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Cabin Pressure


This is the third in a series that began with Cabin Fever and continued with Cabin Jon.

I received more comments on Cabin John than I had ever received for any other story, some positive, many negative. This was partially due to miscategorization (my bad) which has now been fixed.

I write for myself because I enjoy it. I share these stories with others because I hope they will enjoy them too. For those that sent constructive criticism I appreciate it and have taken it to heart. For those few who object to me personally I can only feel sorry for you. I hope you are able to find some happiness in your life somewhere like. I have. Peace - Rod


I awoke in the morning horny. I felt for Tracy. I wanted to touch her and maybe do something more. My hand only encountered empty space.

I opened my eyes and my brain came alive like a hard drive spinning up. As I came awake the memories came flooding back like waking up from a great dream to a bad day. I wanted to go back but I heard sounds from the kitchen so I put on my robe and went to investigate.

As I came into the kitchen I saw a naked back on the other side of the counter moving up and down. I heard a woman's voice panting in joy. It was Tracy. I walked around the counter.

Tracy was perched with her ass on the edge of the counter. Jerry was fucking her from the front, supporting her ass as he rammed into her. Sam was on the far side, sucking one of Tracy's breasts while one hand fondling her other breast. Her other hand was down on Tracy's cunt.

I should have been angry but my cock was trying to grow again. I remembered where it was. Tracy saw me for a moment out of the corner of her eye. She quickly went back to basking in all the pleasure being bestowed upon her. Her breaths quickened and her face contorted. She became very vocal. She had never done that with me.

"Oh God yes Jerry, fuck me way up deep with that big cock. It's divine!...I want you to shoot your juices up to my brain...Sam you are so lucky to have a master fucker, Thank you for sharing him with me. Oh god you know how to suck a tit! Touch me there. Oh God..."

I wondered who this woman was. This was not my Tracy. I was practical enough to be aware that there was nothing I could do about anything until be got back home. I just had to ride it out for now.

Tracy squeezed her eyes shut hard as she reached the pinnacle of her orgasm. She blew out our eardrums as she came in loud waves of sound. Jerry roared as he pumped into her like a piston until they came down together.

Sam released Tracy's nipple and walked over to me. She guided me to Tracy. She gently but firmly grabbed Jerry's shoulder. He turned and looked up, first at Sam and then at me, then nodded slightly and moved away. Sam pushed me to my knees and pressed my face into Tracy's pussy.

I licked up all of Jerry's cum from her inner thighs and then begin to lick her pussy. I saw out of the side of my eyes Sam drop to her knees and perform CPR on Jerry's cock. Tracy was incredibly turned on already as she lightly rubbed against me. I did my best to provide her with a good licking. She came quickly.

She hopped off of the counter still turned on. Her nipples were rock hard stiff.

"Jerry, do you have another strap-on? I want to fuck Rick. Sam shouldn't get all the fun and I bet she could use some real cock."

Jerry was hard again as he pulled out of Sam's mouth.

"That's a great idea. I have another one. It is slightly bigger but I don't think that will be a problem."

Jerry and Tracy smiled at each other conspiratorially

"You guys get him ready and I'll go get it."

Sam and Tracy removed my strap-on and untied my cock but left it restrained. They led me over to the coffee table and pushed me down on it so I was laying on my stomach with my stiff cock wedged between my belly and the table top. My wrists were secured tightly to the table legs. My head was close to the edge of the table. Jerry was not back yet so they took turns whacking my ass.

Jerry emerged. The red dildo he had was huge. It had a unique shaped end that would go into Tracy's vagina with a little something jutting out from it. Tracy's smile grew bigger. She couldn't put it on fast enough. Jerry went over to Tracy and pointed something out to her.

"Why don't you let his mouth get used to it first?"

Tracy moved around so she was standing in front of me. From this angle the dildo looked like an 88mm shell. I took it in my mouth and sucked on it in the vain hope that I could hold it so tightly she wouldn't be able to pull it out. All of a sudden I felt a hard smack on my ass that could have only come from Jerry. I saw stars. This was followed by several more. I bit down on Tracy's cock in pain.

Jerry moved a chair out so he was parallel to the edge of the table and sat down and beckoned to Sam. She came over to him quickly and eagerly, starved for his cock, and sat down on it. They began a slow fuck while they watched Tracy and me entertain them.

