tagErotic CouplingsCabin In the Woods Ch. 02

Cabin In the Woods Ch. 02


She looked up and gently stroked his face, brushing his long brown hair back. Kissing him softly. She was suddenly aware of the beating of the sun as they were both pretty much out of the water at this point and the trees were no longer shading them. It seemed as if time stood still for a bit.....a few moments or much more, she couldn't tell. "I think we should head up to my place," she said, feeling a sudden urge for some creature comforts. First of all something to eat! Wonderful sex made her very hungry and she was absolutely starving now. And then a lovely cool shower followed by a languid mutual massage and peaceful, long nap. Suddenly she realized she'd presumed that he had the time or desire to go with her, "Only if you want to, of course," she added, hesitantly.

"Sounds great to me," he said with a warm smile, pushing himself up and then taking her hand to pull her up also. With both of them standing he wrapped his arms around her and held her close, kissing her after making adjustments to accommodate the difference in their heights, and ran his hands over her back and bottom. She could feel his penis move against her stomach. But it didn't harden. She gave it an affectionate rub as they parted.

They each gathered their scattered clothes. Seeing that all he put back on were his socks and shoes she decided to do the same, feeling a delightful sense of freedom to be walking through the woods naked with a naked man beside her. The long walk back was punctuated with many breaks for kisses and embraces and it was late afternoon before they finally arrived.

After exploring the options for dinner they settled on a large salad. They shared the chores of cutting up the peppers, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and mushrooms and tearing up the head of red leaf lettuce. He also found some feta cheese which he added and then mixed up a dressing of olive oil, wine vinegar, a touch of worcestershire sauce, garlic, pepper, and assorted herbs. And they each got a glass of iced peach tea to drink.

Neither of them felt like putting clothes on again, and the summer warmth made it comfortable to be naked. And since the cabin was situated more than a mile from the main road, well hidden by trees, there was no need to. They both felt a rich contentment in being able to watch the free flowing dangle and sway of the others' body. They sat down at the table on the patio and continued the conversation they'd begun over the food preparation. She told him about her son, Josh. And he told her about Amy, his daughter. They talked about their respective marriages and divorces and of the other relationships they'd had. As they talked, their eyes often met and communicated on a level all their own; they began liking each other more and more. Finishing their meal they collected the dishes and set them by the sink, too tired to deal with them that night. And after a short shared shower spent soaping each others' body, touching and tickling, and laughing like kids, they tumbled into bed and fell asleep with their bodies entwined. The massage would have to wait.

She awoke early the next morning with the sun shining into the room and a soft breeze coming through the open window. She was lying on her side facing the window. For a moment she lay simply absorbing the sweet smell of the air and the warmth of the sun. Then, suddenly, the events of yesterday flooded into her mind. Like images from a dream. Unreal. With profound apprehension she lifted her head and peeked over her shoulder and gave a soft sigh of relief. He was there, lying on his back with the sheet pushed away from most of his body. She turned over on her other side and looked at him, watching as he slept. She reached out and touched his chest, as if to convince herself he was really there. He stirred but didn't awaken. Turning her gaze to his penis and balls the first tinglings of desire flickered inside her. Leaning over she very gently took the head of his cock between her lips, thrilling to the first faint signs of burgeoning. With the tip of her tongue she tasted him, probing at the small hole. He moved restively. His cock was rapidly growing harder, filling her mouth. She put her hand around the shaft and held him as she sucked. She felt his hand caress her back and knew he was awake. She turned and looked up at him, still holding his cock.

"Good morning, lover," she said.

He smiled back at her, "You know how to wake a guy up right."

She went back to sucking him and he continued to caress her back. Then he reached over and indicated with his touch that he'd like her to scoot her bottom over. Without taking her mouth off him she moved herself closer and felt his hand sliding across her ass, seeking her pussy. She opened her legs to give his fingers access.

"You're wet already, Sweetheart," he said, with a soft chuckle.

"Hmmmm," she replied.

After several more minutes of sucking him as his fingers teased her pussy lips and hard clit she moved onto her knees beside him, straddled his body, and, holding his cock straight up, looking into his eyes, slowly took his length inside herself. It felt so good. They were in a different place than they were yesterday. They'd been animals in the wild yesterday. Today they were lovers. There was passion, but it was a gentle passion. A loving passion. She rose and fell on him like the movement of waves against a shore. Leaning over she gave him the gift of her breasts. A gift he gladly accepted. She could feel his hands touching her everywhere, getting to know her, holding her bottom as she moved on him. He came first and she watched his face with delight as he surrendered to his feelings of pleasure. He moaned urgently as his cock throbbed within her. He stayed hard and she continued moving until her own orgasm spilled over her with warm, sweet, gentle power. She pressed her body to his, her face in the pillow beside his neck, and he held her for several long minutes. And then she climbed off him, his cock hitting his belly with a small wet smack, and cuddled up to him with his arm around her shoulders. And they talked.

