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California Cheating


Melissa was lying by the pool trying to get the last few rays of sun before their trip home. They had driven to San Diego the past Monday and leaving tomorrow, Friday. Overall it had been an OK trip. Dan had been somewhat less grouchy than normal. Joe, her 10 year-old son was behaving himself pretty well, even though he complained there wasn't a lot to do. So, Dan decided to take him out on a deep-sea fishing exhibition which was supposed to last a good part of the day, and Melissa was relieved. It meant a day she could lounge by the beach outside their hotel, listen to her music, read, and take a nap. She didn't get those kind of days often. She worked full --time and with a husband and son to take care of, there wasn't a lot of time for relaxing. She did manage to work out three times a week, keeping her 39 year-old body in pretty decent shape. When she went to the gym, she did catch some looks, but those were mainly from the older, balder men. She, of course was happily married, so it wasn't like she was trying anyway.

As she lay there, she started to find herself dozing and realized she had better turn over. Right then she realized that Dan took off without putting lotion on her back. Bastard. She did love him, but he had to be the most insensitive man she knew. She looked up from her chair to see if anyone was around to help out a damsel in distress. That is when she saw him. She normally didn't gasp, but she felt her heart leap when she saw this man coming toward her just out of the ocean. He was tall, lanky and had blond hair that came to his shoulders. He was almost past her when she found her voice. "Excuse me" she said almost in a whisper. "I need some help."

He turned to look at her and she saw he had very deep blue eyes. His smile was perfect, even creating two dimples on the sides of his mouth. He bent down to her chair and said "What can a gorgeous woman like you possibly need help with?" The voice had a slight accent, maybe Italian, she didn't know. What she did know is that the wetness between her legs had nothing to do with the heat.

"I need to turn over and I forgot to put suntan lotion on my back." She said in her best innocent girl voice. "Can you possibly do something about that." She then gave a very soft smile which had gotten her way more than once. He smiled back.

"Of course," he said "Go ahead and turn over." She handed him her bottle, slowly rolled over and closed her eyes. She felt him move closer to her and sit down in the empty chair next to her. She peeked out of the corner of her eye and saw him pour the lotion on his hands and rub them together. Good, she thought, not pouring cold lotion on her. Score one for him. She felt his hands slowly undo her clasp to her bikini top. It fell to the side and his hand slowly rubbed her spine up and down with the lotion. His hands felt like velvet over her hot skin. He felt the lotion soak her body as he moved around her shoulder blades. She knew she was moaning, she could hear it, but felt no other sensation, it was like she was floating. His hands moved along her back and she sighed involuntarily. Her legs spread more as he slowly moved along her sides. It was like he knew every single part of her and he was using it to his advantage. She felt his hands move to her lower back and press in, getting all of her trigger points. She was soaked by now. She could almost feel it running down her legs and she was embarrassed. It was heavenly, but she wondered how long could it go on? His hands slowly made their way back up, and he whispered in her ear, "Is there any other part that needs taken care of?"

She moaned lightly. She knew her hands was trembling and her voice was shaky. She said in a low voice "You are the expert, you tell me." She opened her eyes and saw that he was smiling.

"Maybe we need to continue this somewhere more-private." He said with a slight hesitation in his voice, glancing at her wedding ring.

She took a deep breath. She didn't know why but she said, "My room is right up there, let's go." She quickly got up, grabbed her bag and took his hand. They moved without speaking towards her room which opened towards the beach. They almost ran to her room and with fumbling fingers, she unlocked the door.

As soon as they were alone, she felt his hands all over her. He pulled her slender waist to him and kissed her deep on the mouth. She ran her hands through his hair and thrust her hips forward. Some strange animal lust had consumed her. All thoughts of her husband and son were gone. All that was there was this sexual passion. She thrust her hips forward and felt his rock hard cock. It felt monstrous. She slid her hands down the front of his trunks and stroked it slowly. It seemed to grow even larger and she could barely imagine something like this any bigger. It was definitely bigger than the one she was used to. He slid her top off and took both of her nipples in his mouth. She groaned more and dug her nails into his back. She fell back on the bed and instantly he was on top of her, his hands once velvet were now forceful, taking her. She felt her legs spread and hips buck up trying to meet his. She closed her eyes and moaned as he removed her bottoms and slid his fingers into her. It was so primal, being taken this way. Dan was never like this. He always tried to be tender, loving. He didn't get that once in a while a girl just needed a good fuck. His fingers were bringing her quick to orgasm and she knew it was going to be a gusher. She screamed in his mouth as her juices exploded from her. She never shot out of her pussy before but this time she actually saw her cum hit his waist. Her hands clawed for his shorts and pulled them down. His rock hard cock, now freed from its prison leaped out at her like a 3D movie. She gasped as it slowly moved down to her shaved clit.

He smiled at her and nibbled around her neck as his hands massaged her breasts. It was like he couldn't get enough of her body. He slowly slid into her and she felt his massiveness penetrating her. Dan wasn't the only one she had sex with, but certainly the only one in 12 years. Her pussy wasn't used to this gigantic intruder and she felt it stretch. She moaned again and her hips thrust up meeting his every thrust. She screamed as she felt him rock into her, his cock filling every inch. Her hands grabbed his ass, trying to get him in deeper. She was good little Melissa now. She was a slut. She knew sex with Dan would never be the same. She felt his rock hard cock throbbing and vaguely she wondered how long it had been since her last period. She forgot that soon enough as another wave of orgasm came over her, even more powerful than the first. Her hips rocked hard and she felt him empty wave after wave of hot steamy cum into her. He thrust in her more and made her his seed was totally coating her pussy. He then took her face in his hands and kissed her softly. She was asleep at once.

She woke up alone about an hour later and she was very sticky. She had a quick shower and made her self somewhat presentable. The boys came home about half an hour later and they ended up having dinner on the beach and a long walk. As they were checking out of the hotel, Melissa had her back turned to the desk straightening up Joe's hair as Dan paid for the room. She heard a voice from behind the desk. "Mr. Lamis! Congratulations!" Oh my God, she thought. You have got to be kidding me. She slowly turned and saw a very familiar man standing behind the counter. "It just so happens that you are our 1,000,000 customer! My name is Larry Gorgani and I am the owner of this hotel. As our winner, your family has a lifetime 3 day pass at our hotel."

Dan was stunned. "Mr. Gorgani, I have no idea what to say."

Mr. Gorgani just smiled that smile Melissa had seen before. "Just promise to come by as often as you wish. You and your lovely wife and son. All you have to do is call my private office number and I will arrange everything for you." He handed his card to Dan. She wasn't sure but she thought she saw him wink at her.

As they got in the car and headed home, Dan said, "Wow, Melissa, can you believe our luck?" he said with a smile. "We might have to go there all the time now." Melissa smiled. Yes we will, she thought.

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