Bye Bye Gay, Bi Bi Happiness


Rick lifted her by her hips so that her ass was perched in the air. Beth's head was still on the bed and she turned it to one side and let out a gasp as Rick's tongue licked close to her asshole. Rick ran his tongue from her pussy to her ass causing Beth to tingle in anticipation of what might be next. Rick spread her ass cheeks with his hands and dipped his tongue into the crack locating her nether hole. His tongue slowly circled her anus and she flinched at the contact. He then pushed his tongue as far as he could into her asshole and he found himself in need to fuck her in the ass. He continued to ass fuck her with his tongue and she was at his mercy. Her desire grew as he worked her ass to the point that she really wanted more in her ass.

Rick removed his tongue from her ass and ran his hard cock between her ass cheeks as he spoke to her, "I want to fuck you in the ass Beth. Do you want me to fuck your hot ass? I can see that your ass is waiting to be fucked."

"Oh you know I do. Just remember not too deep at first and then deeper," Beth replied to him in a passionate tone.

Rick went to the bathroom and was back in bed in no time with a lubricant in his hands. Beth arched her back and pointed her beautiful ass back at him. He coated her asshole with a generous amount of cream and slid his thick finger in her hole. He took his time preparing her ass relishing every moment. He then coated his entire cock with the cream and placed the head at the entrance to her anus. Rick pushed forward and the thick cock head squeezed into her tight asshole.

Beth winched as her asshole was stretched wide and she gasped, "Go slow let me get used to it."

Rick withdrew his cock head and then pushed it back in this time causing more pleasure. He pushed until a couple of inches were in Beth's ass. He could feel her sphincter muscles surrounding the first 2-3 inches of his cock. Beth found herself holding her breath and her body were covered with goose bumps. Rick slowly slid his dick in and out of her each time going a little deeper. The initial pain and discomfort had subsided and was replaced with a feeling of fullness.

"Remember to breathe Beth," urged Rick.

Beth relaxed a little and then felt more of his cock slide into her asshole. She grunted out loud as she felt fuller and than a wave of pleasure through her body. She was convinced that Rick almost had his whole cock in her now but really he only had about half of his big dick in her. She felt so full so had no idea that he had another five inches before he was done. Rick kept feeding more and more of his cock into her ass. There was slight cramping then fullness and then pleasure each time he went deeper. Beth would tense, relax and then enjoy it. This pattern continued until Rick had all nine inches buried in Beth's ass.

"Oh my God, you feel so big, I feel so full," cried out Beth and then, "Uh, uh, uh oh yes, it's so good," she cried out.

Rick reached around and played with Beth's clit as he pounded her ass. Her pussy and asshole were on fire as the big cock reached sensitive areas in her body. Beth was on the brink of another huge orgasm as Rick methodically fucked her in her tight anus with his sizeable cock. He loved watching his big cock slide out of her shapely ass and then plunge back in as his hips slapped against her curvy ass cheeks causing them to jiggle with each thrust. He loved watching her ass impaled on his cock. Beth looked so submissive and vulnerable on all fours as his cock filled her asshole. Her orgasm surged within her as he fucked her ass harder and faster.

As Beth came and came her entire body went into spasm. Her pussy convulsed and clamped around Rick's fingers coating them with her cunt juice. Beth's asshole pulsated as he drove his big cock in and out of it. Her ass involuntarily squeezed and released his huge member as he fucked it causing him to finally lose it. He slid his pecker deep into her rectum as his cock spasmed and sent a thick stream of hot cum into her channel. Rick kept fucking her as load after load was fired into her ass as his cock kept twitching and spurting inside the impaled Beth.

Beth felt so full of cum and there was no where for it to go as it was blocked by Rick's swollen cock buried in her ass. He slowed his pace and eventually stopped, allowing his cock to remain buried in Beth's ass. He did not go soft right away and he gently moved his hips pushing cum around in her ass. Some of it trickled out and ran down over her pussy lips.

Beth could not take any more fucking and she pleaded, "Please no more, I can't take any more, please stop."

