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Butterfly Captured


AUTHORS NOTE: My apologies to all the wonderfully depraved male and female readers who have waited patiently for this next installment of THE ORAL BANK TELLER.. Your email comments have been greatly appreciated. I am humbled... and determined to continue my efforts on behalf of masturbators everywhere.

As always, you may rest assured that these events did, in fact, take place. I have taken the liberty of linguistic embellishment, of course, but I swear to you that this essentially happened... and that somewhere at this very moment—I think in upstate New York—the lovely young Allison is living a happy, hopefully memorable life with her new husband and 2 kids. I know I am.

Here's to you darling!

* * * * *

Kneeling on all fours on the bed before me, clad in a pink satin, crotch-less teddy, Allison was offering me the most luscious pussy I had ever seen. Surrounded by juicy-plump, deep-pink labia and topped off with a gloriously erect rosebud clitoris, her tiny vagina was the irresistible hole that all men dream of.

Her ass practically in my face, she reached between her legs and spread the glistening cuntlips. She smiled wickedly over her shoulder.

"C'mon Michael... do me like this... screw me from behind... treat me like a bitch!"

I paused to contemplate my situation.

I could hear it... the siren song... the elusive pink butterfly inviting me in for the fuck of my life--the entrance to paradise but a tongue's length away. And yet I stopped to question my good fortune. This gorgeous, tight-bodied, totally depraved 22 year-old cockslut was mine for the asking. She was capable and more than willing to do anything I wanted. She was an angel-whore in penny loafers, sent down from heaven to satisfy my deepest, darkest desires. Still... I hesitated. Should I take this final, irrevocable, life-altering step?

Before I reveal the details of what transpired that afternoon, I need to remind the reader of just who it was in that cheap motel with the lovely young Allison five years ago.

I was a 40 year old ex –hippie. A middle class, devoted father of three with a successful business, a nice house, a gorgeous, loving wife and all the money and happiness I would ever need. I possessed all the precious perks of middle age... status, stability, security, love. I had it all... The Good Life.

Yet I was about to risk my whole comfortable world for the willing mouth and the tight pussy of a 20-something, orally fixated bank teller who was cheating on her husband and leaving cum stains in his car for fun. Was I nuts? Was she nuts? If my wife found out, she'd be so humiliated and shamed she would divorce me in a minute. If my business associates discovered my affair with a married 22 year old they'd never trust me again. They'd throw me out of the Chamber of Commerce, for crissakes! In six months I'd be divorced, broke and on the street.

It was nothing less than a choice between sanity and madness, good and evil, heaven and hell!

What would you have done, dear reader?

To be perfectly honest-- and at the risk of being branded a complete fool—this literary hero didn't think twice.

Dropping to my knees at the side of the bed I dragged her ass towards my face. I could smell the pussy juice that coated her vagina and gathered in beads around her fire-red clit. Swiping a drop of moisture with my finger, I tasted her honey for the first time. "Mmmmmm. " I let her know it was good. She liked to know she pleased me.

She sucked in air and trembled as I held the backs of her thighs and kneaded the smooth, youthful flesh. I leaned in and kissed the sensitive skin behind her bent knees. She shuddered and contracted from the sudden touch of hot wet mouth on cool dry skin. I flattened my tongue and licked the backs of her thighs, making sure to leave puddles of warm saliva, which oozed sensually down her legs. She sighed deeply and bowed her head in resignation to the teasing, slow pleasure of my mouth. Her moaning was soft and her breathing shallow. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling to herself. We both knew this was only the beginning...

Hopefully you haven't taken it out of your pants yet-- or slipped a finger down into your moist panties--so let me pause here for a short philosophical discussion. I'd like to engage the female reader, especially, for a moment. Guys, go get a beer—unless, of course, you want to learn some valuable information...

There is an art to eating pussy, yes ladies?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are things a man can do to a woman with his mouth that just cannot be duplicated with cock. It is a distinctly different pleasure than being filled, isn't it? Cunnilingus is a complex joy of multiple sensations, often superior to the simple friction of fucking. Many women I know prefer it to intercourse—including my own wife.

Why is that, you might ask?

Pay attention gentlemen!

A tongue can glide along the ridges of a woman's labia and create knife-edged electricity that is sharp and exquisite and leaves a warm glow that settles deep into the tissue. A tongue can dip softly into a vagina and spoon out moisture gathered there with deftness no prick could copy. Are you with me girls??

