tagInterracial LoveCabin Romance Ch. 01

Cabin Romance Ch. 01


Charisse sat on the plane anxiously anticipating her next rendezvous with Jonathan. That night at the hotel when they first met was enough to make her pussy get wet just thinking about it. She flipped through a magazine not really seeing anything on the pages before her. Before she knew it the plane had landed. She gathered her things and exited the plane. As she headed towards the luggage rack, her cell phone rang. She reached into her bag digging around for her phone when her fingers brushed against her silver bullet. She smiled to herself thinking she should stop by the restroom before she left the airport headed to her destination. Her fingers grasped her cell phone and she pulled it out to answer it.

"Hello," she stated breathlessly as at the same time she removed her suitcase from the luggage rack.

"What are you wearing?" Charisse heard the familiar voice on the other end of the line ask. She smiled, thinking she could just have a little phone fun with him before she was to meet up with him in less than an hour.

"Well hello there my sexy mustang," she said into the phone using her husky phone sex voice.

"Mmmm," the caller sighed, "I love it when you call me that."

"I know Jonathan," Charisse replied. "I've got a special surprise for you."

"Oh really, now," Jonathan replied as he lounged back in his lazy boy staring into the fireplace in the cabin he'd recently acquired. He loved the cabin because it was secluded from the rest of the world. The cabin had all of the modern conveniences of home though, as he wasn't quite ready to do away with those things that made life easier. The only thing the cabin did not have was a television set because when he was at the cabin he didn't want any intrusions from the outside world. This cabin was bought for the specific purpose of getting away from it all and sexing up his favorite chocolate honey whenever he could.

The cabin was set in the mountains in Colorado. Charisse had told him once that she'd never been there and always wanted to see the state. He wanted to make Charisse happy because she always made him feel so good. There was nothing he wouldn't do for her. The cabin had a wraparound closed in porch for sitting outside on those warm, breezy nights. Jonathan was not going be fighting insects while trying to relax which is why he appreciated the closed in porch so much. There was a dirt road that led up to the cabin from the main highway and if you weren't paying attention you would miss it. He hoped Charisse liked the cabin as he'd had one of his female co-workers give him decorating ideas and he really wanted Charisse to be comfortable. He stood up from the lazy boy, the one really masculine piece of furniture in the room, and walked over to the bay window off the side of the fireplace and looked out towards the lake. That was the best part about the cabin. They had their own private lake. He smiled to himself as he thought of skinny dipping in the lake with Charisse. He could hardly wait to see her. He'd given her directions to the cabin after she insisted she'd be able to drive herself up there from the airport. He'd offered to pick her up but Charisse was rather independent and quite stubborn at times. He knew what time her plane was due to land and waited an extra fifteen minutes before calling her. He couldn't wait to hear her voice not to mention it was a way to make sure she didn't get lost on the way to the cabin.

"Oh yes, Honey...I think you're really gonna like this surprise," Charisse said into the phone as she made her way to the restroom. She went into the handicapped stall so that she'd have enough room to bring her suitcase in with her. She didn't trust people in airports and there was no way she was going to leave her suitcase out in the common area of the restroom for someone to steal it. She locked the stall door, unbuttoned her jeans, and shimmied them as well as her newest set of lacy panties halfway down her thighs. She pulled her silver bullet out of her bag trying not to make too much noise as she didn't want Jonathan guessing what she was doing.

"You still haven't told me what you're wearing, Baby."

"Hmmm," Charisse sighed into the phone as she insterted the silver bullet into her already moist pussy.

"What are you doing?" Jonathan asked, knowing she was up to something. He could tell by the sound of her voice and he'd heard the rustling as she had slid her jeans down her thick thighs.

