Caitlyn Fucks Her New Daddy


Caitlyn doesn't take 'no' well. "Here, then, Daddy," she moaned. I didn't know what she was doing, until a couple seconds later her dress slacks hit the floor too -- immediately followed by her black thong. My daughter was nude in front of this adult man with the big cock, right above me on the bed. "God Daddy don't you just wanna eat me? Please, Daddy? I'm so fucking wet, Daddy."

It worked. The bed rolled a little over me, and I heard him grunt, "Oh yeah," then his shirt hit the floor too. Both were nude now; and my cock was so erect it was going to explode, because I just knew she was going to get fucked tonight. Her first cry of pleasure was a quick, loud exclamation, as his tongue must have hit her clit or pussy or something hard. "FUCK YES DADDY," she shrieked. I've seen videotape of her getting eaten, and I know that Caitlyn is nonstop noise when someone has his or her tongue up her vagina. Even when she makes me help her fuck herself with a dildo, she can't shut the fuck up. "FUCK DADDY EAT MY CUNT DADDY."

"Fuckin' delicious," he slurped greedily. I could hear him swallowing; Caitlyn gets so wet.

The bed was moving around just a little. Caitlyn's breaths were heavy and loud, but slow; her whines were staccato with the motions of the bed. "Lick it Daddy ... oh fuck ... fuck me daddy ... lick my cunt ... Love your tongue, Daddy ... suck me, Daddy."

Then came her nasty voice, the playful, taking-command voice. She sneered and ordered, "Daddy, shove than man-tongue up your babygirl's cunt right now and make me fucking cum for you!"

"I love your pussy, Katie," he dutifully reported.

Caitlyn probably didn't hear him, she was already enthralled. I listened to her whines turn high-pitch, louder and louder, almost becomes screames. "YES DADDY YES," she squeeled in her high-pitched girly shrieks. Hearing it live was the most amazing rush. "EAT ME DADDY!" My own mouth was watering, I could smell the sex above me, I was practically tasting her juices too. "EAT MY CUNT DADDY, EAT YOUR LITTLE GIRL!" Between her shrieks, her breaths were deep and dramatic, and although I've never myself made her cum, I knew she was gonna let rip a huge climax. "DADDY I LOVE YOU EAT ME DADDY!"

Her words gave way to just a constant stream of wailing; "UHHH AHHH OOH AHHH." She was both breathing and exhaling at the same time; her body must have been on fire, I could feel the vibrations in the undulating bedframe. He was moaning softly too, but mostly from him I just heard the sounds of his face inside my daughter's wet pussy. She was on the very of crying, meaning her first orgasm was going to be a doozy, screaming and talking incoherently.


That was her orgasm. It was a massive, long-winded orgasm. Caitlyn screamed and moaned, drew breaths, cried, grunted, I mean, you name the verb she did it. She must have cummed and cummed, I heard him rapidly swallowing, she was probably juicing his whole face. That lasted for-fucking-ever, and she was in such ecstacy that her own father was ready to cum just from listening.

But that wasn't the end of it. I mean, I kept hearing slurping noises. When Caitlyn came down from her cum, she kept mumbling and moaning, and even started sounding surprised, making "Ohhh gawwd ooooh nooo" noises. He was still ramming her pussy with his tongue. My daughter was sucking air and trying to contain herself, but he was pretty quickly drawing out another orgasm from her. "Daddy yes yes Daddy yes yes!" She was almost lost in lust, living just to cum right now. He kept eating her pussy and Caitlyn kept screaming and bellowing for more, her tight 18 year old body probably shaking and aching from the hot cunnilingus. Caitlyn wailed on as he continued to tonguefuck her twat, and I laid on my back under the bed listening intently, smelling and enjoying the show she was making me endure.

My daughter soon exploded with her second cum in the guy's mouth. She wasn't as loud for this, but screamed "OHGAWDYESDADDY" as if it were one syllable.

And the pussy-eating continued. Maybe, I thought, he was trying to just eat her, to avoid facing the fact that he really, actually wanted to fuck her. Or maybe he was just going to give it to her until she begged for cock. But then the thought hit me, I mean, what do I know? I've never eaten a teenager's vagina for this long, not in a long time. I guess this is how a REAL man fucks a hot girl. She was doing me a helluva favor, letting me listen in. I mean, it's not like any of her really sexy friends from school would give me the time of day, much less let me fuck or eat them. But at least I know that to be a REAL man, you have to be able to give pleasure to a sexy slut in so many ways that I can't count, and eating pussy through two or three orgasms is one thing I just wouldn't be good at.

