tagIncest/TabooCabin Fever Ch. 03

Cabin Fever Ch. 03


A reader suggested the basic idea for this story and it fit quite nicely with this series -- so sending thanks to sweetallis and hoping she enjoys seeing it here! -- BrettJ


"Who was that on the phone, Andreya?"

Andreya walked into the Living Room from the kitchen. She had been cleaning up after dinner when the phone had rung. She'd been on it a long time and Nat Stevens was curious as to who'd occupied so much of her time.

"That was Alex. Claire and Gina have gone to the Cabin with Claire's brother, Brent. You know my brother -- he and the outdoors are not a good fit -- so he asked if he could come and visit us for a few days. I don't have any pending cases and I know you aren't busy, so I told him it would be fine."

"Sure, that's fine. Alex is a good egg." Nat sighed -- actually, he thought his brother-in-law could be a pompous, overbearing stuffed shirt, but Andreya adored him anyway, so he made the best of it. At least he wasn't coming tonight -- he needed to relax after a difficult week and it was Game Night tonight.

A little over two years ago, Nathaniel Stevens put his foot down. His family were turning into a bunch of TV junkies -- or video junkies -- and he thought that at times, their brains were turning to Pablum. He decided that one night a week would be a family night with no TV on and they would spend it together. They usually spent that night playing games, from Monopoly to Pictionary to Trivial Pursuit, the game in which his lawyer-wife Andreya usually kicked all their butts. It had worked out fine, until just recently.

His son, Jacob, had found himself a regular girlfriend and began spending Saturday and Sunday evenings with her, so it had left Nathaniel with his wife and their twin, 19-year old daughters, Cynthia and Patricia, or "Sin" and "Trish".

Sometimes they continued to play games as a foursome, at other times, the girls had dates and that left just Nathaniel and Andreya alone. Andreya had always been good with games and puzzles in her youth, so she began doing those -- Crosswords and Suddoku becoming recent favorites. Nathaniel decided he'd begin to work on art or writing again and also took up the guitar after many years of not playing. The TV ban was only lifted for special occasions or news events, no one seemed to object.

The girls had been dating twins, Winslow and Wallace -- "Win" and "Wally" -- and all had seemed a-okay until about 3 months ago, when the girls had come home in near-hysterical tears. It seemed the two college-age boys had found another set of twins and his girls found out about it by catching the boys and the other set in the act. They were in tears as their father hugged them both close. How could any man with a brain not see how special his darling angels were? "Sin" was bright, articulate and could discuss any subject with knowledge and depth, her father was certain she'd likely be a lawyer some day. "Trish" loved the outdoors, dealing with people, helping others -- she would either work in some recreational field or the Hospitality industry.

It didn't hurt that his girls were tall, long-legged, blonde beauties with dazzling blue eyes and sexy little wiggles to their walk, the polar opposites of his tiny, petite brunette wife. Andy kept to herself and enjoyed her solitude; both his girls were social butterflies with lots of friends.

It broke Nathaniel's heart to see the girls so upset and he didn't mind their cuddling so close while his wife mucked about the house. What was hard to deal with was the fact he was getting incredibly turned on by having these two bundles of sexy, blonde girl-flesh sitting so close and wearing only skimpy blouses, short skirts and high heels. He was getting a hard-on, Nathaniel knew it was wrong, but he was sure it'd be okay and the girls likely wouldn't notice.

Nathaniel was wrong -- it wasn't okay and the girls did notice.

He was unaware that his naughty twins had been playing bi-sexual games for quite some time now. Unaware that the girls sometimes switched boyfriends or that they both wanted to sleep with their father and do all sorts of un-daughterly things with him.

Synthia didn't even give Nathaniel a chance to think. She just swooped in, unzipped his fly and sucked his cock while her twin got naked and rubbed her slim body all over him. The girls didn't give Nathaniel a chance to think, a chance to resist -- they just fucked and sucked and made him their sex-toy right there and then.

