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Cabin Fever


The drive up from the city had been uneventful, but the dirt road leading back to the secluded cabin was a welcome sight nonetheless. The thick mix of pines and hardwoods made even a glimpse of the cozy log house impossible at this time of year. Although it was early fall, the foliage was still abundant, the days warm, but the nights cool and delicious.

As we rounded the last bend in the long drive, a wisp of smoke from the stone chimney, and the car parked outside the cottage, told us that our friends Carrie and Jonathon had already arrived. Jan had known Carrie since their days together in college, but Jonathon was relatively new to us. The two of them had been dating only a couple of months, and we had seen little of them during that time period.

As I went to step out of the car, Jan placed her hand on my arm and said, "Ben, I just want you to know that things have been a bit tough between Carrie and Jonathon the last couple of weeks, so things may be a little tense. They made need a little space, or Carrie and I may have to go for a long walk or two. Hopefully, things will be OK and we can all just relax, unwind, and enjoy this beautiful weekend!"

We grabbed the suitcase and walked in the door just as Carrie was about to plop down in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine. She sat it down, bounced across the floor, kissed me on the cheek, and threw her arms around Jan. "Where's Jon?" I asked. There was an awkward moment of silence, followed by Carrie's explanation that he was not coming. "Things have been pretty bad," she confided. "I'm not sure what the problem is, but we have not been getting along at all. I haven't heard from him since Monday afternoon."

There was a tear in Carrie's eye, and the last couple of words were a bit choked. Jan wrapped her arms around her friend and walked her over to the sofa in front of the fireplace, handing her the glass of wine, and dropping down into the cushions next to her. "Pour me a glass, will you, Hon? In fact, bring the bottle. Carrie's glass is already half empty." I grabbed two glasses, poured some wine into each, and carried them out to the great room, handing one to Jan and sitting the other one on the floor next to the rocking chair by the fireplace. I went back for the bottle, put it down by the girls, and slid into the rocker with my glass of wine.

In reality, I was trying to give the two of them some space to talk without my interrupting, but I sensed my presence was still getting in the way. "How about if I go and throw dinner together for us? You two can just sit and talk, but this will cost you. I cook, you clean up!" They nodded agreement, so I headed off for the kitchen. I tossed a salad for each of us, and then went out on the porch to put a couple of steaks on the grill.

Soon, dinner was ready, and the three of us ate voraciously. The girls had finished off the bottle of wine, so I uncorked another one, and the three of us sat and ate and talked, even laughed a bit. By, the end of the meal, Carrie seemed to be in better spirits, although I guessed the wine was contributing to her more relaxed demeanor. Around 9 PM we all decided to get ready for bed and then relax around the fire.

I threw a couple of fresh pieces of wood on the fire, and then headed back into the bedroom to change. "How's Carrie holding out?" I asked.

"She's OK," replied Jan, "but emotional. I think she knows she's better off without Jonathan, but right now it still hurts." Jan had changed into a very short nightgown and matching bikini panties. It was nearly sheer, but since only Carrie was with us, I just decided to enjoy the view. I slid on a pair of sleep pants and a t-shirt and headed back to the fireplace. We half sat, half reclined on the rug by the fireplace and nursed the wine, leaning on the over-sized pillows that were there for just that purpose. It was dark outside, and the flames from the fire and a few candles were all that lit the comfortable room.

Carrie joined us a few minutes later, and, when she did, I got an eyeful I wasn't expecting. Her nightgown was even sheerer than Jan's! Because it was longer, she had not bothered with panties, and I could readily see her cunt, even in the dim light. Her breasts were incredible. I had never seen Carrie other than fully dressed, and apparently her clothing concealed an incredible body! I glanced over at Jan to see if she was upset, but she seemed almost not to notice, so I kept my mouth shut and let my eyes soak up the scenery.