Make that, through four orgasms. At least, what I detected. Caitlyn was having such loud, spasmic convulsions that I really wasn't sure what was an orgasm versus just the joy of having his tongue up her cummy pussy.

Then, moaning, soft moaning. Bed moved. I think he was done; kissing her, maybe. Yes, definitely, kissing. She was moaning softly, giggling a bit. "You like the flavor, Katie?" he giggled in the kiss. Caitlyn moaned. "I love it, Daddy," she squeeled, "Daddy's Katie in Daddy's mouth!" It was killing me that she was letting him call her the wrong name; the fact she was going along with her adopted father for the night was making my dick ache for yet another reason.

After more kissing, she broached it, what she wanted. "Mmm, Daddy, is Daddy gonna fuck his little girl now? Katie wants it SO bad, Daddy!"

"You do, huh," he said, stalling.

"Mmm hmm, Daddy ... Daddy, my pussy wants your big cock, c'mon Daddy, fuck me with it, put your big cock in me Daddy, I promise I won't tell Mommy."

He chuckled at that last bit of the act. She giggled at herself, picking up on the concept. "Mmm, Daddy, does Mommy have tits and a pussy as sexy as mine? Huh?"

He groaned, "Nooo way, Katie."

She snickered. "Good, Daddy ... so fuck me, Daddy, do it, I know you want it, do your little girl, fuck me with your cock, give it to me Daddy, stick it in me, fuck me Daddy, fuck me like a nasty slut that -- OH YESSSS!"

Her instant shriek meant his penis was in her pussy. The bed was now violently bouncing, and squeeking too, giving me a moment's fear that it was going to crush me. He was humping her forcefully, not slowly, and my daughter was squeeling like a stuck pig as his thick erection obviously was drilling her cunt so hard. I heard his body crashing into hers, a distinct SLAP SLAP SLAP noise of skin on skin. I heard the squishy, liquidy noises of his penis poking her wet pussy. I heard her moaning and crying while he was grunting himself. I couldn't believe it, I was getting to listen to my daughter get fucked! And by an adult man, with a huge cock. This was the most amazing thing a father can do, I think; participate in his daughter's ultimate adventure, getting fucked with a big penis. I really didn't care she had to strip me and shove me under the bed, and shackle me to it, in order for me to participate. She has a right to make sure I don't mess up her evening. But at least she loves me enough as her father to bring this sexy man home and fuck him on her bed, with me in the room to enjoy every last precious moment of it. It made me realize, it didn't matter that I didn't have a big cock so I wasn't allowed to fuck her; this was all about her happiness, and wow does she sound happy.


"Oh Katie," he grunted back, "you're so tight, so fuckin' tight."

The bed was shaking hard, it hadn't stopped moving like this from the moment he stuck his cock in Caitlyn. I was pressing my cock up against the bedframe's cross-beam; it was no long cold, warmed up by my throbbing prick, and it gave me some relief. I could only press my lower cock and balls against it, but it was at least something for my dick to touch, giving me some kind of relief. Actually, it was really making my penis hurt, because the hard contact on the lower half was like squeezing the base while the head was allowed to poke into thin air and drip and throb, and in some ways it probably would have felt better if nothing was touching my cock at all. But I was so hard hearing Caitlyn getting fucked, and any touch on my little erection was pleasurable.

His cock, meanwhile, was touching the depths of my daughter's wet hot cunt. She was groaning loudly with each thrust, taking his beating deep in her, and I had to supress a giggle because he obviously decided correctly it was worth fucking her. Whatever was holding him back, well, ain't no more. This stranger was brutally fucking my daughter and making her wince and scream, and I was so happy for her for it.

"God Daddy you fuck me good," she purred with delight.

I could hear her body working towards an orgasm. Her breaths were getting shorter and louder, her moaning more and more pitched, the energy was building up in her body. "Fuck yeah, Daddy! Oh gawd yeah! Yeah!" It was going to happen, her orgasm was nearing to eruption. "Fuck me harder Daddy! Fuck me harder!" I could heard the pounding on her body more, the bed shaking more. He was doing it harder, plunging that long thick prick into the back of her juicy cunt, so she can feel it and cum around it. Harder and harder he fucked her. "YES DADDY YES YES!" Then she wailed with the break of the cum flooding her body. "FUHHHHHHCK YESSSSSSS!" She shrieked and cummed around his fat throbbing penis. "OHHHHH FUHHHHHHCK MEEEEEE DAHHHHH-DEEEEE!"

