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Butcher Babies and the X-Rated Show


Author's note: I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of metal or the Butcher Babies. Actually, I hadn't heard of them before a week or so ago, but the short version is this: they're a metal band led by two women who (used to) perform wearing nothing but electrical tape on their nipples. They don't do it so much now, as I understand it, but you can still find plenty of images and video of when they did, and they're pretty freaking hot.

That being said, I don't know much about metal, but I always wanted to write a story about hard rock chicks doing dirty stuff during a live performance, and Butcher Babies seemed like a good place to start from and run with. I know, the Plasmatics did it first, and Rockbitch did something similar, but Butcher Babies is more current for my tastes, so there you go.

On a final note, I wanted to ask: are people not enjoying my stories as they used to? My last couple of submissions haven't rated as high or with as many comments as I'd hoped, and I'm wondering if it's cause I didn't throw in more extreme stuff. This story does have some watersports in it, but it's not a huge section and can be skimmed over (it's towards the end), and the last couple of stories didn't call for it. I know I've got a rep for writing extreme stories, but I do also want to write what I feel like, even if it doesn't reach so far into depravity. There's only so many times I can ring the same bells in one go.

Anyway, please let me know what you think. I write better with feedback, and am more likely to keep submitting if you do.


It was just two weeks after the female-fronted metal band Butcher Babies ended their nationwide tour opening for Marilyn Manson. The tour had been a huge success—on the surface, at least. True, most of the venues had had either sold out or come very close to the mark, but partway into the tour it became obvious that most of the concert-goers were there to see the famed Manson moreso than the Butcher Babies. Though they had gained notoriety and a loyal following of fans due in part to their music and in part to their near-naked live performances when they were first starting out, their popularity had begun to wane over the past few months when they signed on to a record label and stopped performing in just fishnet stockings, studded leather panties, and electrical tape over their nipples. The change hadn't been a voluntary decision by the band, but rather "persuaded" to it by the record label. Though they had accepted to change their performance delivery, they weren't happy about it, and clearly their fans weren't either.

This was how Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd, the two lead vocalists for the band, found themselves sitting in their manager Dave Aguilera's office in a long discussion on trying to figure out how to get their audience back, and even increase it tenfold. The rest of the band was in a practice session, held elsewhere so the din of the instruments wouldn't disturb them. The guys knew that what and how the band chose to promote themselves relied solely on the ladies and so left them to it, waiting to hear from them when a plan was made.

"This fucking sucks," Carla was saying, taking a drag from her cigarette and blowing the smoke through her nose. "We finally get a record deal, go on tour with Marilyn fucking Manson, and now everybody's jumping ship because we won't show our tits onstage? I mean, what the fuck?"

"Well, okay, not everybody's leaving," Heidi amended. "But still, we definitely aren't getting as many people as we used to, or could be. The last few shows people were coming in the door just as we were finishing our set, so they definitely weren't into us."

"At least that's better than half the people who WERE there and saw us from the top," Carla countered. "Some of them were booing us so loudly I could hear them over Hank's guitar and Chris's drums. And did you see the arguments they were getting into with the people that were cheering for us? I thought a riot was going to break out a couple of times."

"I thought once we got a record label and went on tour as an opener we'd get more of a draw," Heidi said to Dave, who had been listening patiently to their grievances about their situation.

"Trust me, it's not anything you're doing that's keeping that from happening," Dave said supportively. "You girls and the guys have been great up there. Honestly, though, I think it's something you're not doing." At the girls' bemused expressions, he pulled up a webpage on his iPad and read the following: "'When girls are perceived as sexual or outspoken, they get labeled sluts, but we embrace those qualities and bring them to our music as well. Butcher Babies is true slut metal: We're doing what we want, how we want.' Those were your words, Heidi."

"I know that," Heidi said, rolling her eyes. "But I said that a long while ago, when we were just starting. And the record label told us they didn't want us doing that kind of performance anymore, remember?"

"Of course I do," Dave said, nodding. "But think about it. When you guys first came out, you were over-the-top and balls-to-the-wall with how you expressed yourselves. You made a name for yourselves as being 'slut metal,' and you stuck by it. Really, you two set the bar high for yourselves—and now you're not meeting that expectation anymore. People want to see you bare it and tear it, and even though you've got the tearing part of it down, you're not giving them everything they're paying for."