It was obvious that both girls were more than a little drunk. Giggles were frequent, hugs were many, and I was having the time of my life. Jan and I were straight shooters, and our relationship was monogamous, so this was really different for us. Here I was, "stuck" with two extremely attractive, very much exposed women who seemed oblivious to the fact that they were presenting my eyes with a real feast. I was feeling the sharp stirring of my cock, and I moved over closer to Jan where I could put my arm around her, let my hand occasionally brush against her thigh or her ass, kiss her neck, and otherwise try to get her stirred up. I noticed Jan's nipples had become erect, and she was having more difficulty pretending that I was not getting to her. But the fire was burning down, it was getting late, and my cock was getting harder. Too much longer and Carrie would be getting an eyeful of her own! I was grateful for the low light conditions.

We got up to say goodnight. We both gave Carrie a kiss (did I feel her tongue for just an instant or was my imagination running away with me?) and headed for our bedroom. Apparently, Carrie had noticed more than I had realized because as we opened the door to our room, she called out, "Are you two just going to leave me out here alone to masturbate?" Her look was more than a bit wanton, but, as I said before, Jan and I were straight shooters, and I just attributed Carrie's remark to the wine and some longing left over for Jonathon.

We went into our bedroom and closed the door. I was really aroused, but I had to head back to the bathroom for a minute. I took off my sleep pants and shirt, washed my cock, and then headed back to the bedroom. To my delight, Jan was waiting for me. She had put one of the large floor pillows next to the bed, slipped on a pair of spiked heels, opened up her nightgown, pulling it back to expose her breasts, and was kneeling on the pillow. Apparently I had gotten to her, and her nipples were as hard as rocks, sticking well out from her areoles. Her fingers were dangling just an inch from her cunt, and she looked at me invitingly. "I want that cock of yours, right now. Get over here." She didn't have to ask twice. The sight of her kneeling on that pillow had given me all the extra stimulation I needed, leaving my cock hard and long.

I walked over in front of her, and she took in nearly the whole thing in one gulp. She kept me deep in her mouth for a minute, but then began to lick up and down my cock, like it was an ice cream cone. She licked my balls, and time after time took my cock all the way into her throat. It was the most incredible blow job I had ever had in my life.

I knew if we kept up at that pace I wouldn't last too much longer, so I pulled out of her mouth, and said, "You're a bad girl. You're trying to make me cum way too soon. I'm afraid I'm going to have to spank you!" Her eyes lit up. She quickly pulled off the nightgown, slid out of her panties, and bent over at the foot of the bed, offering her lovely ass to me to do with as I wished. She still had the heels on, and the view of the heels leading up to her legs and eventually to her ass was fantastic. I came around next to her and gently ran my hand over both cheeks. She was squirming, and begging me to spank her. I raised my hand and smacked her sharply on the right cheek. She yelped and flinched, but she wanted more. For the next two minutes I alternated between cheeks, occasionally rubbing them between smacks. Her ass was beginning to get red and tender, so I gave her one more, good hard smack on each cheek, turned her around, and pushed her down on her back on the bed.

Jan spread her legs and lifted her feet high for me, giving me a great view of her cunt. We keep her hair trimmed very short, and her bikini area totally free of hair, so I could hardly wait to get her cunt in my mouth. I got in close, and I could almost taste it already. I kissed and licked her thighs, and occasionally her cunt lips, but she begged me to eat her. Finally, she could no longer stand it. She reached out, grabbed my head, and pulled my face right into her cunt. I did not need much encouragement. I licked her all over until she was soaking wet, and then I began my assault on her clit. My tongue raced back and forth over her, and she started to writhe under its touch. Spanking always seems to make Jan cum faster, and this night was no exception. The first spasm lifted her ass right off the bed. Two more orgasms came in quick succession, and then she was ready for me to stuff my cock into her cunt.

I lay on my back on the bed, and Jan came over top of me, straddling my cock, but facing away from me toward the bedroom door. She stayed up high, squatted over me, grabbed my cock, and then impaled herself on it. She let out a groan as she took it all the way in, and started pumping up and down on my extremely stiff rod. Her hands were behind her to give her some balance, her knees bent up in front of her as she flew up and down my shaft.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened, and I could see Carrie's silhouette in the doorway. We had assumed she had gone to sleep, especially given the amount of wine she had drunk. I don't know if we were simply making more noise than we realized, or if she had just been unable to sleep, but there she was. There wasn't much light, but I was absolutely certain she was naked. She closed the door behind her and moved toward the bed. For just a second I had the urge to stop and pull a sheet over us, but Jan hardly seemed to notice Carrie's presence, and she continued moving her cunt up and down on my cock. She had to be able to see Carrie, but it was not even slowing her down! Carrie came up on the bed with us and pushed Jan over backward, the result being Jan was now lying on her back on my chest. Jan's legs flew up in the air, and I could see the heels suspended in mid-air above us. I am not sure how I managed to keep my cock in her, but I continued to pump in and out of her. There was a slight pause, and, in the dark, it looked to me as though Carrie was uncertain what she wanted to do. But, her head quickly dropped between Jan's legs, and her tongue sought out Jan's clit, hungrily. She alternated between licking Jan's cunt, and licking my balls, sometimes managing to do both with one long lick.