As her cum subsided, he panted loudly, continuing to fuck her. She squeeled and groaned, but she wasn't cumming, just really in a state of perfect happiness. His dick was really impressing me, no way I could have fucked my hot daughter this long without cumming myself. And hearing her screams, he was fucking her harder than even some of those dildos I use on her, like the really fat black one that I press into her and let her cum around. Maybe he was that big? Fuck, that would be inhuman, I thought. But maybe it was the hot natural feeling of his unprotected penis inside of her that was maknig these squeels of joy. I don't know, I just know I'll never be able to do that to a women, certainly not my Caitlyn.

I heard him interrupt the fucking when he ordered, somewhat sternly, "fuck me doggy."

"Yes, Daddy!" obediently replied his slut for the night, my daughter.

The bed shopped shaking, there was panting, some kind of motion. A few seconds later, I heard Caitlyn lustfully moan for attention. "C'mon Daddy, stick your cock back in your little Katie's cunt."

"You have a hot ass," he groaned, as the bed started to REALLY sink on top of me. He must have been kneeling now, right above my prone body.

"Oh Daddy," Caitlyn sighed, "do you like licking hot asses?" My heart skipped when I heard her say it; I mean, she had told me in the past she loved having her ass licked, but honestly? I didn't think she was serious, I mean, who licks a butt? Except, of course, when she has me lick her ass to clean it off. So to hear her ask for it during sex, I mean, even if he didn't do it, I was just fucking blown away. Another reason I know I'm not a REAL man for her.

She put in the request again, more convincingly. "Daddy, cum on, lick my tight asshole." He must have been moving that way anyway, because a second later she yelped, "Oh YEAH Daddy!" I heard her deep, throaty moaning, I could picture her small fanny up high and her face down, with a man's tongue licking and probing her butthole. "Yessss Daaaadeee," came her extended joy, "put it up there Daddy!" I knew he was working her ass, he wasn't making much noise except when I heard him moan, "Fuck its tight," and she kept moaning in return. My daughter was grunting, really, probably pushing her ass back to meet his face and tongue, while he was tasting the juices that I was sure had seeped into her anus. The bed was rocking slowly, as they were undulating in unison above me, his face undoubtedly planted on her tight small buttcheeks.

I so wanted to see it, a man's tongue in Caitlyn's tight small ass, and the look on her face.

Instead, I just listened from below, hearing moaning and satisfaction, some licking too. He was panting for a bit; Caitlyn was groaning kind of nonstop, "Yes ... yuuh ... yesss."

Then, the moaning stopped, there was some commotion on the bed, the bed sank lower towards me (scarily), and then Caitlyn muttered in a slutty deep voice: "Do it Daddy, fuck me!"

"Ohh yeah," he moaned, as I imagined he was lining himself up behind her pussy. "Here comes Daddy, baby."

"Fuck me Daddy!"

He popped it in, because both of them groaned at the same time. She gasped for air, and he began sliding his tool into my daughter's pussy. It was so wet, I could hear him squishing his way through it, until his body rapped against hers. There was another slapping noise, like a hand hitting an ass, but probably from his abdomen hitting her ass and thighs. "Fuck me Daddy!" she ordered again, uselessly. He was busy going about fucking her. I saw and felt the bed shaking above me, in a very steady rhythm, but a forceful one -- it was moving faster and faster as he fucked her doggystyle. "Fuck me like a slut, Daddy!" Caitlyn gets herself off with words as much as the cock, it seems. This was making all of her stories to me of her past dates come alive; between seeing her two home-made porn videos and now listening to her get fucked live above me, it was like I knew how to fuck her myself -- oh, not that I could.

The bed was shaking faster, their screams more forceful. I could hear the power of their bodies crashing together, and almost could sense the splattering of sweat and cuntjuice as his manly physique smashed into her 105-pound frame over and over. My penis was pulsating in rhythm with the fucking, I so wanted to have my cock inside her pussy, so I was living vicariously through this stud now. He was so lucky to have a big cock and to be able to fuck Caitlyn, and from her moans and whines I knew she was loving it. The sex was so fucking energetic, I wondered where a real man like him gets that kind of stamina to fuck a hot slut, I figure I'd have to have downed about six Viagra to have a performance like this so far.

"Your pussy is fucking fantastic," he complemented.

"Mmm, Daddy, your penis is awesome!" came her sensuous response.

