tagLoving WivesCaddyshack Jenny Ch. 4

Caddyshack Jenny Ch. 4


Jack listened attentively as Bill Broomhall stood before the group of members, explaining the rules of the tournament. The club pro stood on his left, clarifying any fine points coming under question. One of the club waitresses stood at his right. The members were all seated on bleachers, which bordered the first tee box. There was a large score board opposite from the bleachers behind Bill, which showed the individual pairings, and provided room for scores to be continuously updated. The fairway of the opening par 4 extended out to their right, cascading majestically down a graceful slope, bordered by mature pines. Impulse sprinklers swung back and forth across the fairway spewing large graceful arcs of water, with a steady FFFPP, FFFPP, FFFPP rhythm in the early morning sun. Jack noticed he was grouped in Bill's foursome, and was number four on the board! Apparently it was traditional for any new members to be included with this foursome on the opening day of the tournament. Dr. Stevens was the third member of the party, with Rich Payner, the club pro, rounding out the group. Jack was feeling very intimidated to be playing with the club owner, plus he still owed Dr. Stevens's big time for getting him a membership.

The group of caddies now approached the back of the tee box, standing off a respectful distance. They each carried their assigned member's bag of clubs; each bag bore a large tag corresponding to the golfers position on the scoreboard. Jack saw his wife struggling up at the back of the group, burdened down by her assigned bag. He shook his head, as the strap had pulled down one side of her sweater, exposing a generous amount of cleavage. He sensed that most of the guys caught the same view! She gave a big sigh, and began rubbing her shoulder as she set the bag down in front of her. As she straightened up, Her dark brown aureoles were shockingly visible through the front of her sweater! There were wet blotches over both areas, as if she had been nursing through the thin material! Both erect nipples were brought into sharp relief. Jenny was oblivious to the exposure, as she continued rubbing her sore shoulder, and arching her back. She clutched a small leather pouch in her other hand. The number one was displayed on the round tag of the clubs now at her side. Color drained from Jack's face as he realized that Bill held the number one position on the scoreboard, and now he was forced to play along with his wife! Too late to back down now though, he realized with a rueful shake of the head.

Bill finished by wishing everyone good luck, and handed the microphone to the waitress. She announced in a clear voice: "First off will be the group of Broomhall, Stevens, Paynor and Richards. Could I have the numbers one through four caddies enter the tee box area please. Next are the Ryan, Johnson, Mitchell and Smith group, followed third by Ankers, Ankers, Simpson and Thomlasen."

When the four men had entered the tee area, they exchanged polite handshakes. Each man then approached the caddies, and introduced himself. When Jack shook Jenny's hand, she looked right through him, pretending he didn't even exist. He couldn't help but stare guiltily at her chest, just like the others. The men asked for their clubs, which the caddies extracted and handed over. Everyone selected a driver except Jack, who selected a three wood. He had a case of opening tee jitters. He had never teed off with this many people watching, and he sure didn't want to skull one now!

After the players had done some quick stretches, Bill stepped up to the black markers and teed up his Titlest balata. Everyone quieted down, and it was suddenly ghostly silent except for the chirping of some birds in the pines, and the continuing FFFPP FFFPP of the impulse sprinklers. After carefully adjusting his stance, he drew back with a slow back-swing, dropping the club back down and through with too much force, cutting underneath the highly teed ball and producing a short ten yard pop fly landing down in front of the tee box.

He raised his arms in triumph, and bellowed out a big, good-natured belly laugh. Seeing he was being a good sport, everyone else joined in. It was a great tension breaker, and when they quieted back down, they all started to chant Mulligan, Mulligan, and Mulligan in unison. "O.K., O.K.!" He said, raising an arm to quiet them. He looked back to Jenny. "Could you grab me a ball dear?" Mistaking his meaning (or grabbing the opportunity?), she bounded forward, and jogged out to retrieve the ball he had just miss-hit. Stunned, everyone watched as she bounced right out directly in front of the spray of one of the fairway sprinklers, bending over at the waist to gracefully retrieve the ball from the grass underneath! The front of her sweater plastered against her pendulous breasts, as she kept her head stretched back out of the spray. She turned, and began jogging back towards Bill, with her breast now clearly defined under the transparent material, bouncing and swaying in rhythm to her paces. The men all cheered aloud as she presented the ball to Bill, first holding it up in triumph to the bleachers! She then gave a cute little curtsy, and returned back to the bag, with Bill following her swaying ass.

It took a bit for the crowd to get settled down again after this exhibition. Jack stood with his eyes buried in one hand, unwilling to look back at Jenny, who was standing proudly with shoulders back, hands at her side. She had a bright, sunny smile on her face, as if nothing was amiss. She kept her attention focused on Bill, so as to allow the crowd to enjoy the view comfortably. The sweater had stretched out, and tightly conformed to her breasts, with the scooped front exposing a dangerous amount of abundant cleavage, which now glistened in the sun with moisture.

Bill settled back over his ball, and this time stroked it down the heart of the fairway with his normal smooth tempo. Jenny squealed with delight, leading a polite applause from the bleachers. Most of the guys hadn't even noticed the tee-shot of course, their attention being directed elsewhere! Jack watched as Bill stepped back by Jenny, and began whispering in her ear. She gave him a playful punch in the arm at one point, but mostly smiled and nodded her head as he carried on a one-sided conversation with her. Jack tried to ignore them, but pangs of jealousy started to spring up unbidden as he furtively glanced back.

The remaining tee shots went off without event, as the three men were all consistent players. Off they strode down the wet fairway, the groundskeepers having finally shut off the irrigation system. Being intelligent men, they all allowed Jenny to lead the way, struggling under the burden of Bills heavy bag. They came up to Bill's ball first, as he was the shortest hitter in the grouping. Jenny let the bag drop with a thump off her shoulder, flashing a generous amount of thigh as she bent to tip it back upright. She dropped the small satchel she was holding in her other hand, clumsily bending to retrieve it also.

"This will never do!" Said Bill with a frown. "I'm so sorry!" said Jenny, pouting and bringing her hands up to cover her face. "I'm afraid I'm not cut out for caddying! I'll never make it through the day carrying this bag!" A tear started to trace down her cheek, which she quickly wiped away. Bill stepped up and wrapped his arm protectively around her shoulders. Even at sixty years old, he was still a big bear of a man. "Nonsense dear, I won't have any of that kind of talk from you! Richards! You're the rookie in this group! I'm afraid you'll have to lug your own bag today!"

He turned to Jack's caddy, and motioned him over. The boy walked over to Jack, not looking him in the eye. "I'm sorry sir, but here's your bag." He then slipped it off his shoulders, setting it in front of Jack. Scurrying over by Jenny, he then took control of the bag for her. Asking for a five iron, Bill settled over his ball. One smooth swing later found his ball landing just short of the green, splitting the two green-side bunkers and rolling up to rest in the center of the putting surface.

"You see that girl! You bring me luck! Yes sir, today's going to be my lucky day! I'm going to win one of these tournaments yet!" said Bill, as he tossed his club nonchalantly towards his new caddy. Jenny squealed as he gave her ass a sharp smack. "Am I going to get spanked every time you hit a good shot?" she asked, loud enough to be heard by the rest of the group. She fluttered her eyes at Bill with a very coy expression on her face, as she reached back and playfully rubbed her well-rounded ass through the short skirt. The rest of the group watched as the hemline of the short skirt followed her movements up and down, just short of her ass. Jack's throat constricted as he watched the banter between them. "She never acted like that with me!" he muttered to himself.

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