"Well, hell, it's not like we asked to change our style," Carla groused. "We were perfectly happy doing what we were doing. It was working for us...and we really were sticking up for ourselves and who we wanted to be." Heidi nodded in agreement.

"And that's the other part of it," Dave said. "You guys aren't happy with how the label is jerking you around with this, either. You aren't doing what you want or how you want it."

"So what, you think we should just quit with the label?" Heidi asked skeptically.

"Not at all." Dave shook his head. "You guys only signed on in the last year, bailing out like this so soon would definitely put a stain on your reputation to other labels if you wanted to sign with them. No, I think you guys should stick with the label...BUT, also go back to how you want to perform and promote yourselves."

"No way, they'd give us the boot as soon as they heard about it!" Carla protested.

"Not if you can prove that your way works out for them, both financially and in branding," Dave said. "Look, you guys used to turn it up to eleven with your shows, with the nipple tape and the blood and all of that. You loved it, the fans loved it, it was win-win. I'm saying, what you need to do is go back out there and crank it up past eleven. Really show the people what it means to be 'slut metal.' And I've got a few suggestions on how to do it, if you're interested."

Both girls were silent, thinking about their manager's words for a long two minutes. They looked at each other, sharing a silent communication. Carla raised her eyebrows, and Heidi seemed to consider further for a moment before giving a slight nod, the corners of her mouth turning up in a small smile.

They turned back to Dave. "What did you have in mind?" Carla asked.


A few months later, the Butcher Babies announced a live show at a venue in their hometown of Los Angeles, marked with the news that they would be performing all-new songs as their setlist. It was a medium-sized venue, bigger than what they started out with years ago, but not as big as what they had been playing at while on tour. It seemed like a good place to reveal their new (in a manner of speaking) direction, and hopefully not only regain and increase their former level of recognition from the fans, but also show the record label how profitable they could be to them while sticking to their own attitudes performance-wise. Dave's initial suggestions had spawned many more ideas from all of the band members, with the present result being a combination of everyone's. Of course they hadn't told the label what exactly they had planned; hell, they had even fudged the tiny matter of what the content of their new songs would be about. Still, artistic pride and license had pushed them forward in spite of the significant risk, and they were ready to lay it all on the line. And if all else failed, at least they would go out in epic fashion with what they had lined up.

It was a good turnout; most of the space was filled with a mixture of fans and newcomers, all ready and eager to see what the Butcher Babies had in store for them. As they would soon find out, they were not to be disappointed in the least.

The lights dimmed and the raised stage lit up, illuminating the male members of the band as they started to play. The crowd cheered as Carla and Heidi strode up to center stage from the back, dressed in black leather tops and skirts, with knee-high boots on and holding microphones.

"What's up, L.A.!" Carla shouted into the mic. "You guys ready to turn it up tonight?!" She flashed horns at the audience, who whooped and returned the sign.

"You know, we were just on tour with Marilyn a few months back," Heidi said loudly so everyone could hear her over the music and cheering. "How many of you guys came to see us play at one of the stops?" There was even more cheering in response, with people starting to stomp their feet

"That's awesome!" she continued. "But you know, we really missed L.A., we really missed you guys—" She had to pause while people from the crowd shouted out things like "I love you!" and "We missed you too!" before continuing. "And, fuck, we missed doing what we do best..." She looked at Carla, who nodded "Bringing slut metal to the masses!"

With that she and Carla took hold of their tops and ripped them off, exposing their completely bare chests—no electrical tape or cover of any kind over their skin. The two female rockers then tore away their skirts, revealing that they wore absolutely nothing underneath. Carla and Heidi stood there, showing off their new look to the audience, who were going absolutely nuts at the sight of them.

In addition to their bellybutton piercings, which they had had from the beginning, both of them had pierced both nipples, with Carla putting silver barbells through hers and Heidi sporting a pair of small golden rings. They had also pierced their twats, both of them now with studded clithoods, with Heidi having an additional third ring through her clit itself. They also had tattoos written in fancy script letting on their lower abdomens, with Carla's saying "SLUT" and Heidi's "WHORE."