That was the beginning of his clandestine affair with the girls. Only the girls, never one without the other, that just wouldn't do. He told them a few times they shouldn't be doing this; the inevitable answer was always raised eyebrows and the response "Why not?"

He tried to reason that their mother would be upset, that incest was wrong, but his ingenious little nymphs just kept drawing him in to their web of perversion and sexuality. Nathaniel was a goner -- a little shot of thong, a high-heeled glimpse of leg and he knew that when their mother was gone on an errand or otherwise distracted, he'd be screwing their gorgeous asses off.

Tonight, the girls had wanted to play cards, Andreya had wanted to work on a large Crossword, so she had retreated to the Living Room while Nathaniel and the girls had gone into the nearby Den. The girls put the stereo on, softly enough they could hear anyone nearby, but loud enough to cover up their card game -- Strip Poker, Trish had suggested naughtily. The girls lost as fast as they could and were now engaged in a frenzied sixty-nine to get their father all revved up for a heated fucking.

"Daddy's girl," came Andreya's voice from the Living Room. Nathaniel and the girls had no idea what she was talking about until they reasoned out she was likely asking for assistance with clues from her Crossword.

"Cumslut," Sin giggled, lifting her face from her sister's dripping snatch. Trish bit her finger to keep from laughing and saw the expression on her father's face.

Nathaniel's face screwed up and then he called out "Annie!" There was a quiet before Andreya's voice yelled out "It fits! Thank you, hon!"

Nathaniel felt Trish's talented hands rubbing all over his chest. No one gave a massage like Trish or knew how to use their hands this well. She had a gentle, deft touch and knew just where to touch him to get him stirring. Her hands were undressing him on top while her twin, now working on his belt buckle, was teasing him down below. These weren't exactly the kind of games he had planned on all those months ago, but they certainly had brought him and the girls much closer together.

Sin was teasing her sister now -- her long tongue was licking all the way up her twin's legs while Trish moved down and took Nathaniel's shaft into her mouth. Trish loved her Daddy's cock -- it was thick and meaty and once he'd gotten over his hang-ups about the right or wrong of their sexing, he proved he knew how to use it and was a damned good fuck. She began bobbing her head up and down on his dick and just enjoyed the fun of it, while her twin began eating her pussy. Trish loved sex with either sexes, but she often expected that other than Daddy, her sister's sexuality was more geared to their own gender. Synthia knew her way around a woman's body, making the girls a bit sad that their Mother wasn't involved in their games -- both twins found their petite brunette Mom adorable.

"You are the best little slut-babes in the world!" Nathaniel groaned as his daughter worked up and down on his shaft. There were times he didn't know which he liked better -- having sex with his daughters or watching them have sex with each other. He'd even given occasional thought to asking them to invite one of their cute girlfriends over -- they knew more than their share of cutie-pies -- and having sex with another girl as well.

"Dick Van Dyke's wife!" came Andreya's voice from the other room. "How the hell am I supposed to know ...?"

"Is it a long answer, hon?" Nathaniel replied, trying to concentrate.


"Try Mary Tyler Moore."

"Thank you, Nathaniel. Oh, that'd make this blank-Lisa Mona Lisa. How dumb of me!" Andreya chortled.

Nathaniel moved into position behind Sin and began to fuck her with smooth, even strokes as she continued to eat Trish's pussy. Unlike her sister, who liked her sex virtually any way she could get it, Sin almost always liked it smooth and tender and gentle. She found that sex was the best way for her to unwind after an insane day at school and if her Mom wasn't home, she would take the opportunity to jump eagerly into bed with her sister or father, or both, should both be home.

Trish was watching with apparent glee as their father fucked her sister's pussy. They had all come so far in such a short time -- Daddy had been so reluctant initially, now he was overjoyed when one of the girls initiated play. He hadn't come quite so far as to approach them yet, but Trish was fairly certain that barrier would be coming down any time soon.

