tagLoving WivesCabin Fever Parts Ch. 05-06

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 05-06


Part 5


Dan and I were out on the back patio grilling steaks and laughing and joking, drinking beer (it was even stocked in the cooler out here by the pool). We might be wanting to cool off in the pool later tonight, but I don't think Dan and Joan had suits, probably won't matter though. For some reason, Dan became quiet. After awhile, he said, "Jake, you and Crystal have become a topic of conversation between us. What we have been discussing is that Joan thinks you and Crystal are both hot. Quite frankly, I think Crystal is a knock out and we were wondering if you would consider swinging with us."

This came as both a relief and a shocker that he would be so open with it. I said, "Believe me Dan, Crystal thinks you are very hot and just between us, it might have something to do with the cowboy thing. Also she has told me in the past that she is a little curious about girls, and Joan is gorgeous. To be honest though, there is no way I will make a decision on this without conferring with Crystal. Will you watch the grill while I go talk to her?" Dan completely understood this and seemed to appreciate it, so I handed him the turner and off I went, looking for the ladies. Finding them in the kitchen making our salads, I eased up beside Crystal and took her hand and gently squeezed her thumb. This was our signal that I wanted to talk with her privately. Soon into the small talk, she excused herself to talk with me alone in the livingroom.

I told her about Dan's proposition. I also shared with her that Joan thinks she is hot. This seemed to pleasantly surprise her. She told me that Joan had also approached her about swinging. To make a long story short, she was eager to go ahead with the idea, she was just a bit nervous on the bi thing though. I cupped her cheeks in my hands and gave her a very tender deep kiss and said, "Enjoy."

She took her hands and at the same time stroked my cock and cupped my balls through my jeans and said, "I will, and you too, dear."

We both returned to the kitchen where Joan was finishing the salad. As a way of giving Joan a hint about what we were talking about, I eased up behind her and hugged her tightly to me, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Not giving her time to respond though, I asked the ladies for a platter for the steaks, as I expected they were done. I returned to the grill and, as I thought, Dan said they were finished and looked great. We put them on the platter and put the plate of hot steaks on the picnic table on the deck.


Joan told me she would finish her story over dinner, so she grabbed the salad and I grabbed the pasta, and we followed Jake out to the deck where Dan was waiting for the platter for the steaks. We sat the food on the table and Jake took 2 beers and 2 bottles of Black Cherry flavored wine cooler from the cooler. He and Dan had the beer and we gals had the wine coolers, since neither of us liked beer very much. Joan sat by Jake and I sat beside Dan. I had noticed that Dan had taken off his cowboy hat, and I was able to see that his hair was as black as a raven's feathers, with hints of blue where the sun hit it. He had streaks of silver at his temples too. His eyes up close were a beautiful cobalt blue with specks of green in them. My heart was beating about a million miles an hour in anticipation of the news we were going to tell him before the meal was over with.

I think Jake could tell I was a bit nervous, because he reached his foot under the table and rubbed it against my leg in our silent language. He was telling me to relax and enjoy the new experience, since this would be my first time being with another woman and her husband at the same time, as well as with my husband Jake. Anyhow, Joan started continuing her story that she was telling me in the kitchen. "The white box on the bed contained two dozen red roses that Dan had bought for me, Crystal. I had started crying and he hugged me tight. We had a romantic dinner of fried chicken, potatoes, corn on the cob and lemon meringue pie for dessert. Then after dinner, we sat on the bed and started kissing, and touching each other. I had to admit that I was a bit nervous. I was a virgin after all, and Dan was the first man I had been with sexually. He was so gentle when he made love to me the first time, that I hardly felt the pain when he thrust into me that first time. Since then, the sex has been wonderful every single time, and we've been married for almost fifteen years now."

