tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBy The Balls Ch. 02

By The Balls Ch. 02


Bill arrived at the office at 8 am. It was the first time at work since the ultimatum and oddly enough, Daphne was not in yet. Noting the peculiarity, he tried to determine whether this was a good thing right now. On the one hand, he needed her from a professional standpoint. She was his assistant after all and a valuable office hand. On the other, things had simply changed. She held the cards now.

Trying to brush it all aside, he buried himself in work. Every so often he'd glance at the photo of his wife. This was the tool that outsmarted him at his own game. Even worse, it housed the consequences of being revealed, judgement and undoubtedly worse things by his wife. Daphne was a witch.

At about a quarter after nine, Bill spotted Daphne finally making her way into the office. At that spontaneous instance and for whatever reason he rationalized that if tried to assert himself to her early, then he'd retain and reclaim some of the power over her. He frantically walked into the next room to confront her.

Just as he did, the secretary took off her jacket to reveal her attire for the evening: a tight red miniskirt, an equally tight satin black blouse with extra cleavage on display, black hose over her lengthy legs, and finally a matching pair of red and black pumps. She threw her hair back and sparkled a smile at the executive.

"Morning Bill! Fine day thus far, eh?"

The man was at a loss for words for the moment. His mission of assertion faded at the precise instance she revealed herself. He was once again turned on by the sexy woman.

Yet, despite this initial hesitation, he went along with his intentions. "Listen...Daphne...I know we agreed to Fridays off, but you can't just waltz in here at any time in the day to start work."

Daphne was not moved. "Or what?"

With two little words, the devious assistant trapped him. He gulped and thought of another way to achieve her compliance. "The rest of the floor will start to wonder why you're getting all this special treatment."

Once again Daphne had a nonchalant counter. "So what? Tell 'em you're reducing my hours to cut back on expenses. Of course, you'll actually be paying me MORE, but they don't have to know that, right?" The woman stood proudly before him. She had obviously bought into her own self-promotion. "Plus, you're the boss, remember? You can do whatever you want. You answer to no one else on this level."

She snickered at the irony and distasteful nature of the last statement. It was also amusing that it completely shut him up. Bill stood at complete attention just trying to subvert his obvious intimidation.

Without warning, Daphne reached down between his legs and grabbed his black trousered crotch. She located his package and squeezed with moderate might. There was no doubt she noticed his semi-hardness. Bill inhaled deeply through his nose at the gesture.

"By the balls..." She whispered as she then laughed and moved past him to her desk.

With his tail between his legs, Bill retreated back to his office. Immediately he sat down and relieved himself of the tension in his crotch. She was breath-taking in her tight, formal clothing. He was sure that she went along with what she had said earlier in not wearing a bra. He certainly couldn't locate an outline of the garment under her satin blouse. Naturally he extrapolated that panties were absent as well although he had no visual basis for the estimate. The thought of her naked crotch, coupled with the little peak he saw yesterday, was substantial in its self to have him approach with fury.

Back at her desk, Daphne amused herself at this response out of him. She just laid down that she was going to break office etiquette and all her boss did was get aroused by it. It was empowering having his pathetic form wrapped around her finger. Her hands were quite bare so that wasn't a bad idea, she mused in an amusing side note.

Flicking on the camera that connected her computer with his office, she was even more ecstatic. He was jacking off again! It just cemented the sexual influence she presided over him! It was almost pathetic, yet at the same time quite amusing and empowering for her. He was beating it quite profusely too! He broke into a furious sweat, his face muscles tightened in intensity. His hard gripped worked his cock at a very rapid speed. It look quite rough actually...the actions of incredibly horny and desperate man. This went on until for about 5 minutes at which point Bill let go of his cock and panted for air. Poor baby must've tired himself she thought. After that he slid his member back into his pants and got down to work. This was an office, so it was best that she let him do his job...for a while anyways. She turned off the webcam and sat back in her lush chair a very entertained woman.

After getting that out of his system, Bill focussed to do his job. His main task was to recruit clientele for the company. The firm would serve as their representatives. He was hard at work in getting a company, Smithson & Smithson, on board. The file had been tossed around to various people around the office, and no one had any luck. Now it was Bill's turn. The issue was that the opposite side was quite stubborn in their demands, and requested more benefits than the company was willing to offer. Both sides knew what they could do for each other and knew that if and when a deal was reached, then it would be a goldmine for both. The issue was trust one both sides.

