tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalendar Art Ch. 6

Calendar Art Ch. 6


Chris sat up on the side of the bed and slowly ran her fingers through her curls. Colin rolled closer and began to kiss at her lower back. Chills ran through her as his tongue traced slowly over the tattoo there.

“Are you going to tell me the story about this?”

Chris’ eyes were closed as Colin’s hot breath sent even more chills over her.

“You mean the tattoo? It’s simple, really. The Irish part is in honor of my family, and it’s a tribute to Mark McGrath, the goddess part, well, that’s just…”

“Because you are.” Colin wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her back onto the bed. “I’ve always been known to be impulsive, but I’m not one for one-night stands.” His eyes pierced into hers. “You understand what I’m saying?”

Chris nodded. “I think so. It’s your bad-boy way of saying you want to date me.” With that, she tossed a pillow at him.

Colin caught it. “Oh, I can see I’m going to have to tame you, eh, lass?” He covered her body with his, and their lovemaking lasted long into the afternoon.

They sat together in the kitchen, sipping tea and reading through the newspaper. Chris thought how odd this scenario was, considering they had just met this morning…but it did feel comfortable to her.

Colin was leafing through the entertainment section, looking to see how his latest film was doing. He stopped when he saw the picture of Heath and two blonde women, all of who looked as though they were partying rather well. He silently debated mentioning it, but the caption with Chris’ name in it caught his eye.

“Well, I see a mention of you in here. Fancy that…”

Chris slid closer and looked at the page. Her breath caught when she saw the picture, but it was the caption below that really bothered her.

Ah, the photographer must have been hard to replace, as Heath gets down with not one but TWO replacement blondes…

“Ah, damn photogs, anyway!” Chris slid back in her chair and gathered the cups from the table.

“I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Chris walked back to the table and kissed Colin’s forehead. “I’m not really upset. Heath and I were only just friends. Yes, we had a fling, yes, we spent time together, but neither of us wanted anything permanent. The gossip rags just make me tired. Why bring me up at all? They did the same thing with Orly about a week ago.” She shook her head. We’re all adults, and I get tired of being judged.”

Colin kissed Chris goodbye at the door, with plans for the following night. He had 2 interviews to get to, and Chris needed to wrap up her shots for the day.

Busy with developing Colin’s pictures for the calendar (yes, they had finally gotten to them) she really didn’t think any more about the newspaper pic…

The phone’s ring cut through the silence. She picked it up on the third ring. “Classic Design, Chris speaking.”

“Don’t hang up on me, I can explain.” Heath’s voice sounded weary.

Chris held the phone tighter to her ear. Old feelings came rushing back. “Heath?”

“Yes, it’s me. Please don’t hang up.”

“I won’t. What’s wrong?”

Heath sighed again. Maybe she hadn’t seen the picture, but he knew she always looked over that part of the paper, mostly to peruse the competition. He also knew they both had been free to see other people, but neither of them wanted to push it in the others face.

Chris decided to take the lead. “Is this about the picture?”

Heath’s voice was low. “Yes, and I wanted you to know I had no intentions of that ever being taken. You know how I get when I’ve had a few…”

Chris was silent on the other end.

“Chris, will you see me?”

She sighed softly. “Of course I will, Heath. No matter what, I’ll always be your friend.”

With that, the doorbell rang. Startled, Chris nearly dropped the phone. “Hold on just a second, please, someone’s at the door…”

Heath stood in the doorway, holding his cell phone. Chris hung up her phone, and gathered Heath into a big hug. She assured him over and over she was not upset over the picture, just that, once again, someone had invaded their privacy. Heath held her close.

“You know, no one feels the way you do in my arms.” He was leading her toward the bedroom when Chris began to hold back. She realized the bedroom was still a shambles from this morning with Colin…

He threw the door open and stopped dead. He looked around the room. He saw clothing and bed linens strewn about. “Hmm. I smell sex and candy here.” His lips stretched into a wry smile. “But it isn’t my candy anymore, is it?”

Chris pulled at his hand, but Heath took it away. He turned and headed toward the studio.

“Heath, dammit, just wait!”

He grabbed the still damp photos of Colin and shook them at her. “Oh, more trophy photos I see. So, does Colin know about us? Or is he just one more notch on your bedpost? Or is it you on his?”