I had to admit that I really envied Joan and Dan's relationship. After all, I had been in a relationship that wasn't so good. I was married to a man for almost 13 years before we divorced and I got the money for my ranch as the settlement from him. I'm glad I got out of that marriage though. That guy was a real prick. I looked over at Jake and he sensed what I was thinking about and smiled at me tenderly. He always seems to know when I'm thinking about stuff like that, things that make me kind of sad sometimes. When I was looking at Jake, Dan reached under the table and took my hand, which was resting on my leg. He asked me, "Are you alright Crystal?" I looked at him and shook my head, then excused myself to go into my room for a few minutes. I sat on the bed and felt the tears running down my cheeks.

A few moments later, Dan came into the room and asked softly, "Is there anything I can do to help? Jake thought you might like someone to talk to. He and Joan are out there talking about stuff, so I thought I'd come in to talk with you."

I moved over on the bed and Dan sat down beside me and put his arm around my shoulders, then took a tissue from the box on the night stand and dried my tears. He asked, "Feeling better now? Would you like to talk about it?" I nodded and then I told him all about my bad relationship with my ex-husband. His hand rubbed my back and shoulders comfortingly and I felt myself relax. I heard Joan laughing, and then heard Jake laugh as they came into the house. Dan said, "Relax, it's just Joan and Jake bringing in the left-overs." He stood up and pulled me to my feet, and we went to the livingroom, where Joan and Jake were sitting on the sofa. Jake looked at me questioningly, silently asking if I was alright.

I nodded and we both smiled. After Dan and I sat down, Joan said she was getting warm. She took off her sweater and tossed it over the back of the sofa. She smiled at me and nodded, then said, "Dan honey, Jake and Crystal have agreed to have some fun with us tonight, if it's ok with you."

Dan looked surprised, yet relieved that Jake and I had accepted to become swinging partners with them. Deep down inside, I could not wait to run my fingers through his long black hair or feel his tongue slipping between the wet lips of my pussy, or feel his cock in my mouth, throbbing against my tongue as I sucked him. Dan took my hand and placed it right on the front of his jeans over his very evident erection. I smiled shyly then looked over to see Joan on the floor in front of Jake, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling his eight inch cock free. She started licking and sucking him, and Jake's hand went under her shirt, kneading her breasts. Dan slid his hand beneath the hem of my mini skirt and was lightly touching the damp cotton and lace of my panties. He kissed me deeply, his tongue thrusting between my lips and teeth as his fingers went under the cloth of my underwear to slip into my wet cunt, feeling my clit harden with his touch.

Part 6


I was worried a bit about Crystal, this being her first time for same room swapping, and she had a "flashback" to her previous marriage. Sometimes when she does that she is off her game for a few days, and I understand it was thirteen years from her life. Maybe I was lucky, this being my first marriage, I just didn't get married until later in life. One thing for sure, I was lucky to be married to Crystal, our life together has been one long honeymoon. Then I thought, I am awful sitting here with a beautiful lady between my legs, working at my jeans to free my rock hard cock.

I think earlier I mentioned Joan's freckles. They are such a turn on for me, and her soft red hair: a lot of people would call it strawberry red. She was a very beautiful woman. Speaking of beautiful women, across the room, Dan had Crystal's legs spread, exposing her pink panties, which were soaked by now. Crystal was moaning as Dan was slipping his fingers underneath her panties. Joan whispered, "Dan will be good to her. He is a very gentle & caring lover."

I whispered back, "It's not so much Dan I'm worried about. It's the little episode she had tonight about her past marriage."

"Dan will take care of that, honey. You just concentrate on me, and let me concentrate on you." Then Joan snickered a bit and whispered, "Sounds like he has her purring already."

With that, she took my cock head into her mouth. It was so covered with pre-cum, I could see her lips pushing it down my shaft. Looking into my eyes, she looked so naughty with my cock head in her mouth. Then still maintaining eye contact, she used her fingers to massage in the pre-cum. She continued doing this for several minutes then she slid her sexy body up mine and again whispering, "Do I understand that Crystal is curious about girls?"

"Yes she is." I whispered back.

Joan whispered again, "Let's fix the curiosity right now."

I said, "What do you have in mind?"

