collectively call themselves Americans. Three hundred and ten million people call this place home. Wow. A country with so many cultures and subcultures. A place where cowboys and rappers can be best friends. A nation of contradictions, inhabited by a unique people. I can understand why so many people come here from all over. America has cast its spell on me. I am falling in love with it.

While at Boston College, I met a young man who has come to mean so much to me. His name is Pierre Des Champs. He's a big and tall ( six-foot-three by 250 pounds ) young Black man of Haitian descent. A cornerback on the famous Boston College varsity football team. Pierre is actually the younger brother of my best friend Nadine Des Champs, a young Haitian woman I met at the University of Montreal a little over two years ago. Nadine was studying bio-chemistry and we bumped into each other in the Science Department. She was born in the U.S. but has fallen in love with the City of Montreal, which has a large Haitian and Afro-Caribbean population. We instantly clicked. And now I am in love with her younger brother, whom I ran into in America. Wow. Small world indeed. Isn't it?

Pierre is such a cool guy. There are lots of handsome, stalwart young Black men at Boston College, partly due to the school's push for diversity in academia. However, most of the Black male students at BC seem only interested in White women. Now, don't get me wrong. I am not a racist person. I have a couple of girlfriends who are White. I truly believe that love is love and people should date whoever they want. However, there is a small part of me that feels slightly annoyed or bothered when I see a good-looking Black man with a White woman. At the University of Montreal, I saw a lot of that. Ever y Black man in Montreal seems to have a White girlfriend. Wow. In America, it seems even worse. Sometimes, I wonder what my sisters and I are going to do. Our brothers don't seem to want us anymore.

I came to America to study, but also because I wanted to experience the unique Black culture that's alive and well in America. The rap and hip hop music. The spectacular athletes. The fiery preachers. The stellar politicians. The daring businessmen. The indefatigable activists. Blacks in America have done so much for their country and the world. Even while living in the Republic of Nigeria, my father Thomas Adewale is fascinated by Black Americans. He later studied medicine at the historically Black school, Howard University in the 1970s. His time at Howard University changed him and he found Black Americans uniquely strong and resilient. Defiant to the end in the face of racism. African-Americans fear no one. And unbeknownst to them is the fact that millions of us Africans living in the Motherland of Africa and around the world admire them.

There are over a million people of African descent living in Canada. The former Governor General of Canada is a Black woman of Haitian descent. The Lieutenant Governor of the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia is a Black woman. The Mayor of Amos City in Quebec is a Black man. Yeah, we've made some progress in Canada. We're doing alright. However, African-Americans are leaving us in the dust demographically and politically. It's projected that in twenty years, people of African, Asian, Hispanic and Native American descent will outnumber Caucasians in America. And African-Americans alone will represent twenty percent of the total population of the United States of America. African-Americans refer to one another as 'brother' or 'sister'. They see themselves as one family. They are more united than Black Canadians will ever be. And I envy them.

My only beef with African-Americans is that many of them don't seem interested in a collegiate education, even when they have the option. Also, is there something in North America's water supply that's affecting all Black men with 'White chick fever'? Sometimes I wonder. Black women in America aren't helping their cause because they're often unnecessarily mean to the Black men at their most vulnerable times. A lot of Black men in America claim they find White women easier to deal with. Whatever. I am puzzled by that. Did those Black men in America forget that back in the day, White chicks joined White men in mistreating Black folks across the continents? I mean, damn! Black women suffer right alongside Black men in tough times. A little loyalty would be nice!

I had started to lose hope, until Pierre came into my life. Pierre, the uniquely sexy Haitian-American stud. He's got the body of model Tyson Beckford, the face of actor Shemar Moore and the dick of Porn Star Lexington Steele. In other words, he's an Ebony God come to life! Pierre befriended me, and showed me a new side of America. He took me to his hometown of Brockton, one of the biggest cities in the State of Massachusetts. It has a population of one hundred thousand souls. There are lots of Black folks in Brockton. Lots of Haitians, Nigerians, Cape Verdeans, Ethiopians, Somali, Congolese and Trinidadians. I was amazed. People of color actually outnumber Caucasians in the City of Brockton.

Pierre introduced me to his buddies. He even took me to his church, Brockton Community Temple, a local Seventh Day Adventist church. Brockton Community Temple is home to hundreds of parishioners of Haitian descent. The Pastor is a stern but decent Haitian guy in his forties. At Brockton Community Temple, I felt right at home. The Haitians welcomed me into their midst. We're all sons and daughters of Africa after all. Pierre was something else. A gorgeous athlete who was also a stellar academic. He was the first Black male valedictorian in the history of Brockton Community High School. Wow. A football player and a genius, all wrapped up in a gorgeous body. Did I luck out or what?

I was in love with Pierre. And I told this to his sister Nadine, whom I kept in touch with throughout my stay in America. Haitian women are very protective of the men in their lives. If you want to date a Haitian man, you'll need the approval of his mother and sister. Well, Nadine was okay with my crush on her little brother. The question is, would Pierre be into me? I've always been shy with men. I'm a tall, curvy young Black woman with a sexy body, cute face and a big booty. Most people don't think of me as shy. Well, I actually am. And I am quite nervous about telling the guy I love that I want to be more than friends.

From Monday to Friday I am in class, as befitting a student. The rest of the time, I'm either in my dorm, at the gym or walking around Boston. Friday nights I like to go out with some of the young women I've befriended on campus. My best pals are Elisabeth Brown, an African-American medical student from Atlanta, Jessica Healy, an Irish chick from Galway and Rosa Lee, a Chinese-American gal who majors in civil engineering. I like these girls. It's always good to hang out with other upbeat and hard-working young women. That Friday, I skipped 'chicks night out' and went out with Pierre instead. We had dinner in this really nice Haitian restaurant/nightclub called Tamboo in the City of Brockton. That night, I took Pierre's hand in mine, and then told him how I felt.

