Bye Bye Gay, Bi Bi Happiness


"Oh Rick, I need to cum," Beth cried out.

Rick pulled his cock from her mouth and slid down Beth's body to her pussy. Rick covered his wife's pussy with his mouth just in time to catch all her juice. Beth's body thrashed around as she orgasmed and came in her husband's mouth. Beth lifted her hips off the bed as Rick sucked every drop of cum from her pussy. Beth had been fantastic as Randy had just received a world class blow job and fucked a very hot ass. The three of them remained silent for a few minutes and then Beth said she wanted two cocks in her at the same time.

Beth worked on Randy's cock until it was erect again and then she took it back in her mouth. Beth cooed as Rick worked his fingers in and out of her asshole lubricating it for his cock. Then he lined up his cock and slipped it right in Beth's hot ass. Beth sighed as the hard cock entered her ass and Rick fucked her slowly. He didn't last long and he soon came in her ass.

"Your turn again," Beth whispered to Randy.

Obviously Beth wanted Randy in her ass again. Randy added his own saliva to his lotion coated cock making it as slippery as possible. He eased his cock into Beth's ass and she tensed up again when she felt his cock at the entrance. Randy held her hips and slowly pushed his cock into her rectum for a second time that day. Soon with patience and steady strokes Randy was fully imbedded in her ass. Beth grunted as he picked up the pace and drove his cock home with each stroke. Randy looked at her beautiful ass as he fucked her and he couldn't believe that he was really fucking a girl's ass. He watched his cock slide in and out of her tight bung hole and he felt another orgasm building in his balls. Randy shoved his cock in as far as he could and unleashed a torrent of cum into her rectum. Beth was surprised by the force of his ejaculation and the amount of semen that he shot into her ass since it was his fourth orgasm of the morning. Randy kept fucking her slowly and her anal muscles contracted around his cock involuntarily milking every drop of cum from him. When Randy was drained he pulled his cock out slowly and it made an audible popping sound when it cleared Beth's sphincter. Randy had just experienced one incredible female ass fuck

"Good show Randy, she needed that," Rick said.

"Bring that delicious cock over to me Randy," Rick requested.

"I've got nothing left right now Rick, Beth drained me of every drop," Randy replied.

"That's okay I just want to nibble, you don't have to cum again," Rick said.

Rick sucked on his cock and although Randy was at least semi-hard he knew that he wouldn't cum again for quite awhile. Rick kept sucking Randy's cock and he got him hard again and then asked Randy to fuck him. Rick got on all fours and lubed his ass before handing Randy the tube. Randy lubed his cock again as he looked at Rick on all fours. Randy eased his cock into Rick's ass and fucked him with long deep steady strokes. Beth got in front of Rick and took her husband's cock into her mouth. Randy fucked Rick until he came in his wife's mouth and then Randy managed another small load as he shot his seed into Rick's ass.

That was it for the afternoon and it was actually almost dinner time. They got out of bed and showered one at time and then got dressed. They decided to go out for dinner and then relax that evening. After dinner they returned to Rick's and Beth's home and relaxed in the great room. The three of them sat around chatting and sipping on their drinks when the phone rang.

Beth grabbed the phone and it was obvious that she was excited by whoever called. She talked for quite awhile as Rick and Randy nursed their drinks. Then Beth returned to them and said, "Guess who that was?"

Randy was clueless and Rick shrugged his shoulders and asked, "Who?"

"It was Marie and Henri. They are going to be in town and they want to get together. They rented a beach house and they want us to visit them tomorrow," Beth barely able to conceal her excitement.

"Marie is going to love you," Beth said to Randy

"I think Henri will too," Rick added.

"Who are Marie and Henri?" Randy asked.

"Oh they are our friends from Montreal, Canada. They will be here tomorrow," Beth told Randy and then added, "We met them in Jamaica."

"And they are bi-sexual too?" Randy inquired.

"Yes and they swing both ways," Rick answered as if it was the natural thing to discuss.

"Well I guess I'm looking forward to meeting them," Randy said with a nervous laugh.

Rick and Beth laughed too and then Beth said, "I know that you will like them."

"We need to go to bed early. Randy you better sleep at your own place tonight as we need to got an early start tomorrow and we need to conserve our energy," Rick advised which was a nice way of saying no sex tonight or in the morning.

