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Buy You a Drink?

byDead Poet©

New member here, and had hoped to submit this for the Halloween Contest. Too late! I wrote this original story for inclusion in an Erotic/Horror anthology. It was turned down by the editors, but I have posted it in some few places and it has drawn favorable responses.

Cal Green knew he looked good. He had inherited his mother's dark good looks and his dad's size. Six feet two in his stocking feet, and not an ounce of fat on the 190 pound frame. Black curly hair, teeth so white they sparkled in his tan face, and eye lashes women would kill for. And the body. Not only did the work at the warehouse demand strength and stamina, but he worked out on the weights five nights a week at the fitness center. Saturday night no workout, usually home recovering from Friday.

Friday night, yeah! Cal's night to prowl. Now it was Friday and Cal sat at the bar and checked the merchandise. This club, only a few blocks from the Winston College campus was a good hunting ground. He usually could score with a broad two or three times a month. Not bad, better than any of the other guys at work, if you didn't count those who were married or had a steady piece.

Cal didn't want a steady piece, and he damn sure didn't want to be married. He wanted to develop his pecs and pick up a strange piece whenever he wanted some without having to explain it or sneak around like those poor losers at work.

The tall dark gal in the booth near the back looked like the target for tonight. Damn she looked good. Looked a lot like that sexy gal on TV who introduced those horror movies. Sort of spooky looking. Long black hair down to her ass and black, hot looking eyes. Blood red mouth, blood red nails. Tight black turtleneck top and a tight spandex skirt that stopped half way up her legs showed off her figure to anyone who cared to look.

Cal was looking. She knew his attention was on her, he could tell. He could have sworn she deliberately showed him a lot of thigh when she crossed those long legs. He turned sideways at the bar so she could have a good look at his shoulders.

That always got them. He would let them look for a while and then wander over slowly and ask if he could buy them a drink. By then they couldn't wait to say yes.

Let her wait a little, he decided. It would be there for him when he wanted it. Do her good to anticipate a little, thinking about those muscles and how he would look with his shirt off. He finished his beer, holding the glass tightly so the muscles in his arm stood out like cords. That ought to get her panties wet, if she's wearing any, Cal thought.

Cal was just about ready to order another beer and carry it over to her booth when the vision walked in the door. Blonde hair down to her shoulders, a red sweater over a white blouse and a black and red plaid pleated skirt that hit mid thigh. My God, Cal thought, she's even wearing sneakers and white sox. Is she even old enough to be in here? Then he looked at the pointed peaks the breasts made beneath the sweater and the swell of hips under the skirt and knew she was old enough.

Cal smacked his lips. Hell, he thought, old enough to bleed, old enough to butcher, so the saying goes. He couldn't take his eyes off her as she climbed onto a stool at the end of the bar, only about five feet two, she literally had to climb onto the stool, and Cal got a flash of white panties under the plaid skirt as she did. A flash was all it took, he felt himself start to stiffen inside his tight jeans.

No time to waste on this one, he thought as he swung off the stool and went to her. He got to her at the same time as Johnny the bartender. Trust Johnny to try to make a move on this one. Cal wasn't worried, he knew he was the best looking guy in the bar, and knew that if any gal in here was looking for some fun, and had a choice, there could be no question, she would pick him. Every guy in the place would give his left nut to move in on this one, but Cal was sure his dark good looks and sculptured physique would assure this college cunt would pick him.

"I'm buying the lady a drink," Cal told the leering bartender before Johnny even had a chance to open his mouth. He turned his gaze on her face and gave her the full impact of his best smile with all those white teeth.

"What're you drinkin' sweetheart?" he asked.

She actually blushed, but didn't look away. "Could I have a Tom Collins?" she asked. She was talking to him, ignoring Johnny.

"Sure honey, a sweet drink for a sweet little lady." Cal dumped bills on the bar without taking his eyes off her. "Bring the lady a Tom Collins and I'll have another beer, Johnny," Cal said.

Johnny was pissed. You could hear it in his voice as he muttered about not losing his license and could he see some ID?

The girl pulled a wallet from her purse and flipped it open. The Student ID card with her picture identified her as Adams, Mina, 22, full time student, transferring in at the beginning of the semester.

Johnny went grumbling off to fix her drink as Cal swung onto the stool next to her and again with that sure-fire smile said, "Well hello, Mina Adams. What brings you in here?"

"My Dad and I moved here just after the first of the year. I'm a student at Winston," she said. "My first time in here. Is it a fun place?" She smiled up at Cal and he was mesmerized.

"Knew I hadn't seen you here before," Cal told her. "I would for sure have remembered seeing you."

Again that smile of hers. Damn, Cal thought, I could get hard just from her smile. What a prime piece.

"I'll take that as a compliment," she said. "You're sweet. You saw my ID so you know who I am, but who are you?"

Cal almost stammered as the introduced himself. No girl in a long time had affected him this way. He felt his cheeks get hot. This chick made him feel like he was in high school again.

"Hello Cal Green," she said. Her voice made the hair on his arms stand up. This was the hottest looking girl he had met in years, like something out of a wet dream, and she was turning him on with just her voice and smile.

His chest swelled with the pride of possession when Johnny set the drinks before them and she didn't even bother to look at the bartender. Her eyes were locked on Cal's face. That ought to show the bastard who was top dog, Cal thought.

Mina sipped her Collins and a tiny pointed tongue flicked out and licked lips that were pink without lipstick.

Cal almost lost it. Images of what that pointed tongue could do to him filled his mind. He had to think of a way to get this chick in the sack.

