Calendar Shoot December


Robin was rolling her head from side to side enjoying the ministrations I was placing on her tits. I rolled each large nipple and aureole in-between my lips sucked on them until she groaned with pleasure. Her hips and legs were in constant motion trying to place pressure on her dripping pussy.

When I raised up both of her tits shined with the saliva I had bestowed on her fantastic tits. Daily I would watch Robin on Headline News, imagining those two pillows of flesh naked under my lips and now I had just that and I was not going to stop until I had my fill. I paid homage to those massive tits for another ten minutes and when I drew the large nipple into my mouth and sucked hard Robin arched her back and groaned.

Her forehead was glistening in sweat and she panted that, that was the first time she ever orgasmed from someone just playing with her tits.

I rested for a minute, my head resting between those two massive columns of flesh just listening to her breathing become more normal. I finally rose up and proceeded to kiss and lick my way down her chest, over her flat belly, pulling the nightie along with me as I moved downwards. I sat up and just stared at this gorgeous figure of femininity. I wanted to worship every inch of her body and at the same time I wanted to dive in and feel my cock buried in her tight wet pussy and feel those strong sexy legs wrapped around my body.

With only the nightie bunched around her and covering her pussy, I reached down and tugged it off her body. She spread her legs wide hoping she could entice me to enter her moist garden, I had other plans. I slid my hands up and down her long tapered legs and sliding under them cupped her full rounded ass and lifting her lower body to my face I placed a long wet kiss on her totally drenched pussy.

She let out a long animal like groan and came once again. I had her so highly excited that with each and every touch it produced another tiny orgasm. I moved down her legs quickly even though Robin tried desperately for me to continue eating her pussy, but I had other ideas. I kissed and licked down to her dainty feet and she let out tiny moans as I sucked on each of her tiny digits. I licked her ankles and licked my way up her tapered calves, caressing her knees and thighs as I did this. She let out a loud groan and shuttered when I licked at the sensitive skin behind her knees. I cupped her ass as I moved along her firm thighs and as I approached her dripping pussy she grabbed my head and moaned out through clenched teeth; "Come on you mother fucker, quit teasing me and suck my pussy. I need to cum hard and I need to cum nowwwwwwwww!?

As the last words escaped her lips I licked her from asshole to clit and she crushed her strong thighs around my head and exploded all over my lips and tongue. I lapped away at her as fast as I could, but it was a losing battle, her cum flowed down her body and collected around her pretty puckered asshole. I continued to lap away at her and she moaned louder and louder and all of a sudden her lets let go of my head, her moans ceased and she fell back against the pillows, she had passed out.

I got up and rushed to the bathroom and got a couple wet washcloths to place on her forehead. As I returned to her I was about to kneel before her when I had to stop and take in the sight before me. I was mesmerized by the beautiful form lying peacefully before me. Her breathing was shallow and her large firm breasts rose and fell from her breathing. Her nipples were still puckered and extended and the rosy aureoles and deep red nipples beckoned me to kiss and suck on them once again. Her auburn hair, even though disheveled now still looked fantastic, looking like a halo aflame around her head. Her full red lips shined from her excitement and her cheeks still glowed from her recent orgasm. Her flat tummy rose and fell gently as she breath and her tiny patch of pussy hair was matted down with her pussy juice and my saliva. Her long tapered legs were spread apart and looked so appetizing, all I wanted to do was kneel down and start again where I had left off.

First things first, I knelt next to her and placed the cool washcloth on her forehead and she moaned softly. Taking the other cloth I gently wiped away the sweat from her neck and upper chest. As she started to stir I couldn't help myself and I bent down and gently licked at one of her dark red nipples. Her fingers combed through my hair.

"Mmmmm, that's nice, what a way to wake up, I've never cum so hard that I've passed out before!"

Just then the clock on the mantle began sounding and I looked up and kissed her softly on the lips and whispered; Merry Christmas Robin!"

She kissed me back just as softly and whispered back; "Merry Christmas John, that was the best Christmas present I ever received."

I laughed; "That Robin was your Christmas Eve present, now for your real Christmas present!"

She let out a yelp and with her patented goggled threw her arms around my neck as I picked her up from the pillows and walked her slowly up the winding staircase to her bedroom loft overlooking the living room and roaring fireplace.

I placed her gently on the white satin sheeted bed and she stretched out like a tigress and smiled up at me and beckoned me with her hands and arms. Her legs slid back and forth on the cool sheets waiting for me to crawl between them.

