Calendar Shoot July


I knew I wouldn't last long; "Carol are you ready for some cream rinse?"

She smiled and nodded as she sucked harder.

"Oh fuck Carol, you have one of the hottest mouths on earth, yes, yes, take my load you sucking bitch!"

Her cheeks hallowed as she sucked harder taking the first shot. She pulled my cock from her mouth as she shoved my shooting cock into her sud covered locks shooting the rest in her hair.

I leaned against the wall as I shot stream after stream in her wet hair.

When I recovered I finished washing her hair and rinsing the suds and cum from her hair.

We both got out of the shower and dried each other off.

Once Carol had her hair dry she was sitting at her dressing table applying her make-up she looked at me in the mirror, sitting on her bed. She smiled and looked at me; "So tell me John, why the unexpected visit?"

I came up behind her and placed my hands on her shoulders, sliding down I cupped both large tits and rubbed the hardening nipples with my thumbs.

She let out a moan and pushed my hands away; "I have to get ready for work and if you keep that up I'll never make it in. Tell me why you are here!"

"Well Carol as you know we're making a couple of calendars..."

"Yeah, I was a little miffed that you didn't ask me to star in one of them!"

"Well I'm here to remedy that, you could be a co-star. I have a Headline news anchor who wants to have a threesome with her so called boyfriend and you, interested?"

"It all depends who it is."

"Carol, there's the catch, she wants you blindfolded, at least for the first sex scene."

"Why, who is it, do I know her?"

"I can't say, that's the exciting part to the fantasy she has. She really would love to have her and her boyfriend make love to you, but you MUST keep the blindfold on, until she takes it off. What do you say Carol?"

"I don't know John, will you be there?"

"Most definitely, as a matter of fact I get to warm you up while they start it off between the two of them."

"Sounds interesting, can I think it over and get back to you?"

"Sure, but don't wait too long, if you don't do it we have a couple other anchors we have in mind to use."

"Please let me have first crack at it, but I have to decide if I really want to do it, what do you think I should do?"

"Knowing what I know about the two of them I think it would be one of the hottest month's calendars and videos."

"Meet me at the studio after the newscast and I'll let you know. Now get the fuck out of here so I can get ready or I'll be fired."

I met Carol at her office right after her show ended. She was smiling from ear to ear; "Let's go down the street for a bite to eat. All of that sex last night burned off a lot of calories and I'm famished."

We arrived at the nearby diner and ordered a couple of sandwiches; "So tell me Carol, what's your decision?"

She smiled from ear to ear, nodding she blurted out; "Yes John, I'll do it, but I need to add something to this so I can live out my fantasy, okay?"

"It all depends, what is it?"

"I'm not sure if you know I had two children at an early age, Mike was born when I was fourteen and Erica was born when I just turned sixteen. They are twenty six and twenty four now. Both work at Headline News in Atlanta and my fantasy was always to have sex with the two of them."

My jaw dropped; "Carol, you got to be kidding, that's incest!"

"Yes I know and probably would never do it, but if I'm going to be blindfolded can't we pretend that the other two are Mike and Erica. They can call me mom or Carol and I can call them Mike and Erica."

I couldn't believe my luck; this was going to be the best video yet. I could just see Carol's face when the blindfold came off and see the couple she was fucking and sucking her really Mike Galonis and Erica Hill, her son and daughter.

"Well Carol, I don't see that being a problem, let me get with Robin, I mean the couple from Headline and let you know."

Her eyes lit up; "Do you mean it's Robin Meade? That would be great!"

I laughed out loud; "I didn't say that, remember that!"

I said Robin on purpose just to throw her off.

Changing the subject, "So Carol when are you available for the shoot?"

"You tell me when and where and I'll be there."

"How about Friday evening, you fly into Atlanta and if everything works out great the four of us can spend the entire weekend together."

She grinned from ear to ear, nodding her head; "That sounds great, want to go back to my place and seal the deal. You got me so fucking hot right now I could fuck you right here in this booth."

"Carol I would love to, but if you want this to happen this weekend I need to get back to Atlanta now and set it all up. Besides I want you to be hot as a firecracker when we do the shoot."

"Don't you worry about me I'll have something up my pussy from now till Friday thinking about fucking my son and daughter, well sort of."

