tagErotic CouplingsCabin Fever Ch. 09

Cabin Fever Ch. 09


Once again Kay decided that she had to give some serious consideration to what was happening to her life, before term started back. The events over the past months were rushing by and gathering pace and she didn't want to be just tossed along in this wave of sexual release. She wanted to be in control of her life not a victim. She realised she would have to stop seeing Donny and Matt in the cabin though the thought upset her.

The problem was that she had to put a brake on something and get back on track. She wanted to be a doctor and she wanted to be a successful swimmer. The thought of the games Iona, Larn and Goodiner were playing and the parallel with herself, Donny and Matt; coupled with the fact that they may have been observed in the cabin, just as she had observed Iona and Larn beneath the shop, made her feel uneasy. She had thought her and the boys were sophisticated but after seeing Iona and Larn on show for Mr Goodiner for money, she just felt it was grubby.

She would have to inform the boys of her decision to call a halt to any more sex play between them. She couldn't bring herself to go to Matt's in case she met his dad or God forbid his mom; at least his dad was in the army. One of Matt's parents had undoubtedly witnessed her and the boys participating in sex games and it made her embarrassed just thinking of it. She phoned Donny and Matt and arranged to meet at the Starbuck's in town.


Kay arrived first and sat alone with a milk-shake and cookie. She wore a white cotton vest that clung to her full breasts and a yellow pleated, knee-high skirt. The outfit was completed with white laced ankle socks and yellow pumps.

'Hi there, all alone?'

Kay looked up to see a young man in shorts and a singlet. He obviously worked out looking at his arms and chest. He had a scar on one cheek, crew cut blond hair, bright blue eyes and freckles. He's cute, was her first thought.

'I'm just waiting for someone.' She said pleasantly.

She could see dog-tags below his vest which could mean he was in the army or less likely, judging by the rest of his appearance, wearing them as decoration.

'Your boyfriend's a very lucky guy.' He had a dimple in his cheek when he smiled which she found extremely attractive.

Kay blushed.

'They're friends.'

'Oh they! But no boyfriend then?'

'Well boys yes, but not in that sense really.'

She realised how awkward it was to describe their relationship to anybody. Yes they were very good friends but they were also participating in sexual activity. All together! How could she explain that to any normal person? They would think them bizarre. She felt a little embarrassed at what they did but also somewhat proud of being adventurous enough and then sometimes she just felt mixed up.

'Really? Can I buy you a drink, you've nearly finished that?' He indicated her glass and took the opportunity to casually glance at her breasts which sent a thrill throughout her body. Her face reddened again. 'It might cool you down in this heat!'

She glanced away trying to avoid his piercing, laughing eyes. It was as if he could see deep inside her. She decided to deflect his advances.

'No you're Ok. I'll just wait until my friends get here.'

'May I join you?'

He was persistent and she was caught off guard. She didn't want to appear plain rude, it was not in her upbringing.

'Why ... sure. Of course ... yes.'

He sat opposite and their legs touched under the table, she flinched but he didn't move. She felt the hair from his legs against her own briefly and it made her pulse race.

'Are you often in town, I'm sure I would have remembered seeing someone as stunning as you, if I'd seen you before?'

'Oh please.' She was still quite shy and he was so forward. 'You don't need to flatter me you know.'

He touched her hand.

'I'm serious you're one of the most amazing looking girls I've seen in this town, if not the best.'

She could feel his legs against hers and his hand was strong and rough. She looked into his eyes and they twinkled with a deep wickedness. She hated herself for getting aroused but he was so attractive and his voice young and bright.

'What's your name? Mine's Joe.'

'Oh! Hi Joe, mine's Kay.' They shook hands but he held onto hers.

'Kay you are so pretty and I'm not just being a slime ball.'

She laughed.

'Well that's good to know.'

They continued chatting. Kay felt comfortable with him and giggled at his comments. He was older than her and had a maturity about him that she liked. It was easy to see he was comfortable with girls and this probably showed experience beyond his years, she thought.


The boys arrived as Joe was placing Kay's drink on the table. Joe instantly recognised Matt from the base.

'Hi Matt.' He said as Matt and Donny sat down at the table. Then Joe realised they were here to meet Kay. 'Oh I see you're here to meet with this young lady. You must be the non-boyfriends.'

