tagGroup SexCabin #84

Cabin #84


'How was your nap, baby?' my boyfriend, Noah, says to me as I tug my robe around me and make my way down the stairs. I immediately notice the overall warmth from the roaring fire in the fireplace which also creates a very calming amber glow to the room. Sitting on the couch in nothing but his boxers and a t-shirt I sigh as I make my way over to him. Laying on the couch on my back, my head in his lap, I smile as he leans forward to kiss me.

Smoothing his hands under the folds of my robe he traces the curves of my thighs, over my hips and moves up to slide the light fabric aside on my silk cami top. It's easy for him to see how aroused he gets me; my nipples are fully erect and wanting attention. Cupping my breast with his hand, his thumb circling my nipple causes a moan of desire from deep within me.

Noah can barely whisper to me as he says 'Grace, I have missed you and you know I would like nothing more than to take you to the floor and make love to you right now but I need to tell you that I have another surprise for you'. I stare up at him in disbelief and say 'Noah, you've done enough. This cabin is beautiful, the lingerie is fantastic, I don't need anything else'.

My head is swimming with the idea that his surprises seem to never end. When I got home from work last night I found Noah in my living room, a small suitcase packed for me and instructions to change into comfortable clothes. After a 4 hour drive, stopping only for dinner, we arrived just before midnight. Noah and I had discussed taking a vacation together but I had no idea he had this all planned. After a week of not seeing each other it was definitely a nice surprise. However, I didn't realize the extent of his planning until I opened my suitcase earlier this morning and found it full of new clothes and lingerie...apparently he doesn't plan on us leaving the cabin all weekend which in my current state of contentment is fine with me.

I return my focus to Noah as he is reminding me of a conversation we had a couple months ago about having a third person join us. To that I add 'Noah, I don't want just anyone with us, I want someone we both like' and he tells me he found someone and he's pretty sure I'll like him. As if on cue there's a knock on the door. I flash Noah a questioning glance wondering how long he's held on to this little plan of his.

Sitting up to let Noah up off the couch he moves to answer the door. I take one look at the figure in the doorway and realize what Noah has done. Last night on our way to the cabin we stopped at a small roadside bar for dinner. During dinner I had commented to Noah that I thought the bartender was attractive, a bit young but certainly nice to look at. Noah obviously took that thought and ran with it. 'You were the bartender at the bar we stopped at last night' I said to our guest as I smiled with a mixture of embarrassment as well as heated desire.

I got up from the couch and moved over toward both men and Noah introduces me. 'Grace, this is Rob. Last night after dinner when you went out to the car, I had gone up to the bar and asked Rob if he had heard of this resort. I wanted to double check our directions before we continued our drive. Turns out he works as the caretaker of the resort for his great Aunt & Uncle during the winter months. I've talked to him about what we want; he's fully on board with it if you'll have him'.

As I listen to Noah I find myself eyeing Rob from head to toe, sizing him up. I'm guessing he's mid-twenties in age. His choice of clothing only hints at the broad shoulders giving way to a lean torso and slim hips. He is what some might call 'eye candy', that's for sure. Knowing Noah would not ask me to do something I was not comfortable with, I move over to Rob, now standing next to Noah and say to both men 'Let's go relax in the hot tub first' as I take Rob's hand to lead him upstairs.

I turn to look back at Noah and can see this new venture is a complete turn on for him. He's still standing in the same spot I left him however the growth underneath his boxers is a clear indication that he is definitely on board with this.

As I lead Rob through the master bedroom to the hot tub on the patio, I notice the bottle of Tequila is still in the cooler from last night and I reach for it. Noah has arrived, already stripped of his shirt and making fast progress with shedding his boxers. I remove my robe letting it fall in a pool of silk at my feet leaving me with nothing but a barely there cami top and matching boy short lace trimmed panties.

Noah moves in behind me, pressing himself up against me leaving no question in my mind as to how turned on he is. If I let him I'm sure he'd bend me over and ram his cock into my already warm and swollen pussy without hesitation. However I sense this experience with Rob means just as much to him as it will to me so I resist pushing back and grinding my hips into him, tempting him more than necessary.

