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Calendar Shoot October


NOTE: For those of you who have not been following this series, it's about 24 main characters that are all news anchors. They are doing video shoots and using select pictures in the shoot for two calendars. One calendar is of single and married anchors. The second calendar is of MILFS. The proceeds are going to their selected charities and each anchor gets to act out one of their fantasies. Some anchors will be in multiple fantasies, but will be a main character only once. Hope you enjoy and would like any feedback on the series, thank you


Stephanie Abrams was set to do the calendar shoot in June, but with the lack of hurricanes and tropical storms we had to postpone till one occurred. We had to scramble when Ernesto came on shore in North Carolina. You see Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore are from the Weather Channel and they always get stuck covering the storms when they come on shore and it was Stephanie's fantasy to fuck on the beach and other places when a tropical storm of hurricane came on shore.

Both Stef and Jim were dressed in their L.L.Bean rain suits and had just finished their live report from the outer banks of North Carolina then Jim came up behind Stef.

Let me first describe Stephanie Abrams, she about five foot five, flawless skin, hair the color of wheat that hangs straight most of the time brushing the tops of her huge melon sized breasts. She has a slim waist and a rounded bubble butt and a great pair of shapely legs. Her laugh is infectious and a smile that brightens up the darkest room.

With Jim behind Stef he towers over her and he bent down and kissed her lightly on the neck. She coos lightly and pushing the hood off of Jim's bald head caresses it softly as he continues to nibble at her slender neck.

Jim pulls the hood off of Stephanie's head and she lets out a screech as the driving rain reduces her semi styled hairdo to a dripping mess.

Turning her to face him Jim envelopes her lush body in his arms and plants a long wet kiss on her shiny red lips. Her mouth opens and she moans into his mouth. Their tongues duel back and forth and Jim reaches up and slowly unzips her raincoat.

Again she lets out a screech as he slips it from her shoulders and it hits the wet sand. The driving rain quickly soaks her white t-shirt and it's evident that she is naked under the t-shirt.

She looks up at him through wet lashes and smiles. Jim cups her huge tits in his large palms still overflowing around his fingers he thumbs her large nipples and aureoles the shirt is nearly non-existent as her tits are very visible through the wet material.

Jim lowered his mouth to the nipple and sucked it into his mouth through the t-shirt. Stephanie let out a groan and rubbed his bald head as he moved to the other nipple and did the same.

Stephanie reached down and unzipped Jim's rain pants and dipping her hand inside fished his stiff nine inch cock out. Her tiny fingers barely fit around the diameter of his cock and she stroked it up and down with the rain beating down on it. His pants hit the sand and he kicked them away.

Reached down Jim tore the t-shirt from Stef's body and tossed it away. Again he attacked her huge tits and you could see he was fascinated with their size and firmness. Licking at tem both he pushed them together and sucked on both huge nipples at the same time. This drove Stephanie crazy as she stroked Jim's cock faster and faster.

She dropped to her knees and sucked his big cock into her hot mouth. Jim pushed her wet locks from her face and caressed her face and hair as she lapped away at his cock and balls.

The rain and wind picked up and he had to steady himself by holding on to her head and shoulders. Licking his cock like a lollipop she looked up at him with a glint in her eye. She rose up on her knees and placed his cock between the two dripping mounds of tit flesh and closing her tits around his large cock began rising up and down fucking Jim with her tits.

The cameraman had a tough time keeping the camera lens clear and had to constantly tear off lens sheets to keep it dry, but he miraculously caught all of this action.

Fucking her tits was a dream come true for Jim. He pushed forward and back and bent down and kissed the top of her wet head.

Groaned he yelled out; "Stephanie if you don't stop that right now I'm going to cum all over those gorgeous tits of yours."

She smiled up and replied; "Jim there isn't anything I would like better, but I want that cock in my pussy out here in the rain, maybe later."

She released his cock from her tits and the rain beating down on him quickly caused his impending orgasm to subside.

Pulling Stef to her feet Jim knelt down and untying her rain pants yanked them off her slender hips and bubble butt and she kicked them away.

I ran down the beach to catch up with all of their articles of clothing that were blowing away.