Warm lips applied to a woman's cunt are capable of employing a variety of torments from which to draw the spasms of orgasm. First they might blow a hot, drying breath... then wetly kiss the dried skin, applying copious amounts of saliva, a soothing balm that can be felt oozing, dripping along the slit, both warm and cool at the same time. Lips glide. They gather flesh and chew. They suck. Can a prick do that?

A man can spread the labia apart and pin them back against the inner thighs to lick the sensitive, hidden skin that is exposed too infrequently. He can kiss there... wet, open- mouthed kisses that stamp warm circles of pleasure on the raw tissue. This relaxes the muscles and causes the vagina to open like a flower.

But the door to paradise should not be entered yet... no... there are more steps to master in this dance of sensual organs. Shall I continue?

The kiss! Ah, the pleasure a woman receives from a vaginal kiss-- hard kisses, sucking and insistent. Soft, gentle kisses that tease the nerve endings and cause the juices to flow freely from her center. A man may plant a sweet kiss on the clitoris... a short, welcome greeting, which whispers a promise of return for the final dance of orgasm.

Kisses are effective everywhere on a woman's body. They are comforting and reverent, suggesting affection and respect. This is essential, men, for a naked woman with her legs wide open needs to feel a measure of respect, in order to relax. Fake it if you have to.

The lips may travel upward to grace the magnificent plain of taught skin between the pubic hairs and the bellybutton of a young woman. Wet lips along this area can make a girl giddy and impatient, insisting on further exploration of her sensual terrain. I advise you: Go south young man, go south!

This is when the tongue emerges—with a mind of it's own! The focus of the man then becomes the taste of her... the salty, musky flavor of a woman aroused: a true aphrodisiac that should be patented, bottled and sold in convenience stores. Once the tongue begins its feast, it hungers for more.

Here's a tip on a great dining experience. The smooth skin between the vagina and the anus is a woman's secret licking spot. A smart man knows this. A woman who is unfamiliar with the experience is shocked at the sensitivity there and the teasing pleasure of being licked precisely between the two entrances to her carnal being. This area will become a new addition to the masturbation ritual of any woman so newly enlightened.

From there it is decision time, men. Will he go up? Will he go down? The burning questions! To the pussy, that unquestionable object of male worship, or to that... other hole..??? The real man does not hesitate... is that not true ladies? Is this not one of the acts that separate the men from the boys?? Tell your man what you want: "Eat my ass, you bastard!"

You bet!!

Once you reach the tight curvature of a beautiful woman's ass there is no turning back. The rest becomes involuntary... the licking... the kissing... the gentle biting. The swath of tongue bathing the smooth baby skin of a tight 22 year-old ass is like the brush strokes of a master doing masterpiece work. Every manipulative man forgets his plan at this point and he will lick the ass of any young girl who would dare to let him... dare to temp him with the dark side of her sensuality. Allow me to put my mouth on your ass cheeks and I am putty in your hands, my darlings.

But a man will never be satisfied with just a licking. No! His mouth will be drawn in... drawn in with nary a hint of ambivalence. The lover's mouth travels where no mouth was intended to go. His lips circle the anus like a bird of prey eyeing dinner. Dropping down on that puckered hole, they plant themselves around the opening of the true nether world of forbidden pleasure. The woman waits, breathless, curious as a virgin, for the warm silky tongue to enter.

And enter it always does--without fear!

The first introduction of that smooth instrument of ecstasy is like an upside down cocktail to her. Instead of warmth spreading liquidly from the mouth to the throat, down the esophagus toward the belly, a tongue in a woman's ass is a hot toddy that burns upward and outward, thrilling her belly, her breasts, causing a blush in her face as well as, and especially in, her cunt. It is a pleasure unique in its psychological effect. Whatever tension exists in either body is gone now. There is no more reason for pretense and posturing. This is no longer an act of love. There is no mistake that this is sex for the sake of sex... this is now a pure carnal fucking that knows no bounds and answers to no moral code. Lovers do not care!

A woman never forgets a man who will lick her asshole. It is the ultimate compliment, a gesture of acceptance and desire that brands them both as slaves to the flesh, forever bonded in their depravity. I love to eat a woman's ass. Allison learned that early in our relationship. A wonderful and engaging lesson... don't you agree, ladies? Allison sure did!