Both female rockers tossed their now-useless outfits into the audience, where they were grabbed and practically shredded into pieces as people tried to claim a part of it as their own. "We are Butcher Babies!" Heidi shouted out to the crowd as the two girls threw up horns and stuck out their tongues, showing off brand-new tongue piercings. "And make no mistake: we put the SLUT in slut metal!"

With that, the band started playing their first new song, "Fuck Meat":

"Fuck meat, fuck meat, on the prowl, Pump my cunt and make me howl. Satisfying both our needs, Fuck my ass until it bleeds!"

The girls were grabbing their tits and squeezing them, screeching the words as they headbanged, their hair flying. Heidi pulled hard on one of her nipple rings, growling loudly into the mic. Carla stood with her legs spread apart and her hips thrust out, slapping her cunt again and again with the rhythm.

"Treat me like a little bitch, Use your cock to scratch my itch. Fucking me just never ends When you're through I'll fuck your friends!"

Heidi got on her knees at the edge of the stage, reaching out to high-five everyone who wanted one. Many people reached up to grope at her body, hands pawing her tits and feeling her cunt. One guy was even bold enough to stick a finger inside, and Heidi grabbed his wrist and pulled it up towards her lips, sucking his sticky finger in her mouth for a couple of moments before letting him go. Meanwhile Carla was sticking the end of her mic into her cunt, the wet sounds of it clearly audible.

"I'm fuck meat born and fuck meat bred, I'm fuck meat 'til I'm fucking dead! Don't need to pay to make you rock, I'll pay to suck your fucking cock!"

The song changed into the two girls screaming the title repeatedly at the top of their lungs, with the crowd joining in before the song ended. Immediately the band launched into their second song, "Bitches Scream While Bastards Cream":

"Come in through my window, climb into my bed, Wake me up and whip it out, and I'll be giving head. 'Your cunt tastes good, your cum is sweet, you're giving me a tasty treat. And when it's done, we'll have more fun.' And this is what my daddy said!"

Carla punctuated the words to the song by straddling one of the amps and humping against it. "Ahhh, yeah," she hissed, feeling the rough surface of the amp slide against her sensitive twat. "This feels so good. I can feel the roughness on my goddamn cunt, and the music makes it pulse!" On the other side of the stage Heidi had grabbed their bassist Jason's face and started a hot open-mouth kiss with him while he continued to play, the two of them sticking out their tongues to slide against the other obscenely.

"I don't need no rubbers, I'm not taking pills, 'Cause riding on you bareback is giving me a thrill! Cum in me, I'll squat it out. Just wanna hear you scream and shout When you nut Inside my butt. 'Cause this is how I pay my bills!"

Carla stood at the edge of the stage, bent over so that her ass was sticking out towards the audience. Many hands were slapping her asscheeks, quickly turning it red. "Yeah, smack that slutty ass!" Carla shouted. "Make it fucking crimson before the night's over!" Beside her Heidi was doing the same.

"Stick me good in every hole, I only aim to please, You can put me on my back, or on my hands and knees. Bitches scream while bastards cream, that's my motherfucking dream. So all you whores Get on the floor And spread your legs, don't be a tease!"

The girls screeched out the last line of their song again, headbanging as the song ended. As the music stopped the crowd roared and screamed their approval, stamping their feet and clapping their hands. The air in the venue was hot and electric and the concert had only just begun.

Carla and Heidi had a glow of sweat on their bodies, which showed clearly from the lights on them. Though both were breathing heavy, they were far from tired; on the contrary, they were amped up and ready to keep going. Carla reached behind an amp and pulled out two bottles of water, passing one to Heidi before the two of them drank deeply. Heidi finished about three-quarters of hers and spilled the remainder of it down her front before tossing the empty bottle into the crowd. Carla did the same, only her bottle was still filled by about a third, and there was laughter as it splashed all over.

"You guys enjoying the show?" Heidi shouted. "You like our new songs?" The crowd roared its answer in the affirmative. "You want more?" Again with a very enthusiastic response.