Tracy didn't waste any more time. She pulled the fake cock out of my mouth and paused to hit a switch on the side. Her face changed as an interior and exterior vibrator went into action. She threw some lube at my crack and then pulled my legs apart. She pried open my cheeks with her hand and then I felt her probing my door. I bore down.

Tracy was merciless. She pressed forward slowly but steadily. I felt like I was being cleaved in two. I squenched my face together until a sudden widening movement made me cry out involuntarily. Tracy paused and Velcroed a ball gag to my mouth. I bit down on it, closed my lips around it, and screamed as she picked up the pace.

Slowly I adjusted to the width. The pain ebbed away and pleasure seeped in. Tracy's hands were on my hips and she was pulling me into her as she pumped my ass. Jerry and Sam were mesmerized. Tracy went faster and deeper but it was feeling good now.

Sam picked up the pace on Jerry. She was slowly bobbing up and down on his lap while he grabbed a nipple in his mouth and sucked and chewed on it. I so wanted to be him.

Tracy was running on pleasure now. I could hear her grunting as she thrust and panting with pleasure as she drew out for another thrust. I started to feel the vibrations inside. Tracy reached a hand down and began fondling my exposed balls as she fucked me.

Sam's cries were getting louder and more frequent. I looked over at her and Jerry and saw both of their eyes empty, their brains concentrating on the pleasure they were receiving. Jerry started grunting with pleasure.

I don't remember who came first but but whoever it was was the blasting cap that sent everyone else off. I felt my cock pulsating against the leather restraints looped around the base, the middle, and the neck. A little cum seeped out. We all just lay there for a few minutes. Tracy's cock was starting to get very uncomfortable.

Tracy got up suddenly and popped the cock out of me. It hurt. She untied my hands. I sat up feeling the dried cum on my belly. Tracy tossed the strap-on onto the table.

"Rick, you made a mess. You should clean up Sam and Jerry's table before you clean the toys and make breakfast."

I wasn't sure what she meant but I had a pretty good idea. That was confirmed when I felt a hand on the back of my head pushing my face towards the small pool of cum on the table. I slurped it up.

When I came out of the bathroom they were all on the deck. Sam and Tracy both were wearing very revealing bikinis. Tracy had been wearing one-pieces for over a decade but she looked great. Her boobs were practically falling out of the top piece while a large section of her cheek peeked out of the bottoms. Sam looked equally delicious. Jerry was wearing a Speedo that didn't leave much to the imagination.

Tracy spotted me. She came in and handed me a pair of short shorts to wear. They had snaps holding the outer seems.

"You can put that on and take the gag off. We'd all like bacon, scrambled eggs, wheat toast and Mimosas."

I heard snippets of conversation through the open window as I made breakfast.

"Guests...later..fun..I can't wait...he knew what he was getting in to...too bad...home tomorrow...I haven't decided...more revenge...help you out....I'm still really pissed"

The last voice belonged to Tracy. She was talking about me. This was overkill. It was like the Nazis killing 100 random people for every soldier who was killed by the Resistance.

Jerry was even worse. He was borderline sadistic towards me. I wondered if that would be directed at anyone else.

There wasn't much I could do. I was stuck in a cabin and I wasn't sure where the keys to the van were and how to get anywhere even if I found them. I could leave Tracy as soon as we got home. Something was going to happen then. I just wasn't sure what it was. Yet.

There was a large part of me that was getting turned on by all this. I liked being on the receiving end of BDSM. It was thrilling to watch Tracy and Jerry fuck even though it hurt so much too. I told myself this was because I loved Tracy and I wanted her to be happy even if it meant she was having sex with someone else,, but I knew I was lying to myself and it was something more, something disturbing..

I took the three plates out to the table on the deck and went back for the Mimosas.

"Get something for yourself and come join us," Jerry said in a neutral tone.

I threw in another piece of toast and then put together the rest of my plate and my Mimosa while I waited for it to cook. Everyone else was almost finished when I sat down. After I had settled in to my meal Tracy began to talk.

"I have been doing some more thinking since last night Rick.

"You know how pissed I was...am. You betrayed me, you betrayed yourself, you betrayed our friends, you betrayed our marriage. I thought the last 12 hours was going to satisfy my need for revenge and that I would be ready to move on. It didn't and I'm not.