I still was not sure what to expect. Like most men, I had often fantasized about being with two hot women at the same time, but it had never happened before. Given the position we were in at the moment, Carrie was pretty much in charge anyway, so I decided to just "go with the flow," and see what direction Carrie would take us.

I was soon to find out, and that is a good thing because I knew I would not be able to hold on much longer. I felt Jan beginning to squirm, meaning she was on the verge of an orgasm. She came hard and fast, and a second orgasm followed in just a few seconds. She was totally spent. Apparently sensing that, Carrie grabbed my cock and literally yanked it out of Jan's cunt. I was dripping with Jan's cum, but that just seemed to turn Carrie on all the more. She bent over my cock and pulled it deep into her mouth and what felt like halfway down her throat. I still had Jan lying on my chest, and I was pulling on her erect nipples while Carrie jammed my cock down her throat. It was beyond my wildest dreams. I never felt anything like that before, and I knew I was about to explode. I tried to warn Carrie, but she simply picked up her pace, and I exploded with what felt like a gallon of cum right into her mouth. She pulled back from my cock, and got up on her knees, her hand diving between her own legs, and she quickly exploded with her own orgasm. She had made all three of us cum! It was phenomenal.

The three of us fell into each others' arms, and were soon soundly asleep.


I was the first one awake the next morning. I slid out from between the two girls, and it hit me for the first time that the entire experience had been real. With the wine, the low light, and sex that was way outside of our usual parameters, the whole experience seemed almost surrealistic, more of a dream than reality. But with the sun streaming in the window, and the sight of the two lovely, naked women in the bed, I knew that it had been real.

I shaved, jumped in the shower, pulled on a light weight robe, and headed out to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. I noticed on my way through the bedroom that the two girls had snuggled up to each other, but were again sound asleep. The freshly brewing coffee smelled wonderful, and I figured the aroma would soon rouse Jan and Carrie from their sleep.

I poured myself a cup and stepped out onto the porch. It was about 8 AM, and the morning was delightfully cool, although comfortable enough so stay out there and enjoy the view of the nearby beaver pond. I heard the door open behind me, and soon Carrie was at my side with her own cup of coffee in hand. She had obviously just stepped out of the shower as her hair was still wet and hanging down onto her shoulders. But what I noticed most was that she was still naked. Although there was no chance of anyone seeing us from the road, it still startled me to see her standing there that way, breasts full and firm, legs slightly parted, cunt fully in view. My cock twitched hard enough that I actually saw my robe move.

"Good morning!" I said. She just smiled, moved a bit closer, reached over and took my hand in hers, pulling it over so it rested lightly against her right thigh. "Thanks for last night," she whispered. "You and Jan have always been so close to me, and I really love you both. It was great!' I smiled and squeezed her hand. I was trying to search for something to special to say, but the door opening again spared me the need to do so. Jan had not even bothered to dry after her shower, and was just standing there naked with a towel over her shoulders. They both looked fantastic, and it was becoming clear to me that last night was, hopefully, just the first night of what was to be an incredible weekend.

"Dry my back, would you?" She flipped the towel to Carrie who lovingly dried not only her back, but the rest of her as well.

