tagLoving WivesCabin Fever

Cabin Fever


We met Samantha and Jerry a few months before we went to their cabin. We had had friends throughout our marriage but no one we really felt we could let go with, something we always wanted. So when we met them at the golf club it was a dream come true. We jumped into it like a 45-year-old bachelor going after a sexy college girl.

They liked to read and go to the movies, they liked to discuss and debate, and they enjoyed playing games. They were both intelligent and fun. They were passionate about things including politics and religion in a nonconfrontational way. They were not only respectful of our opinions but sought them out.

They were also both attractive like us. My wife Tracy was well built with dark hair while Samantha was a thinner blond with a smaller bust. I was tall and athletic, while Jerry had more of a high-school football player's build.

We arranged another golf date and went out for a bite to eat afterwards. Later they invited us to a dinner and a movie. We started going over to each others houses, we got the kids together, we played games, we got drunk together.

I thought Samantha was sexy. I have been faithful to Tracy through our twenty years of marriage, and I have had no reason to think she has been any different. She let me know before we were engaged that infidelity was a deal breaker. She reminded me every so often that if I ever did anything she might stay with me but she would make sure I regretted it.

That wasn't a problem because I felt similarly. That didn't mean I didn't fantasize about other women, sometimes during sex with Tracy, but I never took it any farther than occasional harmless flirting. As we got to know Jerry and Samantha better, the flirting slowly grew, not just between Samantha and me, but also between Tracy and Jerry.

Sex came up often in our conversations. There was an unspoken attraction we had for each other. I knew Tracy would have spent time with Jerry under different circumstances. But we all valued our marriages and our friendship so there nothing more than flirting..This seemed to affect both Tracy and me similarly. We would often come home after a night with them and fuck like we did during our first year together..

Jerry and Sam had a lake house. They invited us for a long Holiday weekend and we didn't hesitate to say yes. It was a couple of hours away, so when they offered to take us in their van, we thought that would be more fun too.

The van was over sized, more like a mini-RV. The front seats were conventional, but the back had shag carpeting, captains chairs, an entertainment system, refrigerator, fold-out table plus. Jerry had done a lot of the interior himself – he was good with wiring and had helped us set up our entertainment room in our house.

The other remarkable thing about the van was it was so quiet. Jerry could talk in a normal voice in the front, and Tracy could hear him clearly in the back when about an hour into the trip he told Samantha she should break out the drinks. She opened one of the cabinets which turned out to be a mini-bar and asked us if Margarita's were OK.

"It's after 5 o'clock somewhere" I said. She poured the ingredients into the blender and served us our drinks. Jerry didn't drink because 'he was driving', but I noticed later he had a silver spill-proof cup he was sipping from, and I was sure it wasn't coffee.

We were all feeling pretty good by the time we pulled up to their cabin. It was in a secluded clearing over-looking a good-sized lake. It was a place I'd love to have. It was a cool fall day. We unloaded the car while Jerry and Samantha got the heat going in the house and the Jacuzzi.

Another thing we shared besides liking to play games is that we liked to cook and eat. Jerry and Tracy were the chefs of the couples as they had shown the last few times we had gotten together, but this time we were all helping out. Tracy and Jerry had discussed home-made spaghetti sauce and they decided to collaborate on this while Sam and I took care of the bread and salad. I also took care of the most important thing – opening up the wine. The usual flirting went on along with more touching than usual because it was crowded

We enjoyed ourselves and drank our wine and ate our meal and talked about the sensuality of food, and that brought us around to sex. Eventually Jerry asked us what the strangest thing was that had happened to us as a couple. I hesitated, but Tracy was feeling good and she agreed to tell Jerry and Samantha if they would tell us theirs.

"Shortly after we were married when we were staying at a hotel. We had gone down for cocktails and were really horny and messing around in the elevator on the way up. We went to our room and tore off our clothes. Rick couldn't wait for the bed, he put me up on the table and fucked me against the wall. I was loud and I knew I was bothering the neighbors but I didn't care.

"When we were finished we heard a noise from the bed. Our eyes had adjusted to the dark and we saw there was a couple in our bed watching us. When we looked around we realized it wasn't our bed because we had gone into the wrong room, which our keycard had somehow unlocked. We grabbed our clothes and exited quickly, hurrying next door to our room half naked and jumping into bed to finish where we left off. When we were finished we could hear the couple next door going at it.

"We checked out very early the next morning"

That was one of my favorite fantasy-memories.

Jerry carried out his part of the bargain.