"We are in new territory now. You sent us there yesterday morning. There is no road map. I don't know where we are going. I've decided I'm just going on for the ride now and worry about picking up the pieces tomorrow.

"I do know I love fucking Jerry. I love his cock. I love sucking his cock. I love it when he goes down on me. I love watching Sam tease and abuse you. I loved ramming my cock in your ass and even more I loved not caring how you felt. I know you are enjoying some of this if not all of it. I don't know why but you do.

"I want more. Jerry is going to provide it. Strap in, or should I say strap on, and do your best to enjoy the ride and we'll see where we end up."

She stopped and looked at me. I couldn't think of anything to say.

"Jerry, Sam, you have anything to add?"

"It's your party Tracy," Sam said, "I'm game."

"Our company should be arriving within the hour," Jerry added.

"That should give Rick enough time to finish the dishes," Tracy said.

I cleared the table and washed the dishes. Tracy brought me a shirt and then went to join the Sam and Jerry while they got ready for 'the company'.

As I put on the shirt I thought about everything Tracy had said. Not everything she had said was true of course, Sam had been a willing participant, but I wasn't going to make her see that no matter what I did so it might as well have been true.

We were playing under a whole new set of rules. I was as lost as Tracy. I had no idea what was going to happen when we got home. I couldn't see any way I would stay married to Tracy. I couldn't see getting divorced. I decided to put it all out of my mind and live in the moment. But I did start thinking of some way to escape.

I heard a car outside, voices, and then a knock on the door. I was wondering if I should answer it when the other three came in from outside. Tracy came over to me, put her arms around me, and kissed me as if the last 24 hours hadn't happened. She led me by the hand out to meet the new visitors. It was pure theater but I took what I could get.

Two couples were walking in the door as we came into the living room. The first couple looked like a football player and a basketball player while the second looked like they came off the pages of Esquire and Victoria's Secret. We shook hands and introduced ourselves.

The football player's name was Mike. He was stocky and blonde but moved like someone half his weight. His wife's name was Blair. She was over 6 feet tall with medium brown hair and an athletic body. The models names were Kent and Tamara.

"Let me show you to your room. I'm afraid you are going to have to share but it is the big one. You can join us on the deck after you change. What's your pleasure?", Jerry asked.

"It's 5 o'clock somewhere," Mike said, "Surprise me."

It actually wasn't even 11am yet.

"Me too," said Kent.

"And I assume you two want your usual?," Jerry asked the women.

"That sounds great Jerry, thanks."

The four of them followed Jerry. Tracy had been practically hanging all over me the whole time. I wasn't sure what her game was but I was being cautious with my heart.

"You all want to help make the drinks and pick out whatever you want? You can help yourself from the candy jar too."

This is the first time I had really seen the bar. The Maker's Mark had already been out the other night. After Jerry grabbed the vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and triple sec he moved out of the way. I grabbed the whiskey while Tracy got a different bottle of gin. I got the tonic and lemonade out of the refrigerator and made myself a whiskey sour heavy on the alcohol after mixing up Tracy's Gin and Tonic.

Jerry poured two Long Island Iced Teas out of the large pitcher he had made and then set up Boilermakers for him and the other two guys.

Tracy sidled up to me.

"We forgot the cookie jar," she said as she led me back to the bar.

Under the bar top on the inside was a set of little drawers like you would keep screws and nails in. There were several drawers. Most were labeled with single letters like A, V, C, L, and E. Tracy pulled out a C and E and handed them to me and then took a couple pills for herself.. She set up a shot of Gin for herself and Whiskey for me.

"Bottoms Up!'

She popped the pills in her mouth and chased it with her shot. I followed suit. She smiled at me in a sexy way. I could tell she was ready to go and it wasn't with me.

"What's the game plan?," Tracy asked.

"I'll set things up and then you can decide," said Jerry.

We sipped on our drinks for a few more minutes. Sam went inside. I thought I heard an exclamation or two but it was hard to tell over the air conditioner. The four newcomers joined us, all dressed in swim wear, all looking slightly disheveled They had their drinks in hand. The woman looked fantastic in their revealing bikinis.

"Did you enjoy your rechristening ceremony?", Jerry asked.

