tagGroup SexCabin Fever Parts Ch. 09-10

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 09-10


Part 9


I was sitting on the sofa, watching TV with Dan, who was in the recliner. I really wasn't even aware of what was on, some kind of sports show, I think. What did get my attention was two beautiful ladies with pie and beer for afterwards. Who could ask for more? All four of us sat and made small talk as we had our snack. We were all elated at the way the weekend had turned out, and the new friends we had made. After her snack, Crystal curled up beside me and dozed right off. It makes me feel so good when she does that, I know that she is very comfortable with me. Dan and Joan signaled and whispered they needed to go. I motioned to the extra room, indicating they could spend the night. They declined, indicating that their toiletries were at the other cabin and perhaps we could hook up tomorrow. As they left, they lightly kissed Crystal on the cheek, and Joan gave me a great French kiss, Dan gave me a high five and said, "See ya later, Jake!"

After she had a few minutes to relax again, I picked Crystal up and carefully took her to the bed, where earlier I had found her masturbating. As I laid her on the bed carefully, I noticed her eyes flicker open. Tucking her in, I told her I would clean the kitchen a bit. As I cleaned up, my mind wandered on the day's happenings. How we had all been so comfortable together, and how Crystal and I felt so secure in our relationship that a cowboy and a beautiful lady weren't a threat, but only an enhancement in our love life. After I had finished in the kitchen, I headed back to the bedroom. I realized on the way that I was very tired. I snuggled in next to Crystal's body, her sexy soft skin felt so good against mine. On one hand, I wanted to wake her and fuck, but on the other, I wanted and needed to sleep as much as she did. So I kissed her cheek and whispered good night to her.

As I drifted off to sleep, my mind was spinning with what all went on today with Dan, Joan and especially Crystal. Today she had her first bi experience, will she want more? I know she will always want more cowboys. I feel into a deep exhausted sleep and didn't wake until morning. I awoke in time to watch Crystal awaken. It was like it took her a while to realize where she was and what had transpired. I helped her by snuggling her very close to my naked body. Whispering in her ear how special she is, how beautiful she is, even when she has just woke up. Then handing her a morning cup of coffee I had made earlier, I said, "Drink this and let's grab a shower, baby."


I slowly opened my eyes after a very deep and refreshing sleep, Jake's arms wrapped around me most of the night. When I turned my head to look at him, I saw that he was already awake. He smiled and said, "Good Morning, beautiful," then he kissed me gently.

I whispered, "Good morning, handsome," as he snuggled close to me, wrapping his strong arms around me tightly in a hug. He released me then sat up and reached for something on the night stand by the bed. I looked and saw that it was a nice cup of hot coffee, flavored with vanilla, milk and a bit of sugar, just the way I liked it. I sat up, pushing my pillows up behind me against the headboard of the bed. The sheet that was covering my body slid down, baring my full breasts to Jake's gaze. He smiled and leaned down, placing a tender kiss on each of my breasts before sitting back up and getting his coffee from the stand.

We sat there drinking our coffee in silence for a few moments, then he asked me if I enjoyed myself with Dan and Joan last night. I nodded and said, "Yes I did. It was a very memorable evening. I will never forget it. I can't wait to visit with them again, dear."

He looked at me and said, "Oh, I think we'll be seeing them sooner than you think, baby. They've invited us to dinner at their cabin tonight, and they want us to spend the night there, since we only have two days left of our special weekend. They want us to bring the wine, and they will have everything else."

I smiled and said, "That sounds like fun, honey. I can't wait!" We finished our coffee and Jake put the cups on the night stand again.

We got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Jake started the shower while I brushed my teeth, then we got in the shower and washed each other, eventually making love again, his hard cock pressing into my wet pussy as he lifted me and wrapped my legs around his waist. My breasts pressed against his chest with each thrust and withdrawal, his pelvis grinding against my pussy and my clit. Within moments, I felt my vaginal muscles tighten around his cock as I came, my juices mixing with the water and running seductively down our legs. He continued thrusting hard and fast within me, and seconds later, I felt his cum shooting deep inside my throbbing pussy. Jake slid from me and put me back down, then grabbed the washcloth and soap and went to work washing every inch of my body, then I did the same to him before we rinsed off and got out, dried off and I got dressed. We had breakfast and talked about last night, then discussed going to Dan and Joan's for dinner tonight.

Part 10


In the shower, the memory of Crystal with her face buried in Joan's pussy filled my mind. The thought of her fucking Dan on the picnic table last night was on my mind as well. It must have been somewhere in my mind because the thought of if it was natural lubricant or if it was his cum that made her so wet, that I slipped right into her pussy in the shower. It must have been on Crystal's mind as well because she came so easily and quickly. As we had breakfast, I noticed over on the counter, we had a couple bottles of wine to take with us this evening. My mind drifted off to Joan's neatly trimmed pussy, and it got me aroused again. I wondered if Crystal was thinking of Dan as well, since she seemed a little far away.