Jim in the meantime cupped her gorgeous ass and drew her hairless pussy to his drooling mouth. He stabbed away at her pussy and he tasted her warm wet juices that were leaking out of full flowering pussy. Her pussy lips were extended and he spread them with his thumbs as he dipped his tongue deep inside her pussy. Licking up and down he uncovered her stiff clit and wrapped his tongue around and around her thick red bud.

She gripped his head and ground her dripping pussy against his working tongue. He slipped one wet finger into her asshole and she shook as her first orgasm overtook her lush body.

What a sight on the shores of North Carolina during a tropical storm there stood Stephanie Abrams naked as the day she was born, rain pounding down on her lush curves water dripping from her hair, face, tits and ass.

She shook as her orgasm overtook her, Jim's bald head buried between her quaking thighs she slowly slipped to the wet sand.

Jim turned her over and with her on all fours he positioned his cock at the entrance to her wet pussy and staring at her firm bubble butt he spread her cheeks and drove his cock deep into her slick pussy with one swift motion.

She let out a groan and collapsed onto the wet sand. Jim followed her still deeply imbedded in her tight pussy. He pounded away at her pussy and she pushed back her chest and belly they were now covered in sand. Gripping her hips Jim pulled her back to her knees and they began fucking doggy style while the wind and rain buffeted their bodies. This went on for over ten minutes with Stephanie cumming three more times.

Jim pulled out of her cunt and his cock was slick with her juices. Lying down on the sand he pulled her over on top of him and she straddled his thighs and reaching back guided his huge cock into her dripping pussy.

The rain cleared the sand from her huge tits and pulling her down to his mouth he sucked on the large nipples as her hair covered her face and clung to the tops of her large tits. She rode him hard bouncing up and down on his cock. Her eyes rolled back in her head as another orgasm wracked her body and she cradled his bald head against her bobbing tits.

"Stephanie, god I love your body. Your huge tits, your flat belly, your sexy hips and that gorgeous ass of yours, before we head back to Atlanta I want my cock buried in your ass."

"Oh yes Jim, I want that too, but now I'm going to cum again and I want you to cum too. I want you to cum all over my face and tits. I want to feel your hot cum splash on my lips and in my mouth. Oh fuck me Jim, I'm cumming again, yes, yes, I can feel you getting larger, oh fuck I'm cumminggg!"

She rolled off of Jim and rolling over her he stroked his cock and began shooting ropes of hot cum all over her flawless face and tits. One stream hit her forehead and shot into her wet blonde locks. She captured his cock in her mouth and drained him dry and let go once he stopped shaking.

Pulling her into his arms they laid there for a few minutes huddling in the strong wind and rain.

Looking down at her Jim kissed her nose and smiled; "How about he getting dressed and head back to the hotel for a hot shower and see what develops there?"

She threw her arms around him and kissed him hard; "Last one there has to scrub the others back!"

She laughed as she grabbed the wet clothes from me and dressed as she ran down the beach towards the hotel. Stephanie got to the elevator first and got in and closed the door. Jim ran for the stairs and when he got to the third floor door and opened it the elevator door opened at the same time. Jim caught her at the door and pulled her rain jacket off and attacked her heaving tits. He lapped away at her stiff nipples as she fought to open his rain pants. Dropping them to the hallway floor she dropped to the floor and sucked him into her mouth. Her wet hair stuck to her face as he fucked her mouth. He managed to get the door open before other guests saw their lewd act. The door swung open and a voice inside yelled; "Surprise!" It was followed by a scream and cursing; "You mother fucker, I came here to surprise you and I find your cock buried in the mouth of that slut!"

It was Jim's wife, Fredricka Whitfield. Now Fredricka, Freddy to her friends Stephanie and I had this all preplanned as part of Stephanie's fantasy, but Jim knew nothing about it. It had also been Freddy's fantasy to be with another woman and a threesome with her husband.

Her Cuban blood was boiling as she watched Jim's cock shrink as she stared at him. "If you want that cock sucked by that bitch, then stick it back in her mouth you bastard."

"No honey, it's not what you think!"

"Not what I think, what else could it be. You open the door to your room and this cunt is on her knees, bare to the waist with your cock buried in her mouth. Now what would any sane woman think it looks like?"

He smiled and slowly approached her; "Now Freddy, don't be like that."

"Don't you now Freddy me you bastard, get that cock away from me."

Jim has a smile on his lips and he knew he had her. She was a cock hound when it came to his cock and seeing it bobbing before her face he knew she would son forgive him and find some way to breakdown her defenses.

