tagLoving WivesCaddyshack Jenny Ch. 6

Caddyshack Jenny Ch. 6


As they stepped onto the eighth tee box, a girl pulled up driving a golf cart, which had been converted to serve as a beverage cart. "Coffee anyone!" she asked, and immediately had several takers. One of the boys asked for a pop, which she kept in one of the back coolers. Jenny shifted her top back in place, and walked around to the back, examining the contents of a glass-topped cabinet containing snack food. Passing over the candy bars and junk food, she pointed to some fruit on the bottom shelf. "Could I have a banana?" she asked the girl, pointing them out.

Stepping away from the cart with the banana, she strolled over to the wire trash basket next to a bench at the back of the tee area. She slowly peeled the fruit entirely, dropping it down into the bin. Rejoining the group of men as they sipped their coffee, she casually pressed the tip of the fruit past her puckered lips, staring vacantly down the eighth fairway. To everyone's amazement, she then proceeded to slide the fruit deep within her mouth! Jack choked on his hot coffee, as he could see the outline of her tongue working busily inside her mouth, stroking the underside of the shaft. With agonizing slowness, she drew the fruit back out from her hollowed cheeks and past her puckered lips, trailing a thick stream of saliva from the tip of the fruit back to her lower lip.

With a devilish grin, she turned to the men. "I just love banana's! They're such a fun fruit!" The men watched hypnotized, as the stream of saliva bobbed up and down off her full lower lip. Now she tipped her head back, shutting her eyes, and once more pushed the fruit beyond her waiting lips. Dumfounded, they watched as she continued past the previous depth, forcing it deep down to the base of her mouth! A bulge was now visible at the top of her throat, as she forced the full length in with an effort!

She let out a muffled moan, squeezing the banana back out of her throat slowly. Now looking into Bills eyes, she broke the end off in her mouth as she pulled it out. She moaned with pleasure as she chewed it up, swallowing it down all at once. Then she traced her long tongue all around her lips suggestively, never dropping her eyes from his open mouth stare. "Do you like banana's too?" she asked him in a sultry voice, as she took another bite. "I do now!" he boomed out, shaking his head in wonder. "Son, hand me a six iron!" he said to his caddy, as he tore himself away from her smoky gaze, and strode up to the markers.

With his mind not on the game anymore, he launched a high slice, which plunged into the pines right of the green. "Jenny, get me another ball please! I'm going to hit a provisional," he said with disgust. He waited patiently while she searched through his bag for a ball, finally snatching one out and bringing it up to him. "Thanks, Dear" he said, as he teed it up. His next shot was much better, Just making the front edge of the green.

Rich hit next, once again laser beaming the flag. Jenny happily bounced up in front of him to receive another good luck smack. This time he reached down with his left hand though, lifting the hem of her dress. He then smacked her bare ass with his right hand, causing her to hop forward slightly. "Ouch!" she said, looking back with a smile, as she rubbed her red cheek. Much to everyone's delight, her breasts had again swung free. She made no move to cover herself, now that the cart had left, as she strolled back behind the tee box. The boys looked on in wonder, as she swayed up to where they waited in position.

Dr. Stevens and Jack teed-off, both balls settling just off the back fringe of the green. Before they left for the green however, Bill called out "Richards! Jenny wants her make-up!" Jack walked over with the bag dangling from his shoulder, and pulled the bag out of his back pocket. The men watched her unzip the bag, pulling out a small mirror and dark red tube. She managed to make even this look incredibly erotic, as she traced a heavy layer of the dark red lipstick over her full, puckered lips for them. "The only trouble with banana's, is they smear your lipstick!" she said in a sultry voice. "Only the way you do it, Babe!" answered Bill, with a look of awe on his face.

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