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She raised her arms above her head and twirling around said; "So was that a good enough striptease?"

I pulled her to me, burying my face in her landing strip and licked my way down to her dripping bare pussy. I dug my fingers in her firm ass cheeks and lapped away at her pussy. Her legs were beginning to buckle as she neared an orgasm, but I held her up by her ass as she released her juices all over my face and mouth.

Pulling her down to the chair I was sitting on she squirmed her ass against my straining cock as she nuzzled her mouth against my neck and shoulder. Just feeling her warm body against mine, her luxurious auburn locks scattered across my chest and back drove me wild.

I grabbed Shanon by her trim hips and guided her wet cunt onto my stiff cock. She let out a groan as she slowly settled down on it. Inch by glorious inch I slid into her tight channel. She wiggled her thighs back and forth until I was totally buried in her inferno of a cunt. Shanon's stiff nipples scrapped against my chest as she began rolling her hips up and down on my cock.

"Oh John, give it to me! Fuck my tight little pussy and make me cum again!"

I covered her mouth with mine and we exchanged tongues and we fought back and forth trying to go deeper and deeper, at both ends of our bodies.

We began a steady rhythm of fucking and our bodies slapped against one another.

The cockpit door opened and the pilot entered the cabin, at least it looked like the captain, will Silva. It was hard to tell seeing he entered the cabin totally naked. Even though I was fucking Shanon like a madman, I wondered what took him so long to come out after Mike reentered the cockpit. I suppose Mike filled Will in and he came out prepared.

As Shanon continued to ride my cock she turned to see what I was watching. Veronica and Adrianna slipped off the couch and both kneeling before Will began attacking his long thin cock.

Shanon lifted off of me and bent over the chair; "Fuck me doggy John so I can feel you in me deep and so I can watch Ronnie and Adrianna take on Will."

I slipped into her tight pussy from behind and began fucking her deep. My thighs slapped against hers as she arched her back to make me go deeper. I reached up and gathered her long auburn locks and pulled back on them like you would the reins on a horse. She grunted and started cumming as I drove deep and pulled on her locks.

The sounds coming from the contact of my cock and her pussy were lewd and vile and it heightened my impending orgasm even quicker. I cupped her flailing tits and rolled her nipples as I pounded into her harder and harder.

Will, Veronica and Adrianna stopped what they were doing to watch the two of us.

Sweat was dripping from both of us as Shanon let out a scream and collapsed against the chair. I followed her and continued to pound her cunt. I couldn't hold back any longer and pulled out of her cunt and she quickly spun around as I unloaded my stream of cum all over her face and into her hair. It dripped off her face and down between her firm tits.

She rubbed it into her skin and grabbing my cock ran her lips back and forth across my spasming cock. Sucking the head in she pulled the final drops from my cock.

I collapsed onto the floor and the two of us embraced, both covered in sweat and cum.

I looked over at the threesome and they all smiled and gave us the thumbs up. Just then Veronica pulled Will over to the couch and Adrianna followed knowing if she wanted some cock she would have to beat out Veronica seeing both Mike and I were exhausted.

Will had a decent build, with a tight ass and a long cock, about eight or nine inches long, but very narrow. Probably perfect for ass fucking I thought as I watched it disappear into Veronica's tiny mouth. Adrianna slipped below Veronica and began licking and sucking on his balls and licking lower into her ass crack. This caused him to lurch and drive deeper down Veronica's throat. She coughed and pulled from his cock. Seeing this Adrianna attacked his cock and deep throated him without any problem. Within seconds she was in command and pulling her mouth off of him, tugged at his arm and drew him down to the floor. He hovered over Adrianna and just before he entered her he stopped to admire her gorgeous features. Her dark eyes sparkled, her full red lips shined with her saliva and her fuck me hair was spilled all over the floor creating a dark halo around her head.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as he slowly penetrated her wet cuntlips. She quickly wrapped her slender legs around his hips and drew him deeper into her cunt. She dug her ankles and arms around his back crushing his torso against hers. Her full large tits were squashed against his chest and she began screaming at him to fuck her harder.

Will did just that as he slammed his cock in and out of her. The cabin was filled with the sound of this couple fucking, both trying to outdo the other.

Veronica came over to Shanon and me and began playing with Shanon. Soon the two of them were on the floor locked in a classic 69 licking and sucking on each other.

Across the room the other two were rolling over and now Adrianna was on top slamming her body up and down on will's long cock. She threw her head back as she shuttered and came all over his cock. Rolling off of him, Will knelt over the panting body of Adrianna and stroking his cock shot his load all over Adrianna's tots and neck.

Just then the co-pilot came over the intercom requesting the pilot return to the cockpit for final approach.

"Flight attendant; please return everyone to their upright position. Dress them if you would and prepare for landing. I hope everyone was satisfied on their flight here to Cannes. If not please see with captain or myself and we will see you are taken care of once we check into our hotels."

Up next, Dana Jacobson, from ESPN Cold Pizza and three of her friend put on a fashion show for NBA Hall Of Fame All Stars. The prize the outfit and the model, stay tuned...

Please vote and leave comments if I should continue story series or quit it.

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