He looked back at Stef and motioned for her to come next to him.

"Stephanie, doesn't Fredricka here just look good enough to eat?"

"Yeah Jim she sure does! Do you think she would like me to eat her?"

"I don't know, why don't you ask her?"

Stef looked down at Freddy dressed in her on air cocoa brown suit with a silky orange print blouse under the jacket. Her hair was done to perfection, not a strand out of place; her dark brown hair danced around her shoulders, her dark brown eyes sparkled with a sexual spark that was being ignited by Stephanie's advances.

Freddy wet her dark orange lip glossed lips and a small smile crossed her lips. "Do you thing this slut can satisfy me the way you can Jim?"

"I don't know Freddy, but I think you're about to find out."

Stephanie was bare to the waist, her hair was still dripping water onto her stiff nipples and her hair clung to her head looking like a drowned rat.

Stephanie took Freddy's hands in hers and urged her to her feet. As she stood the sounds of her nylon clad legs heightened Stef's arousal. Placing her hand at the base of Fredricka's head she drew her mouth to hers and Freddy let out a tiny moan deep in her throat.

The kiss grew hotter the longer Stef pressed her lips to Freddy's. Opening her mouth her tongue licked along the shiny orange lips of Freddy's and she slowly parted her lips to accept Stephanie's tongue. Fredricka drew Stephanie's wet body again hers and their hands began roaming each other's body.

Just a side note, most of the time on CNN News Fredricka Whitfield wears clothing that hides her body, but unknown to others she is very well built.

Stephanie continued to suck on Freddy's tongue as she ran her hands down Freddy's body to cup her compact ass. Freddy reached up and cupped one on Stef's large tits and thumbed the huge nipple.

Stef groaned into her mouth and resumes her deep kiss.

Jim was once again stiff as a board as he watched his fellow anchor and wife in a torrid embrace. He approached them and Freddy pushed him away.

"Go take a shower and run a bubble bath for this sexy creature and myself. No arguments now go!"

He closed the door behind him and they both heard the shower start. Stef resumed kissing Fredricka and their tongues met. Freddie cupped one of Stef's large tits and worked the nipple.

Stephanie let out a moan and moved her lips to Freddie's ear and neck nipping at it and licking it slowly. It was Freddie's turn to moan. Stef worked her hands around to the buttons on Fredricka's jacket and working them open slid the coat off her shoulders and down her arms. Steffie went to work on the buttons on Freddie's tightly stretched blouse. As each button slipped open Freddie's dark skin appeared and once fully open Stephanie tugged the material from her tight skirt and it followed the jacket to the floor.

Stephanie leaned back to look down at the white bra that was overflowing with Freddie's dark brown tits. Reaching behind her Steffie quickly popped open the bra and it slipped down her shoulders freeing her amazingly full firm tits. Her nipples were nearly black and the cool air in the room turned them instantly stiff.

Stephanie let out a groan and lowered her full red lips to one of Freddie's stiff nipples. She let out a groan and dug her fingers into Steffie's wet locks. Stephanie looked up at Fredricka and their dark eyes met. Steffie smiled up at her and worked her tongue around and around that stiff black nipple.

Freddie crushed her head to her tit and rolled her head back in pleasure. She urged Stephanie off the bed and slipping her hands in the waistband of her rain pants she lowered them to her ankles. Stephanie kicked them away with her tennis shoes and she stood before Fredricka naked.

Fredricka pulled her to her chest, their tits crushing against one another and their lips met once again. Both pair of hands traveled down the other's naked back caressing and pulling each other tighter against the other. Fredricka cupped Stephanie's tight large butt and ran her finger along her ass crack.

Stephanie moaned into the others mouth and cupped her ass also.

The bathroom door opened and Jim stood there wiping the last drops of moisture from his body with a large towel. He approached the women and Fredricka broke the embrace and stopped his forward advance with her hand.

"Is our bubble bath ready Jim?"

He nodded; "All ready Freddie, can I sit and watch?"

"Not just yet, after we get all nice and clean and presentable, then I'll think about letting you watch."

Stephanie just smiled and followed Fredricka into the bathroom where she closed the door and locked it; "Don't want any interruptions now do we?"

Fredricka smiled and told Stephanie to climb into the bath and she would join her.

"Let me undress you Freddie!"