After breakfast had settled a bit, I suggested we go for a dip in the pool, as I hung my robe on the kitchen chair, leaving me naked. As she started slipping off her clothes, she said, "I wish you had mentioned this before I got dressed, honey." As she removed her bra, her breasts tumbled out, the nipples were already aroused.

I thought, "It seems like they stay hard all the time." This time we walked more leisurely to the pool. The sun felt so nice and warm on our bodies, and I commented that the water would be a nice contrast. She went down the pool steps into the water. I watched, almost in a trance, as her legs went slowly into the water, inching up her body farther and farther until she was submerged up to her chin.

I sat on the edge of the pool and she came over to me and rested her arms on my legs. She commented, "Hmmm...almost exactly where I sat last night when you licked me." Then she said, "Let me return the favor." She took the head of my cock into her mouth. I leaned back and enjoyed the sun and watching her lips slide up and down my hard shaft. She had a way of making a cock so wet as she sucked on it. Something else she did that really got me aroused was that she always made eye contact as she was sucking. Her hazel eyes were always watching, and I think she got aroused to know that she was such a turn-on.


When Jake took off his robe and we went to the pool, I was a bit surprised, since I had already gotten dressed. It didn't take me long to undress though. It felt so good walking with him slowly to the pool, instead of running and diving in like we did last night when Dan and Joan were here. I took my time walking down the pool steps into the water, and Jake sat on the side, surprisingly in almost the exact same spot where I had sat last night when he ate my pussy out. I swam slowly over to him and put my arms on his thighs. I looked up at him and said huskily, "Let me return the favor from last night, my love."

I took his semi-hard cock in my hand and started to caress him lovingly as I started licking the tip of his cock, while maintaining eye contact with him. I know Jake loves it when I keep looking at him while I give him blowjobs, although sometimes I just can't help closing my eyes for a few seconds to savor the taste and texture of his cock on my tongue. He just tastes so darn good! I had apparently closed my eyes for this reason when I heard him groan in pleasure. His cock was now fully erect and rock hard, the tip a purplish-red color, although very wet from my licking and sucking. Jake also loves the way I get his cock really wet. I seem to salivate more when I'm sucking cock, and it works sooo good for both of us. I guess I just can't help drooling all over his cock!

I started to stroke him a bit faster, giving little squeezes with each downstroke, and I started sucking him harder, trying to coax forth his sticky hot cum. He leaned back onto his elbows on the deck of the pool and I continued to look into his eyes, watching the lights of desire flicker and burst into flame in his eyes. His nostrils were flaring and his breathing had increased and I knew from experience with him that he was about to cum. I started going faster with my stroking and harder with my sucking of his gloriously huge cock. Within just a few seconds, I felt his cock start to pulse as the cum began seeping out and running down over my hand as I continued to stroke him through his orgasm. He was growling, like a grizzly bear, and he knew that always made me giggle, which I was doing and trying hard to hold in. It's just way too cute the way he does that growling when he cums.

When he had collapsed onto his back, I wet my hands in the pool and wiped his cock clean, since he knows that I don't like to lick the cum off of him because I don't like the taste of it. After I cleaned him off, I swam away just a few feet and playfully splashed him. Laughing really hard, I swam as fast as I could to the opposite side of the pool as he dove in and came after me. I tried to elude him, but his hand clamped around my ankle and he stopped me from swimming away. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me close, then growled in my ear, "Woman, you wont get away from me that easily." and he pressed his cock against my ass. I wiggled my butt playfully and he pinched it, then released me. I swam away again, only to be captured again. We splashed each other and then he slipped up behind me as I was at the side of the pool. He lifted my legs up and thrust his cock deep into me with one move.

I was so wet that he easily slid in and started moving in a steady rhythm, the cool water of the pool splashing around us as we made love. His speed started slowly to increase, his pelvis pounding against my clit faster and faster. His cock created wonderfully erotic feelings in my vagina as he hit my g-spot every time. I was breathing heavily and within seconds, I was screaming his name with my orgasm. I heard a flock of birds flutter away in the trees when I screamed, and I couldn't help but laugh that I had scared the birds! We both laughed at that, and he was still thrusting within me, fucking me hard and fast, then he suddenly stopped and I felt him shooting his cum into my wet throbbing pussy. His hands on my waist held me tightly against him and I tipped my head up and kissed him deeply. We kissed for what seemed like hours, but was only a few moments, then he broke the kiss and smiled down at me. "I love you, baby-girl." he said softly.

I said, "I love you too, you naughty stud-muffin. But if we don't get out of this pool right now and get stuff done today, we won't make it to Dan and Joan's, baby."

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