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Button-Fly Jeans


She had been teasing him on the dance floor all night, and they were both reaching fever pitch. Hurriedly, they rushed in to the men's toilets, Richard grabbing at her bum and trying to kiss her neck. He ached to get between her thighs, and she wanted it just as much, judging by the way she was pulling him on.

She jumped onto the sink counter, sat forward and opened her legs. He hadn't even realised she wasn't wearing any knickers all evening, despite the shortness of her skirt. His erection made another leap, while he struggled to get his trousers undone. Mandy was enjoying his lack of control, he could tell.

"Uh – unh" he grunted, as he pushed inside her and simultaneously pulled her towards him. His lips and hands were all over her: tits, shoulders, neck, mouth. God, she felt and tasted good. At this rate, he wasn't going to last long.

Almost as soon as he had the thought, he came. No holding on tonight for him, making it last until they both had what they wanted. He groaned and reached up to kiss her, mumbling his apology. He would make it up to her, probably go down on her in a few moments when he'd collected his wits. In the meantime, they kissed hungrily and let their hands wander. Her eyes were still heavy with lust.

"Very nice," a sardonic voice behind him said, and they both turned to look. A slim dark-haired man stood leaning against a cubicle, arms crossed, watching them with amusement. "But she didn't come, did she?" He raised an eyebrow at Richard, as if reproving him for his lack of manners. Richard heard Mandy's sharp intake of breath and knew immediately what she'd seen. Button-fly jeans. Sex in clothing form, as far as she was concerned.

And, inside them, a very obvious bulge, which the stranger was making no effort to hide. On the contrary, he caught Mandy's eye and raised his eyebrow again, as he smiled at her. His hand moved down to his flies and he undid the top button. Mandy jumped off the sink counter to walk towards him, and Richard knew his job was to watch from the sidelines. He knew enough not to interrupt her when she had that look in her eyes. The stranger was right: she hadn't yet come. She was still dangerous.

Before she even got to the man, she was tearing open a condom pack with her teeth. Dear God, was this girl ever unprepared for sex? Apparently not. Once she reached him, she ripped open the rest of his flies, pulled down his trousers and pants, then commandingly pushed him down on the floor, so she could straddle him. She certainly knew what she wanted, and at this moment in time it was the man in the button-fly jeans. He didn't seem to be objecting.

She slid down onto him with a groan, while his hands grabbed her arse to steady her. She leaned forward so he could slip his hand up her camisole and touch a nipple with his fingers. Mandy gasped, and then again as he grabbed her more roughly, pulling her slip up so he could flick her nipple with his tongue and gently bite it. His other hand went to work pulling and tweaking her other nipple, before running his thumb around it deliciously. She groaned again.

She sat back to change the angle between them, arching her back while he held on to her waist with both hands. He pushed into her forcefully time and again, and she gave as good as she got. Mandy obviously fancied it a bit rough tonight. No surprise really, given the button-fly jeans. They always brought out the slut in her, Richard knew.

From the look on her partner's face, he was concentrating hard on not coming just yet. He wasn't going to fall into the same trap as Richard, however much she taunted him. She wasn't making it easy for him, though. A lesser man would have succumbed by now.

She was clearly on the verge of exploding, when another man walked into the toilets and stopped short at the view in front of him.

Evidently, he thought all his Christmases had come at once, and it took him a matter of seconds to pull out his cock, and stand right in front of Mandy's face, completely ignoring her partner below him on the floor.

Mandy never even looked up as she stopped rocking on the dick between her thighs. She just grinned and took him in her mouth, sucking him hard and with obvious relish. He groaned and swayed forwards, rocking into her. She grabbed his buttocks, so she could control his movements, pushing away the hands he had placed on her head to try to force her to take him deeper. She was sucking him off, but on her terms, not his.

Seconds later, he groaned again and shot his load. Richard, now nursing a fairly impressive erection once more, was interested to see she did not swallow, but held it in her mouth while she just pushed the stranger out of the way. He had fulfilled his purpose and she had no more interest in him. Never once had she glanced higher than his dick. He stumbled backwards, hurriedly doing up his flies, as he left the room.

Mandy looked down and smiled at button-fly guy on the floor beneath her. He grinned back, knowing exactly what was on her mind. He pulled her face down towards his and she kissed him deeply, emptying the come from her mouth into his. The way he greedily sucked her tongue was enough to set off her orgasm, and he thrust his hips towards her so he could reach right up inside her as she squeezed him.

"Uh – unh" he groaned loudly, finally letting go inside her. "God ... you're ... so ... good." He stressed the last word with a final thrust, before collapsing back onto the floor, exhaling loudly through his mouth. He smiled up at her, exhausted. "Wow, that was some fuck, girl."

She grinned, stood up and straightened her skirt, offering him a hand to stand. He winked at her, and looked over with a smile at Richard.

"Remember," he said mock-sternly, "the lady always comes first," and walked off without a backward glance, casually doing up his fly.

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