My cock was starting to stick out of my robe, and my mind began to race as to the possibilities of where things might go from here. Jan spoke first. "Are you going to keep the two of us waiting all morning?" Jan grabbed my hand, and Carrie grabbed my cock, and they led me back to the bedroom where they promptly relieved me of my robe. There were already two pillows on the floor, and each of them quickly knelt on one. They turned to each other and kissed, shoving their tongues down each other throats before turning to me with wanton looks in their eyes. "Come here, Ben," cooed Jan. She gently kissed the end of my cock, and then ran her tongue up and down it several times, finally sucking me deep into her mouth. She took my cock out of her mouth and matter-of-factly handed it to Carrie who eagerly tried to outdo what Jan had already done. They alternated sucking me off, and then pushed me back on the edge of the bed. Jan took my balls in her mouth and sucked them while Carrie lovingly licked and sucked my cock. They would stop occasionally to change responsibilities, kissing each other in between. I wanted to touch them and start giving them the pleasure that they were giving me, but they were having none of that this morning. "This one's just for you."

They started to lick up opposite sides of my cock at the same time, their tongues meeting and touching briefly at the end of each lick. I was starting to ache, and I knew it would not be long until this was over for me. The two of them looked at each other and seemed to sense that the end was near. As if by some prearranged agreement, Carrie's mouth went for my balls while Jan wrapped her mouth around my now throbbing cock. The cum exploded out of my cock and ran down Jan's chin. She smiled, swallowed, and ran off to the bathroom to wash her face. Carrie licked up the rest of the cum that seeped out of my cock and made sure that there was not a drop left before she ran off to the bathroom as well.

We all freshened up and got dressed. I cooked a huge breakfast for all of us, and the girls cleaned up the dishes afterward. We drove to a nearby town for the afternoon, shopping in the quaint stores, walking along brick sidewalks, and just enjoying the day. Although I knew nobody there could possibly have known that had been going on out at the cottage, I was intensely aware that I had made love to both of these beautiful women, and I was now out and about while other men, I imagined, were envying me. Just thoughts of what had already happened made my cock twitch every now and again, and I found myself forced to think about something else before everybody walking down the sidewalk noticed that I was aroused.

We got back to the cabin in the late afternoon. I grabbed a beer, went out on the porch, put my feet up, and just let the warm afternoon soak into me. Jan and Carrie came out and told me they were going for a walk and would be back before dinner. I went into that state of being half asleep and half awake, but all I could "dream" about was these two incredible women. I ended up with a hard-on that brought me fully awake, just in time to see the two girls walking up the road, talking softly to each other, smiling, and holding hands.

I still had the hard on when they came up onto the porch. "Naughty boy," said Carrie, "but that will have to wait."

"Go get a cold shower," quipped Jan. "The women are cooking tonight, but, as you said last night, you get to do the dishes!"

I jumped in the shower, and by the time I got out I could smell the shrimp and pasta. The wine glasses were full, as were the plates, and we wasted no time delving into a delicious meal. We killed one bottle of wine and were most of the way through the second one when Carrie excused herself, indicating she wanted to go rest for a bit before the evening "warmed up." Jan and I found ourselves alone for the first time since we had arrived and the incredible sex had started.

"I had no idea we would ever....that we could......that you would even think about being with a woman.....that...." Jan put her finger to my lips, and said, "Shhhh. Just go with it and enjoy it. This will probably never happen again, but it will be something the three of us will remember forever! Let me go get changed. Carrie will probably be out in a few minutes. Have some more wine, my love." She kissed me and headed off to our room.

I washed up the dishes, lit the fire, and turned off all the lights except for an old hurricane lamp that sat on the kitchen table. The ice bucket was nearby with a fresh bottle of wine, and three glasses sat ready for us. We had not had nearly so much to drink this evening as the previous night. I suspected that none of us would need it for an excuse tonight, but we would still enjoy the wine, I was sure.

Our bedroom door opened first, and Jan came to join me by the fire. Although I had seen Jan naked or in lingerie countless times, she still sometimes took my breath away, and this was one of those occasions. She was wearing thigh-high red stockings, and red, spiked high heels that were at least four inches high, accentuating the shape of her legs. A sheer red bra stood in sharp contrast to her dark brown, nearly black hair, and a matching pair of split crotch panties rounded out her ensemble. I could feel my cock pressing against my khakis, and all she had done was enter the room! She came over to me, kissed me lovingly, putting her tongue down my throat. She reached down and let her hand brush against my cock through my pants. She smiled. "Not yet."

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