"No Stephanie, you climb in and just watch, I'll join you in a minute."

Stephanie climbed in and was enveloped by the bubbles.

Fredricka turned her back to Stephanie and put her hair up in a bun to keep it dry. Reaching behind her she slowly lowered the zipper on her skirt and bending over slowly lowered it off her compact ass and it fluttered to the floor. Standing there in cocoa brown stockings, garter belt and black panties Stephanie let out a moan dying to see Fredricka's juicy pussy.

She fingered herself under the water and licking her lips she kept her eyes on Fredricka's tight ass.

Fredricka kicked off her high heels and placed on foot on the top of the tub and unfastened the garter. As she slipped the stocking off Stephanie licked her foot and sucked her toes. Fredricka pulled the stocking off and repeated the same process with the other foot. Tossing the stocking to the floor the garter belt followed. Turning her back to Stephanie she hooked her fingers in her panties and slowly lowered them and tossed them to Stephanie.

Stephanie smelled them and licked at the crotch area,

Fredricka placed one foot in the tub and Steffie slipped over to her and ran her wet soapy hands up and down her outstretched leg. Reaching Fredricka's thick forest of black hair she worked her tongue between Freddie's thick dark lips and tasted her nectar.

Fredricka let out a loud groan and crushed Stephanie's head to her crotch. Steffie lapped away at Freddie's now dripping pussy as Stephanie worked her soapy finger into Freddie's tight asshole.

Fredricka broke Steffie's hold and settled down into the warm bubbly bath water. The two of them embraced and their hands began roaming over each other's wet soapy bodies. With their legs entwined they wet pussies rubbed back and forth and they ground their hips harder and harder against one another until they both exploded in an earth shattering orgasm.

Fredricka bit down on Stephanie's shoulder and nearly drew blood. Stephanie dug her fingers into Freddie's thick dark locks and moaned her approval of her action.

Both sets of hands were everywhere at once. Sliding up and down tapered legs, clutching tight asses, caressing full bobbing tits, both were going wild just exploring one another.

After their orgasms, Fredricka reached for the shampoo and turning Stephanie around pulled her back against her chest. She worked the shampoo into Stephanie's sand filed locks.

Stephanie closed her eyes and leaned back against Fredricka's full firm tits. Freddie gave Steffie a good working over and every once in awhile her hands would stray from her hair down to cup Steffie's huge tits and play with the nipples which were once again rock hard.

Finally finished she pushed on Stephanie's shoulders and she went under the water rinsing the shampoo from her hair.

Stephanie came up coughing and reached for Fredricka who fought her off and told her she was sorry.

They both stood up and rinsed off the bubbles with the shower spray. Climbing out they dried each other of with large fluffy towels and Fredricka had Stephanie sit down at the dressing table.

"Relax Steffie, I'll dry your hair and make you look gorgeous, like you always are."

After about fifteen minutes Fredricka had Stephanie's gorgeous blonde locks looking like she looks when she's on air.

Looking in the mirror she looked back at Fredricka, "You did a fantastic job, now its reward time."

Leaning way back she slipped her head between Fredricka's thighs and began lapping away at her pussy through her heavy forest of hair. Sitting up she turned and looked up at Freddie; "We have to do something about all that hair, here come with me."

She sat her on the tub's edge and with a pair of scissors and a razor began removing all of Fredricka's dark pubic hair. Trying to get the last few strands she slipped a couple of fingers into Fredricka's now dripping pussy to push the outer lips tight and she swiped away the last remaining stubbles/ Pulling her fingers out Fredricka moaned her frustration.

Stephanie reached for a bottle of baby oil and spread a good amount on the now bare pussy. Working the oil in she went further and slipped a finger, then two into her dripping pussy, Working the other hand she slipped a couple of fingers into her tight asshole and lowered her drooling tongue to Fredricka's erect clit. She crushed her hands into Stephanie's golden locks and came all over her tongue and mouth.

Pulling away Fredricka bent over and kissed her licking her own juices from the blonde's dripping chin.

Stephanie pulled the pins from Freddie's dark locks and brushed her hair out. Both now stood side by side looking at each other in the mirror, two complete opposites, one blonde and all peaches and cream with large rosy aureoles and the other slim, with dark brown hair and a nearly milk chocolaty skin, dark nearly black nipples turned upwards and were stiff as marbles.

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