"I'm getting your surprise ready for you," Charisse replied a bit breathlessly as she pulled her jeans back up and placed the controller in her pocket. She didn't turn it on yet as she wanted to wait for the drive up to the cabin but just knowing that she had her silver bullet inside of her was enough to almost make her cum. And hearing Jonathan's sexy voice on the phone didn't really help matters any. She decided to talk about something neutral for a minute before she embarrassed herself in the public restroom. She enjoyed having sex in different and unusual places but only when she was with Jonathan in person. Not by herself, and certainly not in an airport restroom. "Okay, you wanted to know what I'm wearing?" Charisse asked Jonathan, trying to get her mind off the bullet inserted in her pussy ready to be turned on at a moment's notice.

"It doesn't really matter Charisse, I'm just gonna take off whatever you've got on anyway as soon as you get here."

"I'm gonna tell you anyway so you have something to look forward to taking off of me. I'm wearing a new Vicky Secrets lacy bra and panty set...it's incredibly sexy with a purple background, some tropical flowers and black lace around the edges. Then I've got on some snug black jeans, no name brand cuz you know I'm cheap," Charisse continued with a chuckle, "and a black tank top with a purple button down shirt. On my feet I'm wearing these cute black sandals I found a Payless the other day. Goes with the outfit perfectly." Charisse knew she was just rambling on trying not to give her secret away to the whole airport as she headed to the car rental counter.

"Mmmmm, I can see you in that outfit, Baby. You're so good at describing things to me, it's like I'm there with you," Jonathan replied and he ran his hands through his short black hair. He could feel himself growing hard just thinking of seeing Charisse get out of whatever vehicle she rented wearing that outfit. He loved her body, all thick and curvy. She tended to complain about it sometimes because she had a bit of a gut but he loved it. Her stomach added to her softness and he especially liked her stretch marks. Hell, there was nothing about Charisse's body that Jonathan did not like. He loved her full DD breasts with the quarter-size, dark brown areola and the pebble like nipples when whe was aroused. He loved her thick apple bottom ass. He loved her thighs, also thick but very smooth and soft to the touch. He loved her hair, shoulderlength and natural. Charisse didn't believe in putting extensions in her hair as a lot of other African American women would. Everything about her was so natural and fresh.

"Jonathan, Baby, lemme call you back," Charisse interrupted his musings. "I'm at the car rental counter and I've got some papers to sign."

"You are gonna call me back, right?" Jonathan asked, knowing full well she wouldn't.

"Yes, Jonathan," Charisse sighed. Sometimes that man could be nerve-wracking. As much as she enjoyed spending time with him whenever she could and talking with him on the phone, he tended to get worrisome at times. She really couldn't blame him though, she did have him pretty whipped.

"Alright, Baby," Jonathan replied, knowing exactly what Charisse was thinking. He knew he shouldn't have asked her if she was really going call him back. It was a weakness he had with her. It was like he couldn't get enough of her. He constantly wanted to hear her voice and feel her in his arms as he made love to her. Okay, so he was addicted, and damn he wished he could just have her all to himself but he knew that couldn't happen. She was married and had a family and he had his own obligations. He supposed that was one of the reasons that made this relationship so exciting to him. Knowing it was taboo and knowing that Charisse was taking things she learned from him and doing them with her husband. And vice versa. He didn't mind sharing her and he hoped one day that she would allow him into her bi-sexual world and he could experience sharing her with a woman up close and personal.

Jonathan was dozing off in his chair when he heard a car drive up. He was impressed that Charisse found the cabin with no problems. He supposed he could thank himself for that because he did give good directions. He jumped up off the chair and headed to the kitchen to make sure that the meal he prepared for her was still warm. He double checked the table that sat just off of the kitchen to the side of the bay window he was looking out of earlier. It was decorated with a silk light purple tablecloth because he knew purple was Charisse's favorite color. There was a romantic look to the table as he had set up two candles, and the china he had chosen had a floral design around the edges. Charisse loved flowers too and her favorite was purple Carnations. He had hell finding those flowers but he did and had them set up in a crystal vase set in the middle of the table for a centerpiece. Everything was in place and he could feel his heartbeat accelerate in anticipation of seeing Charisse again. It had been three months since he had last seen her and he had a whole week with her this time. He smoothed out his clothes and his hair and suddenly had to go to the bathroom. He darted off to the bathroom hoping to be out by the time Charisse knocked on the door.