"What's a good lookin' girl like you doing in a joint like this?" Cal asked, thinking he was being original.

"I was looking for a special man," Mina told him, with her eyes locked on his. "And I think I just found him."

Cal almost lost it again when she pressed her leg against his. He came even closer when she leaned close and put her hand on his thigh up close to his already bulging package.

There was no question in Cal's mind as to what this chick wanted. He had had them like this before, so hot they couldn't wait. Usually they were the older, more unattractive ones, not anything like this primo stuff.

"Want to get out of here, go somewhere else?" he asked.

"Would you think I was awful if I told you I'd like to go to your place?" Her voice was like a warm purr in his ear.

"Hell, no, honey," Cal told her. "I like a girl to speak up when she wants something."

In spite of his outward confidence Cal was rocked when she leaned over and kissed him full on the mouth. Her tongue was a live flame, scorching his lips as it darted in and played for a moment and then was gone.

Cal Green had never gotten off a bar stool so quickly in his life. Just as quickly they were out the door and he steered her to his Transam.

She was all over Cal as soon as the car started. Kissing his neck, a tongue in his ear, her short skirt rucked up exposing those white panties. Cal couldn't believe it when she took his hand placed it directly on her mound. Believe it hell, he damn near wrecked the car. No time for speed limits. Cal broke every one in the book on the way to his apartment. By the time they got there, Mina was soaking wet under Cal's groping fingers, and she was boldly rubbing and squeezing Cal's erection through his jeans.

Once inside, it got even hotter. She shucked out of her clothes in an instant. Cal took a look at that body and thought he had died and gone to heaven. Firm pointed breasts that stood out from her chest with no trace of sag, flat belly over a tangled triangle of wet blond hair, the whole incredible image balanced on perfectly shaped legs.

Within seconds those perfect breasts were crushed against Cal's chest and he felt her fingers free his fully erect rod from his jeans with practiced ease. Her mouth was like a furnace on his, her tongue licking, flicking, teasing, everywhere.

Somehow he got undressed and they stumbled into the bedroom and fell onto the king size bed. He felt her mouth close over his erection, and that tongue lived up to its promise. Within seconds he was close to climax.

"Stop honey, I can't take it, I'm close to cumming," somehow he got the words out.

Mina stopped long enough to say one sentence that was enough for Cal.

"Don't hold back, Cal, I want it just like this." Then she was back on it and he gave himself up to what had to be the best head job he had ever had.

It was over quickly, but it shook Cal to the core of his being. Never, never had he had anything that good. But she didn't stop. Now using mouth and hands and that incredible body she worked until he was hard again. This time she spread her self on his bed in a pose so wanton it belonged in a porno flick. It turned his desire up another notch to have this beauty under him, and he pumped away until her expert muscles brought him to highs he never knew existed. He emptied himself into her with spasms that shook his whole body. Cal rolled off, ready to call it a night, but she wouldn't hear of it. No, she didn't want him to get her off with his hand, and no thanks, o head. She was determined to get him erect again. It took longer and all her considerable skills but finally she succeeded.

Mina wasted no time. She pushed him on his back, straddled him, engulfed him and rode him in a way he had only fantasized as being possible. He tried to control it, but sooner than he thought possible he was again racked by a spine shattering orgasm.

Cal's penis grew limp even while still inside the blonde beauty. He pushed her off him, something that he never thought he would have done.

"Gotta sleep, just for a little while," he muttered.

Mina slid down beside him and watched as his breathing slowed, and the rattle of an exhausted snore was audible.

Without waking the sleeping man she padded barefoot across the floor to the window. A dark shape was outlined against the night sky. Quickly she opened the sash and the tall dark shadow entered the room silently.

A man who could have been any age from 35 to 75 stood there. He was tall, gaunt, and distinguished with gray at the temples of his otherwise raven black hair. From head to toe his body was shrouded in a black silken cape. He stood there silently staring at the naked blonde girl.

"I have prepared our feast, master," she whispered.

A shrug and the cape fell in a puddle of black on the floor, revealing the man was also nude. His body thin and pale with a huge penis hanging flaccid between his thighs.

"You have done well, my daughter," he complimented her in a deep baritone voice with unusual resonant timbre.

With a sweep of his arm he indicated the bed, "Let us dine."

The tall dark handsome man and the short beautiful blond girl arranged themselves on the bed with the sleeping Cal Green. They lay on their sides facing each other, their heads on either side of Cal's neck. The girl moved so the hair on her sex was brushing the head of the man's limp penis.

Gently, almost like a kiss, both sank fangs into the big veins in Cal's neck. Once done they did not have to be concerned about his awakening. As the man drank, his penis became engorged. She opened herself and with a minimum of effort they joined with the ease of long time lovers. Their bodies locked together as she took all of him inside her, shuddering as she did, allowing herself her first orgasm of the night. Their bodies began to move in slow cadence one with the other. A dance from the waist down. Slowly, sensuously, each meeting and anticipating the moves of the other. Hours passed with them joined, moving together, as they drank the blood of the sleeping man.


The medical examiner stripped off the rubber gloves and threw them into the waste container.

"Strangest thing I ever saw," he told his young assistant. "Not a drop of blood in the body, and not a drop of seminal fluid. It's as if something or somebody sucked all the body fluids out of this guy. What's even weirder, this is the third one since the first of the year. First a man, then a woman, now another man. We'd better keep this under our hats, not say anything to anyone. No point in starting wild speculation in the news about some sort of animal or something that sucks peoples' blood. Hell, if the TV guys got onto this they would have vampires stalking the streets."

The men laughed together as they turned out the lights and left the morgue.

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