I sat on the edge of the bed and gently brushed the dark auburn locks from her face. I bent over and kissed her full red lips and looked into her sparkling eyes; "My god Robin, do you know just how beautiful you are?"

She blushed and giggled; "Oh John you're just saying that so I'll let you fuck me. There isn't a chance in the world you're leaving this room without sticking that big cock of yours in my wet pussy. Now climb on board and make me happy."

The animal in me took over; I slid down and covered her lush body with mine. Her arms and legs enveloped me as she drew me harder against her body that seemed to be in constant motion. I kissed her lips once again and moved to her long tapered neck and ear and whispered to her; "Robin my dear, put my cock in your pussy. I want you to slip my big cock between your dripping pussy lips,"

She let out a groan and reached down and wrapped her hot fingers around my stiff shaft and guided it to the mouth of her pussy. Rubbing the head back and forth across her cunt she lodged the head in the entrance to her love nest. I pushed forward and the head popped in past the elastic entrance that seemed hotter then before. I slid deeper and deeper until I was totally buried in her tight red hot cunt. We just lied there feeling the ecstasy of my cock deep in her cunt.

Robin began twitching as she felt my cock spasming in her cunt. She hips began rotating trying to cause more friction against her clit.

I began sliding in and out of her. Her constant moans and gasps let me know I was hitting all of the right buttons, but I wanted this to last forever and slowed the pace when I thought I was about to lose control.

Robin groaned in frustration as she was at the edge and when I stopped it receded. I resumed my steady fucking of her sopping pussy and soon she was on the verge of cumming again. I ground myself deep in her cunt and this caused extra friction on her cunt. Robin bit into my shoulder and clawed at my back with her nails and let out a low growl and shook as she came once again. Her cunt tightened about my cock and I thought I was going to lose it again. I quickly pulled out of her and she let out a loud scream; "Oh no you fucker, let me cum again, oh fuck I was right there, put it back in and let me cum."

I flipped her over and she buried her face in the pillows. I pulled at her hips and with one quick thrust I was once again buried in her pussy doggy style. She screamed in her pillow and came instantly. She shook and wiggled her sexy ass against my thighs as I plowed faster and faster in her cunt.

Her face was totally hidden by her lush auburn locks and I reached up, gathered them up like a horse's mane and pulled her back against me. I picked up the pace and she gasped for breath as another orgasm as eminent. My balls were slapping against her clit and the lewd sounds that came from her cunt as I fucked it harder and harder caused me to go into sensory overload. I bit my lip as I let go of her hair and cupped her swaying tits causing her to push harder against me. We were both nearing another orgasm, but I still wanted this to last. I slipped my stiff dripping cock out of her pussy and flopping down on the bed, pulled her over on top of me so she could ride my cock to completion. I wanted to look at her gorgeous face and fantastic body as I unloaded my seed deep in her cunt.

She smiled down at me as she gripped my cock and fed it to her hungry pussy. "Now I control the action and I'm going to ride this fantastic cock until you explode in me. Oh fuck you feel great in my cunt. Now slam that thick piece of meat in me and make me a baby. Yes just like that, let's make a Christmas baby together."

She locked eyes with me and lowered her mouth to mine as we kissed; our tongues dueled with one another. I cupped her fine ass in my hands as she rode my cock. The sound of wet thighs slapping against each other filled the room. We moaned into each others mouth as we both neared orgasm. I broke the kiss and sucked viciously on one swaying tit and biting on the nipple caused her to scream out in pleasure and pain. She straightened up and ground her pussy against me and that did it. The flood gates opened and I began shooting my load deep in her hot womb. Shot after glorious shot bathe her as she collapsed against me and shook as she came once again.

She nearly smothered me as she shook constantly and groaned with every twitch of my cock.

I smiled up at her moving a stray lock of hair from her face and kissed her tenderly.

She rolled off of me and flopped back on the bed. I sat up on one elbow and looked lovingly at this creature of beauty. I planted soft kisses all over her face and she moaned and sighed with each one. Slowly she drifted off to sleep as I whispered to her; "Merry Christmas Robin!"

I woke up in the middle of the night; there was a warm wet feeling around my cock. Reaching down I came in contact with Robin's head. I buried my fingers in her locks as she rode her full lips up and down my awakening cock.

"Ah so you are still alive. Now I know why men love eating pussy. I taste great on your cock. Who knows maybe this weekend I'll try some more pussy directly from the source."

