By Kay


I was married to Steve for fifteen years when he said that he wanted to watch me have sex with another man. At first I was appalled but we did use it as part of love play.

After a while, it dawned on me that his desire was real and so his excitement about watching me do it raised my interest. I was getting progressively more curious and one night over dinner I asked him what it was that he wanted to see me and this other person do.

As he described it to me, I found myself getting turned on by the thought of doing it with him watching. He said he wanted to watch as another man's cock pushed into me and see my face as it went further and further in. He said he wanted to see the expression on my face as another man fucked me to orgasm and he wanted to hear me squeal as I came. He also said he wanted to watch this man ejaculate into me and see my reaction as I felt the heat from him going into my cunt. In less than an hour, he had me completely convinced that he really did in fact want to see me do these things. Not only that I was so hot I had him fuck me straight away.

I asked him several times over the next few days if he really meant it and each time he looked me in the eye and answered with an emphatic yes.

My view of life changed after I told him I would consider doing it. Over the next few months, I looked at every man I saw differently. In restaurants, at work, even going round Tesco's I would look at every man and wonder what sex with him would be like. How it would feel with him on top of me, penetrating me with his cock and looking up at him instead of Steve while he fucked me. Those that really interested me caused me to imagine how sex with that person would unfold. I wondered how it would start. Where would he touch me? Where would I touch him? What would he say? What would I say? I became quite flirtacious. While I liked having these guys show interest in me once they made any kind of move and invited me to go with them, I pulled back and nothing ever happened.

When I told my husband about these thoughts he went wild with arousal and wanted me to tell him everything that happened during those encounters. Things stayed that way for nearly a year but one night I told him about a guy named John that I had met at lunch time that day in the coffee shop at Tesco in our town. John was from quite a way away and was staying in a local hotel, just a few hundred yards away. He kept trying to interest me but I said no. As I left he gave me phone number in case I changed my mind and for no reason I can think of I dropped it in my handbag.

Later at home when I told Steve about what had happened; he asked if I wanted to have sex with John. When I told him I would if he wanted me to, he told me to call John and set it up. I had forgotten until that point that the piece of paper with John's phone number on was still in my handbag and without thinking I pulled it out. Steve put the phone in my hand and told me to call John. I was really nervous and reluctant and I was shaking as I pressed the numbers on the phone.

"Hello John, it's Kay." "What are you doing later?" "Would you like to meet?" "You know what for John, there is just one thing though, my husband wants to watch." There was a pause which seemed to last forever, I half expected the phone to go dead, then he said that was OK, and asked where we should meet.

I hadn't thought that far ahead. John broke the silence and told me to bring my husband to the hotel. He would meet us in the bar in 30 minutes. I just said "Alright John, we will be there."

I quickly showered and pulled on a light dress with no underwear and we went out to the car. It was a cool night and the slightly chilly breeze made my nipples stand out hard. On the way to the hotel, which was only 3 miles away, I asked my husband what he wanted to see me do with John.

Steve just said, "I want to see you fuck him."

I replied, "Suppose we do this and I like it. Then what"?

He said, "I want you to like it. Seeing you get excited and having orgasms is what I want to see."

My mind was spinning. I tried to analyse what I was doing but my brain would not co-operate, so I gave up and instead focussed on the thought of having sex with someone other than my husband for the first time ever.

When my husband and I got to the hotel, I asked him to wait across the room as I talked to John. It was a very odd experience to be walking away from my husband towards John knowing what I was expecting to happen very shortly. My last rational thought before I sat next to John was whether or not Steve would really enjoy watching what we were about to do.

After some small talk, John soon asked, "So, your husband wants to watch you have sex with me?"

"Yes that is what he says."

"Where is he now?"

"He's sitting across the room watching us."

John asked, "Have you ever done this before?"


"Are you Ok with doing this?"

"That is why we are here." I replied.

"How do you want to do this?" he asked.

"We have a few drinks then go up to your room and then make love."

He asked what me what we would both like to drink, as he walked over to the bar I beckoned Steve over. "It this happening?" he asked. I nodded, nervous that someone would hear,

John returned with the drinks and sat down. He put his hand on my knee and while I was staring into his eyes, he slid his hand up under my dress and as he did this, I spread my legs slightly. I quickly looked around the bar to see if anyone else was watching us. When John found my naked pussy I opened my legs wider and he pushed a finger into me. It made me gasp. Steve was watching the whole time.

John turned to Steve and said "Are you happy watching this?" Steve nodded.

Now staring into John's eyes, I said, "He wants to watch everything".

John, with his finger massaging my clit added, "What I want is to fuck you right now".

With my legs wide apart, his fingers inside me, I was still staring straight into his eyes when I said, "I want that too".

"Let's do it" he said and stood up taking my hand in his and led me out of the bar and towards the stairs up to his room. Steve followed. We climbed the stairs without a word being spoken as all three of were each imagining what was soon to happen.