Donny and Matt laughed but didn't know what he was talking about. Kay laughed and shook her head at the boys.

'Will you be at the base tomorrow?' He asked Matt.

Matt nodded. Kay loved his southern accent.

'Yes we are.' Matt felt a twinge of jealousy. ' Er ... sorry ... Joe. We've got a college project to discuss.' Matt lied.

'Oh Ok sorry y'all. Well please don't let me disturb you.' He was polite. 'I'll be on my way, is that ok? And I'll see you tomorrow.'

'Sure.' said Matt.

'Oh that's a shame. It's been really nice meeting you.' Kay offered her hand and taking hold of it he touched the peak of his non-existent cap and said.

'The pleasures all mine ma'am.'

He turned to leave and gave a wave as he left. They all responded.

Matt looked at Kay sternly.

'What did he want?'

'Oh! He seemed a really nice guy.' She smiled.

Matt actually liked the guy.

'I s'pose so.' He replied.

Donny and Matt looked subdued. Kay looked up and smiled.

'Hi guys what's wrong?'

Donny pointed to Matt.

'He's got some bad news. He better tell you.'

Matt looked shell-shocked and lost for words. Kay stood up and put her arms around his shoulders, Donny glanced at her breasts.

'We're moving.'

'What?' Kay was incredulous.

'Dad's got a new posting we have to move to a new base.'

'Isn't it a bit sudden?' Kay said still in shock.

Matt nodded his head as they all sat down.

'It's a special placing for dad. It's probably his last before he retires from the army and it's right across country.'

'What about you? Will you have to go? What about your studies?'

Kay looked to Donny who shook his head indicating the hopelessness of the situation. Matt spoke.

'I'll have to go and resume at the nearest college. It may even be on the base.'

'Oh my God. This's awful.'

They sat quietly for a while. Then Matt spoke.

'What did you want to speak to us about? It sounded pretty serious.'

'Oh ... oh that ... it was nothing ... it can wait.' She replied distractedly. What she was about to tell them seemed irrelevant now. She certainly could not bring herself to mention not wanting to see them when Matt was leaving and there would be no cabin anyway.

The thought of the move had placed such a damper on their meeting that they never hung about but headed home to digest the dismal news alone.


Matt was told he had three weeks until he would have to ship out to his new location. Joe became a lot more friendly over the next few days and Matt invited him to the cabin one night, midweek. Donny was also there but Kay wasn't as she was still working at Goodiner's and had to rise early next morning.

Donny was playing some music and a computer game when Matt returned from the base and brought Joe with him.

'Hi Joe you Ok?' Donny said and put down the games controls. 'Just filling in time.' He added covering his embarrassment at being caught playing games.

'S'ok don't let me interrupt you. I like GTA myself. It's cool.'

This had the effect of making Donny feel less childish for playing on the console in front of a soldier.

'Here I brought you guys a few beers.' and he placed a Wallmart bag full of bottles near the coolbox.

They settled down playing music and talking. Joe talked about places he'd been and the army training and girls he knew and unusual places and situations in which he had had sex. It was obvious that he was very experienced with women. Donny and Matt were in awe. He could tell a good yarn and mesmerized them with his liquid tongue. Eventually they inevitably got drunk and Joe engineered the conversation around to Kay.

'Now she is one beautiful lady.' Joe said then added deviously. 'But I know the type, stunningly sexy body but not really interested in sex, I would imagine; waiting for her wedding night before she'll present him with her deliciously ripe cherry.'

Matt looked at Donny; he could see Donny was bursting to say something to impress Joe. But Donny managed to contain himself. Joe continued emphsising his accent and hamming up his speech.

'No she's an untouchable alright. Not like some of the girls I've been with. Why I know girls soon as I return to my hometown, they remove their panties before giving me a greeting kiss. I bet the lovely Kay doesn't know what a real kiss is like.'

This was too much for Donny.

'No you've got Kay all wrong. She's one really hot kitten.'

'Really? Tell me more.' Joe said.

'Matt and I have been making out with her for months. Ain't that right Matt.'

Matt nodded reluctantly at Joe as he caught his eye. Matt then looked at Donny trying to warn him off saying too much but he just wouldn't look back.

'What you mean you do a spot of fumbling in the dark? Stuff I used to when I was a kid.' Joe chided him.

