Calendar Shoot April


I hovered over her and looked down at this gorgeous woman, not believing I was about to fuck the living shit out if her. As I lowered my cock into her depths, her pussy lips parted and accepted my cock. Harris wrapped her legs and arms around me and begged me to fuck her hard, and fuck her hard I did.

For the next forty five minutes we fucked in every position imaginable, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spooning. In the end I wanted to look intro her eye as I came and got back into the missionary position.

Harris once again wrapped her legs around me and we kissed hard and we both knew we were going to explode. Harris came first and was rolling her head from side to side moaning for me to cum too.

I did not disappoint her as I unloaded a cum to end all cums and her pussy overflowed with her juices and my jism.

I laid on her and we both drifted off to sleep.

The following morning we rushed to get ready, I wanted to fuck her in the shower, but did not have enough time, we did play around a bit, washing and cleaning off each other.

We dressed and headed for the airport where our plane was waiting for us. Once airborne I went into the bathroom and stripped off my clothes and reentered the cabin behind Harris. My cock was erect as I approached her and placed the shaft against her neck, sliding it across her cheek.

She was startled, but recovered quickly sucking me into her pink lips. Her tongue swabbed my cock as she caressed my balls.

I reached down and parted her red wrap around dress. Her tits were encased in a black lace bra which I quickly took off. I pulled her from her seat and took off her dress, leaving her in a pair of black lace panties. I quickly disposed of them and bent her over the seat and with one quick lunge embedded half my cock into her pussy.

Harris let out a scream and fell against the seat. I continued fucking away at that tight pussy as I reached up and cupped her swaying tits. She really started getting into it now and was pushing back against me.

I pulled out of Harris and lay back on the floor. Harris smiled and straddled my waist. She reached back and slipped my cock into her pussy as she bent down and whispered; "Thank you John, this is a fantasy fulfilled that I will never forget."

With that she kissed my hard and began riding my cock hard. I played with her swaying tits and rained kissed on her face, neck and tits. After about ten minutes she began groaning louder and longer and I knew she was going to cum. Her cunt muscles tighten and sucked the cum from my balls and we both started cumming.

Harris collapsed on me and the next thing we knew the pilot came over the intercom telling us to wake up and take our seats; we were landing in New York.

This was without a doubt the best fantasy come true so far.

I drove Harris back to her place and kissed her goodbye. As I got into the cab, I was glad the next calendar shoot with the crew from the weather channel didn't include me, I needed some rest.


To the readers, please let me know if you like the concept and if I should continue writing them. Next up Weather Channel Dao Vu babysitting for Heath Tesch and friend Paul Goodloe who return from swingers club with Cheryl Lemke and Bill Keneely and catch Dao Vu watching personal videos of Heather and Paul.

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