Calendar Shoot March


Still looking at the screen Jamie let out a low groan as I buried my cock in Uma's tight pussy.

I spent the next ten minutes kissing, licking and nipping at Jamie's squirming legs, never coming within three inches of her now soaked pink lace panties.

Jamie looked down at me with lust filled eyes and grabbing my head directed me towards her pussy.

"Please John, lick my pussy, I can't wait any longer I know as soon as you touch me I'm going to cum. I need my release so bad, I'll do anything."

I chuckled; "Anything?"

She nodded quickly as she licked her lips.

"Later I want to see you and Kristina make love to each other."

Her eyes popped open wide; "I've never done that before, I don't know if I can."

I began to withdraw from between her legs.

"Okay, okay I'll do it, just get me off, now please."

"Tell me what you want Jamie."

"Lick me."

"Lick what Jamie?"

"Alright, lick my cunt, stick your tongue in my pussy and make me cum now. You're driving me crazy, now eat my cunt!"

I tore off her drenched panties and slowly lowered my face to her pussy and what a pretty pussy it was. It has two large winged folds that were engorged with blood and now fully blossomed. Above hooded was her large clit just begging to be played with.

Jamie wrapped her strong muscled thighs around my head and drew me to her womb. Her calves beat on my shoulders and back.

I blew on her pussy and she let out a groan. I slowly licked her from asshole to just below her clit. I didn't want her to cum too quickly. I stabbed away at the folds of her pussy and the lips parted as I drove deeper into her cunt. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and she arched her back trying to make contact with her clit.

She slipped her fingers to her clit, but I slapped them away wanting to control her orgasm.

I slipped one finger out of her cunt and slipped it into her asshole. She let out a groan and I knew I couldn't hold her off too much longer.

I had one finger up her ass and two in her pussy. Her juices were flowing like a river and I lapped them up as best I could. Taking a deep breath, knowing I was going to need it I sucked her clit in between my lips.

She went off like a nuclear warhead letting out a loud scream she clamped her vise like thighs around my head and shook for nearly a minute. Finally she unclenched her legs and dropped back onto the couch.

I slowly sat up, my face, chin and neck covered in her juices.

Sweat was dripping from her face and her blonde curls were stuck to her forehead. She licked her lips and ran the back of her hand across her forehead.

Smiling weakly down at me she said; "That has to be without a doubt the most intense orgasm I have ever had. Now that's what I call foreplay."

I laughed; "Just wait until I fuck you."

She rolled from side to side laughing; "You're still fully clothed and I still have half of my clothes on. What will happen when we are both totally naked and fucking?"

I laughed; "Ready to find out?"

"Give me a few moments to recover, if I can and then let's see what happens."

I looked at my watch; "Sorry Jamie, but that will have to wait. Kristina and Kevin should be here shortly and IT IS their fantasy shoot you know. Maybe we can incorporate both theirs and yours in the same shoot."

"I don't get you, what do you mean both fantasies?"

"Well they will be here for their fantasy, and you can watch as a voyeur and experience your fantasy. You know I'll bring you along slowly with A LOT of foreplay."

She smiled; "Yeah I know, maybe just a little too much foreplay."

I smirked, "Women, never satisfied, or maybe over satisfied. Now get your ass up and get dressed, they will be here soon."

She hopped up and still dressed from the waist up she wiggled her sexy ass and walked slowly towards the bathroom. "Damn, I thought, what a gorgeous pair of legs, I wonder what her tits looked like."

Jamie came back into the room looking like a million dollars. Her hair was impeccable, makeup done to perfection and once again those gorgeous legs showing off under that short pink skirt.

She sat next to me; "Where are the main stars of tonight?"

"Kevin called a few minutes ago from his cell, they should be here shortly. He also said they were bringing a surprise for me, but he wouldn't say what the surprise was."

"Of course not silly, if he told you then it wouldn't be a surprise." She gave me a soft kiss on the lips. Her lips tasted like cherries and they looked wet and very appetizing. I kissed her back and our tongues began dueling back and forth. My hand slipped to her knee and slowly slipped up her gorgeous thigh. She spread her legs and I went higher. She moaned into my mouth, but the mood was broken as the door opened and in came Kevin, Kristina and Kristen Dodd.

