tagBDSMCalahan's Campaign Ch. 03

Calahan's Campaign Ch. 03


"Do you, Elizabeth Michelle Chancery, take this man, Bruce Fitzpatrick Calahan, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, to love, honor, and obey, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, in poverty, as in wealth, for as long as you both shall live?" the priest asked the rather obviously pregnant and mature bride. He personally thought that this wedding was late, by the Church's standards, but better late than never.

"I do," the somewhat amused bride answered, trying to keep a straight face. To have a traditional Catholic wedding for an open marriage of a known skirt-chaser and his bisexual bride was just another example of her new husband's quirkiness.

It had been his idea, after all. He was a rather indifferent Roman Catholic and their marriage had secret sadomasochistic undertones, but she would never defy her lover/boss/Master over something like this. No, defiance was for more serious matters and BDSM scenes when she wanted to be punished. Of course, he was sure to punish her in ways that she didn't intend, but that was part of his role in their D/s relationship.

It was a slight scandal, of course, that the Governor had knocked her up. The major controversy wasn't over his philandering ways: they were too notorious, by now, and people had accepted them on the grounds that he was a single man and free to sleep with whomever he pleased. No, what voters found most shocking was his crossing of professional lines in the age of sexual harassment law by sleeping with his new campaign manager. Feminists were a bit outraged by this fact.

Some Catholics were disturbed by the premarital aspect, but most winked at that situation more than they did at the news that his expecting lover was an avowed atheist and had a history of bisexuality. There was open speculation on whether the Governor and his proudly declared partner would or even could be faithful to each other. Some were worried that there might be threesomes in the Governor's Mansion. Such concerns, of course, underrated the chances of wild sex, in fact. Threesomes would be the tamest sort of behavior going on between the sheets of the executive marriage bed. If the people knew that their new First Lady liked to be dominated, bound, and punished, they might not have voted to re-elect her new husband.

Then again, maybe nothing could have saved Calahan's opponent from the real scandal that fall. After initial spikes in the polls driven by his ads attacking Calahan's character for his history of lechery, State Attorney General Mark Duncan was caught with his own pants down, and he was supposed to be happily married. What was worse was the fact that the girl was a prostitute and they were arrested in a police vice sting.

Between his hypocrisy and the contrast with Calahan's bachelor status (which made the latter's behavior seem, if religiously immoral to some God-fearing voters, at least not hurtful to anyone), Duncan's "family values" surge was over in a few days. He ended up avoiding jail-time, but pleading guilty to a misdemeanor and paying a fine. Too late in the campaign to find a new candidate, his party was screwed.

His wife divorced him too, and got custody of their 6 kids. He finished his term as Attorney General, but had to retire from politics afterward and become a defense attorney, though ironically, that actually made him more money. Of course, due to alimony and child support for six children, he needed the cash. He was also lucky to escape disbarment.

The wedding soon after the election was also a jolt. It suggested that the Governor wanted to make sure that his marital choices were not going to be based on politics. He wanted to do this for himself and his new companion, not to appease the electorate.

It made it clear that, however much a libertine and a free-spirited woman the couple might be, they were very much in love. This made even their detractors acknowledge that they might not be sinister, no matter how unconventional and eccentric they were. This was not a cynical ploy for votes; it was just a way for the Governor to declare his love for the mother of his child.

"Do you, Bruce Fitzpatrick Calahan, take this woman, Elizabeth Michelle Chancery, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, to love, cherish, and protect, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, in poverty, as in wealth, for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do," the Governor's baritone voice answered.

"Then, by the power vested in me by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and by our Holy Mother Church, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride," Father Thomas Killian declared, still a bit nervous about performing a sacrament for a man who had previously avoided partaking of it.

Then again, poor Catholic or not, he was qualified to wed in the Church: he had not divorced, after all. Furthermore, to Killian's mind, it was a good sign that he wanted a Catholic wedding mass, instead of a civil marriage.