Charisse looked around at her surroundings and took it all in. She loved what she saw and was excited to be spending a whole week with Jonathan. She supposed she should be feeling guilty for having this affair but she didn't. She knew her husband was having his own affairs so she wasn't trippin. Besides she really liked Jonathan and enjoyed his company, in and out of bed. She walked up to the cabin and tried the doorknob wanting to just walk in and surprise him. The door was open and she walked in and took in the view before her. It was simple yet elegant. The cabin was one big room with the bathroom off to the southwest of the cabin. She looked to her right and saw the four poster bed complete with a sheer white canopy. Directly in front of her was the sitting area with a cozy looking couch, a lazy boy, and a furry looking carpet on the floor in front of the fireplace. Beyond the fireplace she could see the bay window, the romantically set table and the kitchen. It was perfect!

She set her bags down and walked over to the table and smiled at the trouble Jonathan went through for her. She checked the date on the champagne bottle and saw that it was vintage 1930's. She knew it was going to be a very sensual night. Charisse walked back to the lazyboy and sat down to wait for Jonathan. She figured she must be in one of those rooms with a closed door. She heard the door open and smiled knowing he couldn't see her short frame sitting in the chair from behind.

Jonathan knew she was in the cabin as he saw her bags by the door. He figured she must be sitting in the chair so he walked up behind the chair, leaned over and kissed the top of her head. Charisse smiled tilted her head back and took a kiss from Jonathan. Jonathan came around the chair and pulled Charisse up so that he could take her spot and settled her in his lap. They spent some time getting re-acquainted, cuddling, kissing and caressing.

"Hungry, Baby?" Jonathan asked after several minutes of making out. He knew he was and he knew he was going to need his strength for the night to come.

"Oh yea, I'm definitely hungry," Charisse replied, nibbling his ear.

It took all the strength Jonathan had not to just take Charisse right there on the throw rug, but he wanted this night to be special and memorable. So, he pushed Charisse off of him and stood up. Jonathan was at least a foot taller than Charisse standing at 6'. He looked down into her dark brown eyes with his own smoldering brown eyes and leaned down for just one more kiss before leading her to the table.

He sat her down and served her first with a salad, then a half inch sirlion steak that he had grilled earlier, and a baked potato with all of the fixings. Charisse knew how to appreciate a good meal and that was another thing that Jonathan liked about her. She wasn't the frilly type that was afraid to eat. It showed in her weight as well but that was another thing that drew her to him in the first place. Her simple honesty and straightforwardness about herself. Charisse did have her feminine side as well. There was no doubt that she was all woman. Jonathan could definitely attest to that. They enjoyed a leisurely dinner, talking and sipping on champagne.

Charisse started to squirm in her chair and Jonathan asked if she was alright. She smiled a lazy smile at him and had that look in her eyes that she usually got after having an orgasm. Jonathan wondered what was on her mind for her to have an orgasm sitting right there at the table just having general conversation.

Charisse stood up and walked over to Jonathan. She pulled him up out of the chair just as a streak of lightening lit up the room from outside. It had begun to rain and they could hear the pattering of the rain as it came down on the roof above them. Charisse pulled Jonathan over to the couch and stood before him.

"You got some music here, Baby?" Charisse asked as she began to sway her hips in front of him to a tune already in her head. Jonathan reached over for the remote to his stereo and turned on the music for Charisse. The sounds of Sade's soulful crooning filled the room as Charisse began to move her body to the beat of the music.

Charisse started by taking her shirt off as she did a strip tease for Jonathan. Jonathan sat back and watched feeling his dick grow harder with each gyration of Charisse's hips. She took something out of her pocket and handed it to Jonathan and winked at him. He realized that what he was holding was attached to a small cord going inside of her jeans. He was intrigued wanting to know what Charisse had down her pants so he fiddled with the knob on the controller she just handed him. There were three settings on the knob, Charisse had the setting on low and Jonathan had just moved it all the way up to high. Charisse's movements became a bit more fluid as she began to take her jeans off having kicked off her sandals earlier at the table. She shimmied out of her jeans and Jonathan sucked in his breath at the sight of her latest purchase at Vicky Secrets. The sound of the rain, mixed with the sound of the music and the lighting made Jonathan feel as if Charisse were a sex goddess sent especially to him.