"By the way Randy, have you ever been to a nude beach?" Beth asked.

Randy shook his head no and Beth added, "Well you will tomorrow."

The three of them turned in early that evening and Randy tried to envision what he was in for tomorrow. He was glad that they had a full day of sex as it helped him get to sleep. It seemed that Randy had just shut his eyes when the alarm went off alerting him to get up. Randy moved quickly as he got dressed. Beth had packed some pastries and made coffee for the road trip. It was still dark when they left for the beach house.


The three of them arrived after a three hour drive at a very secluded beach. There were signs posted noting that it was a clothing optional beach. Randy had never heard of the beach and he didn't realize there was one that near to where he lived. Beth checked the directions and she was sure that she had the right house but no one was home. Beth suggested that they just go down to the beach and hang out until Marie and Henri appeared. It was late morning a few nude sunbathers were already on the beach. Beth and Rick put down the blanket and then dropped their clothes. Randy stared at them briefly and then he felt subconscious with clothes on so he stripped as well.

As they chatted that morning awaiting Marie and Henri, Randy looked around at the other nude people on the beach. Rick mentioned that it was odd in a way to see people nude during the day and then see them clothed at night. Once you have seen them naked you look at them in a very different way when they are dressed. There was nothing to imagine. As Randy was scanning the beach and checking out the other guys, a very beautiful brunette and her companion walked in their direction.

"There you are," the brunette called out.

Beth spun around and leaped out of her beach chair when see saw the other couple. "Marie," she yelled and ran to her friend.

Beth and Marie embraced and kissed each other on both cheeks as their bodies pressed together. Their tits mashed together as they hugged and then they spun each other around. It was then that Randy saw Marie's fantastic ass. It was perfectly shaped and stuck out from her body just begging to be fucked. Randy felt that it was the most perfect ass, man or woman that he had ever seen. Beth then went to the man and greeted him. Randy guessed that he was Henri and Randy looked at Henri soft dangling cock.

Rick then got up and went to Marie and kissed her on both cheeks. As he did he reached down and patted her on her curvy ass. Beth greeted Henri in the same way and Henri also patted her on her cute ass. Rick and Henri shook hands and then Randy stood up to greet the couple. All of a sudden, Randy was embarrassed to be naked. He had gotten very used to being naked with Beth and Rick but now he was meeting another couple who was also naked. Randy felt his loins stir as he took in Marie's beautiful ass and Henri's uncut cock.

"Marie and Henri, this is Randy," Rick introduced me.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Randy said as he shook Henri's hand.

Then Randy reached out to shake Marie's hand but she moved close to him and kissed him on both cheeks as she had done with Rick and Beth. As she kissed Randy he felt hand brush lightly against his cock. Randy thought that he might get an immediate erection particularly since he had not cum yet that day. Marie seemed to sense the effect that she had on Randy and she smiled as they faced each other.

They all then sat down and Randy got acquainted with Marie and Henri as they caught up on news with Beth and Rick. Randy kept looking at Marie and Henri as he just couldn't see them together. Henri had a very slight build and he was older. He was very effeminate looking and had a virtual hairless body. His cock was uncut but it didn't seem to be any bigger than Randy's.

At one point Beth and Marie went to the house to get drinks for everyone. Randy watched as the two women walked toward the house and he marveled at Marie's incredible ass. Beth's ass looked good too but Marie had the kind of ass, man or woman that every guy dreams about fucking. Randy could only think about Beth telling him that Marie was going to love his cock. Randy could hardly wait to sink his dick into that beautiful ass. Randy struggled with his own thoughts because now he was thinking about Marie's ass and not Rick or Henri.

They sunbathed, talked, drank and swam together most of the day. Then they left the beach and returned to the house. Within minutes Beth and Marie were in bed kissing each other and fondling each other's breasts. Beth loved sucking on Marie's nipples and twirling them in her fingers. Rick and Henri were in the other bed in a 69 position sucking each other's cock as Randy watched.

Beth called Randy over to them and she covered his cock with her mouth and sucked it hard. Then she turned her attention to Marie's pussy. Beth appeared to suck Marie's pussy dry. Then Beth rolled Marie over on all fours and pulled her hips up. Marie looked incredible with her marvelous ass in the air. Then Beth began to lick and rim Marie's asshole. It was one of the hottest things Randy had ever witnessed. He never thought he would get so turned on watching one woman make love to another other woman's ass. Randy stayed rock hard as he watched the two beauties.

