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Butterfly Beach


Beach Bi_Fun!

My name is Sasha. I am a good looking 5ft. 6in. tall thirty year old German blond with perfect 36 C. melons sized breasts and strawberry shaped suckable nipples. I stay in shape by swimming, running at the beach and nude volleyball. All three of my orifices have been offered up to both men and women for their pleasure and mine. I consider myself bisexual yet deep down I prefer to go to bed with a woman. I do at times like the feeling of being pounded from behind with a huge cock in my pussy or asshole. I have learned the technique of "deep throat" which is worth its weight in gold especially among friends. With the offer of my suckling lips I can usually get a horny stud to do anything for me. I'm also very dominant and can hold my own with any man or woman usually getting them under my spell to please me first.

I'm married to a good looking 6ft. tall 180lb. stud named Darrin who has the perfect 9in. long 1 3/4in. cock. He works out at the gym, swims at the beach and plays nude volleyball. He is trained in the ways of Tantra sex magic and can last forever satisfying several women at once. To keep Darrin in check I personally coached my husband in the art of bisexual sex with other men. He still is a little skittish about bending over but when I threatened him with some painful discipline he does what I say. I love watching my husband bend over and take it in the ass from a stud sporting a huge erection and no place to put it but Darren's ass as he gets fucked. It took several whippings to convince him to take my cock sucking lessons but after several months of sucking off my girlfriends' husband' he can perform fellatio in his sleep.

Darrin knows that I rule the relationship and that I wear the real panties in the household. A nice thick leather strap hangs on the back of our bedroom door as well as a vase full of freshly cut cane next to the bed is a reminder that I am the boss who deals out the consequences of disobedience. Sometimes I like to surprise him even when he has been a good boy locking him in the bedroom for a nice long session. I like to humiliate him first with several enemas making sure his asshole is squeaky clean for me. I have a special dildo that is an exact replica of his hard cock. Whipping and fucking him until he cannot take it any longer brings Darrin to his knees begging for mercy.

We found a nude beach near our home famously called "Butterfly Beach". There are certain times when our open bisexual friends can meet and be totally free to do whatever we wish. We like competition so we started playing nude volleyball where the losers must please the winners in any way they wish. The studs love fucking the losing men up the asshole. The women like making the losing women lick their pussies and asses. We all know each other and every one of us have mixed it up together both men and women. It is true that the women love watching the men suck and fuck. We like to form a circle around the two men jeering them on laughing and clapping and as they go at it.

Darrin loves fucking the other women at the beach but sometimes I get jealous especially if he starts talking about who we wants to screw. I sit on his face to shut him up and then I start sucking his cock to orgasm until he feels my mouth with his fresh spunk. I forcibly kiss his mouth spitting it back down his throat until he swallows the whole gooey load. Making sure that he now has a limp dick I can have his full attention for several hours until he can finally get another erection. Usually he watches me with one of my lady friends or if a horny stud comes along I will allow him to either suck the stud off or just suck him hard and take it in the ass for me so I can watch. I always bring my leather harness and several dildos in my beach bag in case there are no real hard cocks available.

The couples that we play with practice female domination. We never let our men get away with anything that breaks the rules over our control of what they can do and cannot do. We girls decided that it anytime any of us had a problem with any one of the man we did not have to ask to discipline them. When it comes time for sex only the women make the final decision and can refuse anyone at any time. Any male or female who does not obey this rule can be banished from our group. To keep jealousy down anyone in the group can discipline any man as it pleases her. I've had several girlfriends come to the blanket grabbing Darrin leading him off into the densely stand of cane for an intense whipping bringing him back quite shaken streaked with welts and in tears.

My girlfriend Jane is not married and sometimes comes along. Jane loves fucking my husband but always feels guilty after words. She keeps a hardwood spanking stick readily available in her bag in case her guilt becomes overwhelming. The last time she fucked Darrin he screwed her pussy first and then her asshole. Jane admitted to me that it was hot but asked permission to spank Darrin. Watching Jane lead Darrin off by his limp dick with spent semen leaking from her asshole taping her thigh impatiently with her stick into the privacy of the trees, I gave Jane the OK to give him a good one. The whacks were loud and hard as the wood blistered my husband's bare ass cheeks. Jane came back with a smile leading my wimpy crying husband by his limp cock showing off his red bruised bottom. I was so turn on that I made love to Jane the rest of the afternoon.

Sometimes Jane invites her gay friend Steve who really detests sex with women preferring to fuck the sexy studs in the group. Steve is our mascot having an 11in. cock that is 2in. thick. Or studs get quite uncomfortable when it is there time to bend over for him. Sometimes it took several of us ladies forcibly holding the guy down while Steve has his way with them. Steve has a full set of balls and can last forever reaming a stud quite sore when he finally finishes.