Again she whispered, "Are ya 'skeered' to fuck your wife?" That prompted us to strip and I finally got an answer to the question that had to be on my mind since I met Joan. She was trimmed between her legs. She had left a nice patch of hair that matched her head but down around her labia was slick and bare. I just couldn't resist getting a feel of her sparse bush. Again she snickered, "Not me, silly! Her! You will get to do me plenty this evening."

Looking over at Crystal and Dan, I saw that she had her head in his lap and her now bare ass pointing over at us. Joan said, not whispering this time, "Let's all play 'Pile on Crystal'!" With that, we went over to join Crystal and Dan. Joan laid on the floor and put her head between Crystal's legs. I put my head in there too, from the back side. I was licking her vagina and Joan was licking her clit. Soon, I felt she was almost ready for an orgasm so I moved my head and slipped my cock into her very open and slick vagina. Slowly I eased my cock into her, and Joan was licking both my shaft and her clit as I fucked her, and Dan enjoyed watching as he was getting his cock sucked by Crystal.


I was really enjoying sucking Dan's cock. It was so big that I couldn't fit it all in my mouth when it was hard. It had to be at least ten inches long and almost three inches thick. My fingers barely touched when I wrapped my hand around his hard shaft. I was really getting into this when I heard Joan say something about piling on me. Seconds later, I felt tongues and hands on my ass and pussy. I felt my knees go weak as my orgasm got closer. I felt Jake's hands on my waist as he moved and pressed his hard cock into my wet cunt. Dan's hands were under my shirt, unhooking my bra. He tugged my shirt and bra off together and tossed them asides, then started kneading my large tits, his thumb and finger pinching my hard nipples. I was sucking and stroking his cock hard and fast.

Within seconds, he was shooting his hot sticky cum into my mouth. It coated my tongue and dripped from my chin onto his balls. I felt Joan place her hand on my tit and start squeezing it. I looked down at her and smiled shyly as Jake fucked me hard, doggy style. Joan moved out from beneath me and climbed up on the coffee table. Jake pulled his cock from me and turned around to face her. Joan started sucking his cock, licking my juices from him. I was really turned on, watching my husband Jake, with another woman sucking his cock. Dan took my hand and pulled me to my feet, then he removed my skirt and took my panties off the rest of the way. He pulled me up onto the chair where he was sitting, so I was straddling the chair with my feet on the arms of it. I put my hands on either side of his head on the back of the chair to steady myself. He put his hands on my thighs, below my butt, and started licking my wet dripping pussy with his tongue. It's a good thing he was holding me, or my legs would have buckled.

I felt my orgasm coming again and within seconds, I heard him eagerly lapping up my juices. He lowered me down to his lap and told me to grab his cock and guide it into my pussy as he lowered me. I almost screamed another orgasm as his cock pressed into my pussy, filling me to the brim. Oh My God, he was huge! I thought for sure he was gonna tear me, but he didn't. My vagina fit him like a glove. He groaned as he fully embedded himself in my cunt, all ten glorious inches of him. I looked over my shoulder to see what Jake and Joan were doing, and they were fucking and watching me and Dan fuck. I couldn't believe it! I was actually doing the whole 4-some, group sex swinging thing! It was incredible! My husband was fucking a beautiful redhead, and I was fucking a drop-dead gorgeous raven-haired cowboy! It was all my dreams come true!

After a few minutes, Dan suggested that Joan and I have a go together. I was hesitant about it, but Jake and Dan both said it would be ok. So reluctantly, I got off of Dan's lap and his wonderful cock, and went to the couch and laid down. Joan came over and knelt between my legs, then she kissed me fully on the mouth. My eyes fluttered closed and I made myself relax. I was soooo nervous! This was the first time I've ever been French-kissed by another woman. I felt her hands on my tits, kneading and squeezing them. She broke the kiss and I looked over to where the guys were sitting. Jake was in one chair and Dan was in the other. Both were stroking their cocks while watching Joan kiss and touch me. I felt her hand slide down over my rounded tummy and she slipped a finger into my wet cunt, teasing my clit and fingering my vagina.

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