Raising my cami top slowly over my breasts I raise my arms as Noah slides it off over my head. Running his fingertips under the lace waistband he then slowly lowers my panties to my feet, not missing the opportunity to run his warm hands down my thighs. As Rob is undressing he is watching the scene unfold before him with Noah and I. He might even be questioning his presence among us, however I glimpse a smile across his full lips and realize he's thoroughly enjoying the show.

As we all move in to the hot tub, Rob and Noah sit across from each other and I move over to Rob, facing him as I sit on his lap. I reach over for the bottle of Tequila and with a puzzled look on his face I say to Rob 'We have our own way of doing shots of Tequila but I think you'll enjoy it'. I instruct Rob to stick out his tongue and as I lightly shake salt on his tongue I take a swig from the Tequila bottle.

Immediately I move in to take Rob's tongue in my mouth, sucking all the salt off it while coaxing his tongue further into my mouth by moving in closer. Rob reaches around my hips to pull me into him, pressing me against him as I work on his tongue, both of us tasting the Tequila and salt between us.

I feel Noah move in closer behind me and he whispers in my ear 'This is so hot watching you with Rob' as he reaches around and cups my breasts exposed above the waterline, teasing my nipples with his fingertips. As I lean my head back while Noah kisses my neck, I can feel Rob teasing my thighs farther apart with firm hands. Sliding two fingers inside me, Rob is now expertly tempting my g-spot with his fingertip while his thumb works wonders on my throbbing clit underwater.

Small deep throated moans turn into racing gasps for breath as my body gets assaulted with pleasure by both Rob and Noah. With Noah being a very giving and experienced lover I have always been fully satisfied by him, but I have never had all my erotic hot spots tempted at once. Noah can sense I am on the edge of an orgasm, almost desperate for it to overtake me.

Turning my head to the side to face Noah, his mouth fully takes over mine in a very hungry kiss. Breaking away long enough to allow me to catch my breath, his words are the final straw to my body's resistance 'Cum for us baby, I want to hear you scream for me'. Unable to resist I give in to the waves of pleasure overtaking me, throw my head back, arch my back and cry out 'Oh god this is so good' as Rob continues to pleasure me to the end of my orgasm.

Nearly breathless, I slide off Rob's lap to regain my sanity and hear Noah ask Rob to move to the bedroom to wait for us. Rob climbs out of the hot tub and Noah moves over in front of me. Cradling my face in his hands he asks me 'Are you ready baby, do you think you can handle both of us?' with a devilish grin. I tell him I most certainly can handle them both and quite frankly look forward to it.

He helps me out of the hot tub and takes my hand as he leads me to the bedroom where Rob is waiting. Rob has made himself comfortable in the middle of the bed, propped up against the headboard with pillows behind his back, legs spread out on the bed, stroking himself while waiting for us. I move to the foot of the bed and climb up on the edge of the mattress, crawling toward Rob.

Noah has followed me onto the bed and I turn to him and say 'Babe, why don't you slide in next to us on the bed while I work on Rob's cock for a while'. Noah grins in agreement, moves to a position where he can get a good view and kneels on the bed to watch. Knowing this is already too much for him to sit idly by he begins working on himself, letting out a low moan as I move closer to Rob.

When I reach Rob I ask him if I can help him out by sucking on him as I reach one hand to feel how sensitive he is to having his balls played with. The slightest touch causes a gasp from Rob that can only be interpreted as need. Knowing he likes this is a bigger turn on for me. Kneeling between his spread legs I begin fondling, teasing and rubbing with one hand on his balls and move to support his very hard cock in the other hand.

Running my tongue at the very base of him all the way to the tip, circling the head, teasing with my lips and thoroughly coating his cock with the load of precum already formed on the tip, he is squirming on the bed. Placing both his hands on the back of my head he guides me closer to him and I offer no resistance. As my wet lips and full tongue slowly engulf him, taking in every inch of him he rolls his head back and says 'This is so fucking good, don't stop'.

Sparing a quick glance over at Noah I can see he is very aroused, still kneeling on the bed he has gotten out the bottle of lube and is now easily sliding his hand up and down his shaft, keeping himself fully ready for me. I continue working on Rob, backing off on my intensity when I sense he is getting close to his release which seems to be throwing him into a tailspin each time. I secretly question whether Rob has ever had a woman suck on him the way he's reacting.