I heard her voice getting more energetic even. "OH GOD!" That sounded like another cum of hers approaching. I heard him moan, "Yeah, frig that clit." I guess she was reaching under herself to play with her pussy and clit while he fucked it; she'd told me before that helps her cum during sex. And I heard Caitlyn then say, "Grab my tits daddy, hold them." That made my cock pulse, imagining him boning her from behind while he reached under her to hold and grope her dangling b-cup tits, and her hand was stretched under her body to reach back and rub her clitty. Her squeels became more piercing, "FUCK YES! FUCK ME!" and she brought herself closer to an orgasm. "YES! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME DADDY!" Caitlyn was totaly energized, fucking furiously, giving herself completely to the massive cum building in her pussy. "FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT DADDY!" I could hear her ass ramming back against his body, it was loud and even frightening, there was so much force involved in this sex. They were slamming together over and over, her ass probably was glowing red from the impacts. "OH GOD FUCK MY CUNT DADDY YOU STUD!" She was screaming at this point, just outright screaming at the top of her lungs. I could picture her sexy body ramming backwards to slide on that stiff pole he was sticking in her cunt, and I really wished I could have grabbed my dick to jerk myself off listening to her fuck like that.

Caitlyn was having orgasms. "GAWWWD YESSSSS FUHHHHHH!" Cries, almost sobs, and gasping breaths accompanied her intense screaming. She shouted at him and called herself a slut and whore and made herself cum so hard around his penis as he rammed it inside her from behind. I was so proud of how she cummed so hard, and also glad she found a REAL man who could remain silent and just fuck her nonstop while she had her many orgasms over and over.

His whines made me think he was gonna cum again too. Despite her cums, the fucking grew even more intense; each thrust forward seemed to take a bit longer, like he was leaving it in there. She sensed it too, and Caitlyn was egging him on, "Cum on Daddy, cum Daddy!" He was grunting and that big penis was so hard inside her drenched vagina that I could hear the sucking noises her cunt was making as it was swallowing his erection. The fucking suddenly got animal, with a bang-bang-bang pace of him fucking her as rapidly as possible, and he was grunting nonstop while she was squeeling. "OHFUCKINGGAWDYESDADDY!" He was so close to cumming, ramfucking his big erection in my teenager's slutty cunt until he couldn't stand it any more.

"Ohhh yessss Dahhh-deee!" Her slow, low groan meant he was cumming. The thrustnig stopped so hard, it subsided into slower waves. He was almost laughing, while Caitlyn moaned, "Pump it in me, Daddy, fill my cunt, fill your little girl!"

"I'M CUMMMMMIN'!" he grunted as he squirted.

I was in total bliss. I was listening to his sexy man cumming in my daughter's cunt. By their screams, I could tell his penis was ejaculating, shooting I was sure a torrent of hot, gooey, sticky sperm deep in her pussy. I could picture her hot ass ramming backwards so that his dick was as deep in her vagina as it could go, so that all of his cum shot deep into her. "Yes Daddy cum!" she begged as he continued to flood her, then I was sure dribbling every last drop into her teenage twat.

"Oh fuck Katie," he sneered after his orgasm, "you're such a hot fuck!"

She giggled. "Did you like that, Daddy?" Her moan of approval and contentment meant she, too, loved it. The bed's shaking stopped, there was some rolling or something, followed by what I thought was kissing. Both of them were moaning and I thought I heard some lips smacking, and a surprise grunt or two from Caitlyn meant he put his hand someplace sensitive. "Did you fill me good, Daddy?" she giggled. I strained to listen for clues as to what was going on, but there was just silence, only the stench of nudity and sex apparent to me. He then began some moaning of approval, "Mmm hmm," and she quipped a moment later, "You like that, Daddy, you like watching? You have sooo much cum in me, Daddy." Caitlyn giggled again. "Do you think you knocked your little girl up?"

He must have given her the look of death, because Caitlyn quickly laughed it off. "Don't worry, Daddy, your little Katie knows to take her medicine every day to stop that." (She wasn't kidding; I've had her on the Pill since she was 12.)

His moaning continued, and Caitlyn was giggling a bit still, then I heard her moan loudly and make what sounded like a sucking noise. "Mmph uh Daddy, mmm gawd, that tastes good, mmmm." I heard her male friend grunt louder then say, "That's hot ... do it again ... uhhh yeah Katie, that turns me on."

"Does it, Daddy, really?" She gave him a little girl laugh. "Do you like seeing me stick my fingers in me and suck your cum off of them?" I swear my heart stopped when I heard that, visualizing her spread eagle open, sticking fingers up her fucked cunt, and pulling them out all sloppy wet then licking or sucking them clean. Taht was so hot. A couple of seconds later, Caitlyn went, "Mmmmmm!" and I heard some licking and suckling noises. That was exactly what she was going. "Oh gawd Daddy I love your cum, there's so much in me," my princess cooed to the man who fucked her, "Daddy your big cock filled me all up."

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