Reluctantly Rick stopped and slowly withdrew his cock from her loosened asshole. He marveled in the sight of his enormous cock sliding out of her shapely ass. The man seed flowed from her asshole and ran like a river down over her pussy and between her sweet thighs. Rick and Beth stayed in the same position for awhile and he massaged her beautiful ass as she remained on her knees with her ass perched in the air. Rick pushed down lightly on Beth's back causing her to accentuate her ass even more. He loved looking at it and playing with it as she cooed into the bed sheets. His cock remained hard and looked menacing around Beth's asshole. It was hard to believe that a cock that size had just fucked such a beautiful tight ass. Beth looked magnificent with her just fucked curvy ass in the air. Rick now knew why he had to have her ass so often. It was just impossible for him to keep his cock out of her fantastic ass. Rick could not resist sticking one of his fingers in asshole. Beth just wiggled her bum slightly in delight. Rick and Beth then cuddled, kissed and fell asleep in each other's arms as they did each time after fantastic sex.


A week had passed since Randy met his neighbors Rick and Beth. Since then Randy had watched the gay porn movie with the sauna scene every night. Randy masturbated each night as he fantasized about having similar sex in his own sauna. Randy planned to call some of his gay friends on Saturday and invite them over for some fun and games. That Friday after work he got all set up to watch his favorite video with a glass of wine when the doorbell rang. Somewhat annoyed Randy put a robe onto cover his naked body and answered the door. It was Rick.

"Hi bud, I was wondering if I could use the sauna. I had a pretty good work out and I just want to warm these muscles," Rick asked.

Randy stared at his handsome neighbor clad only in work out shorts with a towel thrown around his neck. "Oh sure, yeah go right ahead," replied instinctively.

"Hey if you're not up to anything special, why not join me?" Rick suggested.

"Eh, well I, yeah I guess I could," Randy cautiously accepted.

"Great, I'll see you in there then," Rick said and then went around back to use the sauna.

Randy didn't know how he would react to seeing Rick completely naked and he was already wondering what Rick's cock looked like. Randy decided to be bold and he just wrapped a towel around his naked body and went out back to the sauna. Randy had expected Rick to still be wearing his shorts in the sauna but that was not the case. Randy entered the sauna and he saw Rick sitting naked on his towel on the wooden bench. Randy blushed at first and then his eyes instinctively checked out the impressive hunk of meat between Rick's legs. Randy felt his loins stir and his cock twitch so he kept his towel wrapped around him as he sat down. Randy noticed that Rick was completely tan with no tan lines and Randy immediately thought about the porn actors. Here he was naked in a sauna with a golden bronze god just like in the movie.

"I see that you like to sunbathe in the nude," Randy stammered searching for an ice breaker.

"Oh yeah, Beth and I go to nude beaches all the time. We love some of the all-inclusive resorts especially where anything goes," Rick replied.

"Which ones have you been to?" Randy asked.

Randy named at least five different resorts that had notorious reputations for being a swinger's paradise. "Our favorite one is in Jamaica."

"Are you two swingers?" Randy asked already knowing the answer.

"Yeah, we enjoy other people's company if you know what I mean. This place in Jamaica is something else though. There is more fucking and sucking in public then you could imagine. Every night there is an orgy in the nude Jacuzzi," Rick confessed.

Randy looked at Rick's cock and saw that it was standing straight up. It had to be at least nine inches long and more than five inches around. Randy felt his own cock harden under his towel as he stared at Rick's cock.

"Oh sorry about that, all this talk got me thinking about sex," Rick said s if he was apologizing for his erection and then he asked, "What about you Randy? What do you do for fun?"

Randy was momentarily lost for words as he didn't want to come right out and admit that he was gay. "Are you into guys? Are you gay?" Randy heard Rick ask.

"Randy, I'm cool with that. If you're gay you can suck my cock if you like," Rick offered.

Speechless, Randy moved his hand toward Rick's big cock and let the back of his hand brush against the stiff shaft. Randy felt like he was in the gay movie he watched so often. Randy then let his hand close around the thick cock and began to slowly stroke Rick. Randy moved closer and as he did his towel parted and his erect 7" cock popped out. Rick smiled at Randy and then reached for Randy's cock. The tow of them stroked each other's cock until Randy had to have Rick's in his mouth. Randy dipped his head and began to suck Randy's beautiful cock. There was no way that Randy could take more than six inches of the thick meat into his mouth but that was enough to satisfy Rick. Randy proved to be a very accomplished cock sucker and Rick just sat back with his eyes closed as Randy worked over Rick's cock. Rick knew Randy would be surprised with the volume of Rick's cum shots. Rick smiled and heaved a satisfied sigh.