After a few minutes of watching me pleasure Rob, I can tell Noah is getting impatient. He starts to move behind me as I continue to kneel in front of Rob and tells me "I want to fuck you while you suck Rob's cock right in front of me' and takes hold of my hips. Knowing Noah isn't one to take without any thought to my pleasure he begins rubbing his cock up against my ass, pulling me closer into him and grinding his hips against me.

Kneeling behind me he leans over my back, moving my hair off my neck and kissing me as he whispers 'Spread your legs Grace, I want to feel all of you'. As I spread my knees further apart, arching my back to fully expose my warm slit for him he groans his approval, leaning back to view what he knows is his. I can feel him take his own cock in his hands, moving it up and down the crack in my ass all the way down to my clit. He loves doing this and he knows it teases me to no end, leaving me begging for him to fill me.

With one hand he reaches around my waist, fingers moving toward my already wet pussy and spreads apart the smooth skin, working expertly on my clit which causes a gasp of pleasure, momentarily interrupting my concentration on Rob. Releasing Rob's wet cock from my mouth I throw my head back and beg for Noah to take me 'Please baby, I want you inside me now'. I hear a slight murmur from Noah and the next thing I feel is the tip of his cock barely entering my wet pussy.

I push my hips back into him hoping to speed along the feeling of him totally filling me and plunging deep inside me. When I'm not sure I can bear the suspense anymore he says to me 'You want it baby, like this?' and with one full push of his hips he has totally entered me from behind, putting his hand on the small of my back to steady himself as he thrusts farther and faster inside me.

The feeling of having Noah inside me, my pussy now thoroughly soaked from the lube that coated his cock, and his fingers flicking my clit toward orgasm is too much to bear. As I work the tip of Rob's cock with my tongue I keep my hand sliding up and down, getting him closer and closer to filling my hand with his hot cum. I can sense Rob is getting closer to release; his hips are moving up toward me, asking me to take him there.

With one more plunge into my mouth I can feel Rob's balls tighten, his cock pulses with pleasure as he begins to release. I finish him off with my hand, stroking him slowly as he begins shooting his juices all over my fingers and filling my hand with hot cum. He is calling out to me 'Oh yes Grace, god this feels so good' as his body slowly descends from the height of his pleasure.

Both hands now free from Rob I steady myself for Noah, gripping the blanket on the bed, sensing he is turned on to the fullest extent by sharing me with another man. Looking up at Rob still on the bed in front of me, barely a breath away in distance his eyes meet mine and he says 'Let me watch you while you cum for Noah, let me see him fuck you' and moves in to kiss me hard, demanding my tongue in his mouth as he sucks on it.

I can barely breathe as Noah continues to get me closer and closer to an immense orgasm. Rocking with the intensity of Noah ramming me from behind I tell him I am close, begging him not to stop. Spreading my knees further apart, leaning back into Noah and giving Noah's fingers the fullest access to that sweet target of orgasm I cry out 'Noah, don't stop, fuck me while I cum on your cock', my body now convulsing from the pulses deep inside me.

Noah continues plunging deep inside me as my wetness surrounds his cock; he slows down just enough to feel my pussy tightening around him with every wave of my orgasm. Feeling my body giving in to his he moves both hands to my hips Noah calls out to me 'Oh god Grace, god you are so good to me' as he slides faster and harder inside me. Matching his rhythm as he fucks me from behind I can feel his grip tighten on my hips, shooting his warmth deep inside me. With a low groan of satisfaction Noah leans forward and kisses my shoulders as he remains inside me until able to catch his breath.

The three of us, now fully satisfied, lounge on the bed making small talk. Seems a bit odd to be asking Rob personal questions after what we've just shared but it's interesting to hear about the work he does at the resort. Noah gets up to get us all some wine and when he returns I pull him in close for a kiss as he sits next to me. Noah smiles and says to me 'Grace, I have another surprise. I didn't just rent this cabin for the weekend; I leased it for the entire season. We can come here whenever we want' as his gaze moves over to Rob.

Knowing what Noah is implying I turn to Rob and smile a very delicious smile at him.

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