tagErotic CouplingsBWT (Boating With Bonnie)

BWT (Boating With Bonnie)


Bonnie untied the stern line and pushed off as if she had done it before. "Damn, she looks good." I said to myself as she stowed the line and sat down. She was wearing short shorts, which were pleasantly snug, and a white T-shirt from which I could see bumps where her nipples should be.

I couldn't believe that she was here and I couldn't believe that not only was she here but she was acting all sexy and nice.

We worked for the same company but in different departments. We crossed paths periodically either when I had to talk with her boss or when we happened into the cafeteria at the same time.

I became aware of her on the day she was promoted from the line to the Quality Control department. She was attractive, short in stature but nicely shaped and managed to dress in a manner, which showed her figure without being brassy. Most of the guys lusted after her some in an obnoxious way but she didn't seem to notice. At the same time I couldn't help but feel that she did notice me and that she might be interested.

We were both unmarried although I was somewhat involved with Marilyn we had no formal agreement. Bonnie showed no sign of being entangled so after several weeks, I studied her schedule and arranged to walk out to the parking lot with her one nice early summer day.

To make a long story short, we went to dinner the next night and then I invited her to go boating after work on the following afternoon which was Thursday. We had made it part of our plan to both take off Thursday afternoon. She volunteered to supply the food and since I was a klutz in that area I accepted, and so here we were.

It was a smooth day and nice and bright without being too hot. As I had hoped we had most of the lake to ourselves and I kept the boat running along smoothly as I headed for a pair of very small islands with a sandy beach and water between them which was shallow enough to swim and enjoy. If there were no other boats there it would mean that we had the islands to ourselves. I prayed to myself that there would be no boats.

After a few minutes Bonnie came up and stood beside me her hand on my shoulder to balance herself. Boy did that feel good. I knew that I could develop a crush on this girl very easily.

"Where is this place you are taking me? Some deserted beach where there is no one to protect me should you try to have your way with me?" She looked me in the eyes and I could see her holding back a smile.

"You know me too well, I have this deserted island where I take beautiful women and ravish them to my hearts content."

"Oh, oh, I guess I am in trouble, you are a cad in the disguise of a gentleman. I guess I will heed my sister Jan's advice."

"What was the advice?" I asked.

"She always said, "When rape is inevitable relax and enjoy it.' So, sir, if you rape me I will relax and enjoy it."

I was so taken with the conversation that I almost over ran the islands. I had to make a sharp turn and as I slowed and headed in I said to her "There, there they are, I see that we are in luck, nobody here but us." I looked at Bonnie and added "I guess that you better prepare yourself." And looked at her until she got red in the face. Then I took both her hands in mine and said. "I know we were both kidding, but if you have any fear about being here alone with me we will leave right now and go some place more public."

"Daniel, I want to stay, I know you are a true gentleman and will respect the word 'NO' should I decide to utter it. Now can I change in that cabin?"

"Yes, if you want, as soon as I get the anchor set I'm going in. You will have the boat to yourself."

"Damn, she looks good." Were my words to myself, "Maybe I'll get lucky enough to get her to skinny dip."

I did a shallow dive into the water and as I came up and got turned around I was just in time to see Bonnie come out of the cabin wearing a one-piece strapless white suit. She used the ladder and jumped off into the water. As she did her suit got wet and I could see through her suit, as it was nylon and thin. Then she dove under and swam around underwater for a minute. When she came up her suit was now totally soaked through revealing small but very nicely shaped breasts and nipples, which were very, erect. I was getting pretty erect myself.

She slipped into a swimming mode and swam around the boat two times then stopped and stood a few feet away from me. "That felt good, I am nice and cool now. Do you like to swim?"

"Not too much, it is good exercise, I was on the swim team both in college and when I was in Navy O.C.S. I wasn't very good though."

As I said that I thought to myself "I think I'll splash her and see if I can get something going." I did splash her and she did splash back. And we did that for a while until I got distracted looking at those very pretty and very nicely shaped boobs through her suit even better now that it was good and wet. I could even make out the dark area around her nipples and I was starting to swell in spite of the cool water. Suddenly her attack intensified.