He told her that he needed to get back to his place to feed his cats and get some things done but, if it was all right with her, he would like to come back in the late afternoon or early evening. She said she'd like that. They talked of whatever came to mind, full of the glow of sexual release and their new intimacy. Finally they got out of bed and he got dressed and, after giving her a long kiss and a warm hug, headed into the woods. Still naked she moved around the cabin doing some small chores feeling peaceful and restless at the same time. She liked the feeling.

When he got back that evening he found she'd put on a t-shirt, shorts, and a pair of sandals and was busily setting up candles around the bedroom. They enjoyed a long hug and kiss in greeting. Hand in hand they went into the kitchen; she'd already prepared some sandwiches and he put together a small salad with what was left of the vegetables and lettuce. Again they ate out on the patio and talked about what they'd done that day and about their thoughts and emotions. They learned that they both were feeling kind of shocked by the fantastical way their relationship had started and yet, they agreed, it felt comfortable. And they both hoped that it was the beginning of a long warm friendship that would include sexual intimacy. He told her, with some trepidation, that he was something of a sexual explorer and she said that was fine with her, that she was exploring some other sexual friendships with men she'd met through the Internet.

This evening they managed to do the dishes before retiring. He took a shower as she lit the candles. And then it was her turn. She came out of the bathroom in her red robe to find him lying naked on the bed. She sat down beside him and caressed his body as he slid his hand through the labyrinth of soft cloth to find her bare skin. She leaned down to kiss him. The flames of sensual fire were fanned and suddenly the robe was gone. They moved through a variety of erotic moods from rough to gentle, from soft to fiercely passionate, learning the touches and words that caused the other to respond most powerfully. Once again they fell asleep in each others' arms.

The next morning she woke up needing to pee and made her way to the bathroom. When she was done she walked to his side of the bed and stood watching him sleep. Once again he'd kicked off the sheet and his cock and balls were in plain view. She couldn't help herself. Reaching down she touched the soft cylinder of flesh. He stirred and his eyes opened. "Good morning, Sweetheart," he said, putting out his hand to touch her thigh and then moved it to her pussy. She bent slightly to open herself to his fingers. There was just the faintest hint of dampness.

After a moment she leaned over, her breasts swinging, and indicated with her hands that she wanted him to scoot over towards the middle of the bed. Once he had, she swung her leg over his head and lowered her pussy close to his face. As he began to lick her, tasting slight tangy traces of urine, he felt her take his soft cock in her mouth as her fingers gently played with his balls. Her soft breasts with their protuberant nipples rubbed against the bottom of his belly. He reached down, still licking, and cupped the full smooth globes, one in each hand. The mood was one of quiet sensuality. Both of them savoring tastes and textures while at the same time enjoying the sparkles of feeling that came from the sweet activities of the other. Lazily his cock grew hard and her pussy oozed its creamy lubrication.

Taking short steps on her knees she positioned herself above his cock. He had a delightful view of her full ass and her pink open lips as she held his cock upright and then slowly eased herself down over him. The sensation of feeling her slippery heat engulfing him was enhanced by the sight of the mouth of her cunt stretching open to take him in. With a sigh she sank down till all he could see were the white cheeks of her bottom. In her depths his cock was surrounded by glowing warmth. Gripping his knees with both hands she began rocking back and forth, sighing loudly as she felt his thick length rubbing against her inner walls. He reached over her thigh and began fingering her clit. Her sighs became more pronounced. She leaned forward and he saw his shaft emerge, shiny with her juice. Then back, and his cock disappeared again.

The full focus of their attention was on the happy rubbing created by their intermingled nakedness. Each time she raised her ass her cunt seemed to close around a hungry emptiness. And then, descending, that inner void was filled with an overflowing heat. From time to time she'd sit down hard on him, savoring his probing presence in her depths and they'd quietly talk.

"God!" she said, "this feels so good. I love having your cock inside me."

"Hmmm," he sighed, sliding his hands over her bottom's velvety skin, "I like being inside you."

"I could do this all day," was her breathless response.

"Sounds like a plan to me, Sweetheart," he murmured. "It's been awhile since I spent a day in bed."

"I've never done that," she said, "just had sex all day."

Time seemed to expand. Neither of them now felt any sense of urgency. They wrapped themselves in a warm blanket of sensuality and settled in for a long day of sweet pleasure.

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