After about twenty minutes of solid strategizing on his part, Daphne entered the room with a tray in her hand. Bill, hard at work, barely noticed. "Hey, Bill, it's a little later than usual, but I brought your morning coffee. They were out of cream so it's just sugar in there."

Bill scribbled away at some forms and mindlessly answered. "Hmm? Oh, that's fine. Just put it down there."

Then he looked up at her. He had been in this position many times before. She left herself so vulnerable for him to look down her shirt. The only difference this time is that Daphne wanted it happen.

"I saw you stroking it earlier," she said while unbuttoning her black top, "why don't you take your cock out now."

"I have work now Daphne," he feebly protested.

She pushed his paper away from him as she sat down in its place while continuing to undo her satin blouse. "Oh it can wait. Right now, I want you to rub your dick for me."

Bill's cock was at full attention now with this beautiful woman seated in front of him with an open shirt. To a normal person looking at her exposed bra and perfect stomach, the next course of action would have been elementary. Still, he was unsure. He wanted her, but had work to do. Surely his job had to come first, right? Moreover, he was still uncomfortable with the idea of surrendering so much power to her.

"Daphne, I..." he began.

But he was silenced quickly by her slender finger to his mouth. Then she leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Without hesitation, Bill fumbled with his pants to get at his member.

"Atta boy Bill, even hard workers have to play sometimes, right?" She sexily uttered. "Just stroke that hard cock for me now..."

"Yes Daphne..." he replied back. He didn't know why he used those words. It almost felt like he was obeying a mistress. Yet he still jacked off his dick. His eyes never left her big beautiful bust. Oh those tits, he eagerly thought...

"Yeah, stroke it faster Bill," she ordered as her began playing with her breasts. "Keep playing with your cock and I'll play with my tits, ok?"

"Yeah..." he helplessly moaned. Gosh the way she pushed them together. Those central pink nubs...the way she circled them...

She began to speak in a slow, airy, and seductive whisper now. "See how round they are...and big...I gotta say they're my proudest feature...." Her nipples weren't the only thing she teased. "I think they're your favourite too, no?" She snickered.

Bill opened his mouth to answer but Daphne shut him up. "Don't answer that. Just keep stroking it. Long...hard tugs..." she instructed. "You're getting hard...not hard enough yet though...I want that piece of meat completely tough and unbreakable for me...like every time you see me when I wear a tight blouse..."

She continued while continuing to shake her tits in his face. "Oh yeah Bill, I notice...You make it so obvious...It almost becomes a game for me...not to see when you get hard and how hard you get...but to see when you don't get hard..." She laughed. "But it's alright...I provoke it, don't I Bill? All the tight tops...fitted with extra cleavage...you just dreamed of the day when I'd be out of my blouse...getting all hard like you are now...retreating to your office to beat off..."

It was true. Her chest was such a focal point on her body...he could barely contain his excitement for it. It was difficult not to gaze at her big tits. Just as it was now...her hands massaging the soft, tanned titty flesh. They almost seemed overwhelmed by how much skin there was to clutch.

"Mmm...such a nice thick dick you have too...it is such a turn-on having you stroke it for me now...long and hard strokes remember...yes, like that...you'd stroke it for me any time I'd ask..." She snickered once again. She pushed her breasts together and pushed a finger between them to accentuate her next point. "Bet you'd love to get that fat cock between these globes...completely engulfed in cleavage...rubbing it back and forth, back and forth...you'd like that wouldn't you Bill?"

"Yesss..." he said.

"Well, maybe if you continue to be a good boy and cooperate, I'll let you have your go at these voluptuous titties...keep stroking...yeah...." She paused to look at him. His eyes never left her upper body. He was trapped in the hypnotic experience of her sultry voice, powerful words, and sexy body.

"Mmmm...you're hard as a rock...you going to cum Bill?"

"Ahhh...yess..." he answered back.

"You're going to cum for me aren't ya?"


"Well then," she smiled as she straightened her body. "We need to find you avenue to shoot your load then. Where oh where can we do this...?" She pressed her breasts together again. Bill eyed Daphne's chest as if it were a painting canvass. His cum would glisten over her tits.