"Blank ergo sum," Andreya yelled out. Sin had begun taking Philosophy Classes and knew all about Rene Descartes, so she stopped eating pussy long enough to yell out "Cogito!" She added smugly "It's Latin for I think, therefore I am and is a quote from Rene Descartes."

"I have such a smart family, thank you Trish!" Andreya yelled back. Trish responded "That was Sin Mom, good grief, after 21 years, can't you tell us apart yet?" She teased.

Their father knew one way -- Sin had a tiny little mole on her right buttock that Trish did not, as he fucked her from behind on a near-daily basis, he saw it frequently. Trish also had no tan lines, she liked to tan with nothing on, but her slightly-more-vain sibling had a terror of being burned "there" and always covered up.

"Oh God Daddy -- I'm so close, it's too early Daddy -- you still have to fuck Trish, come on sissy, change places -- oh, that's right, you like to ride Daddy -- are you ready, move your ass Daddy -- that's good, everyone ready? Okay, let's fuck!"

"Bossy little thing, isn't she?" Nathaniel said as his blonde daughter rode his cock. Synthia was behind her sister, kissing her neck, sometimes her lips. Synthia's hands were far from idle, she loved touching the slender perfection of her sister's body, knowing there was likely a fair degree of narcissism there, but not really giving a damn.

"Okay, this is a weird one -- planter who created Perry Mason?" Andreya yelled. While his daughter pumped her body up and down on his cock, Nathaniel scrunched up his face, then laughed -- he'd figured it out.

"It's a pun Andreya -- the answer is Erle Stanley Gardner!" Nathaniel called out.

"Oooh, I hate it when they do that, I always have trouble with those!" Andreya groused. That much was true -- humor wasn't a huge part of his wife's makeup, nor her brother's, for that matter. Andy was kind and gentle, but no-nonsense, for the most part. Things like that she considered frivolous and Andreya had precious little time for frivolity. She had a remarkable memory, once Andreya knew something, she knew it -- hence her success in Trivial Pursuit -- but as a lawyer, she often saw things in a very linear way. Nathaniel was the one of them that thought in the abstract.

"Daddy, oh Daddy, I love it when we fuck like this -- and right under Mom's nose, isn't that perverted? It is, isn't it, Sin?"

"It's truly evil, that's what makes it so much fun sis -- oh baby, I think you're cumming -- Daddy, she's cumming, shoot Daddy, let your daughter-sluts have all your fucking cum!"

Shortly after they'd begun fucking, Nathaniel had insisted his girls use proper precautions, because they all loved fucking bareback. He came, filling Trish's snug cunt with his load. When he'd cum, as had she, she rolled off his cock and on to the sofa, where her sister plunged her face deep into her cunt and ate her clean. Nathaniel felt his cock stir and was glad his wife's Crossword was a full pager -- he wanted at least one more round of sex with the girls tonight.

Nathaniel heard the door slam and he assumed his son was home. Jason and Carlie hadn't been getting alone too well as of late -- which was a shame, because Jacob had thought for a while now that Carlie might be "the one". He'd told his parents that Carlie had come from a very puritanical upbringing and as Jacob had said "No way in hell am I marrying someone I might be sexually incompatible with, but she won't let me do anything." His father thought he was being very sensible.

Nathaniel could hear mumblings from the other room, his son and wife were talking and he looked down to see both daughters licking his cock. He doubted his son would be coming in there any time soon, so he just relaxed and got ready for another round of sex with his two lovely girls.

"She wouldn't go for it again tonight, huh?" Andreya asked.

"Nope, Mom."

"Okay, well that's all right. You go upstairs and have a shower and I'll be up to suck that beautiful, big dick of yours and get it all ready to fuck Momma's tight, horny cunt. You know Jacob, your nasty mother always has a place for you to put that cock. Just be careful -- your father and the girls would likely freak out if they ever caught us."

"Okay, Mom."

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