tagLoving WivesCaddyshack Jenny Ch. 1

Caddyshack Jenny Ch. 1


Jenny arrived at the Country Club at four o'clock sharp. Her husband had dropped off his car for service that morning on his way to the office. A co-worker had dropped him off for his twelve p.m. tee time. Jenny was going to pick him up, and take him back to the dealership to reclaim his car before they closed for the evening. "Jenny's Taxi service" was once again in full swing she mused, with a rueful smile. She was once again being used. Though certainly not wealthy, they got along all right without a second income. They had no children, and lived well within their means.

Except for this club! She thought to herself. Looking around the parking lot, all she saw were Lexus, Mercedes and Jaguar nameplates! She felt out of place parking her four-year-old Taurus next to a brand new silver Corvette convertible. A young man immediately approached her car, dressed in a white polo shirt with the club logo at his breast. "Can I help you with your clubs, Mam?" he asked brightly, with an eager grin on his cute face.

"Oh no. I'm just here to pick up my husband! Which way is the clubhouse?" she asked with a smile. "Follow me, Mam!" he answered, leading her through the parked cars, up to a long cobblestone path, bordered by carefully pruned Magnolia trees. There was a sweet perfume in the air, and small songbirds were flitting all around, chirping happily in the late afternoon sun.

They emerged from the path to large, carved mahogany set of doors set into the face of an elegant, stone mansion. As they passed inside, they entered a spacious, high ceiling entry hall, with groups of massive leather armchairs spaced around marble sofa tables. Small knots of men sat in comfortable groups, deeply involved in their own jovial conversations. Jenny could smell the odor of expensive cigars in the air. No one paid them any attention as they passed through.

They now entered a separate room at the back of the hall, through a set of cut glass French doors thrown wide open. There were several racks of colorful golf clothes on display in the brightly lit room. Golf clubs lined one of the walls, and there was a long carved wood counter to the side. The back-wall was all glass, providing a panoramic view of a heavily contoured practice green, with the finishing hole of the course off in the distance.

"How can I help you?" Asked the athletic looking middle-aged man from behind the wood counter, watching as she entered the shop. There were two other men in golf outfits standing in front of the counter, their backs to her. They were both looking at their golf cards, comparing scores for the day. "I'm here to pick up my husband, Jack Richards. He said I could meet him at the Pro Shop at four" she answered. One of the men turned suddenly, and she recognized Dr. Stevens from the Hospital! (See Jenny's Medical Adventure for a full explanation).

"Jenny! How nice to see you again!" He said with a big smile, walking right up to greet her. He took her hand in both of his, giving it a warm shake as he peered closely at her face. Jenny couldn't bear to meet his eyes, as previous feelings of shame and embarrassment washed over her. He leaned in close and whispered, "I see your complexion is clear as a bell! The treatments must be working great!" He turned back and said, "Jenny and I will be out on the patio. We'll catch Jack on his way in." He wrapped an arm lightly around her narrow waist, directing her out through a door on the back wall. They stepped onto a broad stone terrace, with several wrought iron patio sets overlooking the practice green.

He held out a chair for her, taking a seat himself after she had settled in. With a sweep of his hand a perky young waitress appeared, asking if she could get them anything from the bar. Jenny asked for a glass of water, while Dr. Stevens requested a "Bushmill's on the rocks."

"So how have you been Jenny?" he asked with a smile, after she had left to get their drinks. Though very hesitant initially, Jenny found herself slowly being drawn into conversation with him. He was a very charming, confident man with a contagious smile. It didn't hurt that he had such a pleasant, chiseled face either! "You were a great sport, to put up with Jack's stunt as well as you did, Jenny. I don't know of many women who could have gone through with it!" He shook his head, staring vacantly off into the distance, remembering that day from the past where they had first met.

Jenny grasped her glass of water and took a quick swallow, to keep from choking. Looking over his shoulder, she could see her husband standing with a small group of men, laughing and shaking hands. There were four teenagers walking back towards the side of the clubhouse, carrying their golf bags. The men were in an animated discussion, and didn't look to be in a hurry to come up just yet.

"I wasn't aware that Jack knew anything about that day!" she said to Dr. Stevens, her eyes still locked on her husband in the distance. "Oh come on Jenny, be serious!" he answered with a grin; that is until he saw the expression on her face. "I just assumed that since you were such a good sport about the "treatments" that day, you must have been in on it!" He suddenly felt very awkward.

"Are you telling me that my husband ARRANGED for that to happen to me!" she asked, locking his eves with a piercing stare. He cradled his fingers together on the tabletop, puffing his cheeks out as he expelled a slow breath. "Look around you, Jenny. Do you realize how much a membership to this club is worth? It takes years to even make it off the waiting list to get in! But Jenny" He said, returning her stare with equal intent, "You were worth every penny!"

Jenny slumped back in her chair, as she realized how she had been used. "I'm only being honest with you because I really like you, Jenny. You seem to be a very sweet girl. I have a totally different opinion of you now then before." She looked back up at him, and saw her husband wave as he approached the terrace. "Don't mention this to him!" she whispered urgently, rising in her chair to greet her husband, her face plastered with an artificial smile.

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