The Honorable Bruce Fitzpatrick Calahan, recently re-elected Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, was quite eager to kiss his bride, of course. He gave her a lip lock that caused the priest and every bridesmaid to blush, despite the fact that two of the bridesmaids had sometimes fucked the bride. It was that intense and salacious of a kiss, with more than a little tongue for his pregnant, newlywed wife.

As they headed to the reception, after the Mass, Governor Calahan asked his wife in a low voice, "Have you always been this hot, or is that the pregnancy glow? I may have to knock you up again when I get the chance."

"Well, of course. You're Catholic. It wouldn't be right to fuck as much as I intend to do with you, without having a few more rugrats as a result. After all, I won't be able to manage any campaigns anytime soon. It would be a bit difficult as First Lady. Mind you, I don't want to manage any campaigns but yours in the future. I'm totally loyal. I plan to be First Lady of the United States in time, my love.

"Of course, with all of these pregnancies, my pussy will be sore between deliveries. Guess you'll just have to make do with the bridesmaids. Well, at least in the pussy. A proper slave should make sure that at least two of her bridesmaids are hot sluts who want to jump her Master's bones, just as they have jumped hers in the past.

"That's Kara and Dana for you. It's only considerate for a pregnant bride to have her reinforcements lined up to satisfy her newlywed husband while her cunt heals, don't you think? Then again, I'm selfish enough to want a reunion with them myself. It wouldn't be fair to not reward me by letting me get back in touch with my girlfriends," Liz whispered teasingly to her new spouse.

"Well, you're an atheist, so you're allowed to use the pill."

"Not unless Master permits it, Sir. And to refuse to have your babies when my only other duties are related to ribbon-cutting would be an insult. No pills for me, Chief. I am going au natural. I trust you to consider my health and order me to have my tubes tied when the time comes."

"How deliciously submissive of you, but shouldn't I get a vasectomy instead? I hear that they're easier," Bruce commented.

"Perish the thought! A good Irish Catholic will screw other women with his wife's blessing, so as to give him something to confess, but I would never ask him to permanently go against his Church's teachings by sterilizing himself.

"Besides, how are you going to knock up Kara and Dana, if you are shooting blanks? They want to take advantage of our enlightened marriage laws, and they badly need a sperm donor. Hope you don't mind obliging me. I would be a very grateful slave and my friends would be forever in your debt," Liz winked at her husband.

"You're such a naughty girl, but I love that about you," Bruce grinned, still speaking low.

"Well, that's what you get for marrying an infidel, but I'll make you glad that you did, Chief. I'm such a sinner that you'll be in nearly constant danger of Purgatory, but it wouldn't be half as delightful of a life without risk, right? And you, my dear Master, can blame it all on your very happily hedonistic bride, who really is a Jezebel out to corrupt you, my dear," Mrs. Calahan tantalized him, as she talked into his ear and licked it.

"It's times like this that I thank God for limousines. It's a good precaution to whisper, however. Not that the chauffeur would blab to the press, but we don't want to torment the poor man with what he can't do. Not everyone has an open marriage like us. Then again, the net effect might just be that he wants to jump the new First Lady's bones."

"Forget that happening, Chief. I hate to shock you, but I caught our driver looking at you a little while ago. Not me. You, honey. He's gay. He probably wants to suck your cock and let you fuck him in the ass. He's likely got wood right now, just thinking about his handsome boss. I can't say that I blame him."

"Are you sure?"

"Yep. Stanley likes guys. I can tell. He ogled your ass when he thought we weren't watching him. Well, you weren't, but I was ogling him, so I noticed."

"That's my girl, full of naughty thoughts. Stanley is a hunk. If I were even remotely bi, I'd probably seduce him," Calahan laughed.

"Guess there's not much point whispering anymore, because he'd just be so flattered by such remarks that he wouldn't even think of selling us out, even if he might have otherwise. He might be disappointed, but....," Liz's voice trailed off, as she wistfully thought of sucking Stanley off. Visions of an MMF threesome also brought a smile to her face.

"Well, don't be so sure that I'm disappointed. So you're straight, huh? Well, I'm bisexual myself, not gay. And I'm very much a supporter of your liberal views on sex and other social issues. It takes guts for an Irish Catholic to stand up to his own Church at times, for the right to privacy, no less, and same-sex marriage.