Donny was insulted. Joe was just too good for the naïve Donny. In fact he should have worked on interrogations and no violence would need to be used.

'No not just fumbling in the dark. I mean much more.'

'Such as?' Joe replied.

Matt could see Joe was egging Donny on trying successfully to reveal more. Donny blurted out everything they had been doing, as they all continued with good drink and good hearted banter. Joe was so impressed that the more aware Matt, didn't even realise he was participating fully and graphically until it was too late.

'What! She gives you blow jobs? The two of you?' They both nodded. 'That princess pleasures you in that way? My God what a horny angel. You are one lucky pair of guys.'

There was nothing Matt could do. It was all out in the open. To be honest for a moment he thought it would add to his kudos on the base for the short time remaining. Anyway he could hardly be bothered as he was getting drunk. They were all drunk and the much more sexually experienced Joe would probably have forgotten in the morning, he thought.

'What have you done together then?' Joe continued his interrogation. Matt giggled.

Between them Donny and Matt recounted everything they had done with Kay. As they were half-way through telling him Joe suddenly said.

'God I've got a boner on.'

They all laughed.

Later Joe had to return to the base as Donny and Matt sat around. Matt recovered slightly and had a go at Donny for telling Joe so much about Kay. But Donny countered that he, Matt had also said as much and Matt then laughed drunkenly.

'Anyway.' Donny replied. 'She's a big girl and can stand up for herself.'

'That's true. Said Matt, slurring. 'She is a big girl alright.'

And both he and Donny giggled.

'Look she likes it.' Donny continued. 'What about when she told us about Brad her fucking cousin? She was willing to have his cock in her. Anyway she told me she'd fuck anybody when she was aroused. Hey I think Kay's great but I think she uses us as much as we use her.'

'Yeh you're probably right.' Said Matt and sank the last of his whiskey which helped him forget his misgivings.


At the weekend Matt invited Kay to the cabin and promised a surprise. He was still a little ashamed of what he and Donny had told Joe but thought this might go someway to please her and redeem himself. The invitation had come at the behest of Joe and Matt knew Kay liked him. Donny couldn't come as he had another engagement that night, which he had been most secretive about.

Kay had been a little apprehensive about coming especially after the night somebody had caught them, thankfully the side gate was open and she entered by it rather than the house, so avoiding Mr or Mrs Jones.

Kay was pleased to see Joe, who was equally delighted and made no secret of it. Tonight they all brought drink with them and wasted no time in imbibing. Matt encouraged Kay and Joe to talk by taking a back seat in conversations and rarely interrupting. Matt was preoccupied with thoughts of his impending move, so was quite willing to let them chat.

Joe had no problem creating conversation. He probed her looking for topics that Kay was interested in. He eventually asked her if she had been to see Stones Falls especially when lit up at night, with her being a swimmer and all. She said she didn't drink and swim as it was bad practice and Joe said he didn't expect her to swim, just go and have a look. Matt encouraged them to go alone as he'd been to see it loads of times and it wasn't too far to walk.

They walked and talked and Kay laughed at Joe's stories told in his most outrageous southern drawl. She was definitely tipsy. As they walked he occasionally touched her arms or back; gently caressing her. She noticed but didn't object and when he put his arm around her she found herself placing her head on his shoulder. She found him attractive and the environment and alcohol made her more amenable to him.

They arrived at the falls after about twenty minutes and watched the white water gushing as spotlights beamed down upon it. There was a small wooden pavilion nearby from which you could observe the tumbling water and enjoy the thunderous crashing, echoing within.

'I just love it here.' She said as they sat and she nestled into him. 'But have never been here at night, can you believe that?'

'I just think you're totally unbelievable.' He said as he looked into her eyes. He made her feel so desirable.

When he moved to kiss her she didn't pull away. Their kissing was passionate and their tongues probed each others' mouth. She was becoming aroused and could feel he was also he pressed into her. She had to control herself. His hand moved to her breast but she decided that was as far as it should go. She moved his hand away and shook her head.

'What's wrong?' He said quietly.

'I don't think we should.' She sounded troubled and unconvincing. She looked up into his face. His hands were on her shoulders. 'I've ... I've only just met you.'

'Is that so wrong?' He said soothingly.