In the other bed Rick was now on all fours and Henri was fucking him in the ass. Beth took out the lube and she began to finger Marie's ass. Randy watched as Beth seemed to take control of Marie's body. Beth put one and then two fingers in Marie's ass. Randy was mesmerized as he looked on.

"Okay Marie, Randy has a special treat for you," Beth announced.

Beth then took his cock and applied lubricant to it. She smiled at him as she stroked his cock and then pulled him toward Marie. Beth lined up Randy's cock with Marie's asshole and he pressed forward. Beth held onto Randy's cock until the mushroom head cleared Marie's sphincter. Marie put a hand back on his thigh in a signal to stop. Then she took her hand off his thigh and Randy moved forward until she put her hand on his thigh again.

"Easy, go slow, let me get used to you then you can go deeper," Marie cautioned.

It seemed like minutes passed before Randy's cock was buried in her ass. He would feed her a little and she would stop him with her hand. Randy backed out a little and then fed her some more cock. He made steady progress although it seemed as he only moved a quarter or half inch of cock into her at a time. Once Randy was all the way in and she was comfortable with the penetration, he began to fuck her beautiful ass slowly with long steady strokes.

On the other bed Henri was now on all fours as Rick fucked him in the ass. Beth scrambled around in front of Marie and had Marie eat her pussy. Randy was really getting into fucking Marie's ass now and he loved watching his cock slide in and out of her beautiful ass. Randy wondered how Marie could handle Rick's big cock since she was so tight around his. Marie was moaning and groaning into Beth's cunt as Randy fucked Marie's ass. Randy wanted this particular ass fuck to last forever but he knew that he was getting close to cumming.

Then it happened. Randy fired a barrage of cum deep into Marie's bowels. His cock throbbed, pulsated and spewed cum into her rectum. Marie groaned into Beth's pussy when she felt cum surge into her ass. Her anal muscles instinctively tightened around Randy's cock and milked his cock dry. Randy stayed in Marie's ass as long as he could and he caressed her lovely buttocks as she continued to massage his cock with her anal muscles. Eventually Randy's cock softened and slipped from Marie's incredible ass with an audible pop. Cum trickled out of her ass and ran down between her inner thighs and over her sweet pussy.

Marie fell forward on the bed and Beth moved around behind her. Beth got on all fours behind Marie and lifted Marie's ass up slightly. Beth pulled Marie's ass cheeks apart exposing her nether hole and then Beth began to tongue the aperture as cum trickled out of it. Marie moaned softly as Beth's tongue worked its magic. Beth looked back at Randy, smiled and spoke.

"Why don't you get my ass ready for your cock? You can fuck me when you're ready," Beth cooed sexily.

Randy took the lubricant and applied it liberally to Beth's asshole. He put one finger in her asshole and worked it around. Then he added a second finger to her ass. In the other bed Rick and Henri seemed to be content fucking each other leaving the women to Randy. His cock hardened as he worked his fingers in and out of Beth's cute ass. Then Randy moved in and put his cock in her ass.

As Randy fucked Beth's ass he watched her as she made love to Marie's ass. Marie's ass looked beautiful as it was perched to receive Beth's tongue. Watching these two contrasting beauties as he fucked Beth's hot ass got his juices flowing again. Randy could feel his orgasm building in his balls and his cock seemed to get bigger and harder in the confines of Beth's rectum. Then for the second time that afternoon he unleashed a torrent of cum this time into Beth's receptive ass. Randy again surprised Beth with the force and the volume of his ejaculation. It was quite a load for his second one of the day. Beth used her anal muscles to squeeze every drop from his shaft. Randy looked down at her sweet ass and caressed her cute buttocks as she continued to milk his cock dry. Randy's cock slipped from her ass and just as with Marie, semen trickled out of Beth's ass and ran down her inner thighs.

Beth and Marie moved into a 69 position on their sides and licked each other's pussy. They caressed each other's ass as they ate each other's pussy. Rick and Henri were done and they just lay together in the other bed. However Randy wasn't done and he moved over to the bed where he pulled Henri up on all fours and fucked his ass. Randy decided to fuck Henri first as he knew he would have no trouble getting hard again for his bubble butt. Randy fucked Henri for quite a while before he came. Henri grunted as Randy filled his rectum with cum. Then Randy was fucked by Rick and then Henri fucked Randy. They all collapsed in the bed and Randy relished the fact that he had fucked four different shapely asses in one day and he had been butt fucked by two different cocks. Randy was thrilled with his new life style as a bi-sexual.