"In case you're wondering, you might have whispered, but I have excellent hearing. I know about your liberated marriage, and I not only approve, but hope that I can at least sample the bride when you've had her and start boning the bridesmaids. Who knows, I might suck you off to get you hard again for them. I wouldn't ask for you to reciprocate and a mouth is a mouth, right? It wouldn't be as if you were doing anything but letting me service you," Stanley interjected, smiling that he had startled them.

"Well, it's a thought. Especially the bit about taking care of Liz while I'm helping her friends. Evidently, she wants me to impregnate her bridesmaids as soon as possible, so you can take care of her while I do that. After I've consummated my marriage to her, of course. I get first dibs on my own bride, naturally. Beats reading in the limo, doesn't it?" the Governor agreed.

"Hey, if you have no objection, neither do I. I'd love to screw the driver, while you satisfy Kara and Dana. I'm also glad that they are both fertile at the same time. How many Sapphic couples can say that their cycles are so in synch? I'm just glad that you can get it up as many times as you do. After all, they're going to owe us a lot when you've knocked them up.

"I plan to ensure that they pay up too, not that they resent the idea. In college, we were all known as the 'bi triplets', since we'd fuck each other when we weren't ganging up on a man. Though, of course, they're in love with each other, and not with me. They have always loved each other and been a couple. And, yes, I know that none of us are related, but that's the nickname we got from our little orgies," Bruce's bride concurred with a smile.

"God, what Mark Duncan and his party would do to get their hands on such scandalous news about the new First Lady of this state! Lucky for us that the election is already over and Mr. Duncan has enough troubles of his own. I certainly don't want my lovely bride's bisexual tendencies used against her. It's odd how some people hold a different law for their leaders than for themselves regarding sexual escapades.

"I'm just happy that those people were outvoted this time around. I'm going to govern this state for another four years, this time with my sweet Liz at my side, being the best wife and confidant any statesman could desire. I will get elected to the Senate when my term as Governor is over, and then the Presidency. Give it time, but it will happen. My dear Elizabeth and I make an excellent and unbeatable team, in politics as well as in sex, don't we?" the Governor asserted.

"Thank you, Chief. You know that I love calling you that. It reminds me of my place, of exactly who is in charge, and it's not me. I can advise you, help you, back you up, and generally crush anyone who tries to harm you, but you're the boss.

"You'll always be the boss. My charming Boston Irish husband, the current Governor and next Senator from Massachusetts. Are you sure that you're not related to the Kennedys? You're an awful lot like them. I mean that as a compliment, you know. All of that devilish sex appeal behind the good Catholic boy façade! Lucky for you that I believe in free love. The last thing that you need is a jealous wife like Samantha Duncan.

"Now, Stan, you might have a considerable wait for your turn with me, so find a diversion. Too bad for you that Kara and Dana have some business tying them up elsewhere at the moment, though they will certainly be available for you at certain times tomorrow. Once they take a look at you, they won't be able to restrain themselves any better than they have been with the Governor here. I am sure that it has taken all of their self-control not to jump his bones at the wedding.

"They're busy with the reception, of course, and then they have their own marriage license to get for their wedding next week, which Bruce and I plan to attend. Naturally, we plan to return the favor for them on their wedding night. And you're invited, I'm sure. Or at least you will be once they've tasted you," Elizabeth Calahan, nee Chancery, spoke quite seductively to both her husband and her driver.

"Well, speaking of the reception, here we are," Stanley announced with a wink.

The most powerful couple in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts both grinned and promptly ceased their risqué conversation with the chauffeur. They left the limo hand in hand, smiling at the press in a way that made it clear that the wife was just as enchanting as her handsome husband. Most papers and news stations would later comment on how lovely a pair the Governor and First Lady were, how much their marriage would be a boost to Bruce Calahan's political career.

Some feminists were annoyed that Mrs. Calahan gave up her own position as a professional consultant for motherhood and a more traditional role supporting her spouse, but most people praised her for her apparent loyalty to him. Her common sense in doing that also seemed apparent, as she had duties as First Lady and mother of the Calahan child to think of these days.