"Robin, just shut the fuck up and suck!"

She giggled and resumed bobbing up and down on my cock. She took her time and did it with love and passion. I was nearing an orgasm and I wanted to cum, but not in her mouth. I wanted to fuck that fantastic cunt of hers again.

Pulling her off of my cock I rolled her over and spooned her. Raising her right leg I entered her already wet pussy. I drove deep into her and cupping her tits from behind pulled her hard against me. I tweaked her nipples as I drove hard into her pussy. We were both rushing towards a quick orgasm and Robin stiffened and came all over my cock. Her tightening of her pussy literally sucked the cum out if my balls and I shot stream after stream into her pussy.

She let out a long groan and the next thing I heard was her steady breathing, she had fallen fast asleep.

We were both waken by the sounds of pounding on the door downstairs. It was already light and Robin slipped into her silky robe, without a nightgown and I slipped into my thigh high terrycloth robe. We both hurried down the stairs to the door, opening it we were staring at Robin's meteorologist Bob Van Dillon and Fox and Friends week-end host Paige Hopkins.

"Merry Christmas you sleepy heads"; they both blurted out.

Bob smiled; "Well are you two going to invite us in?"

Robin was a little stunned; "Oh sure, I apologize we are just shocked to see you two here."

Paige gave Robin a quick kiss; "We were at a party last night and got to talking and knew you two were here for your calendar shoot and we thought, why don't we go up there and join them?"

Robin took their coats and Bob put an arm full of presents down on the coffee table. I went and started a fire and before long we were all seating around the fire drinking fresh coffee and eating bagels Paige had bought along with her. When we were all finished Robin got up and looked at the three of us; "I hate to break-up this cozy Christmas morning but I need to take a shower and we need to be at the main cabin in a couple of hours."

She turned and walked up the staircase to the master suite. The three of us watched her bare butt under her robe and loved the view.

I took Bob over to the kitchen; "I'm glad you got my call, are you ready for your Christmas present, get upstairs and join Robin in the shower. Oh by the way nice touch bringing Paige here for me to keep me company while you have some fun with Robin."

"Listen John, it's the least I could do. Working with her every morning and seeing those large tits staring at me and those gorgeous legs when she's sitting on that couch. I just want to jump her bones so bad!"

"So quit your talking and get up there."

Bob hurried upstairs and I went back to join Paige near the roaring fire. She looked fantastic in a flowing wrap around dress, matching stockings and high heels. Paige has always been famous for her great legs. Her blue eyes sparkled up at me as I approached and she stared at my crotch area. In all of the walking around my robe opened and my cock as visible through the opening.

"Oh Paige I'm sorry."

As I went to close it Paige spoke up; "Don't close it, I like the view."

I chuckled; "Well Paige if my robe is parted don't you think it's only fair to have your dress parted as well?"

She giggled as she always does on Fox and stood up and walked me back to the couch and pushed me on my chest and I fell back onto the sofa. She licked her red lips and tossed her blonde hair back from her shoulders. Looking at my cock she said; "Spread your robe further and stroke your cock for me."

I shook my head; "Show me something first Paige!"

She smiled and reached behind her back and untied the dress. Slowly unwrapping the belt the dress parted at her chest first and then all the way to the hem. It hung open only about six inches but what I could see looked very promising.

"I wasn't sure about you Paige? At your calendar shoot you were surely into women, that is until you got to the bedroom with Chris, Kiran's husband."

"Please don't talk about that woman, she deserted us at Fox and jumped to CNN!"

"Sorry Paige, how about turning to nicer things, how about parting that dress a little more so I can see what's under that dress."

With that I opened my robe totally and slowly began stroking my cock. She licked her glossy red lips and putting her hands at her belly slowly parted the red dress. Her flat toned belly came into view first. The material slipped from her medium sized tits and they looked very invited encased in a red lacy bra. Paige shrugged her shoulders and the dress fell in a puddle about her feet. She kicked it away and this petite slim woman stood before me in red lace. Her panties and bra matched, her thigh high stockings hugged her limbs seductively and the high heels she was wearing accented her toned legs even better. Her eyes sparkled as I took in her beauty and she licked her lips as she watched me stroke my cock.

"Paige please turn so I can see your profile"; I whispered to her.

She turned slightly and the view was incredible. With the crackling fire behind her and her tits jutting out on top and her nicely rounded ass showing below I stroked my cock faster.

She giggled; "Now John don't stroke that cock of yours too much, I'd hate to have it go off before I got to sample it."