"Just don't be too sore because we'll want to do that for you!"

I reached over and gave her a long tender kiss and told her I had to go.

"I'll call you tomorrow and firm up the plans and your flight to Atlanta. Can't wait to see you in your fantasy and hers."

"Tell Robin I can't wait."

"I never said it was Robin!"

"Yeah sure, now go and make sure it's this weekend, I don't think I could work another week thinking about what's to cum."

I caught the late night flight out and make it back to Atlanta. I called Erica from the plane and told her about our good fortune and how Carol fantasy was to have sex with her son and daughter.

'You have got to be kidding, if you pull this off I'll let you have me anyway you want."

"Sounds tempting, I've always loved that gorgeous ass of yours."

"Oooooo you nasty man you, I always liked a nice stiff cock up my ass doggy style, or would you like me better on top riding that big cock of yours?"

I whispered into the phone not wanting the other passengers to hear; "You better get that ass of yours ready, because I can guarantee this fantasy to happen. I have to tell you. To throw Carol off I let slip that the female in the fantasy as Robin."

"Oh John you are so bad, what did she say?"

"Her eyes lit up when she thought it was Robin Meade and she has no idea that it's you and Mike."

"That's great news and with her wanting this as a fantasy, and with us all calling her mom and her our names it will make it all the better. When is this set to happen?"

"I told her the best time would be for her to fly in Friday and we could have the entire weekend to live out the fantasy. I know one night would not be enough and the four of us can really lose ourselves in this fantasy."

"Oh shit, I'll never be able to concentrate on the air the next couple of nights. I'm going to take Friday night off so we can start as soon as possible. I'll call Mike and let him know. Once I told him about my fantasy he has been at me to test the waters, so to speak, but I told him it would be all the better once we all got together and really let our hair down. Well John, I have to get some sleep, call me when you have all of the specifics set. Damn I'll never get to sleep now thinking about fucking Mike and sucking on mom's pussy."

"Well Erica, I'll be landing in about an hour, want me to come over and take the edge off?"

Laughing she said; "No I told you, you can have anything you want, but first make this a reality and not a fantasy, byeeeeee!"

The phone went dead.

I had all of the plans set. I had the best penthouse suite set in Atlanta, working with the cameramen we set up cameras on the balcony where the Jacuzzi was, both bedroom, the living room and even the large shower where I was sure some hot sex would occur. I contacted Carol and gave her the flight literary and let Erica know what time to be at the suite with Mike. I would have Carol off in the other room so she wouldn't see who was there and her and Mike could start the fantasy off between the two of them. Then I would blindfold Carol and the two of them could join the two of us. At that point, after I got Carol raring to go, I would become a bystander, at least until the three of them had their first incest episode.

I picked up Carol from the airport and she looked radiant. She was wearing a frilly white lace blouse and a full multi colored skirt that ended at her knees.

She gave me a big kiss and her lips parted and her tongue licked along my lips. We parted and hand and hand we made our way out of the airport to my car. Opening the car door for her she slipped in and her skirt rode up her legs and she pulled the skirt down, but not before a cause a glimpse at her long tapered legs.

As we drove to the hotel I slowly ran my hand up and down her leg, slowly pushing her skirt up nearly to her waist. She slumped down in the seat and closed her eyes and moaned slightly as my fingers slipped into her tight lacy panties and tickled her clit and full wet cunt lips.

After about five minutes of manipulating her pussy I was rewarded with her first of many orgasms she was to experience this weekend.

Licking her full red lips she whispered; "Thanks John I needed that. It took the edge off and hopefully will hold me till I meet Robin and her friend."

"Carol, I never said it was Robin, remember as far as you are concerned for the next couple of days they will be Erica and Mike, your daughter and son."

She smiled; "Yeah sure, I'll play along, but knowing it's Robin Meade and a friend of hers will be hard to forget."

"I guarantee Carol, it is NOT Robin!"


We arrived at the hotel and Carol settled in at the suite and she loved the room I picked out. She cleaned up from the orgasm I gave her in the car on the way over.

We went for dinner, but she ate very little telling me she was too excited to eat and asked when Robin was coming over.

"For the last time Carol, it's not Robin, believe what you want, this is the last time I'm telling you so."

"If it's not Robin, then who is it?"