"In here." She picked up the coffee cup.

Bill looked at her quite confused. "What?" He said while stroking still.

"In here..." she repeated. "...you needed some cream you'll provide that..." She held out the cup in front of it.

He stared into it. This was nuts. He adamantly shook his head. "No....I won't do it..."

"You don't have a choice on the matter."

"Please Daphne..." He began to grovel.

"Just be quiet and cum in the cup Bill...I know you want to..."

By now Bill needed a release and bit the bullet. He shot his spunk as best he could into the black contents of the cup.

Daphne smiled. "That's it...aim nicely...don't make a mess...I want all of your cum in this cup...yeah, like that..."

With that, he emptied himself like Daphne asked. When he finished, he sat back in his chair while Daphne swivelled the coffee so the cum could settle in with the rest of the liquid. She took a sip. "Now that's a cup of coffee!" She said before setting it down on the table.

He looked spent, unimpressed, and mad even. "Now now, don't look at me like that...you enjoy this, don't even pretend..." He said nothing to that. She leaned in and kissed him, her tongue entering his mouth. They lingered for a moment before she released by biting his lower lips. He yelped and she just grinned. Flipping her hair back, she rose up to leave. Of course, the secretary reached down, firmly gripped his ball sack and uttered those words. "By the balls..."

"Don't forget we have a meeting soon..." she reminded as she walked out.

Bill sat back in his chair and took a deep breath. What a sadistic bitch. All that tease and she denied him the sexual satisfaction of using her body as a target. Why would she do that? He blew out some air and shook his head. He rebuttoned his trousers. He would bury himself in work again. Yes that would take his focus off the mess he was in.

His preparation for the consultation was going so well that he lost track of time. About thirty minutes later Bill scurried out his office and out to his aide. "Ready?" He asked.

Daphne sat up from his chair. "Bill, I have to show you something."

"Can it wait? We have our meeting in ten minutes."

"It'll only take a second, I promise."

Bill sighed. "What?"

She proceeded to pull a matching pair of red lacy underwear from her desk drawer and began to play with them in her hands. "These are my most favourite bra and panties. I wore them all the time to work. I got hot and bothered many times in them...as you are well aware of."

"Yes...?" Bill affirmed quizzically.

"But since I stopped wearing underwear to work, I've had no use for them." She snapped the thong along her finger. "So, I want you to have them."

Daphne offered the garments to Bill who apprehensively took them. On the one hand he was aroused that he now had the bra that pressed up her delicious breasts and the panties that wedged themselves in her pussy and ass. On the other side, what was she getting at?

"Now since these are my favourite and I can't wear them, it'll be a shame to see them out of use." She continued as Bill fixed his attention on the wonderful fabric. He sniffed her and was surprised to find they still reeked of her sex. "That's why I'm asking you to strip down Bill."

Bill immediate broke his fixation. "Wait....what?"

"I said strip down Bill." She was firm in her words. "I can't wear them so you're going to."

"What?! That's crazy! I'm not going to wear ladies' underwear!"

Daphne picked up her phone and pretended to hit the button that speeddialled Bill's wife. "Yes Linda, he watched me all the time...." She mocked.

"Fine," Bill replied as he threw the bra and panties on the ground and grudgingly undid his pants. He couldn't believe she was making dress in women's lingerie. "I can't believe you're doing this." He slid down his pants and then his boxers so he was half naked. His cock was semi-erect.

Daphne pointed to the little guy and laughed. "I think he can though. You love this Bill, don't lie to me. Lose the shirt."

Bill loosened his tie and slipped it off his collar. Then he unbuttoned his shirt. There he stood in all his nude glory.

"I don't have to tell you what to do now..." She simply said.

Bill reluctantly picked the thong and slipped it up his legs.

"Don't you love how it feels along your skin? So silky and lacy. Mmm..." She mockingly teased. "You're going to become very used to the feeling Bill, because you're going to be wearing these from now on. Yes, I really would enjoy that..."

Bill couldn't shave the feeling of humiliation as he positioned the panties over his crotch. It was so tight and uncomfortable! There was just no way he could wear this perpetually! When that was fitted, he picked up the bra. There was no way this was going on. "Daphne...do we have to do this? There is no way this is going to fit and not show up from underneath. They're going to see."