Thanks for indulging me, dear reader.

Back to the slut on the bed.

I had worked my hot mouth upward along the backs of her thighs until I reached her perfect round, tight ass. I kissed both cheeks in reverence and began to lick my way towards her anus.

"Oh God, Yes! Do it Michael, put your tongue in my ass, " she hissed and writhed like a belly dancer. All in good time, my dear, I thought, all in good time. I spread her cheeks apart and swiped her asshole repeatedly with my hot tongue, savoring the musky, sweaty taste and swallowing loudly so she could hear.

My lips smacked as I planted sucking kisses on her asshole in-between the licking.

"Fuck... you bastard! Eat me... eat my ass... fuck me with your tongue, stick it in me... please!"

Instead, I slid a finger into her pussy and massaged her clitoris with my thumb, continuing to lick and kiss her anus. She was squirming against my hand and begging me to tongue fuck her.

"Please rim me Michael... please eat my ass... Oh God it feels so good. "

This girl had just, 15 minutes earlier (SEE PREVIOUS EPISODE), gotten on her knees and rimmed me out for 10 minutes until I turned around and came in her mouth. She obediently milked some of my cum into a plastic cup that, at this very moment, sat on the nightstand not 2 feet away. I glanced over at the pearly liquid and knew I owed this young lady one helluva fucking. I determined right then and there to make her come every way I knew how.

An ass rimming would be a good start.

I placed my open mouth over her asshole and she wiggled and pushed into my face. I held her thighs to steady myself and flicked my pointed tongue directly into her. She quieted her movements and exhaled deeply, relaxing to allow me better access. My hot poker pushed past her sphincter and nestled quietly an inch inside the tight hole. She let out a small puppy dog whimper, "mmhh... mmhh... yesss... like that... yesss. like that"

I narrowed my tongue and burrowed some more. It was hot inside.

"Jesus... Oh God... Michael... that feels soooo good... oh God... don't stop!"

I had no such intentions. I began corkscrewing my head and drilling in to her ass until my fully extended tongue was so deep inside her that my lips were mashed around the opening and I could barely breathe. I squeezed her thighs and forced her to hold still...

It got real quiet. All I could hear was her heavy breathing and the sound of her nails digging into the cotton sheet, as I relaxed my rigid tongue and let it unfurl inside her. The release of tension in my jaw made the blood-engorged tissue fatten like a warm, wet sponge and it filled her asshole like a thick cock. The sensation made her gasp for air.

"Oh... Oh... Oh my God... Oh my God... what are you doing... wha... "

Without answering, I began to fuck her asshole with my tongue. In and out I plunged. She picked up my rhythm and humped my face.

"Yes, baby, fuck my ass... just like that... fuck me with your... tongue... oh god...!

In and out my tongue disappeared into that pink-brown opening. Back and forth she rocked, her eyes closed, her head thrown back in shameless indulgence.

"That feels so good, Michael... so good... don't stop... fuck my ass... yes, baby... fuck it... tongue fuck me... yes... Yes... YES!

It became easier to get deep inside her as she became more lubricated. My mouth overflowed with fluid but I tongue-fucked her until my jaw ached. Her filthy mouth pleaded and urged me on and on until, finally, I felt her cunt muscles begin to contract.

That's when I began to wiggle my tongue and play with her clitoris at the same time.

"Fuuuuck... God, Michael... fuck oh God... ooh... yes fuuuck do it... I'm going to come... oh shit... I'm going to come... fuck... oh... oh... oh... oooh... aaaah god... ah... ah I'm... I'm... coming... I'm coming... IM COMING... fuck... fuck... FUUUUUCK!ohhhhhhh...!!

A powerful orgasm spread like a flash flood through her body and her cunt muscles trapped my tongue inside her like a vise. I wiggled, sucked, plunged it in and out, sucked some more and held on as tightly as I could while her body twisted and turned like a Boa snake trying to swallow me. I could barely hold on.

It took a full minute for her to calm down.

My mouth never lost contact with her ass, but now my lips were sliding around from the juices that had been released everywhere. I anchored my tongue inside her while her body swayed around it in exhaustion. The sweat dripped off her like warm rain. I swallowed a mouthful of fluid and held still for a moment so we could both catch up to each other and focus on the point where our bodies were still joined. I slid out of her and licked lightly and gently around the still pulsating ring of her anus. She rested her head on the bed, breathing heavily, drained. This caused her ass to rise even more. Which was just perfect... because now I was hungry for some pussy.