"Before we were married we were good friends with another couple. We used to do things together, and we often heard each other making love. One night we got drunk together and started talking about sex. We decided to play strip poker. The couple who lost their clothes first would have sex while the other couple got to watch. Samantha and I won. We watched our friends for a few minutes but were so turned on watching them that we didn't wait for them to finish before we were going at it."

I filed this away in my fantasy file. My cock was half hard.

It was getting late and we were all aroused. We made our excuses, said good night, and headed to our neighboring bedrooms.

Tracy and I took off our clothes and jumped into bed. We were both turned on and we both knew the other one was too. We kissed passionately and then I went down on her. I fantasized about watching Jerry and Samantha as I licked Tracy. We were going to be here two more night and the way things were going maybe something wild would happen.

Her orgasm caught me off guard. She usually takes close to a half hour but it seemed like only two minutes before I felt her pelvic muscles contract and heave and heard her gasp and then scream into the pillow she put in her mouth to stifle her cries.

When she was done I climbed up on her quickly and I was a piston, ramming her hard and rapidly. It was not long before I was chewing on a pillow too. It was one of our quickest sessions ever. I was hoping there might be a second round, something that I hadn't felt up to for a while, but as my body subsided my brain started to too. I knew Tracy would like more but she accepted my limitations and curled up in my arms. She was used to it.

I was starting to drift off when we heard noises from next door. It started slowly at first. We could hear small cries from Samantha. They were different from Tracy's and at first I thought something was wrong, but the look on Tracy's face told me she didn't agree, and as Samantha got louder I smiled back at Tracy and said, "I guess she's not using a pillow."

Their bed was thumping against our wall. Samantha started screaming with pleasure and it seemed to last forever.

"No, I guess not"

Soon we heard her start the rhythmic moans again, and then we heard the bed moving again in rhythm with Jerry. We lay there listening and imagining. I saw Samantha in my mind, lying on the bed with her legs spread and knees bent in front of her and to the side, while Jerry was between them, moving up and down and in and out, and in no time I felt myself getting stiff. Tracy reached over and felt my cock, and when she realized it was hard she opened up to each me. We locked mouths and were at it again in no time.

Because I had already come once, I was lasting a lot longer this time. Tracy was really getting into this and she was enjoying it like crazy. Usually the only way I can make her come is through oral sex, but this time was different. She is usually quiet if she thinks anyone can hear us, but she either forgot that there were people next door or she didn't care. She wasn't focusing on me like usual. She yelled and screamed as she climaxed and then she was encouraging me to keep going. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it again, but her vocal urgings and the sight of her face and the animal look she gave me fired me up, and then I imagined it was Samantha underneath me and I pounded her until we both came loudly together.

We collapsed against each other, both sated. As I was drifting off, I heard Jerry and Samantha starting up again. I just lay there cuddling with Tracy.

"God damn, Jerry must be a fucking machine," I heard Tracy say.

I felt her sliding under the covers and then she was waking me up kissing my cock, her hands roaming to my nipples. I resecutated quickly. She lifted her mouth off of me, climbed over me, and then squated down on my cock.

I watched her intensity as she fucked me. She was staring into space – or into her fantasy. I watched my cock being disappearing into her cunt and then emerging again. I watched her perfect breasts and hard nipples swaying above me. I heard the bed banging against the wall next door and then the wall started shaking and Samantha started going off for what seemed like forever and I couldn't hold back much longer. Then Jerry was going too and Tracy's expression changed and she yelled at the top of her lungs as she bounced on my crotch. I mustered the strength to meet her thrusts and then I was coming long and hard. As I drifted off I was still imagining Samantha in my head.

As I gradually awoke the next morning I became aware of how well I slept and how great I felt. I became aware that I had a raging hard-on. I turned to Tracy, but she was sleeping like a dead person. I debated waking her but knew better. I lay in bed for a few minutes thinking about last night and hoping Tracy would wake up but she didn't move.

I heard noises in the kitchen. I needed some coffee and bladder relief. I pulled on some gym shorts and tucked my now rigid cock upward with the head pinned by the waist band. I pulled a large T-shirt over my head and let it drape over my pants..

As I quietly left the room, I glimpsed Samantha in the kitchen. She was facing away from me wearing a modest pullover nightgown that came down to the top of her knees. I could see her ass cheeks outlined on the back. I flashed back to last night and imagined her naked and coming. I briefly imagined myself transported behind her, lifting her gown...

I had never been seriously attracted to anyone else since Tracy and I had married, but something about Samantha that morning stirred me inside. I felt the blood flowing to my groin keeping me hard..

