tagBDSMCadmium and Blue

Cadmium and Blue


As she climbed to the top of the mesa, she thought the sky to be a particularly brilliant shade of blue. That was why she had to get closer to it. They had carved out a combination of steps and slopes up the side a few years back so they could do just that.

There had been many a picnic on this mesa which sat on their land.....many poems written....many songs composed and sung....many nights under the stars, so brilliant that, once or twice, they believed those stars may have outshone their love for each other. But they were mistaken, of course.

And this particular day found her hungry for the sky. So she took her water, her pen and her paper and made the trek to the top, eager to breathe the air which waited for her there. The way the sun bathed the mesa created a luminous glow of cadmium, haloed by the azure sky, and the child in her was encouraged to giggle to receive such a gift.

She was left alone to play as she would. Three days now He was gone from her and she had to find ways to occupy her empty days without Him. She would draw her energy from the mesa.........their mesa. He was to be home tomorrow. And tomorrow could not arrive soon enough.

Sitting on the bench above, she placed her things next to her, putting a rock on the paper so the winds would not carry it off ~ a lesson she had learned in earlier days.

She then stood as close to the edge as possible, looking out to their land below, to the horizon where she witnessed a thunderstorm in the making. The winds wrapped around her and billowed her cape about her, pulling her hair away from her face, then across it again. Her dress was swept back and forth, slapping against her legs. She closed her eyes and lifted her face to the sun, spreading her arms out like wings. And she did feel as though she could fly off the cliff and ride the wind.

She laughed as she opened her eyes. A distant movement caught her eye.......a little dust storm was born and she studied it. Her attentions were made keener when she realized that it followed the road leading to their home. Who would be visiting? Her apprehension turned to joy as she saw His old weathered truck. She stood a little straighter and watched His progress, His trail of dust and sand, as He drove as fast as the dirt road would allow.

Did He slow down? Oh! He stopped. She could see Him sitting in the truck. Then the dust caught up with Him and for a moment, hid the old blue truck from view. When the sand settled, she gasped to see Him....standing in front of the truck, His stance strong, hands on His hips. He was looking up at her. And with hundreds of yards between them, she still felt the electricity of their love. Her hand flew to her throat, as it did when He moved her like this.

She raised her hand in simple recognition of His arrival and she saw Him smile.......or maybe she just felt it from so far away.

Quickly, she gathered up her things and her skirt and made her way down the face of the mesa to meet Him. He had arrived early! She thanked the gods for her good fortune! He had come home to her! And there, as she approached the lower slope, He stood to greet her. He smiled as she laughed in her childlike manner. His heart swelled as she rushed toward Him with such joy, and as she fell into His arms, He knew there was no better love than theirs. Oh, how He had missed her!

And, with their arms wrapped about each other, they walked back to their home, talking over one another, laughing and kissing playfully as she welcomed Him home.

They entered the house and He was pleased to be surrounded by its comfort and her love. She led Him to His chair, removing His boots and lifting His feet to the ottoman. She placed her hand on His chest and simply said, "Rest, my Love. You are Home." and walked to the kitchen.

She poured Him a drink and brought it to Him, studying His face as He rested His eyes and moved to His side. Eyes still closed, He brought His hand to her hips and ran His hand over her full, round bottom. He sighed as He stirred. Oh yes, how He had missed her. He opened His eyes to meet hers, full of the knowing look that only couples in a deep and abiding love could share without speaking. She knew His intent and welcomed it always. He took the drink she offered, watching her bring a stool to sit at His feet so that she could massage His tired feet. He moaned in pleasure as she tended to Him.

"I'm happy to be home with You, my Love," He said finally. "The trip was needed to meet with our solicitors, but I missed You. Next time, You shall go with me, yes?"

"Yes, Sir," she replied. "I would enjoy that. I missed You terribly! I'm glad You're home now. Thank You for tending to those matters."

He sipped His drink as she concentrated on relaxing Him. He watched her intently. She knew Him so well, knew His needs before He could request. Her delicate hands were deceptively strong and she moved along His feet and calves knowingly. He felt the tiredness and tension drift away from Him.

"Shall I prepare Your shower, Sir?" she asked.