When the three of us got to the room, John opened a bottle of Southern Comfort and handed Steve and I a glass half full. We were talking and sipping the drink while standing beside the large window looking out into the courtyard. I sat down in a large upholstered and looked at my husband, wondering what he was thinking and what he would think about me in the morning. John ducked into the bathroom and that gave me a chance. "You are not going to dump me after this are you?" I asked, looking for reassurance.

"Certainly not", he said, I will love you more than ever, I promise". I had just kissed him and then I turned down the bed when John came out of the bathroom and took my hand again, pulling me towards him. He undid the buttons down the front of my dress and let it fall to the floor, leaving me naked apart from my shoes. I stepped out of my shoes and kicked my dress over to my husband. I then started to undress John, removing first his shirt and then his belt and trousers. He stripped of what was left and we went over to the bed. I wriggled in and kicked off the covers so my husband could see what we were doing.

John settled down beside me and started to kiss me. Wow that felt good. I could feel my pussy juicing up. I reached down and found his cock. It was partially erect and already a bit bigger than my husband's. I rubbed it gently and it grew in my hands.

John then pushed me onto my back and started to suck on my tits, while his hand reached down to my cunt. I gasped as he pushed a finger into me and massaged my labia and clitoris. Oh god I wanted him. I craned my head up and found his mouth. I kissed him passionately, then broke of and whispered in his ear, "please fuck me now!". I knew it was loud enough for Steve to hear, but at that precise moment I lost all interest in what my husband was doing, closed my eyes and opened my legs wide hoping that John would get the message.

Get the message he certainly did and I felt him above me with his cock poised at the lips of my pussy.

"Please please put it in!!" I begged. I took his very hard very large cock in my hand. This was when I realised that he was a lot bigger than my husband. I could tell that he was teasing me by hovering just on my lips, so I grabbed his hips and pulled him towards me. "God that's big" I said as I felt it slowly, ever so slowly slide into me.

His tongue was in my mouth as I kissed him back. I felt his dick slowly pushing in and pulling out. The intensity of the pleasure was fabulous. I had never felt so full in my life ever. He began slowly fucking me in time with my pelvic thrusts. Slowly I felt an orgasm begin to build inside of my pelvis. Then he stopped. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. He smiled and slowly started fucking me again. I looked into his eyes and pleaded "Fuck me until I come'.

Then I felt it, like a tingle and then a desire to twitch, suddenly I wanted to pull all of him inside me. With an orgasm rippling through my body I heard myself saying over and over "fuck me... fuck me ...fuck me......", suddenly I was wailing, "Ohh...Ohh...Ohh..." as this strange man fucked me. As I viscously fucked him back, John groaned that he was coming, I wailed, "Don't stop... Don't stop...". I heard him groan and I knew he had come inside me as I felt his warm seed fill me. I pulled him close to catch all of his lovely juice, and slowly felt a wonderful warm glow over the whole of my body and mind.

Slowly John shrank away from me and slipped out. I cupped my hand on my pussy as if to stop the precious liquid from escaping. John looked at Steve and asked, "Is that what you wanted to see?'

Steve told him it was better than he thought it would be.

John then asked my husband, "would you like to see more?'

When Steve said 'yes', I forcibly turned John's head so he was now up into my face again and while staring into his eyes, I begged "I want you again".

John skid himself down my body until his face reached my cunt. I spread my legs as wide as I could and put my hands on the back of John's head. As Joe began eating my pussy, I took another quick look at Steve and saw him intently watching us. I smiled at him and he smiled back. Then I heard him say to John "Make her 'come' John. Use your tongue to make her moan".

It didn't take long before I began moaning, "Oh yeah...right there... Oh God that feels good..." I still had my hands on Joes head trying to guide his tongue to my most sensitive parts. He was holding the bottom of my bare ass with both of his hands when I began begging in a deep guttural voice, "...Oh God yes..." Right there.. Right there... Don't stop... Ohhh...Ohhhh...Ohhh...Ohhh..."

As I began coming, I started pushing my hips into and around his face. With each push of my hips I groaned, "...Ohh... Yess... Ohh... Yess.."

Then when an orgasm completely engulfed me, I began shuddering and shaking as my hands held his head such that his mouth stayed on my pussy. My hips kept grinding into his face and his hands on my ass were pushing my pussy upwards into his face.

Finally, I raised his head, looked down into his eyes and said, "I want you to fuck me again". I grabbed his cock and I was delighted to find it was getting hard again.

John then got on top of me, pushed my knees to be on my shoulders and pushed his dick deep inside of me. Because he had cum once he fucked me for an hour in many different positions before he came again. It was wonderful. I didn't cum again but getting such a long hard pussy massage was fantastic.

Finally it was time to get dressed and go home with my husband. As I was getting ready to leave his room, John told us he would be back in town next week and asked if I would do it again?"

I said I would I think about it and Steve and I left. Of course I kissed him goodbye.

Later when we got home I treated my husband to a blow job. He came very quickly. He always does if I tell him I am going to swallow. He told me how excited he became while watching me with John. He said he really wanted to do it again next week and asked if I would.

I said "yes" and promised to call John the next day.

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