'It's just a bit sudden.' Kay looked down. 'I think you're really attractive but it's all a bit ... like a whirlwind.'

'You're young exceptionally attractive and we're attracted to each other. This is the 21st century, even in this town.' They both smiled at that. 'Life's too short. I could be shipped abroad anytime and might never come back. What's wrong in living the moment.'

He looked at her steadily. She was beautiful and lissom. She was a real challenge he thought. She was pretending to be an innocent college girl but he knew different.

'Is it me?' He said and he pulled her into him by her waist. She ran her hand up his shoulder she could feel the chemistry between them. 'Ain't I good enough for you? Would you prefer it to be Matt or Donny? Or both?'

'What do you mean?' She said holding him off.

He looked down into her eyes. He decided upon the direct approach.

'Do you want to know the truth?'

'Yes of course.' She said. She had a puzzled look as a smile played on her lips. She was beautiful he thought.

'I know you put out for the boys.'

'What!' She was really shocked and pulled away from him.

'What I said.' He replied coolly.

If she had been sober she would have blushed with embarrassment but now she just had to know what had been said to Joe and by whom.

'What have you heard?' She looked serious.

'I know everything.'

She was shocked and felt a lump rise in her throat.

'Everything? What's everything?' She felt dizzy with shock she was confused. 'How do you know?'

'They told me.'

'Who? Matt and Donny?' She could not believe what he had said.


She felt sick. She shook her head to clear it.

'I can't believe it? What did they say?'

'They told me about the things the three of you get up to in the cabin.'

She went cold. How could they have said anything? It was total betrayal. Her head fell in her hands.

There was a long pause as they sat with only the rumble of the water to accompany them. She moved her hands from her face and straightened up and faced him.

'So you think I'm some sort of slut and thought you'd try it on?'

'No no not at all.' He was indignant. 'I think you're gorgeous.' He placed his arm around her shoulder. 'It's probably my fault. I was telling the guys stories and being drunk they felt they had to brag, to compete. Look I won't say anything, honest; on my word of honour as a soldier and a gentleman.'

Even while in shock, she found his archaic southern manner endearing. She snapped out of it. She couldn't speak. To think they had betrayed her in this way. Being drunk wasn't an excuse. She could just about imagine Donny but Matt as well? This put an end to their relationship forever. How could they have been so unfeeling? She began feeling sorry for herself but then thought what else could she expect? They were a pair of immature boys, not men. She should have realised when they first started experimenting, playing games that it wouldn't last and would probably come to this or something very similar.

She felt her self pity turning to anger. She wanted them to pay for what they had done but how? It seemed obvious to her now that Donny and Matt just wanted to use their sexual experiences with her to brag about; So the more people that knew, the greater their pleasure. She could hardly use violence against them, though at this time she felt like beating the pair of them with a baseball bat. Now Matt was leaving, whatever she did would hardly affect him for long. It had to be something that was immediate but would hurt them both. She turned things over in her alcohol affected brain.

Joe whispered comforting remarks to her vowing his discretion and honour as a soldier in his regiment until she believed him. He seemed a nice guy. Then she knew what she must do. She turned and resumed kissing Joe enthusiastically; long, slow and passionately. She was disappointed with the guys and decided to teach them the one lesson she knew would hurt them for a long time. She sat back on the bench and gave Joe the sexiest look he had ever had.

'Ok soldier, show me what you've got.'

He was surprised at her change in attitude and suddenly believed this was the girl Donny and Matt had told him about and he was going to get some of. He unbuckled his belt and removed his semi-erect cock. Kay looked. It wasn't Brad's but it was a handful.

She gripped it. She moved her mouth to the head and felt it twitch. She rolled back his foreskin as she placed the end between her teeth.

'Oh God that's sure nice, Kay.'

Kay looked up at him, withdrawing his cock from her mouth she said.

'I want you to make me a promise?' She held his erect penis as it twitched in her hand.

'Sure ... anything ... if I can.'

'I want you to promise whatever we do tonight, you'll make sure you tell Donny and Matt, nobody else but Donny and Matt, every little detail.' She squeezed his throbbing penis as she held his gaze.

'Oh sure I promise, Kay. I'll do that for you.' He was smiling and excited in anticipation. 'You can bet your buttons I'll make sure they know in graphic detail and I won't tell nobody else, I promise, cross my heart.'

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