Cailee was a cock teaser. She was 18 years old a slim body, nice long legs, and 38 C breasts. She had blonde hair and had blue eyes. She dressed like a slut and one time she made are English teacher have a hard on. How do I know, because you can see the bulge in his pants and he kept fidgeting. My name is Jason.

I was one of those kids who weren't pretty and was always beat up. I was lucky my locker was right next to hers and she lived right next door to me. I always waited just to see her. She never said hi never smiled, she acted as if I was a ghost. Finally one day I stepped up to her and said "Hi," what was her response a slap across the face. Everybody in the hallway just looked at me and started to laugh. I was so embarrassed that I got up and ran into the bathroom. I told myself that this bitch has to pay but how?

I knew that everyday she would walk with a bunch of people and would be home alone till 8 at night. What was my plan, to follow her and to rape her. You must be asking yourself how am I going to get in her house. Well I knew that when she got home she always unlocked her front door. That night I went to an erotic store right down the street from me and brought a vibrator, gag ball, handcuffs, and a ski mask. I told myself in bed that she will never embarrass me again as long as I live.

The next day in school I left a letter in her locker. It read "Hey hunny I have a surprise for you after school today. Love your admirer." When she arrived at her locker and read the letter a grin showed up on her face. She told her one friend that she loved surprises especially from an admirer. When I heard that I couldn't help but smile. She looked at me and said, "What's so funny asshole," I just looked at her and nodded. Man did she look beautiful, short blue skirt, a tank top that showed some cleavage, I was getting a hard on just looking at her.

Finally, school has ended and now I get my revenge. I raced home, went up to my bedroom and waited for Cailee. She got home around 4, unlocked her door and headed up to her room. Around 4:15 I left my house with all the supplies and entered her house. I looked around to make sure no one was home. After searching the house and found out that no one else was home I made my way up to her bedroom. I looked around and saw the door that said, "Cailee's room." I opened the door a little just to get a peek and to make sure she was sleeping. Fortunately for me she was, sleeping in her blue skirt and her tank top. I put on my ski and opened the door all the way and admired the scene.

After taking out all the supplies, I put my hand over her mouth and said, "Don't scream or I'll kill you." She opened her eyes and screamed, "Who are you and what do you want." She started to give me her money and jewelry but I just shook my head and said, "No." I held out my water gun that I spray painted black and told her to get up and strip. She just froze looking at me. She started to take her tank top off but I said, "I have a better idea, why don't you lay on your bed and just relax." I then took my handcuffs and handcuffed her to her bed post. She was now crying and pleading with me, "Please don't do this to me I'm only a virgin." That got me even more excited. I put my gun down and started to move my hand up and down her body. I took the knife that I had and cut off her tank top, she was braless. "Naughty girl are you," I asked she kept crying. I then told her to stop crying and that everything will be over fast if you just behave. I started to pinch her nipples and play with her tits. She kept saying, "Ow, no please don't do this to me." I started to suck on her tits and that's when I knew she started to like it. "Ughh no please ughh," she kept moaning. After playing with her tits my hand started moving up and down her leg and that's when she started to cry again. She kept pleading with me, "Please don't do this I'm only 18." I just smiled at her and started to rub her thighs. I then lifted her skirt and saw that she wasn't wearing any panties. I looked at her and said, "Now I know why are English teacher always gets a hard on." She just looked at me and kept crying.

After rubbing her pussy I asked her if she was enjoying this. She responded by saying, "No," but I could tell that she was lying because she was getting wet. I then inserted a finger and a moan escaped from her mouth. By now my dick was pleading with me to let it loose. So I stripped down and told her to suck my dick. She said, "Ew, get that thing away from me." She finally opened her mouth and she was sucking my dick. "Oh yea baby you're the best little cocksucker aren't you." She just kept on crying. I finally came in her mouth and surprisingly she swallowed. "Now it's your turn to cum." I uncuffed her and spread her legs apart. I started to kiss her pussy and then finally I started to eat her out.

"Ughh ughh o no please don't ughh ughh."

"Please," she moaned.

"Please what," I said.

"Please fuck me, put that big dick inside of me, please."

I did what I was told I put my dick inside of her and started thrusting slowly.

"Man your pussy is tight." I told her.

She screamed, "No, you're too big."

I told her just to relax. I started to thrust a little faster.

"Yea baby fuck me, fuck me hard, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'M CUMMING," she moaned.

After that I was about to cum and instead of cumming inside of her, I pulled out and I came on her face.

I let her lie their motionless while I got dressed and left a letter on her chest. It read, "Hey hunny did you like your surprise."

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