Satisfied that her orgasm had subsided, I began to lick slowly down towards her slit.

"Oh Jesus, Michael, what are you doing... I... I don't know if I can take much more of this!"

"Don't you like my mouth?" I teased.

"I LOVE your fucking mouth... you bastard... I... I don't know if I can... "

"Then shut the fuck up!" I wasn't asking permission. I moved right in.

At the base of the pink opening I closed my mouth over the folds where the labia joined and sucked lightly, drawing some juices into my mouth and causing her to moan softly.

"Mmmmm, yes, that feels good... don't stop. "

I began a slow, careful licking of her cuntlips, making sure only to touch the outside edges of those plump succulent butterfly wings. She pushed her cunt at my face, trying to guide my tongue into her. But I resisted. There was too much pink pussy to be licked, too much thick labia to play with and bite. I wasn't ready to make her come yet. I continued teasing.

I backed off to get a better look at this lovely young pussy. The space between the wet cuntlips was a narrow shadow that disappeared into her bright pink clitoris. There was very little pubic hair. What there was seemed more like wispy baby-hair than the pubes of a grown woman. This was truly a succulent piece of meat, fit for a feast. I dipped my tongue in between the lips and wiggled it very slowly as I licked the inner skin from top to bottom.

"Mmmm, Oh god... fuck... oh yes, lick my pussy Michael... fuck, that is sooo good... mmm. "

Tastes good, too, I decided, as my tongue cleared the pussy juice from her slit. Each time I licked, though, there was more to swallow.

"Your pussy tastes delicious, Allison. Does your husband eat you?" I paused out of curiosity.

"Fuck, no... he's an asshole... ooh, yes,.. right there... Tom thinks it's dirty. He says it tastes funny... Oh, fuck... damn... god, your so good... don't stop... "

Tastes like ambrosia to me, I thought, as I kissed her clitoris with a loud smack.

"I'm not going to stop until you come again... do you want that?"

She just moaned and dug her fingernails into the sheet, exhaling thru clenched teeth,

"Yes, baby, make me come again... please... eat my pussy and make me come. "

I moved her cuntlips to one side and started licking the crease where her thighs met, sliding my wet tongue down and then up between her legs to the cute Mons Venus covered with those soft, sparse, reddish baby-hairs. The juice began to run down her legs. I licked some of it up, savoring the taste.

But... lets not rush this. Hmm... how bout some dirty dialogue?

"You have such a juicy pussy, Allison, is it always this wet?" I was playing around.

"Only when I'm with you, Michael", she uttered softly.

"When, exactly?" I asked.

"It starts to get moist as soon as I get on my knees to blow you," she informed me.

"Really?", I teased, urging her to continue her slutty confession. She loved word games.

"Then, it gets so wet I can feel it running down my legs. "

"You can actually feel it running down your legs?" I asked in amazement.

"As soon as your cock is in my mouth. It happens every time... I can't help it. "

"That's OK, honey,... that's a good thing. It is the right response for a girl like you. "

"What do you mean, Michael...?

"I mean that you were born to suck cock. Your body tells you that it needs cock more than anything in the world. Needs it like food; like water. You like nothing better than to be on your knees sucking my cock, don't you, Allison. That's true, isn't it?"

"Yes. It is. "

"You don't just enjoy sucking cock... you need to suck cock, don't you?"

"Yes, I do. "

"Why is that... do you know?"

"It... it makes me feel... like a real woman... sexy... feminine. I need that. "

"You are a beautiful, sexy woman, Allison. The sexiest woman I've ever met. You please me very much—especially when you are sucking my cock. "

"I know that. I know it... when you come in my mouth", she admitted.

"Tell me what you feel when I come in your mouth. "

"Oh God... I... I have an orgasm as soon as I taste it. And... and my pussy actually squirts!"

"Do you know what that means, when your pussy squirts and you have an orgasm from sucking cock?"

"I... I.. no... I don't know, Michael... what does it mean?"

"It means you're a beautiful, sexy woman who knows how to satisfy her man. That's really all you need to be happy, isn't it Allison?"

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