" THERE TAKE THAT, REMEMBER YOU STARTED IT, TAKE THAT AND THAT AND THAT." I could hardly see her through the wall of water she put up.

My mind went evil "I'm going to grab her, see if I can cop a feel." I dove under the water and grabbed her around the waist dragging her under for an instant then standing us both up, me behind her with both arms holding her around the waist. It seemed to be time to make an approach.

I did, sliding both hands up and over her breasts. My first thought was "Nice, I was right, man she feels very nice. Oh, she isn't pulling away, she must like it. Oh, her bottom is tight against my crotch. I'm getting hard. I better pull away. No, she is still pushing, she likes that too. WOW am I getting lucky?"

With that thought I got braver. I let go her breasts and put my thumbs under the elastic around the top of her suit and began to work it down. She didn't resist, and actually seemed to be helping. As soon as the suit was to her waist I slid my hands under her breasts and cupped them in my hands. I Massaged them gently. My head was next to hers and we both looked down at the same time as I saw that her nipples has recovered from the coolness of the water and were coming erect and were getting hard. I moved my hands around till I had her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and began to pinch them gently. As I did she wiggled her behind against my now very hard penis producing very nice tingles through my whole body.

She turned her head and we kissed. I couldn't help thinking to myself that we were reversing the usual order of things. Usually the kissing came first but who was I to complain. We stood for a while exploring each other's tongues lips and mouths with an occasional foray by me into her ear. We were both obviously getting more excited as we got turned around and continued, bare chest to bare chest.

I reached down with both hands to work her bathing suit the rest of the way off when she stopped me. My disappointment was canceled when she said "Fair is fair, you first". With that we fumbled trying to get my suit down. Trying to get the wet tie string untied took what seemed to be hours, then came the fun struggle of getting it past my very hard, hardon. Finally we succeeded.

As my trunks sank into the water Bonnie reached down and took my now super hard penis in her hand and looked down and said to it "There you are, I have been looking all over for you. Now quit hiding and get to work." With that she bent and planted a quick but firm kiss on the middle of my now pulsing cock. I can't imagine why it didn't cum right there; I was having trouble holding it back.

I again reached over and began to work her suit down. This time she helped. Then we both reached down and got our suits in our hands and threw them into the boat. We kissed again and my penis managed to find her vagina and she first spread her legs slightly then closed them with my cock captured between. We began to move in a humping motion and my cock didn't know that it wasn't inside so it decided that it should cum.

And cum it did and as it did Bonnie laughed delightedly into my mouth while we continued to kiss. In a minute I began to laugh too, then I took her hand and walked toward the island. As we passed by the boat I let go her hand and reached in and grabbed a blanket and the picnic cooler. As the water got down to her knees she stopped. She began to splash water on her inner thighs, "Still got some sticky stuff there." She said. And then began to walk again.

We reached the island, which was only about a half acre in size and boasted sandy beach, some trees and some underbrush, It was very private.

We found a place to locate ourselves, which was sunny, private and still offered a view of the lake. We spread the blanket and I couldn't help but notice that I was dripping a little too. I didn't want to make an issue of it so I decided to find an excuse to go back to the boat. "I better go get us some cover up just in case somebody approaches the island."

I started to head back when Bonnie said "Wait a minute, I can't let you walk around like that." And then she shocked me by coming over, kneeling in front of me and taking my suddenly almost hard dick into her mouth. She very thoroughly licked it clean then turned it loose. She stood up facing me and took my hands in hers and said to me "I can not believe I did that or any of the other things I did today. I am so comfortable with you that all my repressed inhibitions are going away."

With that she kissed me on the cheek and gave me a shove toward the boat. I went to the boat, checked it over then washed my dick just to make sure it would taste clean. Then I picked up the clothes she wore when she came on board and a pair of shorts for myself and proceeded back to what was now "Our Place"

Bonnie had found the beer that was in the cooler and opened two for us. She was sitting on the blanket and I sat down next to her. We sipped our beers and made small talk for about ten minutes till I got a wild idea. I told her to lay back and close her eyes, and she did as I asked.

When I was sure that her eyes were closed I tipped the bottle which now had about a tablespoon of warm beer and poured it on her pubic area. She let out a little yelp then laughed saying "OK wise guy, now you better lick it up or else."