Charisse straddled Jonathan's lap and began to nibble on his ear as she grinded her already wet pussy on his jeans. The feel of the silver bullet on high, the silk of her panties, and the hardness of Jonathan's body beneath her was enough to send Charisse over the edge. She expelled a loud moan from her lips as Jonathan held her tightly knowing she was having one intense orgasm. He watched her face as she threw her head back and allowed the feeling to overcome her. She was so beautiful when she came.

As she came back down from her sexually induced high, Charisse smiled at Jonathan and took the controller from him. She turned it off and finished stripping her clothes. She laid down on the furry throw rug in front of him and beckoned him to lay next to her in front of the roaring fire. Jonathan stood up and shed his clothes and Charisse took in the sight of his hard, tan body standing over her. He was magnificent. His chest was firm, stomach flat, and although he never would admit it, the man was hung! Charisse licked her lips at the thought of taking Jonathan's throbbing member into her mouth. She could never get enough of sucking Jonathan off and he could never get enough of tasting her essence.

He laid down beside her and kissed her very thoroughly. Charisse reached up and ran her fingers through his hair as his hands caressed her body. He grabbed one of Charisse's breasts and began to play with her already hardened nipple twirling it around between his thumb and forefinger. Charisse moaned into his kisses and Jonathan took over pleasuring his Chocolate Sex Goddess. He moved his head down taking first one nipple in his mouth and then the other. Gradually, he made his way down to the essence of what made Charisse so sensual. He breathed in her musky womanly scent and placed the tip of his tongue on her clit already swollen from the stimulation of the silver bullet. Jonathan tugged on the cord and released the silver bullet from Charisse's body and smiled up at her.

"So, this is the big surprise? Hmmm...interesting. I like it. Damn, but did you look sexy when you came!" Jonathan said to her in his husky, sensual voice.

"Mmmmmmm" Charisse moaned. "I thought you might like the show I gave you. Wanted to give you something to remember for a long time."

"Oh Baby, I will never forget this night," Jonathan stated as he settled back down between her legs to feast on the part of Charisse that would give him so much pleasure in the years to come. He decided at that point, that no matter what it took, she would always be a part of his life. He knew at that moment, he was falling for her and hard.

Charisse sat up and looked down at Jonathan pleasuring her and felt the same thing Jonathan was feeling. She knew in her heart that she would always want him and always want to be with him. She vowed to spend this next week showing him just how much he had come to mean to her and that it wouldn't be another three months before she saw him again.

Charisse put her hands in Jonathan's hair and played with it allowing the feeling to take over her body. She threw her head back as the warmth of her orgasm began to take over her body. She felt a chill at the same time and her body went into uncontrollable convulsions as Charisse had the most intense orgasm, she'd ever had. She was floating on air and thought she heard something but the sound was so faint.

As Charisse came back down, she smiled into Jonathan's eyes. She saw something in his eyes she'd never seen before. It looked like he was mesmerised. Charisse's heartrate began to accelerate again as she began to think something was wrong. She sat up and took Jonathan's hand in hers.

"You okay, Baby? You look as if you're freaking out," Charisse inquired.

Jonathan looked at Charisse and smiled. "I'm fine, Baby. I just want to thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift."

"You're welcome but I've given you that before, there's no need to thank me."

"Yes, Baby, yes there is."

Charisse looked at Jonathan in confusion but Jonathan kept silent. He just gathered her into his arms and snuggled down next to her. He wanted to make love to her and put his dick deep inside of her to show her just how much he appreciated what she had just done for him but he was content to just hold her and revel in the moment of knowing that he had just officially made her his woman.

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