A few knowing smiles were exchanged.

"Blair and Tamara, I think Sam has a surprise for you two. Why don't you wait here and finish your drinks. I'll go check with Sam to see if it's ready. Rick and Tracy, can you come help me?"

I followed Jerry down the hall with Tracy behind me. We went through a door and then up a flight of stairs I didn't know were there. It must have been dormers. I hadn't really ever had a good look at the cabin from the outside.

Jerry knocked on the door and then opened it. He held the door open for me. As soon as I stepped inside I was manhandled. Resistance would have been fuitle.

A ball gag was put back in my mouth while my ankles and wrists were secured to a large metal frame. As the three of them moved away I saw I was in front of a large tinted window that overlooked the deck. I had a great view of the new arrivals.

"The glass is treated. You can see out easily but it is very hard to see in," Jerry told Tracy.

I looked around the room as much as my restraints would allow. I had read about these kinds of things. It was basically an attic 'dungeon' with all kinds of paddles and bondage tools on the walls, a cross, a table, an extra large bed, some trunks and closets.

"Welcome to our playroom Rick. Tracy, Sam, we should attend to our guests."

My cock was hard again. The head was poking out the leg hole of the short shorts. Rick followed the two women out of the room, turning on a dial as he left.

"...wonder what he has in store for us. If it's anything like last time..."


It took me a minute to realize I was hearing voices from the deck. I heard the door open then Jerry's voice.

"I promised you guys some doubles but Rick's been detained. Tracy and I will kick your buts all over the court though!"

The first voice answered. I could see this was Mike. He was untying Tracy's top with his eyes.

"I'm game. What are the stakes?"

"I'm sure we'll think of something," Tracy said, "when you lose."

"The pool needs a cleaning and the Jacuzzi could use one too," Jerry added, "I hope your tongues are in good shape."

"We're in," said Kurt, "but Tracy can't change her outfit. Unless she wants to take it off."

"You guys don't need a distraction as an additional handicap." Jerry grinned, "She'll wear her bikini and tennis shoes. For now."

Tracy was enjoying all of the banter. She liked being the center of attention, especially for her looks. It had been a while. I realized I hadn't appreciated what I had. I also realized it was turning me on and I didn't know why. She put on her shoes and socks which were still outside from yesterday and followed Jerry down to the court. She looked funny wearing tennis shoes in a bikini but Jerry and Mike didn't seem to notice.

It was quiet for a minute and then I heard one of the women talking.

"...the surprise. You said it would be special Sam."

The three women emerged with fresh drinks. All two new women were clearly excited. Sam smiled and took a sip of her drink.

"You all remember Tim from last year?"

Blair and Tamara looked at each other for a minute before Tamara spoke.

"Tim, was he the one that liked...I mean that we got to..."

Sam nodded yes before Tamara corrected herself again. Both of the other women exclaimed happily.

"Time's a wasting Sam," Blair said, "Let's go."

"We should top off first...and maybe stop at the medicine cabinet too."

I heard the door slide and the voices fade inside. My mind was racing wildly, fearful and hopeful about what was about to happen. I heard nothing for a while and thought maybe I was wrong. Then I heard feet on the stairs. They stopped outside the door for a moment. There was a small commotion and then a perfunctory knock on the door before Sam came in followed by Blair and Tamara both in blindfolds.

Sam guided them over so they were about five feet in front of me. I looked at the two beautiful almost naked bodies before me and my cock began fluttering my pants leg. Sam noticed this and pulled down my shorts so my cock was pinned downward, the half closest to the base exposed.

"You may remove your blindfolds now. He is all yours!"

Blair and Tamara removed their blindfolds at about the same time. They broke into wide smiles as they regarded me.

"He's kind of cute, This is our plaything for the day?"

"Yes, Tammy," Sam answered, "and he will do whatever you want him to."

"Let's get a look at the rest of that cock first," said Blair.

When she walked over to me I saw she was about as tall as I was. I don't know how to describe the look on her face, maybe a mixture of stern and conniving, but between that and her height I was unnerved and excited. She looked like she could be a real bitch. She stared me down while she ripped my shorts off. My cock sprung out hard and fast.

Blair looked down at my cock and then grasped it firmly with her hand.

"Nice and hard. Let's keep it that way."

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