Pierre looked at me, stunned. For a moment, I felt really anxious. It really isn't easy for a gal to simply lay it out in front of man, exposing her feelings like that. Well, that's what I did. I'm in love with Pierre. He's good-looking, smart, gentlemanly and caring. And he's going places. He's one of the best students in the Business Administration program at Boston College. Always makes Dean's List with his stellar academic performance. He's got all the qualities I want in a man. And unlike all of those coy African-American women I see every day, I'll actually admit that I need a man in my life. A strong Black man. I held my breath and waited for Pierre's answer.

Well, he did the last thing I expected. Pierre smiled, and then he kissed me. Yeah, my Haitian stud kissed me full and deep. Hesitantly I wrapped my arms around him as he pulled me closer. When our lips parted, he told me he cared about me and wanted to be with me. He simply wasn't sure how to tell me. And I had beaten him to it by revealing my feelings first. Wow. I smiled at Pierre and he smiled at me. We held hands and looked into each other's eyes. Something passed between us. A magical, unspoken feeling. Whatever it is, it felt right. Just right. Thus, Pierre and I began dating.

Later that night, he walked me to my dorm and kissed me tenderly before wishing me goodnight. I grabbed his hand and told him to come inside. He hesitated, but didn't protest. We went upstairs and had some hot cocoa while talking about our newfound passion for one another. One thing led to another and we hooked up. Now, I don't bring random guys to my dorm for sex but I haven't had any since I left Montreal. Hey, a gal's got needs. I hooked up with my Chocolate Stud Muffin and he did not disappoint.

I sat him down on my bed and put on a show for him. I took off my red shirt and blue dress, then kicked off my pumps. Pierre looked at me, as I stood wearing my bra and panties. I turned around, showing him my big sexy ass. Hey, I am proud of my assets. Pierre seemed to like what he saw. I smiled and went to him. Off came my bra and panties. I stood naked before the man I loved, showing him the real me. Pierre rose to his feet and kissed me. His hands cupped my breasts and he suckled on them.

Pierre gently pushed me on the bed, and we got busy. He spread my thighs and began fingering my pussy while licking the areolas of my breasts. Hot damn. My man knew just what to do. He had me all wet and squealing in minutes. I was more than happy to return the favour. I sat him down on the bed, and went straight for his member. Pierre was well-endowed, folks. His dick was at least eight inches long, thick and uncircumcised. A lot of women are bothered by uncut men. My father is a doctor and he doesn't believe in circumcision. Neither do I. A natural dick is more fun to play with. I stroked Pierre's member, and began to gently suck it.

Pierre closed his eyes as I went down on him. I sucked his cock and balls, polishing them with my tongue. Pierre seemed to really like what I was doing for him. I continued until he came, then I drank his manly seed. Afterwards, Pierre pulled me on top of him. I straddled him and slowly lowered myself onto his member. Once I was firmly impaled on his dick, I began riding him. I hadn't had a dick in my pussy in months. I wanted to make up for lost time. I rested my hands on Pierre's shoulders and told him to fuck me hard. He didn't need to be told twice.

Pierre held my hips tightly and thrust his member into my cunt. I squealed in delight and begged him for more. He slammed his dick deeper inside of me, probing parts of me that had been untouched for so long. I went wild as I finally got fucked. Pierre and I tried other positions. I got on all fours and told him to pull my hair and spank me. Don't look at me like that, folks. Every woman has her needs, her kinks and fetishes. I like to get spanked. It's one of my kinks. Pierre was happy to oblige. He spanked my big butt and pulled my hair while slamming his cock into my pussy. He made it really hurt. I loved it.

I don't normally do this with most of my lovers but I was really horny and wanted to get fucked. So I told Pierre to have his way with my ass. He was really surprised to hear that but more than happy to try. He slipped one finger into my butt hole, then two. I am no stranger to anal sex. My backdoor is one of my pleasure spots. I handed Pierre the bottle of lotion I kept on my nightstand and smeared it all over my ass. Then he pressed his dick against my backdoor and gently eased it inside. I licked my lips as Pierre penetrated me. Oh, man. I can't even remember the last time I had a good ass fucking. Well, no time like the present to catch up.

Pierre held my hips tightly and worked his dick into my asshole. We had plenty of lube and he was really patient with me, which was cool. Once I felt comfortable with his dick in my ass, I told him to fuck me harder. Pierre happily thrust his dick deep into my ass. The feel of his dick in my ass was absolutely amazing. Anal sex isn't for everyone but for lots of women, it's the way we get off. Pierre and I continued to romp happily. We changed positions. I lay on my back, legs in the air and he fucked me like this. I loved looking into his eyes while he slammed his dick up my ass. I fingered my pussy while he fucked me. Something funny but unexpected happened while we were fucking. I got so into it that I lost control. I actually farted, with my lover's dick up my ass. Yes, you read right. It was awkward for a moment but both Pierre and I laughed and continued fucking. We went at it until we came. It was hot. We fell asleep in each other's arms after the best sex ever.

I am so in love with Pierre now. And this opens up a new world of possibilities for both of us. I graduate from the University of Montreal next year. I'm thinking of moving to Boston permanently. Become a permanent resident of the U.S. of A. I'm still Canadian. I think I will attend Grad School at Boston College. Anything to be close to my man. After completing his undergraduate degree at Boston College, my beloved Pierre is heading to Suffolk University's MBA program. I'm taking a job as a substitute teacher at Boston Public Schools. Here we are. Just a happy couple in love. Living in the big city. See? Black Love still exists. We can make our relationships work. We have to. It's a matter of survival.

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