Kristen is a large woman, not fat, but built on the large size. She stands about five foot ten, a lot of legs and broad shoulders to hold up her huge tits. She has a pleasant face with full lips all framed by a thick head of dark blonde locks.

Kevin introduced us and when it came to Jamie he asked who this was?

I told the three of them about the restaurant and the call I received from Jamie. I told them about her fantasy and how we got together while they were on the air.

Kristen spoke up; "Well I guess I'm a fifth wheel here. I will leave you all to enjoy yourself, I wouldn't want to intrude."

I spoke up; "Nonsense Kristin, stay, if you are interested you can either join Kevin and Kristina, or Jamie and me."

"Are you sure!"

We all chimed in; "We insist!"

A large smile crossed her face and the stiffness vanished and all of a sudden she looked very appetizing.

Kristina was the first to speak; "I don't know about anyone else, but ever since the restaurant I've been hotter then a firecracker and I want to get that big cock of Kevin's back in my mouth and my pussy."

A huge smile crossed Kevin's face as he took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom.

At the studio she had changed from her cocktail dress that was stained with her pussy juices and Kevin's cum to a more on air acceptable black skirt and white starched shirt with a black jacket over the blouse. She still had her black stockings and fuck me high heeled shoes.

Once in the bedroom the cameraman had the entire lighting perfect with multiple cameras situated above the bed and all around the room.

Kristen followed them into the room and took a seat in the corner in one of the plush chairs. Jamie and I remain standing near the door with her in front of me.

Kristina started to climb up onto the bed but Kevin stopped her.

"You stay standing while I strip and get on the bed. After that I want you to do a sexy strip tease for me and then you maybe can join me on the bed, okay?"

Kristina licked her pouting lips and just nodded.

Kevin slipped off his jacket and took off his tie. Unbuttoning his shirt he pulled it from his pants and the three women let out tiny gasps as they gazed upon is strong chest muscles. He kicked off his shoes and undid his pants and they fell to the floor. He kicked them aside and looked up at Kristina, and then Jamie and hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts slowly lowered his briefs. A loud gasp came from all of the women as they looked upon his large black cock. It was at half mast and it was already larger then mine and as he slipped to the bed and took off his socks he lay back on the bed and slowly stroked his cock. It grew in his large black hand and he smiled broadly.

"Alright Kristina, give me a show and make it sexy."

She licked her bright red lips and stared at his large cock. She had it in her mouth and between her tits in the restaurant but seeing it here in the bright lights of the bedroom caused her to be hypnotized by its size.

She slowly slipped the black jacket from her shoulders and let it sensually slide down her arms. It fell to a pool of black around her feet. She rolled her shoulders and slowly began unbuttoning her plain white blouse. She turned and looking over her shoulder at him tugged the blouse from her skirt. Pulling the blouse off one shoulder she looked at him and blew him a kiss and licked her lips very slowly and slipped the blouse off her other shoulder and down her arms. Her large tits were hidden from his view, but we could see them. Because of the evening dress she had on earlier, she didn't have a bra on and for their huge size and massive weight they did not sag one bit. She cupped them in her small hands and flicked her thumbs over the erect nipples. She let out a moan and kept her back to Kevin.

In the other corner Kristen unbutton her double-breasted grey jacket and had a couple buttons of her satin cream colored blouse undone. She was lazily toying with her tits through her blouse as she watched the action before her.

With her back still to Kevin, Kristina slowly lowered the zipper on her tight black skirt. Wiggling her ass she bends at the waist giving Jamie and me a fantastic view of her tits swaying back and forth.

I pulled Jamie back against me and my cock tented in my pants rubbed back and forth between her large ass cheeks. I cupped her tits through her jacket from behind as I nuzzled her neck and nibbled at an earlobe.

She let out a moan and Kristina looked up at us and smiled.

Kristina slowly lowered the skirt an inch at a time.

Kevin stroked his cock faster as his eyes took in the gorgeous ass that Kristina was exposing to him.

The skirt fluttered to the floor and Kristina pulled up on her sexy black lace panties. It was sucked into the crack of her ass and her pearly white firm ass cheeks shown prominently at Kevin. She stood upright, her huge tits swayed from side to side as she stared at Jamie.