Randy then kissed Rick's pecs gently and then kissed a trail down his chest and stomach to Rick's cock. Randy was pleased to find a new experienced young lover like Rick. Rick was relieved when Randy again found Rick's aching cock with his mouth. Randy was gentle yet firm with his sucking, engulfing it and pulling off slowly with long sucks. Randy licked up and down Rick's shaft and balls before resuming sucking off the handsome neighbor. It wasn't much longer before Rick trembled and quaked an astonishing orgasm, being very loud when he cried out with the unintelligible orgasmic cries people make when they cum.

The volume and force of Rick's ejaculation caught Randy by surprise but he kept his mouth on Rick's cock and swallowed every delicious drop. Randy licked and sucked Rick dry relishing every drop of cum that Rick's cock spewed forth. When Rick could take no more of Randy's sucking and nibbling, he tugged on Randy's shoulder to bring him up in his arms. The two naked young men cuddled and kissed as Randy put his arms around his new lover. Rick and Randy smiled at each other as they jacked on each other's cock. They kissed again and moaned in delight as their hands worked magic on the other's cock. They were both sporting two huge boners.

"Rick would you like to fuck me? I would love for you to fuck me with that big cock of yours," Randy whispered.

"I would love to fuck you. I have been thinking about fucking you ever since I laid eyes on your hot ass," Rick whispered back.

Randy then handed Rick a tube of lube that Randy kept in the sauna. Randy then got on the wooden bench on all fours as Rick prepared Randy's ass to be fucked. Rick squirted an ample amount of lube on his own cock and then knelt close behind Randy. Rick eased his big dick into Randy's well used but tight asshole and Randy uttered an audible gasp. Randy pushed his buns up to meet Rick's penetration and the cock slid in easily. Randy groaned as the thick shaft filled his anal passage. Rick fucked Randy for what seemed to be hours, cumming in Randy's ass twice without removing his cock or going soft. Rick collapsed on top of Randy and Randy was amazed at the young man's stamina. Randy's ass was filled to overflowing with Rick's cum and he felt it ooze from his anus as they embraced. The two of them remained in the same position for several minutes before they separated.

"Randy would like to fuck me now?" Rick asked.

Randy couldn't believe his ears. This was definitely a dream come true. "Oh yes, I would love to fuck you."

Then Randy lubed Rick's ass and fucked Rick but he didn't last long and he shot his load quickly into Rick's asshole. Randy had played with Rick's cock while he fucked him and it got it hard again. Randy then asked Rick to fuck him missionary style. Randy lay on the bed on his wooden bench with his legs splayed. Rick moved between Randy's legs and slipped his rock hard cock into Randy's ass. Randy held his legs apart as Rick buried his cock deep into the young man. Rick fucked Randy in this position for quite sometime before he was ready to cum for a fourth time. Rick watched as Randy's hard dick bounced off his tummy as Rick pummeled Randy's ass. Rick had the urge to hold onto Randy's cock until he was ready to cum again. Randy squealed with delight when Rick grabbed his cock and began to jerk him. Randy screamed out loud that he was close and Rick jerked him faster. Randy came a third time and cum oozed from his cock covering Rick's hand and dribbling on Randy's pubes.

Rick continued fucking Randy until he came again. Randy felt cum surge into his ass for yet a third time that day. Randy was impressed with his new lover. Randy had never been with anyone who could cum so much and cum so often. Randy looked at Rick as Rick knelt between his legs and he saw that Rick was still sporting an erection. Randy had had enough for one evening and his ass was a little sore so he asked Rick to let him rest.

"That was great Randy but I need to get going now. I stayed longer than I expected. I hope that we can get together again," Rick said as he stood up and wrapped the towel around his waist.

Rick left the sauna leaving Randy sprawled out on the wooden bench with cum oozing from his dilated asshole. Randy's fantasy had come true as he had had great sex in the sauna. Randy thought to himself, "You know that you have been fucked when that guy fucks you." Randy then went back in his house, showered and then soaked his aching body in his Roman bath. He never did watch the movie that evening, he didn't have to. Randy then decided to hold off on inviting any friends over that weekend. As it turned out it was a good thing that he didn't.