I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, pushing my hard cock down and tucking it under the bottom of the seat to keep the pee in the bowl. It took longer than usual to pee that way. After I washed my hands I washed my groin with cold water but it didn't do much good. I brushed my teeth to stall for time and then gave up and tucked my cock in my waistband again.

As soon as I opened the bathroom door I noticed wonderful smells coming from the kitchen that I had not noticed earleir. Tracy and I both believed that good sex heightened all the senses and made food taste so much better. We often had an afternoon delight before going out to eat.

I walked quietly back towards our bedroom to wake Tracy for some morning delight. I was going to sneak under the bottom of the covers and slowly lick my way up her legs to her pussy to wake her up in our favorite way.

"Want some tea?"

I almost jumped. Samantha had turned around and caught me. I stopped and looked over at her. Something in her eyes made me forget all about Tracy.

The kitchen had wraparound cabinets on two sides and a breakfast bar on the other. Samantha was inside of it at the stove. I had a sudden impulse to go to her, kiss her strongly on her open mouth, life up her nightgown, sit her on the breakfast bar and fuck her. Instead I moved up against the outside of the bar to hide my growing erection.

"That sounds nice."

Our eyes met for an instant and I felt her look inside my head and read my brain. There was something extra in her smile as we said good morning to each other. She offered me some toast while she finished the breakfast. Each time she looked at me the tractor beam in her eyes grew stronger.

"Rick, could you reach this bowl for me?" she asked, looking up at the top shelf of one of the cabinets. There was a green glass bowl on the top shelf.

I couldn't think of any way out of it. I thought my T-shirt would cover my bulging shorts, but I wasn't sure. I waited a moment for Samantha to turn away and then angled my body as I came around to the inside of the bar.

I went to the open cupboard. As I reached up for the bowl I felt my T-shirt riding up. Samantha turned back around . Her eyes glanced down to my crotch and the fully exposed outline of my semi-hardness, my cockhead peeking out of the top of my briefs. She opened her mouth to speak but then closed it again. She let her eyes communicate everything.

Before I thought about what I was doing, I set the bowl down, stepped over to her and kissed her full on the mouth while pinning her to me, pushing my growing hardness against her groin. She gasped and then relaxed into me. My tongue snaked into her mouth where it was met by hers..

The emergency brake in my brain caught up to my impulse and I released her, hoping she would be willing to forgive and forget.

Samantha didn't. She clutched me, then reached around with one hand to pull my face back to hers. I was paralyzed mentally but my mouth opened up to receive her invading tongue. I felt her other hand reach inside my shorts and firmly grasp my cock It grew two sizes that day. She disengaged, slid to her knees, ripped down my shorts, and thrust my cock in her mouth like someone breaking a fast.

My paralysis broke, my pent up energy released and. I was out of control. I loved the feeling and was a glutton for more. I grabbed her under the shoulders, pulled her to her feet, and turned her around so she was facing the counter. Hiking up her night gown I reached between her legs and felt her juices cover my hand.

I spread her pussy with my fingers and guided my solid cock into her from behind, lifting her off the floor. I slipped my other hand up the front of her night gown, centering my palm on her stiff nipples and massaging her breasts. She turned her head towards me and I locked on to her mouth once more.

She turned back and put her hands against the cabinets for leverage. I took my free hand and pinned her wrists there.

I felt every millimeter of her pussy with every inch of my cock as I slowly but firmly rammed into her, momentarily lifting her off the floor, and withdrew for another stroke. I wished I could freeze this moment in time. I momentarily thought about Jerry or Tracy emerging from one of the bedrooms but the pleasure of Sam's pussy, her breasts, her tongue and lips, my stomach against her round ass overwhelmed me and pushed everything else out of my head.

It lasted forever and was over in a moment.

After only nine or ten strokes I felt her pussy clench and then spasm. My balls tightened . Time crawled. I went into hyper drive, my sperm coursing up through my penis erupting out shooting deep into her pussy. My cock convulsed, reloaded and spasmed into her again and again.

Sam shuddered violently. I put my forearm over her mouth and she bit down on it to stifle herself while I buried my mouth in the back of her nightgown to muffle my muted cries as I continued to pump her.

I felt her jaw release and as I slowed down.

After a few seconds of afterglow Sam quickly disengaged from me and moved to the stove to rescue the food. As I was figuring out what to say I staggered back. I felt my side push something and then there was a crack as the bowl slipped off the counter and fell to the floor next to me.

The sound I heard next was that of my life shattering, though I did not know it then. The Little Death I had just experienced was suicide.

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