Chris was seething. “Listen, you and I are friends, FRIENDS, Heath, yes, indeed, friends with benefits, but that doesn’t give you the right to judge me in any way. Yes, I’m seeing Colin now. You and I, we haven’t been together for over a month. Even our calls have been getting less frequent.” Heath started to reply, but Chris put her fingers over his lips. “You will listen to me. You are young, this is a most exciting time for you. Our paths are going in different directions. Both of us need our freedom…”

Heath grabbed her to him, his arms crushing her close. His lips crushed hers, his tongue exploring her mouth.

Chris’ knees became weaker as she sagged against him; it was all she could do to hold herself upright and breathe. Heath’s mouth was all over her face and neck, sometimes gentle, sometimes rough. Chris was getting so wet. She moaned and just held him around his shoulders.

Heath’s fingers were busy trying to unbutton her top. Getting frustrated, he simply ripped the buttons from her blouse. His cock was rock hard, and his emotions were running wild. He wanted to punish her, but at the same time he wanted her to come back to him.

Chris knew Heath was upset. She couldn’t help how her body responded to him, her nipples so hard they ached and her panties so wet her jeans were getting damp! He pulled her along the hallway, back to the den. Her blouse had slipped from her body and was lying in a heap on the floor. She had pulled off her jeans at his request. Heath shed his clothing along the way, and they ended up in a fierce embrace in front of the fire. He bit her gently on the shoulder.

“So, is this what you prefer? Does Colin do it like this?” He lifted her in his arms, plunging his erect shaft deeply into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and let out a loud cry. Her arms encircled his shoulders as he carried her to the sofa. He laid her down, lifting one long leg over his shoulder, continuing his thrusts into her.

“No one does it like this Heath. No one.” She began to meet each thrust, her breathing getting quicker. Heath could tell she was getting close.

“Oh no, not so fast.” He pulled out quickly, dropping Chris’ leg.

Chris felt the sudden emptiness. She tried to pull him back, but he spun her around and sat down on the couch. He pulled her down to her knees, his fingers tangling in her hair. He pulled her head down to his cock. “You know what I want. Don’t make me wait.”

Chris hesitated a moment, looking into Heath’s eyes. He plundered her mouth with his tongue once again. Her hand slid over and began to stroke his cock. He sighed and pushed her head down gently. The sigh turned to a gasp when she took the entire length slowly into her mouth, her lips squeezing against the shaft.

Now it was Heath’s turn to moan. He watched her as her head moved up and down, her soft curls flowing down her back to that gorgeous ass…Heath rubbed his hand down her back, tracing over the tattoo, then sliding down further. He first caressed, then squeezed the firm flesh. Before he realized what he was doing, he had brought his hand down on her butt with a resounding slap.

Chris’ head flew up and a moan escaped her lips. She immediately resumed sucking on Heath, a bit more fervently this time. His cock seemed to swell even more as Chris tongue began swirling under the head as she sucked on him. “So, you like that?”

Chris nodded, meeting Heath’s gaze. He spanked her again, then again, never breaking their stare into each other’s eyes. He massaged the now red-hot flesh with his fingers. Chris had closed her eyes, and he watched as her hand moved between her legs. His cock quivered more as she began to tease her clit, moaning around his cock. Heath could feel his hot juices boiling…Chris pumped him for every drop, his cream shooting in hot spurts into her mouth. He pulled her face to his and kissed her hard. Pushing her back on the soft rug, he spread her legs and positioned his body between her thighs. He could see her nectar glistening along her lips, her clit hard as his cock had been. He could see the red area on her sweet ass, and he ran his tongue over it. He could see her head thrown back, her hair spilling all around. He spanked her again, just to get her attention.

“Play with your nipples. I want to watch you do that while I lick you to heaven…”

She did as he asked, stroking and then pinching her nipples to hard pebbles. His tongue laved her clit with its raspy warmth; every now and then he would spank her cheek or stroke over the fingerprints left there.

She couldn’t believe how much this turned her on. She could feel the explosion beginning, rolling from deep within her clear to her toes.

Heath held her to him, licking her to yet another orgasm. Chris moaned and pleaded for him to stop. He pulled himself atop her, sliding his once-again hard cock along her thigh. He positioned himself over her, teasing her slick lips with the tip of his cock. His lips again plundered hers, and plunged his hard shaft deep into her velvety softness. They flowed with the timeless dance of love, their orgasms exploding together.

Wrapped in each other’s arms and legs, they slept….

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