My husband Darrin was one of the hesitant ones to go through with bending over for Steve. When it was time for Darrin I made him spend a long time sucking Steve's cock getting used to the tremendous size. Because of my insistence Darrin was able to swallow Steve all the way to his balls much to the amazement of the guys and the girls watching. I had purchased a large dildo the size of Steve's cock to train Darrin just for this very purpose. Every night I had him on all fours sucking my silicone dildo until he was actually able to slide it entirely down his throat. After his lips grew sore and tired from the fellatio lesson I moved behind him and began opening up his anus with the monster dildo. After several nights I was able to open him up sufficiently to give him a nice long sensual fucking. His dick actually got hard and shot his load all over his belly as I fucked him on his back. I continued fucking me anyway long after he came. Orgasms mean nothing to me when I'm wearing the dick because I never go limp and fuck as long as I want.

I wanted Steve to fuck Darrin on a day when all of our friends could watch. I picked a nice sunny Saturday and everyone was there. I had my two lesbian friends Phyllis and Martha who was always jealous of Darrin because they shared my pussy with them hold him down over a rock that we called the altar which faced the ocean. Every stud in our group was sacrificed this very same way to the goddess Diana. As my girlfriends held Darrin face down over the altar I got behind him with a smaller dildo strapped to my waist. Oiling my breasts with coconut oil I began massaging them all over his back and buttocks getting his body nice and slick. I even worked my oily nipples into the crack of this ass. I poured more lubricating coconut oil into his crack until a judicious amount seeped into his asshole. Without using any hands I positioned the glans of the dildo at the entrance of his anus and to the surprise of my audience I skewered my husband with one quick thrust.

The crowd cheered as I've started to fuck my husband Darrin's asshole. Already Darrin was lifting his head looking behind pleading for me to stop but I kept slapping his ass cheeks who red fucking him anyway. When I finally felt that Darrin was relaxed enough I pulled free leaving his asshole wide open for Steve. I motioned two of my girlfriends to come over and hold Darrin down. A stud of was on his knees sucking Steve hard which didn't take long. Once Darrin was secure leading Steve behind my husband I poured a judicious amount of coconut oil all over his huge cock as well as pouring it into my husband's gaping asshole. Taking hold of Steve's huge cock I slowly began to tease Darrin's asshole with a huge plum sized glans. Ordering Darrin to take a deep breath and slowly exhale I pushed Steve's cock head into his sphincter quickly painfully piercing him with Steve's battering ram. Darrin cried out but it was too late to screams were hidden by the cheers of all the people watching around as Steve slowly pushed inside burying his entire 11in.

Darrin was twisting and squirming all over which actually took more than two girls to hold him down. One woman stuck her dirty panties and his mouth shutting him up because she was sick and tired of his cursing. Darrin's face was red with embarrassment and surprise. We all agreed that my macho husband was finally getting what he deserved. We all encourage Steve to go slow and give him the fucking of his life. After watching Steve fuck other man I knew that he could last a least a half an hour or 45 minutes so I knew that my husband was in for a fucking ride. As time went on the men got quite quiet knowing that maybe there turn would be next but the women kept cat calling and squealing taking turns slapping Darrin's ass and back. Steve was the hero of the day as the women cheered him on as he fucked my husband with full 10in. thrusts. On each inward to push Darrin cried out trying to squirm away but to no avail. After a full hour Steve had never fucked anybody that long before so I decided it was time to take matters in my own hands adding a trick of my own.

I got behind Steve and with the help of some coconut oil I pushed several fingers into his butthole and began vigorously massaging his prostate. Steve seemed to like this but I knew that within a few minutes he would be gushing my husband full of sticky semen. I was right It only took two minutes and Steve was crying out thrusting his cock completely inside Darrin for the last time. I could feel him squirting with my fingers in his asshole I counted at least 20 separate squirts. What a stud it is to bad that he is gay. When Steve's cock finally went limp it slithered from my husband's well fucked sore asshole. When the girls let go of Darrin he was his limp is a noodle falling to the sand. Helping him to walk to the cold Pacific Ocean as a crowd was still cheering us on I sobered him up by pushing him into the frothy sea. Darrin looked at me knowing that what he got up there over the rock he deserved. I told him to worry that I was going to personally invite Steve over to our home for a private session.

My only caution for the readers of this story is to be safe from S. T. D's and use condoms. Find close contact friends that you can trust or a group that you can form where you know that everyone has been tested in a safe! Otherwise observing your husband sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass is the hottest thing you could ever do.

I love fucking with my friends on the beach so I'm sure they'll be an installment number two! Keep training your husband if you know what I mean!

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