"In a minute. Move closer," He replied, and moved His legs over so she could sit on the corner of the ottoman. They smiled at each other, so happy they were to be together again. He nursed His drink with one hand. Taking her hand with His other, He brought it to His fly so she could feel His arousal.

Her eyes closed half way as she moved her hand along His fly. Oh yes, how she longed for Him now, to welcome Him home properly. Her smile betrayed her desire. His smile was blatantly lustful.

"I'll take that shower now, my darling," He said, rising from His chair. He pulled her up to meet Him and they kissed. Her hands wrapped around His neck as his strong hands traveled down her back to her ass, drawing her to Him as closely as possible. Their tongues danced together, her hands went through His hair as His hands grabbed fistfuls of hers.

He pulled away and simply ordered, "I'll have my shower now, please. Prepare yourself, my Love." And they walked together toward their bedroom.

As He showered, she turned down the crisp, creamy sheets. She undressed, laying her clothes on the chair, then padded to the armoire and opened the door, should He desire anything there for their lovemaking.

As she waited on the bench as the foot of the bed, she grew wet in anticipation. He was home now and the reward for their brief separation had arrived!

She looked up to find Him standing in the doorway, naked, His skin glistening with drops of water. Her eyes made their way down His body and stopped to enjoy His arousal, reaching out for her. She gasped slightly as His hand stroked it. She squirmed.

He walked slowly toward her now, unable to keep himself from her any longer. He enjoyed watching her breasts rise and fall quickly in her own anticipation. He moved her legs apart with one knee and stood in front of her. Their eyes locked as He put His hands on the back of her head and pulled her to His hard cock. She kissed Him and He groaned as His head rolled back to feel her soft, full lips.

He moaned when her tongue traveled around the tip of His cock. He grabbed her arms and brought her up Him sharply. He pressed her to Him fiercely and they kissed deeply and more lustfully than before. Still kissing, He brought her to the edge of the bed. His hands were all over her, squeezing, tweaking, fondling, caressing her until He knew He had to have her when her scent filled His head with desire.

Pushing her on the bed, He watched for only a second until He climbed to lie on top of her and she wrapped her legs about Him, her nails dragging up His back gently. Gently NOW, He thought. He moved on her, She responded by moving beneath Him in expectation of His deliverance.

He lifted up from her, moving His hand to guide His hardness into her now. He felt her spread her legs even further apart (if that was possible) to welcome Him Home. He slid into her gently, fully erect now, taking her.........owning her............and they both moaned to be so possessed.

They moved together in perfection, knowing the rhythms of the other as they danced the dance of desire....of love.....of possession.....of adoration.

He moved His hands to the top of her head and pulled into her more deeply. Her back arched to draw Him into her fully, her hands on His ass now. Their pace quickened now and they knew this was the wild and lustful beginning to an evening of renewal within each other, bathed in one another's love.

Their collective moans and muffled words were only surpassed by the approaching thunderstorm which she had witnessed brewing earlier. And as their climax began to overtake them, their screams matched the claps of thunder, their energy rivaled the bolts of lightning.

They were riveted to the body of the other as their backs arched, unable to get any closer, He pounded into her with a force that was met with equal passion and desire. And His reward to feel her close about His diamond hard rod as she came to Him in total submission, the trembling of her body unmistakably out of control and in His.

He continued to move into her, knowing there was more, wanting there to be more of her to take. And He was rewarded with a second orgasm, her screams potent as she drug her nails up His back in release.

Her nails released the wildness of His lust and He pounded into her, emptying Himself into her, spilling out of her. The scent was intoxicating and her back arched once more as she gave Him chapter three of her acquiescence.

Tempos slowing now, they relished their emotional release to the other, hands exploring what they already knew, and yet discovering as if for the first time, the magic of the other's body in amazement for their collective Gifts.

Slowly, He withdrew from her, enjoying how she seemed to cling to Him, unwilling to allow Him to remove Himself from her. And, as the tip of His cock slipped away, she gasped, drawing herself to Him for protection in her vulnerability. He wrapped her in His strong arms, His hands comforting her as a sort of shelter. And in His care, she was safe, her cheek resting on His chest, the rhythm of their hearts matching, returning to normal pace.

He was home.................and so was she.

(c) Kennedy Flynn

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