She turned her back to me and her blonde hair flowed partway down her back. Reaching back she popped open her bra and it slid down her arms. Bending at the waist she grabbed her ankles and shoved her ass towards me.

I let out a groan and she giggled again. Still bent over she reached up and slowly lowered her panties. Her cunt was covered with a small amount of blonde hairs that were already turning darker from the juices seeping out of her pussy. Standing up she slowly turned and placing her hands on her hips smiled; "So John anything catch your fancy?"

I stopped stroking my cock, it stood straight up and she couldn't tear her sparkling blue eyes from it. I wiggled my finger at her beckoning her to step forward to the sofa. She slowly walked towards the sofa and kneeling down before me took my cock in her tiny fingers and sliding her warm fingers up and down the shaft, looked me in the eye and smiled she lowered her head and enveloped the head in her warm moist mouth.

Up in the shower Robin was startled when the door opened and Bob stood there naked. He quickly stepped in and closed the door behind himself.

"Bob do you think this is such a good idea, we work together five days a week."

"Robin shut the fuck up and kiss me!"

She let out a groan and threw her arms around Bob's neck and crushed her lips to his. His hands were everywhere at once. Stroking her full rounded ass, cupping her large soapy tits, running up and down her finely toned thighs and cupping her pussy, he slipped a finger into her aching pussy and she bit down on his shoulder. He pulled at her hair and pulling her head back kissed her hard again.

Robin wrapped her leg around his waist urging him to finger fuck her harder. She wrapped her hand around his enormous cock and stroked it till it was at its full length.

Bob backed her into the water washing all of the soap suds off her body. With the water still running he opened the door, lifted Robin up in his arms and carried her dripping wet body to the loft bed. Laying her down on the bed he looked at her body gleaming in the morning sun all wet and waiting for him. A movement caught his eye and he noticed down below Paige's dress slipping from her body as it fell to the floor. Looking back at Robin her arms were outstretched waiting for him to join her. He slipped between her luscious thighs and covered her body with his own.

Urging him on Robin wrapped her legs around his waist and gripping his cock placed it at the entrance to her already wet cunt. Bob pushed forward and Robin lot out a loud groan as his huge cock parted her cuntlips and entered her cunt. His cock slid deeper and deeper into her and she had never felt a cock fill her that totally. He hit places she never knew she had before. Her head was rolling from side to side; her wet locks flew about her face as her moans were continuous as Bob plunged his Billy club sized cock in and out of her foaming pussy. His constant onslaught on her pussy caused her to start cumming and cumming and cumming. Her cunt was in a constant state of orgasm as one orgasm subsided another one began and she dropped her legs from Bob's back as she was totally drained on any strength she had left. Robin laid there a vessel for his long fat cock. Bob closed his eyes and stiffened as he shot his huge load in her cunt triggering another orgasm from her already spent body.

Bob collapsed against her heaving body and they both whispered to each other; "Merry Christmas!"

Downstairs I had my fingers wound in Paige's blonde locks as I guided her mouth up and down my stiff cock. Her mouth produced an exorbitant amount of saliva as my entire cock and balls were covered in her wetness.

Paige pulled off of my cock and looked towards the loft area when she heard Robin let out a loud groan. "I guess Bob found Robin's pussy, give you any ideas John?"

I smiled at her and urged her upwards. Her mouth left trails of wetness on my belly, chest and then it covered my mouth. We exchanged tongues for a few minutes and I urged her higher. Taking her firm apple sized tit in my mouth I worked on the nipple sucking it in and moved to pay homage to its twin. Lifting her higher I had her rest her knees on the back of the couch and cradling her tight ass in my palms I feasted on her fleece covered pussy stabbing my tongue in and out of her dripping her I rolled my tongue up and down her slit sucking all of her sweet tasting nectar from her oozing pussy. Playing with her stiff clit I soon had her on the edge of cumming. I slowly slipped my index finger up her puckered asshole and this easily sent her over the top. She gripped my head and shuttered to a wet sloppy orgasm covering my face with her juices. She nearly fell back as she turned into a wet rag losing all of her strength. I gripped her body and sliding her down my body Paige hung on as I stood and walked her over to the pillows in front of the fireplace. Gently laying her on them she stretched out and beckoned me to her outstretched arms. I lowered my body to hers and in one quick motion buried my cock in her still quivering pussy. She let out a scream and wrapper her nylon covered legs around my waist as I began fucking her with long slow strokes.

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