She turned slowly towards Kevin dressed in black stockings, shoes, garter belt and panties.

"Oh my fucking god!" That was all Kevin could say. He stroked his cock faster.

Kristina smiled; "Don't do that too much, I'd hate to have it go off too prematurely. Do you want me to take off the panties or would you like to have the honor?"

He didn't say a word, he only reached out his hand to hers and she stepped to the bed. She leaned in and her gorgeous platinum blonde locks covered his face as their lips met. His large tongue swept along her bright red wet lips.

She moaned into his mouth as he cupped one large tit and tweaked the nipple.

He drew her to the bed and laid her on her back. He hovered over her just taking in her beauty. Her porcelain white skin against the black satin sheets was amazing. Her blonde hair fanned out on the black pillow and Kevin's large black hands began traveling along her flawless white skin. He lowered his face to hers and she lifted up to meet his mouth. They kissed hard trying to reach inside each other.

Kristina ran her hands over his bald head as he ran his one hand through her blonde hair and stroked along her shoulder and down to her tit with his other hand. He cupped her tit and squeezed, she moaned and arched her back to his hand.

He broke the kiss and looked into her dark eyes and smiled, "God Kristina, you are so unbelievably beautiful." He stroked her hair and kissed her chin and then her neck. Traveling slowly downward he worked on her neck for a few minutes, then kissing her shoulder and her upper chest.

She was rolling her head back and forth with her eyes closed feeling the passion in his kisses.

I looked over at Kristin and she had her blouse totally open now and one large tit out of her satin bra. She was rolling her large red nipple between her thumb and forefinger as she stared at the action on the bed.

As for us, Jamie was also staring at the scene on the bed. She has her one arm behind her back stroking my exposed cock that she had fished out of my pants. I helped her by unbuckling my pants and dropping them to my ankles. I was unbuttoning her suit jacket from behind her and slowly slipped the material off her shoulders and down her arms. I retook her neck and kissed along her shoulder as I cupped her tits through her lacy black bra that did little to hide the treasures that was under it.

Back on the bed Kevin worked along her upper chest to her tits that stood high on her chest. He pushed the two mounds of flesh together and worked on both aureoles and nipples. Moving from one to the other and back again he did this for nearly five minutes. Her tits were covered with his saliva as she moaned and groaned constantly.

"Oh Kevin, I love the way you suck my tits, but I need more. I need your huge cock in me, I need it in my pussy, I need it in my ass and I want you to cum in my mouth again. I love the taste of your cum and I need to taste it again."

He smiled; "Kristina we have all night and we need to give our guests a show."

She groaned and ran her small white hands across his big bald head trying to push him off her tits and down to her pussy.

Slowly he moved from her tits and they were wet and slippery from his saliva. She squeezed her tits as he moved to her belly button. Sticking his tongue in he worked around it and she arched her back.

He slid down her body and taking one small dainty foot in his large hand pulled off her shoe. He kissed her foot though her stocking and sucking on one toe slid his hand up and unhooked her stocking from the garter belt. Sliding the stocking down her tapered leg he pulled it from her foot and tossed it to the floor. He kissed and sucked on each toe and she squirmed around on the bed. Her hair was tangled in the pillow as she rocked her head back and forth. She was breathing heavily through her mouth as she licked her parched lips.

Kevin slowly kissed his way up her lily white leg until he reached her black lacy panties. She thought that he was finally going to get to her pussy and relieve the aching that was driving her crazy...She was wrong.

Kevin dropped that leg and moved to the other leg. Unhooking the stocking he slid it down her leg and off her foot. Once again he played with the other foot and suck and licked each digit while she continued to moan. Dropping her foot he kissed his way up the other leg as he caressed the one he just bared. Reaching her panties once again she arched her back.

"Please Kevin, take my panties off. I want you to see my pussy. I want you to suck my cunt until I cum all over your sexy beard and mustache. Oh please take me now I need to cum so fucking bad!"

Reaching under her he undid the garter belt and tossed it aside. Cupping her firm rounded firm ass in his large palms he hooked his fingers in the waistband and slowly tugged it from her hips.