The next morning Rick invited Randy to go biking with him and Beth. Randy loved to bike so he accepted the invitation. They rode their bikes all through Marin County up and down the hilly terrain. They stop at a coffee shop to give their legs a break and then they returned home. The three of them were exhausted and Beth said that she had to take a short nap. Randy headed home, took a quick shower and then decided to use the sauna.

Randy relaxed in the warm heat of the sauna and rested his tired legs. He leaned back with his eyes closed and began to day dream about sex in the sauna. Except this time he wasn't dreaming about the hot French Canadians in the porn movie. He was thinking about Rick and his big cock. Randy had been caught so off guard by Rick's bi-sexuality but it had been great sex last night. Randy's cock got hard and he began to stroke it thinking of Rick. Just then the sauna door opened and Rick walked in naked except for a towel thrown over his shoulder.

"Hey, I thought that I might find you in here. Were you thinking about me?" Rick asked nodding at Randy's erection.

"Yes, in fact I was. Come on in and sit down," Randy said with much more confidence then he had displayed last night.

Rick sat next to Randy and Randy's hand immediately went for Rick's cock. Within seconds Rick was hard and Randy was jerking him off. Rick took a hold of Randy's cock and began to jerk him off as well. The two hot looking guys sat next to each other and stroked each other's cock until Randy just had to have Rick's cock in his mouth again. Randy leaned over and engulfed Rick's big thick cock in his mouth. Randy was really into sucking Rick's cock and if he heard the sauna door open he ignored it.

Beth walked in completely naked carrying a towel and knelt in front of Randy. The Beth took Randy's stiff cock in her mouth. Randy was shocked and started to protest but Rick pulled Randy's head back down on his cock. Randy decided not to fight it and surprisingly he stayed hard. Beth was a very good cocksucker and Randy just imagined it was a guy sucking him off. Randy surprised himself when he came in Beth's mouth before Rick came in Randy's mouth. Beth sucked every drop from Randy's cock and then she nibbled on the cock head driving him crazy.

Just then Rick shot his wad into Randy's mouth and Randy swallowed quickly to catch every cum shot from Rick's pulsating cock. Beth continued to nibble on Randy's cock as it took all of his will power to keep his mouth on Rick's cock. The sensations were almost unbearable and Randy finally gave in and pushed Beth's head away. It had been one of the best blow jobs Randy had ever received and it was from a woman. Randy was panting and gasping when the three of them separated.

They invited Randy to come over to their house and the three of them left the sauna. As soon as Randy arrived at their house they took him into the bedroom. Beth told him to get in bed and lay on his back. Then she knelt between Randy's legs and took his cock in her mouth again. Beth sucked Randy's cock and caressed his balls. She was a very accomplished cock sucker and she was able to take Randy deep in her mouth. Randy swore that he could feel his cock at the back of her throat and she seemed to have the ability to massage his cock head with her throat muscles. She had Randy racing toward another orgasm and he held her head with his fingers in her hair as he began to face fuck her.

Randy looked at Rick and saw that his cock was hard. Rick knelt behind Beth and slipped his cock into her. Beth never stopped working on Randy's cock while Rick fucked her. Beth reached under Randy's scrotum and lightly touched his perineum which sent him over the edge. Randy blasted loads of cum into her mouth. Beth rapidly swallowed all of Randy's cum and she continued to suck and milk his cock and drain him totally.

Randy lay back on the bed as he recovered slowly from another fantastic blow job and watched Rick fuck Beth until Rick's body stiffened and he announced that he was cumming. Beth leaned back against Rick as he came in her which caused her pert tits to stand out. She definitely had nice tits and her nipples stood out like little dicks they were so hard.

Randy was already starting to get hard again when Beth asked if he would like to fuck her ass. Randy was hesitant at first but Beth convinced him to give it a try. Beth said that when it came to fucking assholes and mouths there was no difference between men and women, at least that what all the gay guys said. Randy's cock was now rock hard and he moved it toward her. Beth looked over her shoulder as she presented her ass to Randy. He pushed his cock against her anus and it slid into her warm passage. Beth gasped as his cock nestled into her anal passage. Rick moved up to Beth's head and stuck his dick in her mouth. Randy fucked Beth slowly at first and then he picked up the pace. Beth used her sphincter muscles to massage Randy's cock by clenching and unclenching them. Randy felt his second orgasm travel from his balls up through his dick as he shot wads of cum deep into her rectum. Beth continued to use her muscles to milk Randy's cock dry of every drop of cum.

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