"One thing, though, before we keep going," Carla said. "I'm looking at all of you right now, and then looking at Heidi and myself, and I'm thinking, you guys are seriously overdressed for this shit." There was laughter from the crowd. "Seriously, it's hot as the Devil's ballsack in here, and I know it's not just from the room by itself."

"So what we wanna see, before we close out tonight, is all you fuckers getting buck naked with us," Carla continued. "Our show is only getting started, and we've got some hot and kinky shit planned, and part of that involves everybody going full birthday suit. The guys are gonna get naked later, we're probably gonna take these fucking boots off—hang on." She passed her mic to Heidi before bending down to loosen and kick off her boots, now standing barefoot onstage. Heidi passes the mics over to her to do the same as Carla continues. "Now we're fucking naked as jaybirds, and we wanna see all you guys doing it also. Doesn't have to be now, but before our final song is over, we wanna see that skin."

"Don't worry about how you're gonna look," Heidi said, taking her mic back. "We don't give a fuck if you're short, fat, hairy, or a chick with a dick—you're all fucking hot to us already just by being here, and if other people laugh or complain, tell them to go fuck themselves!" That got a loud cheer and claps from the audience, and people were already starting to pull off outer layers of clothing.

"Our next song is for all the ladies in the audience," Carla said. "Whether you're a mother, a daughter, a sister, or a girlfriend, however many names you call yourself, you all share this one label in common..." She paused, then both girls shouted the title: "DILDO RIDER!"

The band started playing fast and heavy as Heidi reached behind another amp and pulled out two very thick black dildos about 10 inches long. She passed one to Carla, and they both started whipping the plastic shafts across their chests and stomachs with loud slaps in time to the music.

"I don't want your kisses. I don't want your hugs. I don't want to see your face, you got an ugly mug. Don't show up at my doorstep. Don't call me on the phone. Don't send me pictures of your dick, I got my own at home.

Don't have a dog to piss the floor. Don't have a cat that bites. All I got's a Rabbit, and it keeps me hot at night. Don't send me cards or flowers. Don't give me sweets and stuff. I just need AA batteries to help fill up my muff."

Carla grabbed Heidi and practically threw her to the stage floor on her hands and knees, facing the audience. The dark-haired rocker stood behind her, brandishing her dildo like a weapon before bending down and placing the tip of it against Heidi's cunt. Heidi continued the song, holding the mic and her own dildo in one hand while glaring fiercely at the audience.

"I'm a fucking dildo rider, it's what I'm all about. When boys and men get wilting dicks, this dong never runs out. So hear me when I say that it's always without fail, When I get plastic shoved in me, I lose my mind and wail."

At this the music suddenly cut and Carla shoved the dildo into Heidi's cunt, the blonde's loud scream ringing from the speakers. Carla hammered it in and out for a good ten to fifteen seconds, managing to get over 2/3rds of it inside as Heidi squealed from each thrust, before the band jumped back in with the music. She flipped the blonde over onto her back and spun her so that everyone could see the large black sex toy jutting obscenely from her cunt. Heidi started sawing it in and out of her twat as Carla grabbed the other dildo from Heidi's hands and continued the song.

"I'll take it in my pussy and I'll take it in my ass. I'll do it in my bedroom or outside on the grass. And when I've made my asshole sore, my cunt lips start to sag, I'll stick it in my mouth and throat just to hear me gag."

Carla opened her mouth wide and took the dildo in her mouth, pushing more and more of it inside as it slides down her throat. She started gagging almost immediately and pumped the dildo in and out of her gullet, holding the mic close to her mouth so everyone could hear her choking and gagging herself on the plastic shaft. Spit drooled freely down her lips and chin, and her eye makeup started running down her cheeks from the tears.

The song continued, but there were no more words, just gagging and squealing noises from the girls as they continued to fuck themselves with the oversized fake dongs. The music sped up, the girls matching the pace until Heidi screamed again, this time in orgasm as she came onstage, her body shaking while she pumped the dildo furiously. Carla jerked the dildo from her mouth, long strings of drool and throat slime attached to it, and slapped herself across her cheeks with it, making them red.

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