tagNon-Erotic PoetryCactus Patch Christmas

Cactus Patch Christmas


In sunny Arizona, about Christmas time,
was old Sagebrush Jack, and mule Adeline.
They wandered the hills, in the warm desert air,
speckt’n for gold, or a wild jack hare.
Away from the traffic, the smog and the crime;
Hoping to find, that lost Dutchman mine.
They searched on by day, and camped up by night,
till one day they found, a wonderful sight.
In North Cactus Patch, well hidden by bluff,
was a large Christmas tree, and that kind of stuff.
He spied and he sneaked, on down to the shanty,
when out popped a little man, he knew as Santy.
Howdy old chap, he greeted HO HO,
Jack would then ask, “ Where is your snow?"
Santa advised Jack , of Rumatiz and things,
that made him to live, in the warmth the sun brings.
He told of his troubles as they set a spell,
And that poor Rudolph reindeer, was not at all well.
A dense Christmas fog, had begun to roll in,
and chance of a sleigh flight, was wearing quite thin.
He’d wait with high hopes, until biter end,
to see if Christmas, would happen again.
The fog did not budge, and time all naught,
when old Sagebrush had, a brainstorming thought!
"Why Santy" he said,"I think it best,
If Ya hop yer a plane, from AmericaWest!"
Santa agreed, it might save this disaster,
so they loaded the loot, in a Buick Roadmaster.
With pedal to metal, on down the lane,
Jack drove like a mad man, racing a train.
When they entered I-10, Santa thought they would roll,
until they both heard the sound, of the highway patrol.
When the officer came up, Jack tried to explain,
That the man next to him, was criminally insane!
The patrolman looked doubtful, but then he looked pleased,
He’s warring a fur coat ? IT'S A HUNDRED DEGREES!
So they went to the airport, to fly him on out,
but the planes were all grounded, or had to reroute,
There at the airport, was a man from Tibet,
and a goat he named Milfred, his favorite pet,
While wandering about, not knowing where to go,
that goat ate a watch, and started to glow!
Santa pondered at this, and he thought for a while,
what this goal might do, given more radium dials?
Santa and Sagebrush, both beamed with zeal,
as they promptly worked out, a mutual deal.
They pushed the old goat, on into the car,
as quickly they headed, back home on the tar.
The goat they hooked up, in the front of the sleigh,
stuffed full of gifts, and reindeer dust spray.
Milfred was filled, from his head to his hinnie,
with light bulbs, and tinsel, and anything shinny.
They bid their farewells, on the usual note,
Jack smile and he chuckled, at the old Billy goat.

 When foggy on Christmas, I look to the sky,
remembering old Milfred, and the big furry guy.
Deliberating attention, a solitude smile,
 lost in the vastness, of space for awhile.
 Heavens brought forth, a strange misty glow,
A star in the east , or large U F O?
Had Aliens appeared, to sample our Christmas cheer,
that happens on earth, at this time of year?
As I would conclude, from these visions of high cost:
It was lighted emissions, from Milfred’s exhaust!
And why may you ask, for this wild Christmas tale?
So joys of the season, to all can prevail.

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