When we arrived back in the suite I ushered Carol to the sitting area overlooking the balcony. We looked over the skyline of Atlanta and I held Carol as I felt her tremble.

"Calm down Carol, I know once you get into them you will be like a fish to water."

"Sure, but I hope I don't drown getting used to the water."

I kissed her on the forehead and combed my fingers through her thick blonde hair. Just then there was a knock on the door and Carol jumped.

"Calm down, I'll answer it and you make sure you stay here. If you peek, the fantasy is over, promise?"

She nodded and closed her eyes and leaned back on the sofa and let out a long breath.

I answered the door and there was Mike and Erica, both looking nervous in their own right. I shook his hand and gave her a hug. I escorted them into the living room and sat down and we talked about things, and nothing.

"Well I guess we should start the shoot, are you ready?"

Erica looked around, "Where are the cameramen?"

I laughed; "To put everyone at ease we installed numerous close circuit cameras. Look around you'll see them everywhere and they are rolling now, movement sensitive. Later I have one cameraman next door set to come in for intimate close-ups the other cameras won't catch. I figure by then all of you will be so into it, you won't even notice her."

Mike smiled; "A her huh, maybe she will join us?"

"We'll see."

Erica slapped Mike; "I think mom and I will be enough for you to handle, don't you think?"

"Why don't you come over here and start showing me, I'll tell you if you are enough."

She stood up and walked over to him. She was wearing a hunter green wrap around dress that tied at the waist, it ended at mid thigh and it hugged her full ass. Her large tits threatened to burst free from the top. Her long chestnut hair was piled high on her head and was held up by a thick hairclip.

Licking her full red lips that shined lewdly from her lip gloss she ran one red fingernail across her lips and slipping her tongue out licked it slowly. Looking down at her brother with lust filled eyes she reached across to her side and slowly pulled the string that held her dress together. Slowly licking one finger she slowly parted the dress, pulling down one black lace bra cup she ran her wet finger around and around her huge red erect nipple.

Mike groaned as he looked up and down his sister's full lush figure taking in every inch of her. His eyes darted from her face, to her tits, her firm flat belly and her pussy that was hardly hidden by the incredibly tiny patch of material covering it. A raceway of dark hair was showing above the patch of material. His eyes traveled down her full firm thighs and tapered calves. Her feet were encased in matching green high heels which made her look even taller.

Looking back to her face, her large dark eyes smoldered with lust as she watched Mike unzip his pants and draw his huge cock out. It had to be at least nine inches long and very thick. It was already oozing pre-cum and he spread it around its head as he slowly stroked it.

She licked her full lips; "That's it big brother stroked that cock of your for your baby sister. Make it nice and hard so I can suck it and fuck it. OH Mikey, I can't wait for you to fuck me with that monster."

Erica straddled Mike's thighs and pulled her thong aside and gripping his huge cock slid it back and forth across her pussy lips. It was impossible to see, seeing she still had her dress on as it covered the area where they were joined.

Erica threw her head back and let out a long groan as she settled down on his cock. Her hips and ass wiggled back and forth as she fought to get all of his cock in her tight cunt.

"Oh yes Mike, fill my tight pussy with your big cock. Oh my god, I've never been filled this much, it's hitting the back of my cervix. No don't stop, it may hurt a little, but it feels glorious."

Mike slid the dress from her shoulders and it fell from her body landing on the floor behind her.

Erica reached down and tore at his shirt, buttons flew everywhere and she pulled it from his firm muscular body. Bending down she licked at his firm pecs and ran her long fingers across his shoulders. She moved up and their mouths met. Tongues fought for supremacy as each darted back and forth.

Mike's large cock was dripping with gobs of white cum from Erica's pussy and slid down his balls and drenched his trousers that he was still wearing. He continued to plow upward driving his cock into her pussy. She ground her ass against his pelvis as her ass giggled as he gripped them in his large hands. He guided her up and down on his huge member.

"Oh god Mike, I can't believe we are finally fucking. Even in high school I used to peek in on you when you masturbated or when you had one of your sluts in your bedroom. I would go back to my room, strip naked and play with myself imagining it was me you were fucking! Oh fuck me hard Mike, I'm going to cum again! Slam that monster in your sister's pussy, empty your balls in me, let me feel your jism splash in my womb."