"Hmm," she thought. "You know what? You're right! I'll be nice this time and we'll forego the bra."

Bill let out a sigh of relief. Perhaps she could be reasoned with after all. There was some compassion in that evil, manipulative brain. Daphne noted his reaction and wanted to set the record straight about whose decision it was.

"Don't think it's because you asked not to. This was simply me granting you this nice privilege." She smugly put it. "In fact you should be thanking me." She put her hands on her hips and cocked her head.

"Thank you, Daphne." He said.

"Thank you Daphne, what?"

He lowered his voice in humiliation. "For not making me wear your bra."

Daphne smiled at the admission. Thanking her for not making him wear her lingerie. Ridiculous, no? "Atta boy Bill," she said. "Now let me get a look at you."

The sight was a defeated man standing completely naked in the middle of his office. Her panties looked good on him, she joked to herself. Of course, they were stretched out and housed a big bulge, but that's what made it most amusing. She felt them up and jiggled his packaged. "All nestled in there I see." He just sighed. He knew what was next.

"By the balls..." she lingered while licking her lips. "You may dress. We don't want to be late."

The executive grudgingly did so and the two moved out of the room. The walk to the meeting was an uncomfortable one. This groin and thighs rubbed against the silky fabric. Awaiting them in the conference room were Michael Jameson and John Richards, Bill's only superiors in the company. They had bounced the Smithson & Smithson file to him and wanted a progress report. As Bill and Daphne sat down he whispered a warning to her. "No funny business now, ok?"

"Of course not," she replied. She opened up her laptop computer to take notes.

The two bossmen and Bill exchanged cordial pleasantries before getting down to business. "So how's the Smithson file going?" he was asked.

"It's going, it's coming along," he calmly replied. He shifted in his seat. The panties were bugging him already.

"What progress have you made?"

"Well, we're close to breaking the ice with them. We're trying to establish a trusting relationship." In other words, he had done nothing of significance. They were stubborn people. He shifted again.

"Are you ok Bill? You're fidgeting a lot." They asked him.

"Yes I'm fine sir." He fished for a lie. "My lower back has been bugging me lately. But anyways, things are good."

"Hmm, I don't know if I believe that. Breaking the ice? You should be in negotiations already."

"Yes, well, we hope to start that soon but they are a tough company to deal with. Me and Daphne are on it."

They both shook their heads. "Bill, we put you on this because we believed you were the man to do it."

"Mr. Jameson, Mr. Richards, if I may say something," interrupted Daphne, "Bill is a very competent man." She put her hand on his thigh and stroked it to show her confidence in her boss. She then eased her way to his crotch. He shot her a look. "He's very savvy when he wants to be." She gave his dick and balls a squeeze for emphasis.

"Well that's all great Daphne, but we need results." They countered.

The secretary continued to massage her boss's package hidden from their gaze. "Stop," she heard him utter under his breath. She continued speaking to the men. "You tell him to do something and he'll do it, I have firsthand knowledge of that. He just needs some dirt to get him going sometimes." She smiled.

"Hmm, your secretary believes in you, Bill," they remarked.

"Yeah, oooh, sorry...she's great," he attempted to respond. Her hand dug into his pants now and massaged him through his panties.

"Maybe she's right though," they added. "You succeed or I give your job to Danielson..."

"Danielson?!" he jumped in his chair. Daphne lamentably had to release her grab on him. "But he's my junior!"

"Sorry, it's got to be done. I suggest you head off now and get right to it."

He silently nodded and rose up. He left ahead of Daphne. She gathered up her computer and curtsied to the big bosses. She caught up with Bill outside.

"Well then, get the job done or be demoted," she said.

He turned to her as they walked back. "Yeah, good job by the way...hope you release when I have less salary I'll have less to pay you..."

"Not necessarily...I don't care if they're paying you less...I'll still get the same from you." She nestled against him. "Or darling wifey and the bossmen find all about your voyeur ways."

She gave him a peck on the cheek and grabbed at his crotch. "By the balls..." She uttered and stepped in before him. He lamentably inhaled and slowly walked to his office. His life was a storm called Daphne.

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