"Or else what?"

"Or else you won't get licked anymore today." I took her seriously. I lay down on my belly and put my head between her thighs and inserted my tongue into her pussy. I started to use my tongue as a wise older lady had taught me four years earlier.

I licked and then worked my mouth till wet pussy surrounded it. Then I was able to apply suction and get her clit partially into my mouth where I could lick it till she orgasmed not once but twice in quick succession.

Bonnie had been holding my head with both hands and holding it tight against her, but now she pushed me gently away whispering that she wanted to catch her breath. Then after a minute she said, "Wow, not sure if that was your skill or my starvation but I don't care. I LIKED IT!!"

After another minute she got up and started toward the water. "Have to cool it off or we won't have lunch." She continued into the water and I got up and followed her..

I looked down and discovered that I was covered with sand from the waist down. As I reached the water and started to splash myself to loosed the sand she looked at me and said "you better get every grain off that pole if you expect to stick it into me." With that I dove in coming up in the chest high water and made sure there was nary a grain on a vital organ.

We stood for a while holding hands then walked the island for about 10 minutes till we were dried off. Then back to the blanket where Bonnie brought out lunch. I ate in a slight daze and couldn't tell you what we had, but it was the best lunch I have ever had. Lunch finished and put away we lay down on the blanket in each other's arms.

I think I actually dropped off for just a moment then awoke to Bonnie's kiss and to her hand on my cock. She held the head against her pussy and began to work it between it's lips till it was against her clit. It was hot and wet there and we both were gyrating our hips to create the maximum excitement.

Soon she nudged my shoulder indicating that she wanted me on my back. She kept holding my penis and working herself against her till I was settled. Then she repositioned herself enough that she was straddling me and my dick was at the opening of that hot slippery tunnel of love.

She slowly lowered herself around my awaiting member till her pussy was inside of her. Then she began to move herself slowly up and down. Each time she did that I slid further into her till finally I was deep within her. It was a sensation like no other in my experience. It was very hot, very smooth and very tight. I tried to get into a rhythm with her but she said "no".

She increased her speed and her stroke and finally her motion. It was like she was on a rocking horse and she was loving it. I put my hands up and cupped her breasts and she took both my wrists in her hands. I wanted to cum but I was enjoying it so much that I also wanted it to last forever. I tried very hard not to cum. Suddenly it overwhelmed me and I let go. As my cum rushed into her it triggered her orgasm and we were both bucking and laughing and even crying a little.

Eventually it all subsided but she remained where she was, occasionally making little jerking movements, which succeeded in making me semi hard again. She reached down with her fingers and put them against my cock where it entered her vagina. There was cum there which had leaked down and out of her pussy. She put those fingers in her mouth and sucked them for a minute. Then she rolled her eyes and smiled and said "We taste good." She quickly touched herself again and thrust them between my lips, "Taste!" and I did and it did taste sexy and I hardened some more.

She withdrew herself from me and crawled backwards down my legs till her head was above my now rigid cock.. "I just want to keep everything even." Were the words she said as she took me into her mouth again. It was more than I could take, she was all tongue and mouth and motion and it seemed like only seconds till the cum shot out of me and she swallowed it down in apparent enjoyment

We rested briefly and then picked up our stuff for the short trek back to the boat. As we broke through the trees near the boat I suddenly noticed that there was another boat anchored near by. Almost at the same instant I noticed that we had almost stepped on a couple who were lying there in the missionary position and fucking like mad. I said "Pardon us, sorry didn't know anyone else had stopped here."

"I guess not," the girl replied you guys were too busy." Then she added "Thanks, it inspired Bob to great heights, if you catch my meaning."

We swam for a few minutes then got in the boat. As we got under way we noticed that we seemed to be the only boat on the lake. Bonnie settled on one of the lounge chairs and then began to tease me by making raunchy signals and provocative poses. When we got to the middle I stopped the engine. I got no argument when I took a mattress from the cabin and set it out on the deck under the warm sun.

After shedding our suits again I buried my head between Bonnie's legs. She quickly returned the favor and we did sixty nine under the hot afternoon sun. She said I tasted great and I know she did and it certainly was a fitting finale to a very great day.

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