Caitlyn Ch. 01


Alex noticed Brian standing behind Caitlyn, cock at the ready, and pushed Caitlyn down until her head was buried in her pussy. “Lick me out, little girl. Lick until I tell you to stop.” Caitlyn obeyed, taking her first tentative taste of Alex’s pussy, her arse held temptingly in the air ready for Brian.

Brian knelt behind her and adjusted his cock until it lay right at the entrance of Caitlyn’s cunt. He could see how wet she had become, her pussy lips glistening in her own juices. There was a hint of blonde hair above her pussy, and the liquid had even soaked into that. With one hard thrust, he pushed his cock all the way into the hot depths and she in turn screamed her ecstasy into Alex’s pussy.

Brian took his time enjoying fucking Caitlyn, with slow deep thrusts from all the way out of her cunt to back into her steaming depths. From the way her cunt clutched at his cock, the way she thrust her butt back into it, and the screams she was making into Alex’s pussy, he could tell she was cumming hard. Alex also was clutching Caitlyn’s head to her pussy, not allowing her to escape from her licking duties. Caitlyn desperately lapped at Alex’s inner lips and sucked her pussy lips and clit into her mouth, more pleasuring Alex out of desperation and enthusiasm than any fine sense of skill or experience. From Alex’s curled toes and groans of ecstasy, Brian felt she was still doing an excellent job.

He could feel his own need welling from his groin and began thrusting harder, smacking his waist into Caitlyn’s butt, pulling her hips hard into him as he thrust, grunting quietly with the effort of each thrust. Caitlyn’s juices were gushing over his cock and his pubic hair was matted with them. She was screaming with each hard thrust now and Brian began to pick up the pace with his need to cum.

Finally, he was slamming into her frantically, losing all sense of rhythm and restraint as his world focussed on the feel of Caitlyn’s spasming cunt around his cock. With one final deep thrust, he buried himself in her, cumming hard, his world becoming the white light of orgasm to the sounds of Caitlyn’s muffled scream and Alex’s own screams of ecstasy.

Caitlyn crawled up Alex’s body to snuggle into her and Brian lay down next to them both. Tomorrow would be soon enough to begin training Caitlyn to her duties. Tonight, he would enjoy sharing his bed with two exhausted beauties.

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