"Oh Erica, I dreamt of this day for so long. All those days at home watching you grow up and blossom. Seeing you prance around in those tiny bikinis, I wanted to rush up to you tear them off and fuck your brains out."

Mike reached up and unhooked her bra. Her 38DD jumped out and bounced up and down as she continued to ride his churning cock. He pulled her down to him and she fed him her tits. He licked around one large fat nipple sucking it deep into his mouth. She groaned as he bit down a little too hard.

"Yes Mike, bite it harder I love having my nipples bitten, yes, yes just like that, please do the other too. OH damn Mike I never knew it could be this good. Suck harder, yes, yes I'm cumming again, sooooooooo Goooood, AHHHHHH!"

Mike lapped away at her tits, his saliva were dripping off her tits and landed on his chest. He reached up and gripped her head and kissed her hard. Pulling on the hairclip and tossing it aside she shook her head wildly as her long chestnut hair came tumbling down around her shoulders and tits.

Seeing this erotic sight, her face contorted with lust, her full red lips swollen with passion and her tits bouncing up and down as she rode his bursting cock Mike let out an animal groan and shot his load deep in his sister's gripping cunt.

Feeling him shot up into her pussy triggered another orgasm as Erica slumped against Mike's sweaty body as she shook from head to toe with another volcanic orgasm.

"Oh Mike, oh Mike, I'm coming again, yes just like that fill my pussy with your cum, yes fill your sister's cunt with your love juice. Oh Fuck I can't stop cumming!"

Like a limp rag she rolled off of Mike, cum oozed from his cock as she rolled over and laid spread eagled on the sofa. I saw for the first time Erica's pussy. It was a nasty looking pussy with Mike's cum slowly flowing. It wasn't ugly, by any means, but what I mean is that it looked angry and sexy at the same time. Her pussy had large winged lips that protruded from her crotch. It was spread wide open now and leaked Mike's cum. She spread her lips and the inner lips were wet and red, bubbles of cum oozed from it, her clit was like a tiny cock now shrinking and hiding from view of her large lips. Even though it looked nasty, I couldn't wait for my turn to suck at that pussy and shove my hard cock deep into her cunt.

After a few minutes both of them came back down to earth and Erica turned towards her brother and gave him a soft tender kiss; "Come on Mike, let's go clean up so we can be presentable when we seduce our mother."

When she said that I saw a stirring in Mike's flaccid cock and Erica saw it too.

"Oh I see how it is, now that you got to fuck your sister, you can only get it up thinking about fucking our mother huh?"

He smiled and kissed her; "Listen Erica, I'd fuck you again in a heartbeat and believe me, after we BOTH fuck Carol, I guarantee I'll be between those luscious legs of yours eating and fucking you again!"

She groaned when he said that, she bent over and took his cock in her mouth. Her nostrils flared when she tasted both of their juices on her tongue, she sucked harder and it began to grow.

I stepped in; "Wow you too, have you forgotten Carol is in the other room waiting for the two of you? I'll go in there now and get her primed. You two get in the bathroom and get cleaned up, we'll meet you in the master bedroom. I'll have her blindfolded; it will be up to you when you unblindfold her. I think once you got her real hot and ready to cum, that would be the perfect time. Just a word of caution, when Carol cums, she squirts like a fountain."

Erica reluctantly pulled her full red lips from Mike's cock and pointed towards my cock; "Remember John, before the weekend is over I want that!"

I grinned from ear to ear; "That Erica I can promise and I want to fuck that gorgeous ass of yours."

I turned and left the room to see how Carol was doing.

Erica and Mike took off to the bathroom to clean up and when I entered the room there was Carol, sitting in an overstuffed chair with her legs dangling over each arm, her skirt around her waist, her eyes closed and her hands dripping with her juices. Cum was leaking from her pussy like a tiny brook.

"Carol I see you must have been eavesdropping on the activities in the other room."

She opened her eyes lazily and smiled wickedly; "My god John", she panted out, "That has got to be one of the most erotic sexual encounters I have ever heard. I had to muster up all of my strength to keep from opening the door and watching. I see from your hard-on it was everything and more."

I sat down on the edge of the chair slowly scraping my nails along her inner thigh.

She let out a low groan; "God, I'm so fucking hot right now, I already came twice just listening to them."

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