They all agreed to spend the night at the beach house and call into work sick on Monday morning. Beth and Marie slept in one bed while Randy, Rick and Henri slept in the other. Sometime in the very early hours Randy was awakened by the bed moving. When his head cleared he realized that Rick was fucking Henri.

Rick was in the middle and he had his back to Randy as he fucked Henri from behind. Randy decided to get in on the action. His cock was hard so he moved it to Rick's ass and touched his anus with the head of his cock. Rick reached back and guided Randy's cock into his ass and then he resumed fucking Henri. Randy didn't have to move much since Rick's fucking motion caused his ass to slide back and forth on his cock.

Randy felt Rick stiffen and he knew that Rick was cumming in Henri. Rick's asshole tightened around Randy's cock as he ejaculated into Henri's asshole. Then Rick relaxed but Randy was not done so he picked up the pace and fucked him with more urgency in search of his own orgasm. Henri reached back and took a hold of Randy's hand and brought it to his cock. Randy wrapped his hand around the erect uncut cock and jerked Henri off. Then Randy came and dumped a load in Rick's ass. Rick cooed and moaned when he felt the semen shoot into him. Henri then groaned as he came and Randy felt the ejaculation as cum shot from Henri's cock. Randy's cock eventually deflated and slipped from Rick's ass and they all fell back asleep.


The next morning Randy woke up alone in bed. When he looked over at the other bed the guys were fucking the other's wife. Henri was fucking Beth and Rick was fucking Marie. Randy went into the bathroom to take his morning piss and when he returned both women were greasing up their husband's assholes. Henri was on all fours in one bed and Marie was applying the lube to her husband's asshole. In the other bed the same scene was repeated by Beth and Rick.

"Henri gets it first," Beth announced.

Randy was a little apprehensive about fucking Henri again. Randy was used to fucking Rick but fucking Henri seemed different. Randy looked at him again and he looked very feminine on all fours with his curvy ass awaiting Randy's cock. It was Randy's first fuck of the day so that helped the situation. Marie took Randy's cock in her hands and stroked it with the lubricant. Then Randy got on the bed behind Henri and eased his lubricated cock into Henri's ass. As Randy was fucking Henri, Rick eased his big dick into Randy's ass. It didn't take Rick long to cum and he filled Randy's ass with a massive cum load. That triggered Randy's ejaculation and he filled Henri's ass to overflowing and cum actually gushed out when Randy removed his cock from Henri's ass.

"God that was like having a hose go off in my ass," Henri sighed.

Rick was anxious for Randy to fuck him next and Randy had no trouble satisfying his desire. Beth put more lube on Randy's cock and then she guided it into her husband's ass. Randy lasted a little longer with Rick before he filled Rick's ass with his second load of the day. They finished off the morning with the two women each getting triple penetrated. Beth and Marie loved having three cocks in them at the same time so they took advantage of the situation.

Marie was first as she straddled her husband and lowered her pussy on his cock. Randy took her ass and Rick took her mouth. Marie had multiple orgasms before the guys came again. She loved feeling cum shoot into her three holes. Then it was Beth's turn and after a brief rest she lowered her pussy onto Rick's cock as she took Henri in her mouth and Randy in her ass. Beth too had multiple orgasms before her holes were cum filled.

The five of them were sexually sated and drained. They all took showers and then ventured down to the beach for some more nude sun bathing. They packed food and drinks into a cooler and chilled out on the beach until it was time for Randy, Rick and Beth to leave for home. There were hugs, kisses and thanks all around before they packed the car and headed home. It was another two hour drive and they were all tired.

As Rick, Beth and Randy drove home, Randy thought about what had transpired in the past four days. It had been quite a weekend as Randy had fucked his second female ass in two days. He had now become comfortable fucking good looking asses male or female but he knew that he still liked cock. He also liked getting blow jobs from Beth but he was not ready to fuck any pussy yet. Randy felt that he had gone as far as he would ever go with a woman. Randy fell into a deep sleep as he had no idea of what was in store for him with his neighbors.

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