The panties had a mind of their own not wanting to part from her pussy as the material directly covering her pussy stuck to her lips, partially due to the wetness that clung to them and partially (I knew I wouldn't want to loose contact with that jewel either) because it liked being there. Finally like a rubber band it let go and slapped against his hand, what a sight to see! I now why they call some woman's pussy a crack, because that was all Kristina had. It was a well defined crack, but nothing more, she barely had pussy lips all she had was a large slit that had a serious leaking problem at the moment.

Kevin lowered his face to her pussy and blew softly at her crack. She arched her back and groaned; "You fucker, quit torturing me. I need something in my cunt and I need it now."

She reached down to finger herself but Kevin slapped her hand away. She moaned in frustration.

Using both thumbs he parted her slit like a blooming flower and as the lips parted the thick fluid began oozing out. Her inner lips were red and puffy and hooded at the top was her large red clit. He worked the lips back and forth driving her crazy. Kevin finally lowered his head and ran his tongue from her asshole and along her slit to her clit, but still did not come in contact with the ripe red bud. He worked is tongue back and forth going deeper and deeper. Her white thighs now enveloped his bald black head and all that was visible was the back of his neck. From another angle we could see his large tongue work deeper and deeper into her cunt and she let out a loud scream when he finally sucked her clit in between his lips.

"Oh fuck Kevin, that's it, suck on my clit and make me cum harder then I've ever cum before, yes, yes, yes that's it you black mother fucker, eat my lily white pussy, yes, yes I'm cummmmmmmmingggg.

Her legs fell from his head as she groaned into the pillow and continue to shake as he sucked her pussy; He would not stop as her orgasm continued she screamed she was not stopping.

OH fuck, oh fuck, I can't stop cumming, stop, stop; I'm going to pass out." She let out a long groan and her eyes rolled in her head.

Kevin pulled back and the sheets under her ass were covered in her juices. His face, mustache and beard was covered in clumps of her cum. Her entire body was covered in a sheen of sweat, god did she ever look sexy. Her once tiny slit had blossomed open and the inner lips were extended and gaping open. What an erotic sight.

Over on the overstuffed chair Kristen had her blouse off and bra off. She was sucking on one of her large nipples and her hand was down her open skirt fingering herself.

Jamie was on her knees with my cock buried down her throat. Her nose brushed my belly as she deep throated my cock. My hands were tangled in her golden locks as her tongue rolled around my cock buried in her mouth. I pulled out of her mouth with a pop and she groaned her disapproval.

I stepped back and began applauding the scene on the bed.

Kevin on his knees took a mock bow and Kristina lazily gave me the finger.

Kristin broke from her hypnotic stare and pulled her hand out of her skirt and smiled weakly at us. Her large gorgeous tits shook as she sat up in her chair.

I left the room and returned with a pitcher of ice water and five glasses. Jamie took the glasses and poured the drinks and handed them out, damn she looked hot in her pink skirt and black bra. Her full lips were swollen from the sucking she had just given me.

We all took a breather and then Kristina took a large sip of water and then pushed Kevin onto his back. Grabbing his cock she lowered her mouth to his semi-erect cock and sucked him into her mouth. With the cold water still in his mouth he let out a scream as the cool water poured out of her mouth and onto his balls.

Before he could react she had swallowed the water and began working harder on his reawakening cock. Soon she had him moaning from the blow job and not the cold water.

He wrapped his black fingers in her blonde locks and worked his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. She looked up at him with those innocent dark eyes and they sparkled with a wanting she had never known before. Pulling off his cock with a pop she quickly straddled his hips and running the large knob of his cock back and forth across her tight crack slowly lowered herself down on his large black hose.

"Oh fuck, it's tearing me in two. I don't think I can take any more!"

"Oh yes you can you tight cunt, you're going to take it all!"

With that he drove his hips upwards and at the same time with his hands on her shoulders pushed her downwards.

She let out a loud scream as her thighs slapped against his. His entire twelve inches were now buried in her cunt.

Tears came to her eyes as she sat there unmoving trying to become accustomed to his monstrous cock. Slowly she began moving up and down on that monster that was buried in her body. She was moaning constantly spitting out any and every obscenity I've ever heard.

She arched her back and drove his cock all the way back into her womb and felt his cockhead press against her cervix. Her tapered back was wet from her sweat and her locks danced along her shoulders and back as her cunt swallowed up his cock.

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