The happy bride herself had made a point in an interview that she had already paid her dues as a liberated woman, by working for most of her adult life so far and putting off her nurturing instincts until recently. Some cynics who remembered too well her reputation as a ruthless campaign manager were a bit stunned that the same woman could exhibit a softer, gentler side so easily. The truth, of course, was that Elizabeth was as cold and heartless to those who crossed her as she was fiercely devoted to those whom she loved.

Bruce couldn't help but grin as he saw Kara and Dana once more. That was especially true when he noted that they had lustful looks on their faces. Then again, he no doubt sent them non-verbal messages of carnal desire as well. Kara was taller, with long, dark hair and a slender figure which reflected her cheerleading past. Her skin was a bit more tanned than Dana's too. Her ass was smaller and tighter, while her breasts were very feminine, though not exactly large.

Dana, meanwhile, had short, sandy hair. She was shorter than her lover and a little heavier, but she also had the most captivating hazel eyes. What she lacked in legs, she made up for with a voluptuous ass and a soft, irresistible voice. Her skin was much fairer than Kara's, and as it was late autumn, there was no hint of sunburn. Her breasts were a bit larger than Kara's, but not by much. Her overall manner was that of a tomboy, but that was a tad deceptive. She was no butch dyke. She was more of a bisexual version of the typical girl who hung around guys to get close to them and hopefully attract them, although she had a female lover because she happened to be in love with a woman.

That was true of Kara as well, who was more overtly femme, but also quite flexible about long-term relationships. It also came in handy to commit to another woman, since they could make seducing men a team sport, in which they had the advantage of offering the tempting prospect of a threesome. It was easier for them to deal with men as friends with benefits anyway, not that there was any shortage of men willing to commit.

They simply preferred as a couple to keep the romance between themselves, since they were both feminine at heart and quite understanding of what exactly they wanted in the softer side of love and sex. There was no need to guess at what each other thought, since both were women. Tender love-making was best reserved for each other, while male and even other female partners were there for fun.

After all, as they often joked, they had yet to hear complaints from the men over being used for sex. The truth was Kara was Dana's soul mate and Dana was Kara's, as far as they were concerned. That commitment and love didn't exclude men, especially those like Bruce Calahan, the very sexy husband of their old girlfriend Liz. Nor did preclude getting back in bed with Liz herself, for auld lang syne.

Kara and Dana both knew that Governor and Mrs. Calahan needed discretion, of course. Whatever his reputation, the people might not understand about an open marriage between Bruce and Liz. Therefore, their greeting was superficially platonic. They hugged both of them, but nothing more was apparent. They wouldn't flout secrecy. On the surface, it was just a friendly greeting between classmates and the husband of one of them. That was all the press would garner from it, but any serious digging would reveal a closer association, at least with Liz.

"Well, congratulations, Mrs. Calahan!" Kara teased Elizabeth after hugging her.

"Oh, don't be so formal with an old classmate! You've always called me 'Liz', so don't stop now. I may be the Governor's wife, but I'm still the same girl that you knew back then," Elizabeth encouraged them, grinning from ear to ear.

"God, I hope so!" Dana blurted, hoping that the press wouldn't catch her real meaning.

"I bet that you do," Elizabeth remarked with a suggestion of mischief.

"It's hard to believe that our girlfriend here is the First Lady of Massachusetts! Married to Governor Bruce Calahan, no less! Does that mean that we might get invited to the Governor's Mansion some time?" Kara laughed, trying to speak just low enough to escape the media's ears.

"Consider yourselves invited already. You're both solid citizens, and any friends of my wife are friends of mine. Besides, unlike some people, I'm a supporter of the gay and lesbian community. Something that will be reinforced when I open the doors of the Mansion to my wife's Sapphic classmates. Not that wouldn't I do it, anyway. You've both been helpful during the wedding and very loyal friends to Liz. And the Mansion belongs to all of the people, not just the straight and narrow," Bruce subtly flirted with the pair.

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